tagLoving WivesAnal Play

Anal Play


Part One

I love my wife very much but despite our sex life being pretty good by anyone's standards, the one thing I desperately wanted was to fuck her ass, but she absolutely would not go for it. Occasionally I might get a finger up her or the tip of my tongue inside her tight hole but as soon as I tried to go any further she would stop proceedings.

I have to admit, I became obsessed with the act; any porn films I watched I would fast forward to the anal sex and wank myself as some hot girl took a massive cock up her ass and sucked off someone else. These girls always looked like they were really enjoying what they were doing and as the weeks went by, I found myself wondering not how it would be to fuck Katie's (my wife) ass, but to have my own ass invaded by a cock.

Now, I have never had any bisexual feelings before and nor have I ever looked at a guy in a sexual way, but this started to really get me thinking. I decided to broach the subject with Katie, without mentioning the aspect of taking a cock inside me, just in case that was a bit too much for her.

As we lay in bed together one evening, enjoying touching each others bodies, I asked her about her feelings about anal sex.

"I know you don't like it, but maybe if you paid my ass some attention and I enjoyed it, that might change your mind?"

Seemingly surprised, Katie stopped what she was doing and looked at me. "You want me to fuck your ass, using what?"

"Well, I dunno if I could take any of your dildos but maybe some attention from your tongue or fingers," I suggested, "I'm just out of the shower and am all clean, if that's what bothers you."

"We'll see," she replied and we carried on our foreplay, with me deciding not to push it too much.

After a few moments of kissing and masturbating each other, Katie kissed down my body and took my cock in her mouth. She then moved down to my balls, sucking gently on each before I felt her tongue flicking at my ass. She began to rim me and I spread my legs, allowing her easier access. I had never had anything up my ass before and I was virginally tight but Katie continued her efforts.

I groaned in pleasure and could feel my cock swelling at the attention of my wife in such an intimate area.

"Fuck baby, that feels fantastic, don't stop," I begged her.

Katie continued her licking and then I felt her tongue slip slightly inside me. The feeling was fantastic and I wanted to grab her head and pull her in closer but resisted, not wanting to put too much pressure on her. It turned out this wasn't necessary as Katie seemed intent on probing my ass as deeply as she could.

I held my butt cheeks apart, "Your tongue feels fucking gorgeous in my ass," I moaned, "That's it babe, fuck me with your tongue."

Katie stopped for a second, a wicked grin on her face, "Oh my god, my husband likes his ass being fucked," she teased, before moving up my body and having turned around, sitting on my face in a sixty nine position. "That's how much I'm enjoying it," she said and looking up, I saw that her shaven pussy was wetter than I have ever seen it.

I probed at her pussy as Katie leant down to take my cock back into her mouth. I was initially disappointed that she had finished with my ass but then felt her reach down with one hand and slip a finger inside me. Slowly she worked it little by little inside me and I raised my body off the bed slightly to meet the thrusts of her hand.

I licked at Katie's clit as she ground her soaking wet cunt against my mouth. I couldn't believe she was as keen as this on finger fucking me; I knew I was close to coming and could tell she was too. Suddenly I could hold off no longer, the feeling of her mouth working on my cock and the finger in my ass was too much and I began to have one of the best orgasms I have ever experienced.

Katie took her mouth away from my cock as cum spurted over her hand and my stomach. "That's it babe, oh fuck I'm gonna come too!" At that she sat down on my face, my tongue probing her pussy and I felt the familiar taste of her cum juices coating my tongue, flowing into my mouth.

As Katie's orgasm ripped through her, I felt her hand back at my tight hole, this time smeared in my sperm. Rubbing a cum covered finger around it for a second, Katie moved slightly and looked down at me between her legs.

"Mmm, my husbands ass covered in cum, never thought the sight would be so hot," she said and then I felt her push her slippery finger back into me. She slowly finger fucked me as I finished licking at her pussy, ensuring I got to taste every last drop of her fluids; after a few moments she slipped her finger out of me and moving to one side, lay back next to me, that same naughty smile on her face.

"I have to admit, that was the best sex we've had in ages," she said, "I didn't think it would be such a fucking turn on," she added.

"I loved it too, maybe go again sometime?" I asked.

"Oh yes, I'm already getting some ideas, you just wait and see," she replied.

At the time, as we lay dozing together, I wondered what ideas she meant. Over the next few months, I found out that Katie had a dirtier mind than I could ever have imagined.

Part Two

Katie had become obsessed with my ass, probably more so than I was over fucking hers. Almost every time we had sex there would be some form of anal play, developing from her tongue and fingers to small vibrators, increasing in size once she was satisfied that I was used to them.

It wasn't long until things had moved on and at least three times a week I would find myself on all fours, while Katie rode my ass with various sized strap-ons. As she did, she would call me names like 'her bitch' and 'male cock whore'; this just turned me on even more and I found myself wondering what sex with a guy would be like. Even so, I was still unsure of bringing this up with Katie as I didn't know how she'd react to me fantasising about gay sex.

It turned out I didn't need to initiate the conversation. One night, as we lay in bed after a steamy sex session, Katie brought the subject up.

"When I fuck your ass, do you ever fantasise that it's another man?"

I decided that I would just be honest with her. "Sometimes," I replied, "I imagine a good looking guy treating me rough and making me take his cock, and then his cum, in my ass."

"Really?" she replied, although didn't sound that surprised. "So, if you did, could I watch?"

"I dunno, would you like to?"

"Come on, you know I love watching as your ass is fucked, I think it'd be hot to watch another guy fucking you. Would you want to suck his cock first?"

"Maybe," I replied, starting to get a bit embarrassed now.

"Okay babe," Katie said, noticing my uncomfortableness. "Lets just keep an open mind, see if the opportunity ever arises, we can see how you feel then."

From that evening, I noticed a change in Katie. She would take me harder than before and even, on a few occasions, would make me slip on a pair of her underwear, which she would pull to one side and fuck me while I was wearing them. One evening, she even made me sit for hours with a butt plug inside me, wearing just a dressing gown and a pair of her panties, just so she could get horny over the power she had in me and the things I would do for her. I loved it though, I found myself enjoying being submissive to her, almost as if our roles had been reversed.

One afternoon, when Katie knew I would be working late, she sent me a text, telling me to let her know when I was leaving the office as she had a surprise to prepare for when I got home. I thought it would be one of two things; she would be making me a nice meal or she would be waiting in bed for me.

I arrived home just after eight, having text her to let her know what time. Katie wasn't downstairs so, grinning to myself, I went to look in the bedroom. As I went up the stairs I heard small moans coming from the bedroom. Hoping to catch Katie masturbating, I quietly walked to the bedroom door.

The scene that presented itself to me in our bedroom made my jaw nearly hit the floor. Katie was naked on the bed, straddling a guy who looked in his mid twenties and riding his cock for all she was worth. I could have only been at the doorway for seconds before Katie looked over at me.

"Hi babe, we've been expecting you. Undress and sit over there," she said, nodding at my leather computer chair which had been placed in the corner of the room, "Don't speak, just enjoy the show."

I was still in shock but found myself aroused at the sight of my wife with this young, and attractive, guy. I took off my clothes and sat on the chair, watching my gorgeous wife take this guy's cock in her pussy and obviously enjoying every minute of it by the sounds she was making.

My cock was harder than it had ever been as I watched these two fucking on our marital bed. The guy was egging Katie on to fuck his cock and she was pounding up and down on his impressively sized cock. Katie didn't even acknowledge me again as she worked towards her orgasm and minutes later the guy announced he was coming, forcing his cock deep up into my wife's pussy.

Katie ground down onto him and I knew he was pumping his sperm deep up into my wife's unprotected womb. Katie began to have her own orgasm and she clawed at his chest as she did so, mixing their fluids together in her well fucked cunt.

"Yeah, that's it stud, fuck your cum in me, let me feel it filling my pussy," she cried out, "Oh yeah, I can feel it, do you like watching your wife taking another mans cum in her?" she said, addressing me.

By the size of my erection she hardly needed to ask. "You look so fucking hot," I told her, slowly wanking my cock.

Katie leant forward to kiss the stranger passionately and then rolled off him, onto her back. Spreading her legs, I could see thick cum starting to gather at the opening of her pussy and then watched as a globule rolled out of her and down towards her ass. She caught it with a finger and used it to slowly rim herself and then slip a finger up her tight hole.

Sighing in pleasure, she rolled her head back, her eyes closed, enjoying the moment. Then she looked at me, beckoning me over with her other hand.

"Come on babe, over you come, you have a job to do," she told me, "By the way, this is Tyler and today, you are going to do exactly what we say, understand?"

I looked at Tyler, who appeared totally at ease with lying next to my wife on our bed, his sperm leaking from her.

"Hi," he said, "Your wife is a wildcat, dunno why you are so keen to share her but I ain't complaining."

I later found out that Katie had met Tyler in an internet adult chat room and discussed my fantasies with him online. He was bisexual and after seeing pictures of us both he had agreed to go along with her 'surprise' for me and had travelled to our town earlier that day. It turned out she had been planning this for weeks.

"Tyler's cock looks all messy," Katie said to me, rubbing cum over Tyler's helmet, "Why don't you clean it for him?"

At first I hesitated but, looking down at his semi erect cock, covered in a mixture of their fluids, I couldn't resist myself. I knelt between his legs and licked at his helmet, taking it into my mouth and sucking gently. Looking up, I could see Katie and Tyler kissing, their tongues probing each others mouths.

"Go on babe, work on him, get him hard again," Katie told me, "That's it, lick his balls as well, make sure you get all that sticky mess."

As I tongued his sack, Tyler groaned and I could see his cock getting hard again. I licked up the length of his massive rod and took the end in my mouth, deep throating him as much as I could without gagging.

"Look at him Ty," I heard Katie say, "My husband loves your cock as much as I do!"

I heard Tyler laugh, "Lets see if he likes it in his ass," he said, starting to move off the bed, pulling his cock from my mouth.

"Come here you," Katie said, addressing me, "Get your tongue in this dirty, well fucked pussy."

I moved sideways slightly on the bed, still on all fours and surveyed Katie's cunt. She had been smearing Tyler's cum all over it as she watched me suck him and still there seemed more inside. Putting my face to her, I was immediately covered in his sticky mess but Katie just pulled me closer to her.

"There you go, that's it babe, get your tongue right inside me, make sure you eat up every last drop of Ty's thick spunk," she goaded me. "You love it don't you, you love eating cum, well get used to it because Ty's won't be the last."

That suited me fine I thought to myself as I lapped away at this stranger's tasty sperm. My cock was solid between my legs, but even though I wasn't getting any relief, I didn't care. Being used like this by Katie was my dream come true and I was enjoying every second.

I felt Tyler get on the bed behind me and then a wet sensation as he spat against my asshole before rubbing his saliva in with his fingers. He was easily able to finger-fuck me with three fingers after all the abuse my ass had taken from Katie over the past few weeks.

"You were right, his ass is like some anal slut's," he pointed out to Katie.

"Here, put these on him before you fuck him," she replied.

I felt Katie move slightly to one side and heard her bedside drawer open. Next I felt Tyler moving my feet as he slipped what I saw was a pair of Katie's light blue satin knickers up my legs and over my ass and cock.

"Now you can fuck him like the slut he is," laughed Katie, "If my husband was a girl I swear to god he'd be the biggest slut ever, he'd be out getting his ass fucked every night of the week!"

Tyler laughed as he pulled the knickers to one side and spat again on me, lubing me up more. I felt the head of his cock pressing against me and then slipping inside my ring. It hurt quite a bit at first but as I got used to his size the pain subsided and the pleasure I loved so much began. I never would have thought I could take such a monster but seconds later felt his balls against mine as he filled me completely.

"Don't hold back Ty," Katie told him, "He likes it hard, trust me."

Tyler took hold of me by the hips and, pulling his cock out of me almost fully, slammed it back in, his balls slapping against mine. He began pounding his length in and out of me and I groaned in pleasure as Katie pulled me against her, telling me to suck her clit. I did as asked and Katie came twice, one almost straight away after the other as she watched her husband being fucked by this gorgeous guy.

Having come already, Tyler had some staying power and soon Katie's pussy was too sensitive for me to lick. She slipped down the bed slightly and after giving me a passionate, wet kiss, told me to stick my cock in her. She spread her legs wide and I lowered myself down onto her, my cock slipping easily into her soaking pussy. To stay inside me, Tyler had to lean forward, on top of me, effectively sandwiching me between to two of them.

Katie reached up and pulled Tyler's head down so they were kissing over my shoulder. Unable to resist I turned my head and joined in, the three of us licking and probing at each other's mouths. As Tyler pushed his cock into me, I was forced deeper into Katie and she groaned in pleasure. Tyler continued pounding into me and I could feel myself getting close to the edge.

Tyler sped up his efforts and suddenly stopped, his cock buried deep inside me. Then I felt what I can only describe as one of the best sensations I have ever felt; his cock began to twitch and his cum spurted into me, the warm fluid coating the walls of my ass.

"That's it bitch, take my load, right up your slut ass," he gasped.

The feeling of this studs spunk filling me up was too much and my orgasm hit me, "Fuck, Katie, I'm coming!" I yelled, my cock spurting out cum deep inside my wife, to mix with any of Tyler's that was left.

"That's it babe, fill me up, just like Ty's doing to you," she urged me on.

Tyler began to slip out of me and my ass felt empty, but the sensation of his cum slowly beginning to leak from me made up for it. As I pulled up out of Katie, moving back onto all fours, I felt a mouth at my asshole and Tyler began sucking his own cum from my still gaping ass. He done this for a minute or so and then stopped, pulling me around to face him. He then kissed me on the lips, using his tongue to push all the cum he had collected into my mouth.

Even though the cum in my mouth had been deep up my own ass seconds earlier, I swallowed it hungrily.

"You are one dirty fucker," commented Tyler, "But, not complaining, not every day a guy gets to fuck a husband and wife!"

Tyler began to get dressed and Katie asked him if he could see himself out, giving him her mobile number before he left.

"Stay in touch Ty," she told him, "Wouldn't mind a repeat if you're up for it?"

"Count on it," he said, smiling as he left the room and went downstairs and out the door.

As I lay next to Katie, I began to doze off, my body totally used and with the taste of Ty's cum in my mouth. Katie cuddled up into me and the last thing I remember was her slipping her fingers into my ass and then the sound of her licking them clean. Dirty bitch; and I loved it!

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