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Vignette: An encounter with his biggest fan.
1.9k words
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This is a brief little independent scene I knocked out, focusing on sordid anal obsession and mild nonconsent/reluctance themes.

Dedicated to Analie, with all apologies.

P.S. The fantasy is everything.

'I'm sorry.'

His fingers trailed her skin, whisper-light. The dance of moths.

'No' -- the word blew from her lips like a dandelion in a breeze.

'I'm sorry,' he repeated.

'Please, no.'

His fingers grazing down her neck; their opposite number up her side. Coming together, to touch her breasts -- curious, but not the curiosity of the naïve explorer, but that of the idle predator, teasing its game. Slow. Anticipatory. His fingers knew where they were going and what they were going to do when they got there.

'I'm sorry for ruining your life,' he murmured as he ran his hands in from either side to cup her large breasts, feeling the immense softness giving way under his grasp, his squeeze, the tips of his fingers feeling for nipples and letting them engorge through his touch.

He kissed her ear, her neck. She tried not to turn, tried so hard not to meet his lips with hers. His breath was hot, moist, like a lion about to feed.

One hand moved from groping her breast down to her ass. Up under the skirt -- the graze, the tease, the cupping, the grabbing. Fingernails digging in, mauling the meat. Clawing their way to her arsehole.


He sought it out. The burning hole, sordid and lascivious, a beacon for his hands, his mouth, his cock. While one hand squeezed her big tits, the other probed for her backdoor. Digging into the crack... and there it was. He traced the rubbery ring with his fingertip, revelling in its heat. It was sweating, as though in desire.

His face found her lips, dragged them into his -- tongues clashed, full of hot guilt. They made love to each other's mouths as he rubbed her butthole. Living in a realm where heartsick passion thrashed against raw urgent need.

She'd been so happy before him. Happy, but not content. There'd been something missing, a gaping hole that he was there to fill.

He was wrecking her life. His very existence tore down her picket fences, her normality, her faithfulness to her dream.

The dream he offered her was very different. Dark and dirty and depraved. Sickly, full of hellfire and filth. Yet love, too -- a perverse love, a desperate intimacy where neither of them could get enough of each other. Much as she tried to stop it, much as she tried to turn away, to leave him behind. She couldn't.

Because he was her beautiful beast.

Because he filled her hole like nobody else could.

He sank to his knees, holding her thighs as she made a vain, moaning struggle to get away. Her heart wasn't in it; no, her heart belonged to him, just as her mouth did, and her oversized breasts and her soaking pussy, and most of all her ass. Her fat ass was his -- to use, to abuse, to ruin, to send her back weeping with a guilt that only inflamed her for more.

His lips planted themselves on her hot arsehole.

She moaned at the same moment he breathed a heady sigh into her slightly parting hole -- so eager for him, her body betraying her utterly. He kissed her -- deeply, lovingly, full of need and wonder and glory. Full of taste.


'No...' She groaned impotently as he made out with her butthole. He kissed her like she'd never been kissed before. Full of starving delirium. Probing, licking, kissing, sucking, fucking her anus with his warm wet tongue. He couldn't seem to get enough of her. Without her even realising what she was doing, she was parting her asscheeks for him, bucking back against him, reaching behind and pushing the back of head. She needed it deeper. There was an itch further than he could go -- at least with his tongue.

Then when she couldn't take it anymore, she pulled him up by the hair, so she could kiss him mouth to mouth. She had a desperate, urgent desire to taste her own warm arsehole on his lips and tongue.

When their mouths met, they moaned into each other. It felt to her like the purest expression of love, as they shared the taste of her ass through a passionately driven kiss, his fingers back to exploring her butthole, pumping it, her hand reaching for the thickness of his hard cock straining to get out. To get in.

'Analie,' he groaned into her as she retrieved his cock with fumbling movements. It sprang out, big and fat and already foaming with precum in its impatience to sink into her bottom.

Analie. The only name she'd ever given him, through all their immoral liaisons. But that was online, and voice chat, and... this was real life. This was more than wrong. This was destroying everything she'd built...

But it felt too good, too perfect. And she knew when she felt that cock plunge into her backdoor hole, she'd be lost entirely.


Her ass was her weakness. The key to her temptation. She'd always struggled to have orgasms through "normal" sex. But her arsehole... nerves exploded like star systems when it was played with -- when it was penetrated. A deep, warm, full feeling. The place where lewdness met happiness. Where the sordid met the divine. Where depravity met love. The realm of most perfect contentment. She had a hole that needed filling. Conscious of it every day, every night, since she was young. Never complete, never okay with the world, until...

It was his weakness too. His deepest, most zealous passion. Knowing just how badly he wanted to fuck her ass, how much he craved it, set her mind ablaze. He worshipped her body and she worshipped his right back. When the two met, no amount of protest, no amount of guilt, no amount of self-destruction, could stop what was inevitable.

The truth was, anal was romance. Give another woman flowers, candlelight, soft kisses, whispers of love. Give her all those things at the same time as being sodomised. Fucked deep in her clutching anus by -- by him, by the man who was the piece to her puzzle, the home wrecker, the ass destroyer, the brown eyed boy with a hopelessly unquenchable lust for her brown eye.

Kisses, gorgeous kisses. His cock -- beautiful, thick, hard cock with that deliciously perfect touch of softness -- was nudging into her butthole. Rubbing, probing, pushing -- just a little. Just a little -- back, and -- just a little -- forth. Millimetres of progress into her hot spot, her soul tunnel. Centimetres. Back and forth. The head of his cock pulsing warm, soaking precum into her ringpiece.

Nudging forward, slow as syrup, into her greedy rectum.


The head was inside. His mouth was still on hers, moaning into it. The warm and the wet, that heated, intimate sauna that his lips and tongue revelled in, echoed the feelings of his cock pushing, sliding, back-and-forthing inch by inch into her sweltering juicy butthole. He could feel its love swallowing his cock, coating it like velvet and honey. Could hear it, smell it, taste it on their tongues.

'Daddy,' she moaned as he buggered her, driving deeper -- out, to the tip, then back in to the hilt. Picking up speed as he stuffed her sordid bowels.

The sound was picking up.

'You're beautiful,' he sighed, warm lion breath in her ear. 'You're beautiful when my cock is in your ass.'

'In my -- in my--' She couldn't get the breathless sentence out. He kept kissing the words away.

'In your bottom,' he finished for her. 'Say it,' he commanded, though he was the one stealing her words.

'In my -- in my bottom,' she managed.

'How far in your bottom?' More kisses. Moaning around tongues. Sucking, biting of lips. Mouths wide open, tongues thrust out and licking, connected by drool.

'All the -- all the -- fuck, all the way up in my bottom...'

Delirious kissing, as sloppy and heated as the reaming of her anus. They made love to each other's mouths in gorgeously matched unison to his big cock making love to her bottom, and her burning butthole making love to his cock. The bulging caldera ringpiece suckling the shaft like lips around a pacifier. Sucking him off with her slutty arsehole.

'What is,' he demanded. 'What is all the way up your bottom...'

'You!' she cried, falling away from the kiss, hair wild, as his pounding seemed to reach a new level of depth and intensity. 'Your fat cock is buried in my dirty fucking arsehole! You're so fucking deep!'

Deep enough to fuck her heart.


The buttfucking was only sounding more and more sordid. She could feel him squirting soft jets of precum with every thrust, soaking the insides of her bottom. The anal cocktail made for a sloppy, squelching, farting buttfucking. It was a satanic dream. A sex cast adrift from all propriety, all traditions of family and romance and love.

Together they were the taboo, the inseparable bond of raw earthly fuck. Sex absent reason, love absent civilisation. Only sex for its own sake, the sin of all adored sins, the divine need, divine pleasure driving up out of the darkest, deepest corners of the wet jungles of Hell.

Slop. Slop. Slop.

Kisses. Stunning, dizzying kisses, cock in ass, ass in heaven, ass sucks cock, cock in heaven, tongues in love. Big tits burning, slick with sweat.

Demented, cave-dwelling sodomy, the root of lasciviousness in the garden of carnal delights. No chance of reproduction, no ordinary beauty, ordinary romance for ordinary mortals. No hiding oneself when one was getting aggressively -- or even lovingly, as this was at the same time -- reamed in the ass. No, it was all trust, all intimacy, all sharing of all things. Sex, love, fucking, all entwined in their bodies, in her bowels, stomach, heart, mind aflame in white, red, brown earth, black fires, stars, sunspots, death triumphant, gods of buggery, her ass a temple, her sacrificial altar drowning in the cum of the man she adored.


'We can't keep doing this,' she wailed, as her body shook on his cock. Her hands reaching dementedly -- for anything, air to grab and claw. 'We can't... it's so wrong... fuck...'

Her breasts jiggled along with her fat asscheeks as he used her gorgeously lewd body for its clearly intended purpose: his masturbatory aid. He thrust hard and fast into her filthy backdoor, hands on her tits, neck, face -- all of it flushed and steaming. Groping, squeezing, stroking and mauling. She was his anal fleshlight. His anal angel, anal doll, anal whore, anal cumdumpster. His beautiful buttslut. A dirty, depraved, wanton bitch who simply could not get enough of him, even as it dragged her to Hell -- continuously sodomised every screaming step of the way.


'Please,' she whimpered -- desperate, tears gathering in her eyes. A dirty fuckhole on fire.

A woman-shaped form to be jacked off with and filled with cum.


Overwhelmed meat.


Squelching her steamy, buttery bowels. Fucking her up the shitter. Losing himself -- in a sudden void of space and time, catapulted into sexual oblivion -- as he began to cum.

'Stop,' she panted into his mouth, but it sounded to him -- the words reaching across time and space -- like she said, 'I love you.'


'I love you,' she heard herself pant into his mouth, but it seemed to her -- caught in the heart of a dying star -- that the words had no different meaning to her saying, 'Stop.'

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AnonymousAnonymous5 months ago

Love these curvy buttsluts you write about, they're always worth the wait.

AnonymousAnonymous5 months ago

Loved how passionate and sensual this was, change of pace from your other work but just as great!

Neon_UltraNeon_Ultra5 months agoAuthor

For those of my fans following Anal Alice, I want to assure you writing this has taken no time away from that series, nor does it signal I have moved on. Consider it just a little bonus. Not that it matters, considering a half-dead slug has a higher erotic publishing output than me.

If you like this little story vignette, don't thank me, thank my muse - thank Analie.

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