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Anall Sex Can Be Fun


This is one of a series of stories that are true life experiences my wife and I have shared.

My wife and I have had anal sex a few times. Sometimes enjoyable, other times not so enjoyable

Our first time was before we were married. I was trying to get her to give me a blowjob, or at least lick my cock. Do to her strong catholic background she could not bring herself to touch my cock with her mouth or tongue. Since we had decided we were going to try to stay away from intercourse until our wedding I tapped her butt and said how about I put it in here. She hesitated and then said we can try.

Both of us being a bit naïve about this did not realize you not only need lots of lube but also a lot of foreplay to stretch the opening before putting the cock in the ass. Jane got on all fours at the edge of the bed. I stood on the floor next to the bed. I told her to reach back and pull her ass cheeks apart. I put some saliva on the head of my cock placed it at her little puckered hole and pushed. She was tight and I had a hard time. I tried again and pushed as hard as I could I rammed through her tiny hole and she let out with a scream, "OH stop, stop, it hurts." My cock was throbbing and I knew I wouldn't last long. I gave a few hard thrust and spurted my cum deep in her bowels. As soon as I felt the last spurt come out of my cock I pulled out or her. She fell on the bed crying. I lay next to her and told her I was sorry and tried to console her telling her I didn't mean to hurt her.

Sometime months later after we were married we decided to try anal again after reading some information. We bought a tube of KY jelly. When the time came we lay in bed naked kissing. I moved my head between her legs and licked her clit and pussy until she had a good orgasm. She then rolled over on her tummy, pulled her legs up under her and spread them a bit. I put some KY on one finger and pushed it in her ass. I slowly moved it in and out and then made circular motions with my finger. After several minutes of this I removed my finger, put KY one two fingers and pushed them in. She said, "That hurts a little." I didn't move my fingers until she said it was OK. I slowly moved my fingers in and out and then in a circular motion stretching her out. I finally added a third finger and went through the same routine. With three fingers up to the second knuckle I felt she was open enough to accept my cock. Leaving the fingers inside her using one hand I smeared KY all over the head of my cock and part of the shaft. When I was ready to enter her I pulled my fingers out as I squeezed some KY onto her ass and quickly entered her before she could tighten up again. I waited until she said she was all right.

She said, "This is better than the first time." I slowly started moving in and out of her ass. It was much tighter than her pussy. She put one hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit as I fucked her ass. I tried to wait for her but could not and started shooting my cum deep inside her. She came moments later. She said it was the most intense orgasm she had over had. Better than any with vaginal intercourse.

We still did not have anal sex a lot. Just once every few months for a little change. One time when we were going at it doggie style I was looking down at her ass. Without warning I pulled from her pussy and rammed my cock in her ass. Evidently my cock had enough lube on it and she was loose enough I slid in easily. She let out a low moan from the surprise but told me to keep going. Again I came first but she came right behind me with a very powerful orgasm.

After our children were born anal sex was almost non-existent. Our sons were large, 9lb 5 oz and 8 lb 8 oz. My wife tore both times. The first one because of his size the second one because he came so fast the Dr. did not have time to make the episiotomy. Our son did it himself. Since scar tissue does not stretch she would bleed any time we tried anal sex.

Years later, I was scheduled to have a vasectomy. We decided we were finished and did not want any more children. I guess it may have been psychological but I couldn't cum during intercourse. My wife tried all sorts of things and nothing worked. One day when we knew we wouldn't be interrupted. We put on porn flick in the VCR. My wife leaned forward across a TV table. After applying KY to her ass and my cock I entered her. I don't remember what was going on on the TV screen but it was enough to get us both excited. I took hold of her hips and I thrust into her. Later I reached forward and fondled her tits. I lasted a long time inside her ass giving her time to orgasm. Finally the tightness of her ass provided the last little bit I needed before I came inside her.

This is the last time we had anal sex. She did not bleed but now she rebuffs my anal advances. Fortunately she still satisfies me with her pussy.

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