tagBDSMAna's First Submission

Ana's First Submission


"I'm intrigued," Ana said softly, lying in the bed nude with Isaak, his arms draped loosely around her. "Do you think I'd like it?"

"I could come up with a scenario that you would enjoy," Isaac responded.

"What would you do to me?" she said as her eyes grew more playful.

"I can't tell you my secrets beforehand."

"Are you going to use whips on me?" she said with a tone of mock-outrage.

"No, I'd go gentle on you the first time."

"The first time? Will there be more? What if I'm rebellious?"

"I'll be gentle, but stern."

"I will think about it you dirty man!"

"I'm a complete angel."

"That's just not twue," she said playfully in a cartoonish lisp.

"I only have pure thoughts," he said deviously.

"Liar!" she called him out. "What are the rules?"

"When you chose to submit, you take a certain pre-determined action. At that point, I will summon Lord Darling, and offer you further instructions."

"Lord Darling, huh?"

"Yes, Lord Darling."

"What would the signal be?"

Isaak thought about it for a good, long, solid, hard 23 and a half seconds before coming up with an idea.

"A stainless steel ice cube."

"An ice cube!?"

"The ones we use for the wine. If you place a stainless steel ice cube in my drink, then I will know you have chosen to submit."

"But what if I'm making you a drink and you ask for an ice cube in it? That's cheating isn't it?"

"It has to be intentional. It can't be when the drink is being made. If you drop a stainless steel ice cube that I'm not expecting into my drink, then I know."

"Unexpected? Like the Spanish Inquisition?!" Ana was a big Monty Python fan.


"I will think about it. You better be watching your drinks, Mister!"


It was 6 PM on a warm Friday evening. Isaak was wearing blue jeans and a black button-up shirt still undone, exposing his well-toned stomach. His thick brown hair was still slightly damp from his shower. He walked into his kitchen for a glass of water when he suddenly heard his front door open.

Ana entered the house wearing a purple long-sleeved thigh-length dress and black knee-high boots. The dress hugged her breasts tightly and her chestnut blonde hair draped over the top of it. Isaak wanted to rip those breasts out right then and there, but he kept this thought to himself. He held his glass of water in his left hand as his eyes connected with Ana's from across the room.

She was earlier than he expected. He had not seen her since their Tuesday night date. This was their 8th date together. He was losing count at this point.

"Hey!" Isaak said

"Is for horses," Ana responded

"And moocows. Don't forget the moocows." he countered.

"I'd never forget them," she said playfully as she walked up to him, stood on her tip-toes, grabbed his face, and looked into his deep blue eyes. She gave him a slow open-mouth kiss. She stared intently at him for a few seconds after the kiss was over. It drove Isaak wild when she did that. She took her hands off his cheeks and dropped her feet back to the floor. She walked over to the fridge to get a glass of water as Isaak buttoned his shirt up.

"Hey, don't button that up! I want to see that chest!" she said playfully.

"You don't want me to bring the lion out! That might be dangerous!"

Ana walked back over to Isaak carrying a glass of water. She unbuttoned his top button and ran her fingers over the fur on his chest.

"Roar!" he said, "I told you not to unleash the lion."

"Maybe I like the lion," she said with a smile.

There was a silence for a few seconds.

"So I've been thinking," she said very rapidly.

"About what?"

"This whole submission thing. I watched some BDSM porn the other night. I'm a complete angel of course; I was just watching it for educational purposes," Ana said in a tone that said otherwise, "I'm intrigued, but some of it is pretty crazy."

"You're such a naughty lady watching that stuff."

"Not twue," she liked using the cartoon lisp.

Isaak turned serious for a few seconds. "There is some extreme stuff out there. It's not all like that. I think you would enjoy it with the right scenario."

"What if I don't?"

"We have safe word."

"Like 'banana?'" Ana said with a giggle.

"Don't be ridiculous! I always use 'brambleberry' with my lovers!" Isaak said jokingly.

"So I can brambleberry my way out at any time then?"

"Absolutely!" he replied. "OK ... so it's normally a modified red light system. If you want to stop, you say 'red.' If you want me to slow down or relay some information, say 'yellow.'"

"But I kind of like brambleberry."

Isaak laughed. "We can use brambleberry if you like."

"If I get to choose, I pick brambleberry!"

"OK. Brambleberry means stop. Banana means slow down."

"You're a silly man!"

"You're the one that wants to brambleberry things up! I wanted to use the more serious red light system."

"So what if I drop the cube?" Ana said starring deeply into Isaak's glass of water.

"Then I'd give you further instructions before you formally submit to Lord Darling."

Ana suddenly pulled a hidden steel ice cube out and dropped it into Isaak's drink.

"I'll take my chances with you tonight, Lord Darling."


"Are you sure you're ready?" Isaak asked.

"Yes," Ana said while playfully raising her pupils up to the sky as if she were eyeballing a halo above her.

He did not expect it to happen so soon. Isaak and Ana had slept together a few times at this point. Isaak felt like he knew quite a bit about her sexually. He knew that she liked long, slow, intimate kisses. He knew she loved it when he explored her body with his lips. He did not know if she would enjoy submission. Nevertheless, he loved the idea of having her surrender her control to him for a night.

He had fantasized about her two nights earlier, while he was lying in bed, trying to fall asleep. He imagined having her handcuffed wearing nothing but panties. He ordered her on her knees and told her to beg for his cock. He teased her before finally allowing her to wrap her lips around his manhood, while commanding her to pleasure herself. Imaginary Ana had already been violated good and hard, but Isaak wanted to make sure he got things right with the real Ana. After a few seconds of thought, he gave her instructions.

"You have three tasks. The first is to go into the bathroom. Remove all of your clothes, except your bra and panties. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she said.

"The second task is to select a name. You are no longer Ana. You new name will take the form of Miss Blank. It could be Miss Divine, Miss Sarah ... whatever you chose, but I have veto power if you chose poorly. Do you understand?"

"Yes I do," she said playfully.

"When you have completed your first two tasks, your final task will be to walk into the master bedroom. You will then drop to your knees and say 'I submit to you tonight Lord Darling. I will serve you until you choose to free me.' Is that clear?"

"Yes," she said.

He wanted to castigate her for not saying "Sir" after his orders, but decided to hold off till Ana until she could be trained properly. Ana walked upstairs, while Isaak started making his plans.


Ana walked into the bedroom wearing a violet lace bra and matching panties. She dropped onto her knees and spoke the magic words:

"I submit to you Lord Darling. I will serve you until you choose to free me."

Isaak stood before her wearing a bespoke black suit with a black tie. He was holding a riding crop in hand. He appeared powerful, confident, and in control. To his left was a table of neatly arranged instruments. Ana caught a glimpse of a ball gag and paddle out of the corner of her eye before looking away.

"Have you chosen a name?" Isaak asked.

"Miss Violet."

"Very apt." He paused for a few seconds. "Miss Violet, you need to first become educated on the rules. Whenever you address me, you will address me as 'Sir' or 'Lord Darling'. Whenever I give you a command, you will respond 'yes, Sir!' and obey immediately afterwards. If you fail to follow these instructions, you may be disciplined. Do you understand?"

"Yes," Ana responded.

It was the first command since he instituted the rule, but Ana had already slipped up. Isaak walked behind her, crop in hand, before she suddenly remembered to correct herself.

"Yes, Sir."

"That's better. " Isaak walked back in front of Ana and commanded, "Extend out your arms." Ana complied first, before remembering to say "yes, Sir" a few seconds afterwards. Isaak delivered a quick lash to the underside of her left buttocks with his riding crop.

"When I give a command, Miss Violet, you are to say 'yes, Sir' first, then carry out the command. Is that clear?"

"Yes, Sir!"

Ana felt a slight sting on her bum. She had not expected that so soon. Isaak walked over to the table and grabbed two leather wrist cuffs. With Ana's arms extended, Isaak slowly attached the cuffs to her wrists. Ana looked lost in Isaak's blue eyes.

"Miss Violet, your eyes should be looking straight forward." Isaak grabbed her head and shifted it so she was looking directly forward into nothing. "You are not to look into my eyes unless I command you. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir," she said. She was curious about this rule, but quick to obey.

"Now, it's time for a little training. I need to teach you a few positions. Each position will have a number associated with it. You should remember the position associated with each number. If you do not, you will be disciplined. Is that understood?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Can you say that with a little more enthusiasm, Miss Violet? I need to know that you are eager to serve me."

"Yes, Sir!"

"Position number one, Miss Violet. You will stand up, place your hands on the back of your head, and spread your legs wide."

"Yes, Sir," Ana said as she stood up slowly and complied. She looked at Isaak and smiled.

"Eyes directly forward, Miss Violet," he barked out while tapping the riding crop against her stomach and running it down to her waist.

"Yes, Sir."

"Let's move onto position number two. Fall to your knees. Legs spread wide. Mouth agape. Tongue out and ready for service. Hands behind your back."

"Yes, Sir!"

Ana wanted to call Isaak a "dirty, dirty man", but remembered to stay in character. She made sure to keep her eyes looking forward, but could not help but to notice a slight bulge emanating from Isaak's pants a mere few inches in front of her face.

Isaak circled around her, eyeballing her, having lustful thoughts. As he was behind her, he bent down and reached his arm across her chest, cupping her right breast with his hand, while slowly run his lips over her neck. Ana moaned ever so slightly. Isaak then stood up and walked back in front of her again.

"One final position you need to learn, Miss Violet. You see that chair over there?" Isaak pointed to a wooden chair with gray upholstery covering the seat.

"Yes, Sir," Ana responded.

"Position number three: arms lying flat across the chair. Your face should touch the seat. Legs spread wide. Ass as high in the air as it will reach."

"Yes, Sir." Ana complied. She felt suddenly vulnerable as she slowly pushed her bottom further upwards. Isaak loved seeing Ana's beautiful rear high in the air, covered only by her violet panties. Those would be removed in due time. Isaak squatted down behind Ana in her compromised position and kissed her left thigh twice, before standing back up, and delivering a soft spank to the bottom of her left butt cheek. He then squatted down again and bit Ana right at the crease of her upper thigh and buttocks; Ana squeaked loudly in surprise. Isaak could hear Ana breathing heavily. She certainly did not expect that; nor did she expect to like it so much.

Isaak then stood up and walked away before suddenly announcing, "Position #1, Miss Violet." Ana hurried up and rushed into position, standing up with her hands behind her head. Isaak walked behind her, grabbed her by the shoulder, and delivered two sharp jolts to her right butt cheek with the riding crop. Ana jerked forward as he did and breathed heavily.

"What do we say when we receive a command, Miss Violet?"

"Yes, Sir!"

"That's correct."

Isaak walked over to the table of toys. Ana remembered Lord Darling's command to look forward, but tried to catch a glimpse of what he was reaching for out of the corner of her eye. He walked behind her, lifted her hair up, and then tied a black cloth blindfold over her eyes.

"Can you see anything, Miss Violet?"

"No, Sir."

Isaak walked in front of Ana to straighten out the blindfold perfectly, before positioning himself behind her again. He grabbed her shoulders and began to gently run his hands down her side, while he pressed his lips softly against the back of her neck. Ana's body tensed up as he moved his hand down her stomach and pushed his fingers to the top of her panties, flinging the elastic gently, before moving his hands back up her body.

Isaak pulled his face away from her neck for a few seconds; then he began running his hands up her sides with slightly greater force, while delicately placing kisses on her back, pausing a few seconds between each kiss. He could hear Ana breathing. Her mouth was open and her lips pushed outward. Goosebumps appeared on her arms.

Isaak reached his hands under Ana's brassiere and cupped her breasts, while running his lips across her neck with greater intensity. Ana emitted a series of moans, which grew louder as Isaak tugged on her nipples. He increased his force with wide mouth kisses to her back. Ana's breathing intensified further.

"Miss Violet, when I give you extraordinary pleasure, you are to thank me in explicit terms." Isaak pushed his fingers back down Ana's panties. "For instance, if I massage your clit," he said with his fingers millimeters away, "and you enjoy it greatly," he said, beginning to rub her clit, "you will say 'thank you, Sir, for massaging my clit.'" Ana began to moan. "Is this understood?"

"Yes, Sir! Thank you, Sir, for massaging my clit!" Her breath was heavy as she spoke the words.

His hands moved back up to her breasts again, massaging her nipples. He then let go of her breasts and unclasped her violet bra. He ran the brassiere over her face for a few seconds before tossing it aside. He reached around her body and tugged at her nipples more.

"Thank you, Sir, for pleasuring my nipples!"

He walked around to her face, grabbed her shoulders, and allowed his breath to graze her, before gracefully planting slow kisses around her neck. Her mouth was wide open now. He put his hands on her cheeks and began to kiss; a long, slow kiss, followed by a pause; then another long, slow kiss.

He gently rubbed his hands down her breasts again, tugging softly at her nipples. He then put his lips on her stomach, moving downwards with each kiss, till he reached her panties. He lifted the elastic of the panties and kissed twice on her trimmed pubes. He allowed the elastic of her panties to snap back in place before kissing up and down her thighs. He stood up, kissed her on the mouth, and then pulled her panties down slightly before her spread legs blocked further removal.

"Close your legs."

"Yes, Sir," she said with a shiver.

He slid the panties down to calf level, before commanding, "spread your legs wide, again."

"Yes, Sir." Her panties were trapped a few inches below her knees

"I don't want to see those panties touch the floor. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Sir," she said with a stutter, barely able to speak coherently.

He walked behind her again and reached his right arm around her to grab her opposite breast. He ran his left hand slowly down her body until he reached her mound of joy and began to rub it, soaking his fingers in her wetness.

"Miss Violet, I am a Lord. As a Lord, I have testers who taste everything before I do." She was unsure where this was going. "I need you to taste yourself." He pulled his fingers out of her wet pussy and placed them inside her mouth. She moaned as she sucked his fingers.

He then rubbed his fingers, now covered in her saliva, over her pussy and began to massage her clit. She moaned as her body twitched. Her panties began to slide down her legs, nearly touching the floor on one side.

"Miss Violet, I better not see those panties touch the floor."

"No, Sir."

He gave her a swift smack on the underside of her bottom, before reaching further. He took his right ring finger and began to make small circles on her clit, while grabbing her breast with his left hand, and tugging on her nipple.

Ana's mouth widened, her breathing intensified, and her body was practically shaking. Isaak switched fingers and continued to massage her clit. He held her tightly and started breathing heavily on her neck and into her ear. He sucked on her earlobe for a few seconds.

"Yes, thank you, Sir! Thank you, Sir." Ana moaned, "thank you, thank you, thank you." Her moans were turning into little quiet screams as her body began to quake.

Isaak could feel that she was close. "You better thank me for letting you cum," he said softly into her ear, while tugging on her nipple just a bit harder, and pushing a second finger onto her clit. Isaak could feel her legs quenching tightly around his hand. She exploded into orgasm.

"Thank you for making me cum, Sir!" she screamed out, "thank you for ..., " she paused as her legs started to give way and her mouth held a wide open smile of ecstasy, "... thank you ... for letting me cum, Sir!"

She could barely stand up.

"Down on your knees, Miss Violet," Isaak ordered, sensing that she might fall. Ana quickly fell to her knees, still recovering from orgasm. Isaak bent down and put his lips next to her ear and said, "I'm not done with you yet."


Ana was on her knees, blindfolded, and still quivering from her orgasm. Her violet panties barely hung around her ankles. Isaak grabbed his glass of water off the table and took a quick drink, before walking back over to her. He watched her breathing slow back down. He admired her pouty breasts and rock hard nipples. He glanced at her dark brown pubes and knew he wanted to taste her. He'd make her earn it first, though.

"Miss Violet, what is my name?"

"Lord Darling, Sir!"

"Correct," he said walking behind her and seeing her panties nearly about to fall off. "Lift your feet. Those panties are coming off now."

"Yes, Sir", she said as he removed the panties from her ankles. He walked in front of her and placed the panties in front of her nose.

"Smell your scent."

"Yes, Sir." she said sniffing the panties below her nose. Isaak then tossed the panties aside and suddenly lifted Ana's blindfold, moving it up to her brow. Her eyes took in the light as if she'd in a cave for hours. As she slowly regained her sense of vision, she could see Isaak towering above her, still wearing his black suit. Isaak's manhood was bulging inches away from her face, separated only by fabric from his black dress slacks.

"Unzip my pants."

"Yes, Sir," Ana said still getting a sense of what was going on around her. She undid Isaak's zipper and then he commanded, "pull my cock out slowly and carefully."

"Yes, Sir," she said reaching into his fly, slowly undoing the button on his boxers, and carefully pulling his throbbing slice of manhood out. It was not a simple task as Ana realized it took a bit of maneuvering to fit his rock hard cock through the opening in his boxers and his pants.

"Miss Violet, I would like to reward you tonight with pleasure, but first you must prove you're worthy. Do you want to lick my cock?"

"Yes, Sir," she said.

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