tagAnalAnaya's Car Wash

Anaya's Car Wash


I had just bought a new car with my trust fund money. A BMW to be exact, a black 650i convertible coupe, to be even more to the point. I had it for about a week or so and we had some hideous rain and mudslides in my town. And driving it around, my car had gotten dirty and nasty and muddy. I really needed to get it washed, but I refused to go to an automatic car wash or that detailing service at the mall or anything like that. I was afraid that it might get damaged while I drove it through. And if I left it with those people from the mall, I think they might steal something, take it for a joyride, or just flat out steal my whole car.

But there was this cute guy who lived in my apartment complex, Martin. He was a little bit older than me. He was like in his mid twenties and had a rock hard body. He threw parties in his apartment sometimes. And he invited me once but he kicked me out after I broke a lamp or something. But we still see each other and he says hi. I told him about my car and he told me he'd be down to clean and wax it. So for the entire morning I was getting ready for him to come over.

I had taken a shower early in the morning and found some clothes that were really slutty. I found a pair of jean shorts that I had cut off at the knee. I should have cut them higher but I wanted them to be Capri pants and not short shorts. I put those on along with a boy-beater tank top. I forgo wearing any kind of underwear. I pinch my nipples to make sure they protrude out from the white top. I bring my short blonde hair back and clip it down. I put on a pair of black skimmers and look at my nearly pale white legs; I need a tan, I think to myself. I think I'll be able to get one today while I'm watching Martin wash my car. I grab my bag and a few celebrity magazines. I grab another bag with a surprise for him. I place that one in my regular bag. I open my cell phone and look for his number. I call his number, he answers on the third ring.

"Hello," he says.

"Um," I begin, "it's me Anaya."

"Oh," he starts, "what's up?"

"I was wondering if you were ready to wash my car," I ask.

"Sure," he replies, "I'll meet you in the parking lot."

"Cool," I reply, "I've already moved by the back of my apartment by the hose."

"Okay," he says, "I'll be there in a minute."

"Bye," I say as I close my flip phone.

I grab the lawn chair from the porch and walk out of the apartment. I walk outside and put it out on the sidewalk. I put my Dior sunglasses on and wait for him to show up. It's extremely hot outside. The sun is beating down on it and me starts to get annoying. I exhale deeply and continue waiting for him. I begin reading about Lindsay Lohan and her latest exploits. I sort of want to fuck her. I mean I've fooled around with girls a few times and things like that. But if I could fuck a girl it would be her.

I finally see Martin walking towards me. He's carrying a bucket with all kinds of cleaning supplies. He's wearing a grey t-shirt with cut-off sleeves and a pair of Abercrombie shorts. He looks so fucking fine. He works out quite a bit. Our complex has an excellent gym and I always see him there.

"Hey," he smiles as he walks up to me.

"Hey," I reply as I stand up and give him a hug.

"Lets get to this," he smiles as he sets the bucket down.

He picks up the hose and begins to spray the car down. He then empties the contents of the bucket and pours some soap into the bucket. He fills the bucket with water and dunks the sponge into it. I begin to work my hand into my pants as I watch him. I don't want him to see me masturbating, but I wouldn't mind if he caught me. I then slowly work a finger inside of me. I slide it in and out of my vagina as he starts washing.

"Um," I start as I stand up, "I gotta go inside for a second."

"Okay," he smiles as he continues to wash.

I rush back inside with my bag and strip off my clothes and reach into my bag and pull out my surprise for Martin. My new harness and six inch dildo, and a big bottle of lube! I've wanted to do something like this for a while and now I'm going to surprise him. Ironically I leave my skimmer shoes on and quickly adjust the harness that I sized up yesterday. I grab a towel and wrap it around me. I place the bottle of lube and the dildo into my bag and rush outside.

"I'm back," I say as he keeps scrubbing away at the hood.

"Cool," he says while he continues the scrubbing.

"So," I start as I walk up to him, "how's the car coming along?"

"Good," he says as he looks into the windshield noticing me, "did you change?"

"Just for you," I smirk as he keeps cleaning the car.

"Oh," he says again as I grab his belt loops.

"Just for you," I whisper into his ear as I try to push his head down.

I then work my hands to his belt and try to undo it.

"What are you doing," he asks.

"Nothing," I say as I finally undo his belt and work his shorts down his legs, "can you take your top off? I want to see your muscles!"

"What," he replies.

"Please," I ask, "I want to see what you look like under there."

"Oh," he laughs as he works the shirt off of his body.

"Oh shit," I say as I work my hands up his back, "you work out a lot, I guess."

"Duh," he says as my hands find their way back to his shorts.

I slide them down his legs. He steps out of the shorts. I notice that he doesn't have any underwear on. I kiss his back and grab his arms as I work my way down his back. I finally reach his butt cheeks and slap his ass one good time.

"Ow," he exclaims feigning pain.

"It didn't hurt," I say trying to make fun of him.

"I know," he smirks as I begin to spread his cheeks.

I push him down gently over the hood of my car. I finally spread his cheeks just enough to see his little butt hole. I stare at it for a second and hesitate licking it. I stick my finger in my mouth and get it wet. I keep staring at his asshole. I work my wet finger slowly around his right cheek. I stick it back in my mouth again and get it wet some more. I finally reach the outer area of his butt hole and slowly work my finger around it.

"Fuck it," I finally say as I plunge my finger into him.

"Shit," he exclaim.

"You like that," I ask.

"Fuck," he strains again as my finger probes deeper into him.

I pull my finger out and stick it back into my mouth and get it even wetter. I'm surprised that it doesn't taste like shit. I plunge it back in and finger fuck his ass even more.

"Shit," he exclaims.

"How does it feel," I ask trying to sound like a hard ass.

"Holy," is the only word he's able to get out as I keep finger fucking him.

"Come on," I say in a meaner tone, "how does it fucking feel?"

"Good," he says between grunts, "fucking good."

"Yes," I smirk as I drop the towel, "now stay there"

"Yeah," he says as his legs strain and shake.

I rush back to my bag and grab the dildo and work it into my harness. I grab the bottle of lube and rush back and put the bottle next to his foot. I spit on his butt hole and stare at it some more.

"Fuck it again," I say as I get my mouth ready.

"What," he asks in expectation

I take a deep breath and kiss his butt hole.

"Oh fuck," he exclaims.

I probe his ass hole with my tongue and work it inside of him even deeper. I spread his cheeks even more and dig deep into his ass. I look at his legs and notice them shake and jerk as I use my mouth to eat his ass.

"What's going on over here," a male voice exclaims.

"Nothing," I say as I try to hold back the flinching, "unless you want to watch."

"Hell yeah," he laughs as I go back to eating Martin's ass.

"Who's that," Martin asks in ecstasy.

"Shut up," I giggle as I pull away from his ass.

I finally grab the bottle of lube and lube up two of my fingers. I plunge them deep into his ass. His sphincter barely resists. It's completely relaxed and ready for my dildo. I notice a few more people begin to form around us. I don't care. The more the merrier, I think in my head, as I furiously finger fuck him. He keeps squirming and grunting as I try to work a third finger inside of him. It finally goes in as I pour more lube onto the surface of his ass.

"Fuck that ass," a woman's voice yells out.

"Fuck yeah," a male voice, says again.

"We've got an audience," I whisper into his ear.

I then pull my fingers out and begin to eat his ass again. I can't get over the taste. I love it! I want more of it! I then slap his ass and grab the bottle of lube and liberally pour some on my hand and begin to jerk off my dildo to get it nice and wet. I wipe my hand off on the towel as I walk back to him.

"What next," he asks.

"Did I say you could talk," I say trying to sound like a hard ass again.

"No," he replies as I slide my dildo into him.

The growing crowd cheers as I slip my dildo into him.

I slowly begin to fuck his ass. The crowd begins to cheer even more as I rock my hips back and forth. I keep going as I run my hand up and down his muscular back.

"You like that," I ask as I lightly bite his ear.

"Uh," he strains, "I... oh...shit... don't...more...fuck... me."

"He likes it," I yell out as I look around to the crowd.

"Fuck his faghole," some girl yells out.

"Faghole," I laugh, "I like that."

I place one hand on his shoulder and another on his hip as I continue to fuck him. I gain even more leverage on his ass as I fuck him even harder.

"Fuck," he says as his hands go out underneath him and he lets himself on the hood of my car.

"Take it," I say in a mean voice.

"Fuck him harder," a man exclaims.

I fuck him as hard as I can. I get the dildo all the way into his ass. I hear a few pictures being taken. I lean over and kiss him on the mouth. I want him to taste his own ass, asshole, butt hole, or faghole or what ever you want to call it.

"I'm gonna cum," he grunts as I begin to pull his heavy body up.

He places his hands on the hood of my car. I quickly grab his dick and slowly stroke it. I feel the cum spurt out of his dick. A little bit of it gets on my hand. I watch his legs and arms buckle under the stress of cumming. I slap his ass as the crowd cheers me on. I'm able to see where the cum landed as I position myself to see where it landed. He shot it all over the hood. I slowly pull out of him and take off the strap on. He remains bent over the car. The crowd cheers as I wipe some of the cum on his back. I put the strap on and dildo in my bag. I grab it and begin to walk away from him and the crowd.

"And don't forget to get the cum out," I yell as I walk back in the house.

When I get back in I start to watch him get his clothes on. I then open the porch door.

"Keep your clothes off," I yell as he drops his shorts.

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