And The End

byAlgonquin Twit©

In the beginning my initial impression was that she seemed out of place, slightly off balance, perhaps a bit tipsy as she stumbled in her heels up to the microphone. After tugging a bit at her blouse and then adjusting the front so her black lace bra was discreetly hidden beneath the deep cut ruffled lapel she introduced herself. I was so mesmerized by her windblown curly hair that cascaded down her broad shoulders and out onto her minimal breasts I only caught part of her name: Susanne.

She continued, "I want to thank the bookstore for letting me speak to you today about the short story. To illustrate what I plan to talk about I will refer to a number of different stories and offer my comments describing what I see as good and bad about the stories. While I think of myself as a positive thinker..."

Her accent distracted me, the obvious New, Boston accent resonated with her voice reminding me of a purring cat mixed with the sound of fingernails on a chalkboard. I might have been turned off by her speaking if my eyes hadn't focused on the two firm looking points protruding from her breasts. Completely ignoring what she was saying, I let my mind picture what those nipples might look like once freed from the burden of material restraining them.

"...because of these types of writers, who write these too short nonsensical stories...", her voice continued to drone on and on as I pictured my lips slowly circling her huge nipples, my tongue circling, wetting the surface before moving downward. I moved in my seat a bit as I adjusted my erection and then noticed several other people stand up and walk out. I heard them mumbling words like, "hack," and "witless idiot," as they left.

I wanted to focus on what she was saying, hearing her say "...a bit more than eight hundred words..." but then two more people stood up in front of me as someone cried out, "Try reading the stories when you are counting the words you halfwit." They left in a huff, obviously annoyed by what Susanne was saying.

Mercifully, her talk ended not too long after that and although the question and answer period was very heated, hostile even, it ended quickly. Soon I found I was the only one remaining as she took a deep breath, grabbed her notes and began to walk away from the podium. She looked up at me, smiled and then continued to walk.

I stood up and as she got closer to me I said, "Wow, that was a tough crowd."

She laughed a bit and replied, "Yeah, I'm pretty used to it."

"It doesn't bother you?"

Her face lit up in an oddly wicked grin as she shrugged and said, "Not really."

"Well, can I buy you a cup of coffee?"

She nodded so I gestured toward the coffee shop on the other side of the bookstore. She awkwardly slipped past me, nearly turning her ankle as she headed to the shop. Gazing downward I noticed her skirt just kind of frumped down from her waist straight over her hips. Her ass was quite flat which accentuated her small hips.

Moving to an empty table, I pulled out a chair for her and watched her slump down to sit. I began wondering what I was doing until I caught another glimpse of her blouse and those huge nipples. Reinvigorated I quickly ordered her a latte and grabbed a hot chocolate for myself.

Returning to the table, I set down the drinks saying, "I love the smell of coffee but never got used to the taste."

"That's too bad, coffee can be an amazing drink."

"So I've heard," I replied, wondering how receptive she might be to what I had in mind for the rest of the evening.

"So what did you think of my talk?"

"Well, it was interesting."


"Yeah, I mean the part about... ah, well. Actually, to tell the truth, I was kind of lost through it all. I mean you kept talking about word count and how short the stories were. I mean, isn't that the point... I mean they call them short stories."

"But didn't you hear what I was saying about how short they were."

"Look, you've got me, I was too distracted looking up at you. I guess my mind kind of wandered," I said, looking down at my hot chocolate, stirring it and watching the marshmallows slowly disintegrate.

She paused for a moment and then reached out and grasped my wrist. "It's okay. They were all correct you know."

"What do you mean?"

"I have no earthly idea of what I was talking about. Hell, I'm just an accountant, I don't know the first thing about all this but I got into these talks at bookstores. They pay a nominal fee and hell I enjoy baiting the people."

"You mean..."

"I mean I am a halfwit hack when it comes to short stories but I simply love to argue with people. I come here and give them my load of shit about too short of stories and the people get pissed off. Often so pissed off they will go buy a book or two just to prove me wrong to their friends or spouses. The bookstore slips me a few dollars in return and we schedule my talk again in a few months."

"It seems like quite a racket."

"It is. But it's like I always say, 'If you say it long enough and loud enough it becomes true.' That's especially true on the internet."

"So you simply con all these readers and writers and..."

"I stick to my guns, no matter how big the lies are, and they come to believe it. Once they believe it, it doesn't matter if it was never true."

I was about to grab one last gulp of hot chocolate and make a run for it when she lifted my hand up to her face. Running her tongue over my index finger he glared into my eyes and then whispered, "My car is outside in the parking lot. This time of night it should be very quiet."

I paused just long enough to glance back down at her blouse and large nipples and said, "Okay."

She walked a bit differently heading out to her car, each foot stepping slightly in front of the other, accentuating her hip movement, like models on a runway do. Unlike runway models, it wasn't all that alluring, it just seemed awkward. Of course I was walking awkwardly myself because of my erection.

Her car was parked toward the back of the nearly empty lot. No one was parked anywhere near us and as I climbed into the passenger side I confirmed we had a good view all around. If anyone did plan to disturb us we'd have plenty of time to cover up.

Susanne climbed into her seat and slid it all the way back saying, "So the steering wheel doesn't get in the way." She immediately leaned over and kissed me hard on the lips, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth.

My hands immediately moved to her breasts but she elbowed them away as she reached down and began unfastening my belt and pants. As she unzipped me and began to pull out my hard cock I tried again to grab her breasts but she wiggled away and then said firmly, "First things first."

She then lowered her head down onto my lap and slipped her mouth over my cock. I leaned back in the seat as I felt her begin to suck me harder than I have ever been sucked before. Her head bobbed up and down a bit, but it was the incredible suction that felt absolutely enchanting. All thoughts of her breasts and nipples slipped from my mind as all I could do was simply feel her mouth on my cock.

As she continued I began to feel more, her tongue flicking over the head and around the shaft, her fingers tickling my balls but it was still the suction her powerful cheeks applied to me that had me feeling dizzy. Lifting her head a bit I could almost feel my ass lifted from the seat of the car, it was simply that powerful.

I reached down to touch her hair, wanting to wrap my fingers in it but suddenly her scalp seemed to move. Looking down I realized her beautiful long, tight curls was just a wig. That might have bothered me if I wasn't receiving the best blow job I had ever had. Susanne may have known nothing about writing but she sure knew how to suck a cock.

All to quickly I felt the pressure building in my balls and the pleasure overtaking me. I grabbed firm hold of her wig, squeezing it tightly as I lifted my ass trying to drive my cock deeper into her mouth. Moaning loudly I came, spurting my cum into her mouth again and again as she swallowed and continued sucking.

As I finally collapsed back into my seat she sat up, adjusted her wig and then looked over and smiled at me. She said, "Well how was that?"

"It was incredible, the best I have ever felt."

She smiled, basking in the flickering light from the outside light poles. Reaching up, she unbuttoned the top button of her blouse and then looked over to me.

I moved quickly, grasping both breasts with my hands. They felt odd and as I quickly reached in under her blouse and bra I found out why. Instead of finding a small breast with an enormous nipple as her blouse and bra seemed to promise, my hand slid over only a hint of a mound and a tiny nipple, no larger than mine.

Moving my fingers around I felt a few hairs encircling the nipple and then turning my hand and grabbing the bra, I felt the foam padding and then something hard at the tip. Susanne's incredible nipples were just something she attached to her bra to make her blouse poke out.

I paused a moment trying to understand what was happening when she grabbed my hand and guided it down between her legs. Lifting her skirt with one hand, she pressed my hand up to her panties. Once again I was surprised, finding a bulge in her panties instead of an enticing wet spot.

Jerking my hand back, I opened the car door and rolled myself out. Quickly slipping my cock back into my pants and fastening them I tried to speak, "You... you... you are..."

"What am I?"

"I thought you were... your curls, your breasts I thought. Damn it, in the beginning, when you came in you looked so... In the beginning..." I couldn't talk, I kept stammering. "In the beginning..." I stopped as she just looked at me.

It was almost a minute before she got an evil grin on her face. She then said mockingly, "In the beginning, in the beginning... well what about now, after I sucked your cock like it's never been sucked before. You say, 'In the beginning...' I say what about now? In the beginning and what about now... the beginning," she slid her wig to straighten it, "and the end," she laughed pulling the wig completely off.

"It's all a lie," I replied turning toward my car. I began walking as I repeated, "...all a lie."

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