tagGroup SexAnd Then There Were Three...

And Then There Were Three...


What to write about? What to write about I mused to myself, my mind momentarily blank. Glancing through the pages and pages of stories in Literotica you could be forgiven for thinking that just about every topic for a story had already been used. I sat back in the chair pondering on possible story themes and as I did I started thinking about my life so far. At a little over 40 I've had what some would call a colourful life and have tried many things that some can only dream about; I lost my virginity at 15 to a model from a magazine called Razzle (for those less knowledgeable of modern literature, that's what's commonly called a 'wank mag'!); I had my first affair with a married woman at 18 (there's a story to tell about being locked in her bathroom with no clothes available and someone turning up unexpected!); engaged at 20 I caught my fiancé in bed with a 'friend' 6 weeks before the wedding and spent the next decade enjoying myself with a succession of women – single or married didn't matter to me! Yes, there's definitely some good material from those heady years, and for once I feel able to write a story based entirely on true life. Obviously I've changed names and used a little poetic licence with the dialogue, but fundamentally this is a true account of perhaps the best night of my life!

I was 23 at the time and working in Hertfordshire, England; I was seeing a really quite beautiful girl who lived about 20 miles away (the distance is important as it gave me plenty of space to pursue other 'interests'!). In the store I was working in was Diane, a vivacious, sexy, attractive girl of the same age and we got on fabulously. We often had incredibly horny conversations, describing favourite positions and sexual activities; Diane left me in no doubt of her enjoyment of all things sexual! Before long the inevitable happened and we commenced a hectic but purely sexual relationship – we both had partners and both enjoyed full and enjoyable sexual relationships, but the mutual attraction was too much to keep under control. We met at every opportunity and indulged in a passionate affair, often meeting up soon after our respective partners had left to go home or to work.

On the night in question, we went out to celebrate Diane's birthday; a group of us met up in town and hit the local bars. Included in the group was Tina, an equally bubbly, attractive girl who I'd met a couple of times before. The night wore on and the group got steadily the worse for drink; I had to be in work by 5am the following morning so I left the group and headed back to Diane's for bed. It had been a long day and before long I was sound asleep, little knowing just how interesting the night was about to get!

It must've been about 2 hours after I left the group that I heard Diane arrive home and I smiled sleepily to myself as I waited for her to climb in next to me (I didn't care that I had to be up in just a few hours, Diane was, after all, the best fuck I'd had, and I was feeling horny!). Soon I heard the door open...

"Jim...Jim! Are you awake?" whispered Diane. I mumbled a sleepy acknowledgment as she sat next to me on the bed. Suddenly I was wide awake; someone else had sat down on the other side of me! The bedside light was flicked on and as my eyes adjusted to the light I found Diane on one side and Tina on the other, both with a decidedly wicked gleam in their eyes.

"Tina was telling me that it's been one of her fantasies to be kissing a man while a friend gave him a blow job. I thought you might like to help her out."

I stared in utter bewilderment! Was my wildest dream truly about to come true? Yes! Diane's hands were already working their way under the duvet and with a squeal of delight she found me, naked and already rising to the occasion.

"Look!" she whispered to Tina as she threw the covers back "Looks like we could be about to fulfil your fantasy."

Any embarrassment I had at being naked in front of a girl I'd only ever met in a pub was soon forgotten as Tina leaned forward and stroked my erect cock.

"So this is what you've been going on about for so long." she said, smiling slyly at Diane "Do I get my fantasy?" she enquired.

Without a second word Diane leaned down and flicked her tongue over the head of my cock, holding the tip in her fingers she split the tip open and gently tongue fucked my cock. Tina turned to me and kissed me with a passion and intensity that gave away how hot she was feeling; her tongue urgently probed into my mouth and flicked against my own. I returned the kiss, grabbing her behind her head and pulling her in forcibly to kiss me. Diane could see me kissing her friend with a passion she had often experienced and obviously felt a surge of excitement as she returned her attention to my swollen cock, sucking like her life depended on it. She gave quite the most sensational blow job and in all these years I have yet to find anyone better. As she greedily sucked on me I could feel her tongue flicking against my shaft; lifting her head off me she pushed my legs wide apart and descended on my balls, first licking them with her practiced tongue before gently sucking one after the other in. With my cock momentarily free from any oral attention I felt her hand grip me and start to slowly wank my cock; not long after I felt Tina slightly shift position and for the first time in my life felt a second hand seek out my tool. Tina was by now panting hard as we continued to kiss with an urgent passion; Diane returned her mouth to my cock, but held Tina's hand in place so that I had the sensation of one girl tossing me off while the other licked the pre-cum that was spilling out.

Unable to concentrate on kissing while having such incredible stimulation I broke away from Tina and moaned aloud.

"Oh God, don't! I'll cum!" I begged. This only doubled the girls efforts and now Tina moved down the bed to help Diane with licking and sucking my cock. I can honestly say that the sight of two beautiful girls licking me is one that has stayed with me through my life. As their tongues met over me they moved closer and started to kiss each other, trapping my cock in between. Tina was positioned so that her legs were up near my head and I could see her brief knickers under her short skirt. Freeing my arm from beneath her I slid my hand up her thigh and started to massage her cunt through the soft material of her panties.

"Oh God... YES!" moaned Tina and opened her legs wider, inviting me to explore further. I needed no second invite and slipped my hand under the material to find her sopping wet cunt. With ease I slipped two fingers straight into her, feeling the warm, wet walls close around my fingers. I looked down to watch the girls greedily feasting on my cock while working at Tina's cunt feverishly.

"Stop! Please stop! I'm going to cum." I begged, but this only redoubled the girls efforts. Taking it in turns they gobbled my swollen cock greedily down as I felt the orgasm build in me. Tina was bucking her thighs against my fingers as I finger-fucked her and was moaning in a way that I just knew meant she was also about to cum.

Suddenly I knew I was at the point of no return and tensed my body as the most incredible orgasm ripped through me. As my cock pumped my seed out the girls licked each and every drop, milking me of every morsel, squeezing my balls in an attempt to get every drop out. Although my fingers had momentarily stopped as my whole body went rigid, Tina continued to ride them and then tensed as her own orgasm coursed through her.

"YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!" she screamed, the words dying in a long exaltation of breath as I felt her cunt contract on my fingers, deep inside her.

Lying back, momentarily spent I looked down to see Diane still dressed, standing next to the bed.

"My turn now." she smiled as she quickly stripped her clothes off; she had the most amazing body and I never failed to feel a surge of pride when I saw her naked. Tina roused herself from her own reverie and also started to strip the little clothes she had on. Before long I had two naked, gorgeous girls lying either side of me, both obviously ready for a long night.

Feeling that I owed Diane something (it was her birthday after all, and she was the only one yet to cum!) I moved to let her lay down. I loved the taste of her pussy and needed no second invitation; manoeuvring myself to the bottom of the bed I pushed her legs apart and leant in to take in the heady aroma of her cunt. Diane always kept herself clean shaven and the feel of her soft bald pussy never failed to excite me. I gently kissed her stomach before quickly moving lower until I could feel her clit under my tongue; my tongue flicked at her swollen clit before I leaned closer and sucked it into my mouth, my teeth gently grazing her hardness. Looking up I watched in delight as Tina first kissed Diane with a passion equal to that she'd shown me, before moving down and sucking at her nipples, her tongue flicking and dancing around the raised bumps of her excited breast.

Diane was moaning now, her hips moving up as her hand pressed against the top of my head, urging me to move down and tongue-fuck her. Moving lower I tasted her wet soft lips, savouring the delicate, beautiful taste.

"Yes, oh god yes!" moaned Diane, one of her hands on my head, the other on her friends; each hand urging harder and harder attention. My tongue flicked out, first licking along the wet slit of her cunt before I pulled her lips apart with my fingers and gratefully forced my tongue as deep into her as I could. I tongue-fucked my beautiful partner while Tina sucked hungrily at her breasts. Diane was lost in her own world and was writhing on the bed as her orgasm built up. Suddenly I felt Tina's head next to mine.

"I want to taste her. Let me taste her." she pleaded, a look of pure wanton eroticism in her eyes. I moved to one side and watched in frank amazement as for the first time I watched a girl feasting on another; it was just the most amazing sight and sitting here I can picture it like it was yesterday.

As Tina lapped at Diane I could see her hand working at her own clit; I LOVE watching women masturbate but tonight I wanted more! Moving around the bed I arranged myself and reached out to taste Tina's pussy. I thought Diane could get wet, but this girl was absolutely flooded with pussy juice and I savoured the intense taste as my tongue worked on her swollen lips.

"Oh God. Oh God. Oh God!" moaned Diane as the orgasm built up inside her; Tina's head pumped up and down as she tongue fucked her friend – I was about to watch my Diane cum under the ministrations of another girl and my cock reacted accordingly.

"Cum you bitch, CUM!" demanded Tina as her tongue worked at the swollen lips and her hands squeezed Diane's tits, taking the nipples and roughly rolling them between thumb and finger. Tina seemed lost in making Diane cum and but for the flowing pussy juice and wildly bucking hips I'd have thought she didn't know what I was doing.

"FUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!" screamed Diane as the electric orgasm shot through her body, making her stiffen and arch her back. Tina grasped her legs and pulled her tight against her wanton mouth, feeding off the juice that poured out of Diane, her head shaking as she took the clit and sucked it deep into her mouth.

"Kiss me." demanded Tina to me and I willingly tasted my Diane's juice, mixed with the faint taste of my own cum on her lips; she gripped my head fiercely and returned the kiss with passion.

By now I was desperate for a fuck and moved between Diane's still spread legs; Tina took my cock in her hands and guided me into Tina; once inside I pushed up on my arms and felt my cock slide deep into Diane, the walls of her sopping wet cunt gripping me.

"Yes. Yes. Fuck me!" demanded Diane as I at first pumped slowly but quickly increased the rhythm until my balls slapped against her arse. Lying next to Diane, Tina splayed her legs wide apart, propping herself up she watched as I fucked her friend; her fingers pressing hard against her clit as she masturbated. Having just cum, and having the stamina of youth I fucked Diane hard, knowing I wouldn't cum too quickly; Tina watched my cock, shining with the juice from Diane's cunt, pounding into her, rubbing her clit in fast, tight circles. Suddenly she slipped two fingers deep into her pussy and bought them out, dripping with her own juice; Diane grabbed them and greedily stuffed them into her mouth, tasting the juice, sucking her fingers clean. I could feel Diane start to tense as the orgasm built up inside her and I redoubled my efforts, my balls slapping hard against her with each stroke. I wanted to cum again and the sight of Diane's face screwing up as she felt the orgasm build up along with Tina who was also obviously also close to cumming was too much.

"I'm cumminggggggggg!" I shouted as my whole body tensed and I held myself still, deep inside as I pumped my seed into Diane.

"AAAAAHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" screamed Diane and at almost the same time Tina also tensed, closed her eyes and plunged her fingers deep inside her as all three of us almost simultaneously came.

The three of us lay back in silence for some time letting our bodies come down to earth; Diane went and retrieved a bottle of wine from the kitchen and we sat on the bed chatting as we recovered. I had to keep pinching myself, here I was sitting naked on a bed with two quite sensational girls, also naked, talking openly about sex. It was fantastic! Before long the subject of toys was aired and Diane opened her bedside drawer and displayed a number of vibrators and some Chinese balls. Tina reached for the largest vibrator (an anatomically correct flesh coloured one) and turned it on, feeling the vibrations with the end of her fingers.

"MMMM, this feels good." she whispered and moved if from her fingers to her nipples, making them jump to attention.

"May I?" she asked, looking directly at Diane. Diane looked slightly confused, not knowing quite what Tina intended to do.

"Be my guest." she replied, her thighs twitching slightly apart in the hope that she was the intended recipient.

The girls seemed oblivious to my presence for the time being as Tina swung around so that her head was close to Diane's pussy, giving her easy access to use the vibrator. Turning the speed down to a low hum, Tina started to play the toy over Diane's clit, circling the growing bud before lying the vibrator full length over her reddening lips, the top of the vibrator resting on her swollen clit. Diane was lying back with her eyes closed, enjoying the sensation so I lent over, kissing her hard, my tongue probing deep into her willing mouth. My hand moved up and I gratefully massaged her breasts, feeling the soft smooth skin giving way to the nipple. Diane loved her tits to be played with roughly and as I grasped her nipple and squeezed, making the blood pump to the sensitive bud she let out a moan of pleasure.

"Suck me. Please." she begged, her hand pushing my head down towards her breast. I moved down slightly and lapped at her nipple, feeling it respond to my touch; sinking down and sucked her nipple between my teeth and grazed it with my teeth, sinking them down just enough to provide another deep and lustful moan from Diane.

Tina had by now moved the vibrator and was watching with intense concentration as she fucked Diane's cunt with the by now full speed vibrator. Diane's hips were moving and bucking to meet each thrust and the room was once again filled with the strong aroma of a wet pussy. Beginning to pant harder Diane looked down her body to watch her lover suckling her breasts and her best friend furiously fucking her with a large vibrator. The sounds of the toy were increasingly loud and muted as it was repeatedly plunged deep inside her sopping cunt, her juice spilling out of the side of her lips.

"Harder! Harder!" she panted, her movements accentuating the movements Tina was making; looking down I found her clit with my fingers and added to the stimulation as I played hard and rough with her clit. With her nipples being roughly sucked, her clit being firmly stimulated and the vibrator fucking her Diane was moaning aloud and writhing against our attention. Her eyes tight shut, her hands repeatedly clenched and unclenched, grabbing handfuls of the rucked bed covers. Suddenly her moaning took on a higher pitch and changed to a long drawn out scream as her body tensed in preparation for her orgasm; this was obviously going to be intense as she tensed more and more, arching her body, the scream increasing in intensity until she finally shouted out as the orgasm shook her. Never before had I seen a woman actually squirt so this was another first. As the orgasm flowed through her body she frantically pushed Tina's hand away and as the vibrator slid out her cunt spurted her juice all over the bed; it was quite the most erotic sight and I greedily moved down to lick her pussy, savouring the taste of her fresh orgasm.

Looking utterly exhausted, but with a contented smile on her lips, Diane lay on the bed and just let out a long joyful moan.

"MMMMMMMMMMmmmm" she almost laughed as she finished, "THAT was good!"

Looking around I could see Tina sitting at the end of the bed licking the now still vibrator, a devilish grin on her face.

"I seem to be missing out on something." she said "When exactly do I get the fucking I deserve?!"

Diane must've felt some pang of guilt because she looked at me with slight concern (if that's possible after an intense orgasm!) and asked if there was anything I would like. I'd just spent the last couple of hours having the most erotic time of my life and she wanted to know if there was anything I wanted!

"Well, now that you mention it," I began "in pictures of 3somes, you always see models posing with one astride a cock and the other sitting on the guys face. I always liked the look of that." I muttered somewhat self consciously under my breath.

"Well that sounds like we can kill two birds with one stone." said Diane with a smile.

Pushing me down and onto my back Tina positioned herself over my cock; Diane crouched down and watched fascinated as she sank slowly down onto my rigid tool.

"God that looks horny." She said and then moved up the bed and swung her leg over my head. Looking up I had the most wonderful view; Diane's cunt just inches away from me, still engorged from her recent session and shiny with her juice. Looking down, watching my face, she slowly lowered herself until I could easily reach her pussy with my tongue; I wrapped my arms around her legs, using the purchase to lift my head so that I could inhale deeply the intoxicating aroma. As I was doing this I could feel Tina slowly riding my cock, raising herself until the tip was stroking her lips before sinking down – each stroke resulting in a simultaneous moan. What I didn't realise immediately was that Diane had reached over and pulled Tina to her, kissing her deeply on her lips. As Tina increased the rhythm, so Diane started to move over my face as I feasted on her succulent lips. The sensation was incredible as I felt both girls moving in time, my cock impaling one, my tongue the other. Faster and faster Tina worked my cock, her lips gripping me tightly but with a delicious slippery sensation. She had incredible muscle control of her cunt walls and she knew how to work a cock, this was one ride that would take some beating. Harder and harder she rode me as I urgently tongue-fucked Diane feeling my body contract inside like everything was getting screwed into a tight ball.

Breaking away from kissing Diane, Tina started to pant harder and harder, her hands pressing down on my chest, her eyes screwed in concentration.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." She muttered, panting the words out

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