tagGroup SexAnd Three Makes Company

And Three Makes Company


Terry and Jason had been married for a number of years. They had a wonderful relationship and the sex was still good—maybe even phenomenal when compared to other married couples they knew. Terry was bisexual when she and Jason met, and that still hadn't changed. She'd brought home her share of women, some for her alone, some that they had shared. Most of the time Jared had at least been allowed to watch quietly from a corner somewhere at the very least.

But this time it was Jason who wanted to do the sharing. He wanted to give Terry a big thank you for all her years of unselfish sharing, sacrifice and devotion. She was turning 32 this year. Not a milestone birthday by any means, but if all went well it would be the one that she would never forget.

They'd had her get-together with friends and family, sung happy birthday and devoured the cake the day before. But today, this sultry summer Sunday was really Terry's day. Jason left the house around noon for a round of golf with his old friend Rick. Terry had chosen a good book and a lazy afternoon by the pool to work on her tan and bask away the hours of her birthday. Letting it all pass her by inconsequentially.

Laying there luscious buns to the warm summer sky, book in front of her, shades on, Terry drifted to dreamland. She loved the erotic feeling of the warm sun as it kissed her naked buns and her untied back. So peaceful and quiet…she couldn't help but take a catnap.

"Gravel—is that—it is—gravel crushing—and an engine, a diesel engine—it's only Jason done with his golfing. I must have taken a really long nap…" Terry thought as she lay there drifting back into consciousness and out of the pleasantness of her restful nap.

But then she heard voices; two voices…Jason had decided to bring Rick back to the house with him. Terry scuttled around to find her extra towel, wanting to cover her barely covered g-stringed ass before Rick and Jason approached. It was too late though, she'd been too asleep and had lain there thinking too long as she made her way back to the land of the living. As the towel slithered up across her shiny cheeks she heard a chuckle from behind her.

"Don't cover it up on my account, I was definitely admiring the view…Jas…you are one lucky man!" Rick complimented and teased at her from behind.

"Don't I know it…look at that birthday girl…you'd never guess that sweet ass was a day over 25!" Jason replied happily.

"Oh, you two are full of it!" Terry replied as she looked down at her watch resting there on the deck below her chair.

"1:30, how could that be, I had to be asleep longer than that or they wouldn't be anywhere near done with the golfing…" She thought to herself.

"What time is it, mine says 1:30…but it must be wrong…you two don't golf that fast." She asked as she tossed her watch off to the side.

"Well, truth is we didn't play golf. We decided to come back and hang out with you on your birthday." Jason replied as he peeled his shirt over his head and dived into the pool.

"We couldn't leave a beautiful woman like you all alone on her birthday. So come on, lets get wet." Rick continued as he grabbed her hand and prepared to jump in too.

Jason swam over and grabbed her by the stomach pulling her down to rest against his thighs. She couldn't help but notice the landing party coming up to meet her from his pants. And wondered what in the world that was all about; maybe he liked the fact that Rick had seen her butt.

"Who knows…men…" She thought to herself as he felt Jason lips descend onto her neck. His nose nuzzling into her vein and sending a shiver down her spine.

"What in the world is up with you today?" she whispered to him as he licked and sucked at her tender skin.

"Just appreciating all I have in you, that's all, can't a man be thankful for having such a great wife?" Jason replied.

"Besides, today is your real birthday, and today I'm going to give you your real present."

He continued.

"Appreciation…that's your real present. To show you how much you are appreciated and how much you are desired. And not just by me…" Terry heard her husband saying as she watched his best friend making his way across the pool towards them.

Nestled tightly onto her husband's lap, feeling his ever-growing erection. She was staring strait into the eyes of his best friend. Deep sea blue eyes—eyes full of—full of what—desire—desire for her—Terry began to realize, just as Rick leaned down and began to kiss her passionately on the lips.

Terry's mind and body were reeling. She heard her husband whispering in her ear, "Don't worry, and don't fight it. Just let go and let your body take control. Let yourself feel everything…and enjoy every second of this—your real birthday gift."

His hard shaft now rocketing between her ass cheeks rubbing against anything it could find letting her know how much it wanted to get inside—His lips on the back of her neck kissing and licking, and nibbling at her ear. She felt Rick's lips, and tongue entwined with her own, felt the greedy hunger in his kiss.

Jason raised his hand up to her sides letting them gently rub against her breasts as she let out a soft little sigh of contentment. Then she felt the fabric leave her cleavage and felt the cool breeze against her hardening nipples. Then a new sensation became hers to enjoy as she felt a second set of hands on her ample breasts. She felt Rick's fingers as they teased and squeezed and rolled and pinched each of her tender nipples into complete erection. Rick's lips left hers and found their way down the front of her neck. His tongue finding the hollow in-between her breasts as it softly licked it's way toward their pointy tips.

Her husband held and massaged her breast as he lifted them to the warm wet mouth of his best friend. Watching, consuming every image and committing it to his deepest memories as he saw his friend's mouth and tongue devour his wife's breasts.

Terry felt her suit bottoms slide to the side and the warm rock hard feeling of her husband's skin against hers. The sweet wet slide as his cock slide forcefully and wonderfully up beneath her lips and deep inside her very core.

Rick now sat on the side of the pool his large member in his hand as he watched his buddy's success and let his hand run up and down his own sticky pre-cum filled shaft. Jason could see the want and need in Terry's eyes as she watched Rick stroking his own dick, she wanted to stroke it for him, lick it, kiss it suck it, and finally feel it penetrate her soul for the first time.

With Terry firmly seated on his cock Jason made their way to Rick. Terry looked hungrily at Rick's cock as he continued to stroke. Rick made a final stroke to the head and with a string of clear joy hanging from his tip he offered himself up to terry's awaiting mouth.

Terry had never felt such a thing, a cock to stoke and suck and one to tantalize her deep inside all at once. It was too much and she began to shake. Quivering she sucked and licked and teased Rick to his point of explosion. As she swallowed Rick's sweet relief she could feel her insides starting to clench and milk her husband's cock and as she heard his familiar moans of release joining in chorus with those of the stranger inside her throat, she rocketed over the edge and into complete and utter oblivion. Never had she felt such a powerful release. But it wouldn't be the last of the day for the "birthday-girl."

Suddenly she felt herself being lifted from her husband's lap, then from the water altogether as Rick raised her from the pool to the awaiting towel as he and Jason the husband switched places.

"Now it's my turn to get to the tootsie roll center…" Rick taunted heading between her thighs.

"And my turn to be get into that hot wet mouth…" Her husband chuckled as he slid into the warm inviting orifice.

Terry couldn't believe that her husband's best friend's head was between her legs. He was down there, licking in and out of her…licking up hers and Jason's mixture. It was indescribable.

Jason's cock pulsating deep within her throat—Rick's tongue and fingers exploring her every nook and cranny—she was headed for another explosion.

Rick made his way to the side of the pool and pulled her onto all fours.

"Dude, mind if I 'Do' your hot wife?" He asked sarcastically.

"Be my guest man…as long as she agrees…" Jason replied.

With her husband's cock still in her mouth Terry shook her head yes furiously and moaned an excited, yet muffled please as loudly as she could.

Rick—long and skinny—penetrated her from behind. Grabbing her by the hips he masterfully stroked his length in and out of her wet tunnel. Her husband Jason picked up the rhythm that Rick sat and began to stroke in and out of her mouth, shoving his raging member as far down her throat as he could. The three rocked in unison until the mighty sounds of one another's happiness brought them all to climax again. Falling into a heaping pile on the damp poolside towels they were all exhausted but content.

"So, was that a surprise party you'll never forget…or what?" Jason asked terry.

"Yes, that's one surprise I hope I don't have to wait for another birthday to enjoy again…you two can surprise me any time—any time at all." Terry replied happily.

The three knew that things had changed on this birthday of terry's for all of them, they'd all gotten a gift, an invaluable one that would continue to give itself over and over again for years to come.

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