tagBDSMAngel & Daddy's Story Ch. 12

Angel & Daddy's Story Ch. 12


**This is a story of a hot affair between a Daddy Dom and his adult submissive Angel - no one in this story is even close to being under 18!

Daddy has Angel for Dinner...

Angel whimpers when she realizes she can't get her fingers down to fill her pussy. She can feel the wet desire that's dripping down her slit and ass crack onto the big oak table that she's spread and bound on.
The vibrating egg strapped tight against her clit is dishing out an exquisite level of ecstasy.

Angel moans loudly and bucks her hips. Her blindfold is keeping her from really knowing if she's alone, or for all she knows she could have an audience of 10! At this point, she doesn't even care, as she feels an orgasm building within her. All she can think about is how badly she wants to feel Daddy's cock deep in any of her holes at long last.
Again, just as she's about to cum, the vibration stops. She could scream from the frustration. Just as she's about to open her mouth to loudly protest, in the hopes that her unseen torturer will take mercy, she feels hot breath on her ear.

"Is my baby girl enjoying her punishment?"

Angel's heart soars and she smiles a big smile for him.
"Yes and no Daddy!"

She whimpers a little as she feels a pinch of her left nipple. Then she feels his big hand between her thighs as he roughly grabs her mound and squeezes her quivering snatch tight. His palm pushing the metal ball roughly into her oversensitive clit.

"You look so delicious spread out on this table. Like a delectable dessert my pet." He growls into her ear as she feels another hand pinch her right nipple.
Someone else is in the room with him and touching her with him, but who? Gayle? Jack?!

Then she feels another set of hands tickling up and down the inside of her thigh.

Oh my GOD! That's 3! What on earth is going on here? Angel can't believe Daddy is letting other people touch her and see her like this. It feels so good but so naughty and slutty too.

Angel blushes as the hands on her thighs start exploring her pussy, pulling on her slick lips, a stranger's finger dipping in and out, spreading her wide open and exploring her intimately. She knows it's not Daddy's hands because he's moved to straddle her face and is rubbing his cock on her face and lips.

Just as she slips his cock into her mouth she feels two mouths take each of her tits in and start to suck her nipples simultaneously. Encouraging her to suck Daddy's cock good and hard.

Angel moans in satisfaction as she licks and sucks at the tip of his cock. She wishes she didn't have this blindfold on, she wants to look up into his loving eyes. And let him see her desire to please him. She loses her self in all the wonderful sensations she's going through when 2 things happen at the same time, that shock her! She would have yelped, but Daddy is pushing his cock deep down her throat so she ends up gagging and coughing on his thick member instead.

The cause of the shock was a thumb being fully inserted into her ass without warning and the little bullet on her clit being flicked back on. Into a hard and fast buzzing this time. Whoever is playing with her wet holes below seems to be having fun playing with her, tickling her g-spot with both hands from different holes. The fingers in her pussy feel like at least 4 fingers from a man's hand. She enjoys the agony and pleasure of the burn of being stretched wide around his fingers as he pumps deeper and deeper and makes her swoon and lose track of all tethers she had with reality. She can imagine seeing his knuckles disappear into her slippery, wet, velvet cave. The other hand is cupping her bottom. His thumb ramming into her ass so roughly, she's almost being lifted by the force of each thrust. Daddy is fucking her mouth with the same enthusiasm and the mouths on her nipples have started to tickle and rub her torso with their hands while they continue the relentless attention on each hardened tip.

"Angel, you little slut, " Daddy groans lustfully, "do you know how good you look with Jack the driver stuffing his hands in your sweet cunt and tight asshole? "
Angel blushes, reminded of her disobedience earlier.
Jack pumps her holes harder, seeming to want to make even more of a point.
"Do you like the way the owners of this cottage are each owning your luscious tits, my little whore?" Daddy grunts and pumps her mouth more roughly, nearing his own orgasm.
"Michael and Gayle are enjoying you my pet."

If Angel wasn't so utterly consumed with how good this felt, she would have melted in humiliation and embarrassment. Instead, it seems to heighten her arousal to a fever pitch and she feels her pussy clench hard on Jack's meaty fingers deep in her hole.

Angel's first orgasm is wet and messy and makes the table beneath her so wet it leaks up past the small of her back almost immediately.

She's a quivering mess as wave after wave overtakes her. Her loving tormentors don't stop for a second, but Daddy let's out a satisfied growl. "Good girl"

Suddenly they all stop.

Angel can't stop panting, moaning and writhing as they all pull away in unison.

For a moment, she wonders if she did something wrong.
Then she feels hands on her restraints. The cuffs are left on but the tethers to the table are removed. As she lays there trying to quiet her trembling, the metal ball is removed and her clit feels even more sensitive, almost like it misses the pressure that she was so sure she hated moments (or was it hours?) ago.

She doesn't know. Doesn't care, right now. The waves of pleasure still coursing through her body, she is putty, to bend to the will of any in the room that wish to bend her.

Funny to think that, because that's exactly what Daddy says next...

"Angel, on your hands and knees on the center of the table. Now" he commands from her left side.
As she moves to get into the position, she feels the cool air reminding her of how drenched her back and backside are and her knee actually slips a little on her own cum on the table.

Helping hands reach out to her from all sides helping her position herself in the center of the table. Once she's in position, on her hands and knees, she feels a little tug on each restraint and realizes she's being bound again in this new position. Then she feels a smooth wide leather belt harness across her belly and hips from underneath. It feels like it must be suspended from the ceiling as strange as that seems.

Regardless, she welcomes it's help in keeping her in place as she feels a hard smack land on her left ass cheek.
"Yeowch! " she howls, and tries to shimmy away.
Angel's attempts to escape, are of course, fruitless, being that she's bound and blindfolded to the table top.
Another smack of equal force lands on her right cheek. Angel starts to whimper as her ass is then rubbed with oil gently. She arches her back further to move closer to the soothing touch. "Such a good girl" she hears a woman's voice purr into her ear.
The hand rubbing her ass cheeks slips a couple fingers into her drenched pussy. As she pushes back onto the unseen hand, she starts to moan and pant. Completely lost in her lust and longing to be used again.
Just then, the blindfold is slipped off and Daddy's hot breath is on her other ear. "Time to open your eyes princess" he whispers tenderly to her.
"When Jack told us of your disobedience, we decided to make you our appetizer to dinner. Since you seem to be enjoying it so much, you will stay in this position while we eat."
Angel shivers in excitement at the thought of being splayed like this on the dinner table while people eat their meal all around her. She also is finally able to see who all is there. Daddy, Gayle, Jack and Michael.
It feels strange to be so exposed and used so thouroughly by all, when they're all still dressed, she thinks as a smile sneaks across her face.

If she had been warned that this was going to happen, she would have been terrified and probably not come at all. But, being thrust into it without warning, she can't believe how much she's enjoyed it!

She looks around the room as much as she can considering her arms and ankles are tethered in place. Everyone has left the room to fetch their dinner and she takes in the room.

She can see the tray where Gayle had gotten the restraints from and sees the little silver menace that had tortured her clit. It looks so much smaller than it felt! There's also still an odd assortment of items on the tray that she has no idea what they are or could be used for.
Each of the others files back into the room and takes a seat around the table to eat their dinner. Daddy sits directly in front of Angel and kisses her passionately before he sits down. Gayle places a wine glass in front of Angel with a long straw and helps put the straw in Angel's mouth. "Sweetie, you may want to hold it with your teeth when you're not sipping, I can't guarantee any of us will interrupt our dinner to help you put it back in your mouth. " Gayle warns. Angel gratefully takes a long sip and keeps the straw in her mouth.

Oddly, as dinner goes on and the others chat as though there isn't a naked woman tied to the dinner table, Angel begins to feel more uncomfortable than when they were all devouring her sexually.
She retreats a little into her own mind to try to understand this new discovery about herself. And honestly, to also try to distract herself from this odd position.
"Her cunt was so tight at first, but then she opened up nicely for me." She hears Jack remark to Daddy. "Do you insist on her exercising her cunt?"
Daddy replies, "Actually she was already doing that regularly before I met her. It was nice to not have to tell her, as you can imagine."

It's odd to be talked about like an object and Angel drifts into a daydream as she tries to escape how uncomfortable she feels.

She feels Daddy's gaze on her and looks up at him to realize he's asked her a question.
She was daydreaming and now has to ask him to repeat himself. She knows he hates that.
"I'm sorry Daddy," Angel tries to give him her sweetest smile. "I, uh, missed that..."

She can see a fire ignite in his blue eyes, although to anyone else he appears calm.
"I said, it's time for desert pet." And given your poor treatment of him today. I believe we shall let Jack begin with desert and the rest of us will watch. You are going to watch too." He says with a devious grin.

Angel feels her body turn pink from head to toe. As a projection screen comes down the wall directly in front of her. Daddy hands Gayle a video camera from a table nearby and grabs one for himself too.

As the screen flickers to life, she can see wobbly images as Daddy plays with his lens. First from Daddy's camera as a giant 1 flashes on the screen. Then from Gayle's while a giant 2 flashes there.

Michael says "check" from somewhere behind her and the soft music that's playing through the house goes up a couple notches and has switched. It sounds a little like raunchy rock now, Nine Inch Nails or maybe the Pretty Reckless. As the full situation dawns on her, she can't concentrate enough to figure it out.

"Oh heaven help me" she thinks as she closes her eyes for a minute to get her fear under control.

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