Angela Ch. 04


As Father Patrick lay heavily on top of her, his cock still twitching in her dripping cunt, Angela opened her eyes to the sight of another priest coming up behind Father Patrick's prostrate form. His eyes were blazing with lust and there was a sizable bulge in the front of his robes, but his expression was sly and triumphant.

"So, Father Patrick, at last we see just how pious and perfect you truly are. Fornicating with whores in the sacristy....what will the Bishop say, I wonder?"

Father Patrick whirled around, his barely softening cock pointing straight up at the Rector's face. The rector's eyes were fixed on his pulsating member, and Angela saw his adam's apple bob up and down as he swallowed.

"No! Please, Father -- you can't tell! Really -- it was just an accident!"

Father Patrick was panicked and reached for the Rector's robe. Angela lounged naked among her torn garments to watch the show. Her part was over, she had done what the contract stated and could technically leave at any time. Instinct told her, however, that things might just be getting interesting.

"My boy, an accident? You can hardly expect me to believe that with what is obviously," the rector glanced at Angela, "a highly trained professional. I have been listening at the door for some time now and it is obvious that you have...unprecedented knowledge of the flesh. No, as regrettable as it is, your actions must be reported to the proper authorities...."

Father Patrick paled. "But -- I swear this was only -- well, um.... Father, is there nothing I can do?"

The Rector smiled.

"Well....perhaps there is something you can do. I make no guarantees, but it might put me in a more...forgiving frame of mind..."

"Yes! Anything! Whatever you say, Father, I'll --I'll do anything. "

"You can suck my dick," the older priest hissed as he pushed up his brown robes, revealing a massive tool. What a pity these gorgeous cocks are wasted on the clergy, Angela mused.

Father Patrick recoiled, but Father Anthony grabbed a handful of his hair. The lips of the kneeling junior priest were mere inches from the jutting spike of his superior.

"You said anything," Father Anthony reminded his penitent subject. "Now suck me, you whore-loving pussy."

Father Patrick hesitated a brief moment, and then he shut his eyes in defeat. He leaned forward ever so slowly and closed his lips over the head of Father Anthony's cock.

This can't be happening. This morning I was a virgin, and now I've fucked a whore and I'm sucking another man's cock. I'm just a depraved beast. I can't even say that I'm hating it.

It was true. As his lips moved farther down his superior's shaft and he gave the cock in his mouth a tentative lick with his tongue, he found the combination of Father Anthony's groans and the taste of another man's prick intoxicating. Earthy and tangy. Hesitantly, he reached up and began to cup the older man's balls, just like Angela had done with his.

"That's right, you arrogant son of a bitch. Not so high and mighty now that you're on your knees sucking a fellow priest's dick. Yes, suck it, bitch. You like that don't you?"

Father Patrick's saliva was dripping down Father Anthony's stiff pole. So red and hot and angry, just like Father Anthony.

"Now," the rector raised one arm and pointed at the overturned study bench, "bend over that, boy -- No! I didn't tell you to put on your robe, did I? Now do as I say!"

Father Patrick's face was a deep red, but he did as the rector commanded. With his palms flat on the stone floor and his legs sprawled over the edge of the bench, his ass waived in the air irresistibly.

Without a backward glance at the naked Angela, the rector stalked over to the bench, rolling up is sleeves. Father Patrick glanced nervously behind him as the Rector's hand came down sharply, cracking against his buttocks. He gasped with surprise and squirmed a little.

The rector's voice dropped to an intimate whisper. "Oh, yes, I'll make you squirm alright. You'll be begging for it by the end my friend."

And his hand came down again. SMACK! This time Father Patrick couldn't contain a groan. Again and again the rector spanked the young priest, reddening his buttocks as they waived in the air. Then, suddenly, he stopped. Father Patrick continued to undulate his ass back and forth with the pain, eyes closed tight with humiliation and...well, an entirely foreign sensation. Not pleasure really, but...anticipation. He wanted to open his eyes and look at what the rector was doing. He could just hear some quiet sucking noises. Then, he felt the rector's hands on his buttocks again. Only this time, they gave a steady pressure, grabbing each ass cheek and rolling one against the other, kneading the tender flesh and pulling the round globes apart. Father Patrick was mystified. What could this mean? Was this merely a ruse to make him believe the spanking was over?

And then he felt it. Just a tiny brush of a fingertip. Between his ass cheeks...the rector was putting his finger on asshole! Father Patrick tried to jerk around, but at the first movement, the rector grabbed a fistful of hair with one hand and smacked Father Patrick's ass with the other.

"You'll just keep quiet and do as I say, boy," he hissed, putting his index finger back in his mouth. "Just keep still and everything will be just fine..."

"But -- "

"You, whore, come over here and suck his cock. I want him to discover just how much he's about to enjoy this."

Angela did as she was bid, even though her assignment was technically complete. She was eager to see how things played out. As she knelt in front of the prostrate priest, she could see the sweat dripping down his face and throat.

As Father Anthony continued his slow invasion of his subordinate's virgin asshole, Angela contemplated the lad. The tight blond curls of hair darkened as they made a path down his abdomen and around his penis, but the downy fine hairs of his chest and legs were the same golden blond. His tight body was trembling with reaction and anticipation, and his full lips were open in an O of pleasure/pain.

Angela worked her hand slowly up and down his hardening prick. The older priest behind Father Patrick had worked one finger up into his asshole, and a predatory gleam lighted his eyes as he surveyed his captive. Bent over a prayer bench with his legs spread wide and his cock being expertly sucked, the younger priest's ass was fully displayed for Father Anthony's pleasure. And as he worked his finger slowly around, he even heard a faint moan.

Feeling near the edge himself, Father Anthony orchestrated the final stages of his plan. "Girl, get up on the bench now. He's going to fuck your pussy while I ream this tight ass of his for the first time."

Angela complied. She spread herself beneath Father Patrick, whose glassy eyes and open mouth signaled his complete surrender to what was happening. A hand on his subordinate's neck, Father Anthony guided him over the ripe young woman spread on the bench, pussy still dripping from earlier. As Father Patrick slid his prick into her waiting snatch once again, he sighed deeply. So much had changed since just this morning. This morning he'd been a virgin. Now he was fucking a whore while an older priest made him suck cock in preparation of being ass-fucked.

And what an ass-fucking it was. It hurt of course, at first, but as Father Anthony's stiff pole bottomed out his rectum, the young priest had to admit to himself the merits of what he was experiencing.

"Yesss, boy, that's right. Take my prick, take it all up that fine ass. You like my cock in your ass don't you?" "Yes, Father Anthony," Patrick panted, "I want your strong cock fucking my ass from now on!"

"So tight...unnngggg..." the older priest grabbed the slim hips of the man in front of him and pounded in and out furiously, pushing Father Patrick's cock deeper into Angela's pussy with every thrust.

"Oh, God! Oh, fuck, fuck fuck, AAAAAAAAAHHHH."

And Father Patrick could hold back no longer, feeling the fine cock saw back and forth across his prostrate and the steaming spunk of his superior shoot up his ass, he let go for the third time, ropes of cum shooting into from his cock into the stuffed pussy beneath him.

Breathing hard, the young priest collapsed onto Angela's chest, feeling filled and emptied at the same time.

Father Anthony withdrew from Father Patrick's leaking asshole, and gave a pat to the reddened and abused ass, whispering in Father Patrick's ear how glad he was to have reached an... understanding.

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