tagBDSMAngela Learns the Rules

Angela Learns the Rules


This is a continuation of Angela and Devin's story. You can read more about Angela and Devin in my other submissions. They are written out of time sequence, but each story can stand alone. Chronologically this encounter occurs immediately after "Angela: Waiting's Reward".

In this story Devin teaches Angela about rules and learns he can't control everything.


Three whole days to spend with Devin. Angela was giddy with excitement. Eager to get the few things she needed to do that morning behind her; she practically danced as she got her briefcase from the foyer of his apartment.

Setting up a temporary desk at the kitchen table, Angela rushed through the her calls to the maintenance contractors, letting them know that she had gotten their bids and she would be reviewing them and would let them know if she needed any modifications on Monday. She called Shirley and let her know that her appointments were going to take longer than she had originally anticipated and told her that they had gotten so much accomplished that week that she should take the day off.

She began to put her lap top away and clean up her papers when she realized she was still naked as a jaybird. She squealed with laughter.

Devin was at his desk on the phone when she came out and put her brief case in the foyer. His eyes followed her graceful nude figure as she crossed the room and then crossed back again, and went into her bedroom. Aware of his eyes on her, Angela added a seductive come hither swing into her hips as she walked away from him. He made a couple of more calls and then put the phone down and followed her to her room.

Angela was in the bathroom seated in front of the mirror, taking her hair out of the braid. She saw him reflected in the mirror and paused looking up at him in the mirror. He smiled and nodded, "Go on." Angela picked up her brush and began to brush. He could tell her hair was different, hanging smoother and longer; a shining, rippling water fall rather than a mass of chaotic curls. "What did you do with your hair?"

"A couple of things, at the spa salon they gave me some conditioners that help it hang smoother and tangle a lot less and having it in a braid sort of straightens it a little. It won't stay straight like this very long if I leave it down."

"Bring your hair brush and come on into the front room." He grabbed a pillow and went in and sat on a couch throwing the pillow on the floor at his feet. "Kneel on the pillow with your back to me." Taking the hair brush from her hand he began to brush her hair.

Angela was apprehensive. Men had tried to brush her hair in the past. It had always ended disastrously. Her curls and the length had always ended in backlashes around the brush, frustration and failure. He was careful and learned quickly not to pick up the brush until he had brushed all the way to the end. She began to relax and let the soothing pull and release on her scalp rock her back with each stroke.

He began to talk as he brushed her hair. "Angela it is normal for you to fell anxious and unsure of yourself at this stage of our relationship. You have a challenge before you with incredible rewards and frightening consequences. And you don't even know the rules of the game."

"As you increasingly submit to my will, you will naturally become softer, more compliant, more dependent on my direction, my strength."

"You will not become weaker. In fact, your strength will build, but it will be the strength of calmness, waiting, devotion, obedience, endurance, and patience."

The soft pace of his words and the rhythm of the brush running through her hair lulled Angela into an almost hypnotic state. She knelt totally relaxed, her hands in her lap, her eyes closed, just feeling and listening.

"Angela be reassured that I will not become angry or disappointed if you make a simple mistake. If I have not told you specifically about an expectation and you do something or for that matter fail to do something it will not be your mistake. It will be mine. I will never hold you responsible for any errors that are not your own. If you forget or accidentally make an error and it was something you knew you should not do, the consequences will reflect that. The intention behind the act is more important than the actual error. If you willfully do something you knew I did not want you to do I can promise you that you will regret it." His voice was coolly neutral but Angela felt a prickle of fear chase across her skin.

"The only rules you have to remember are that I require respect, obedience, honesty and loyalty."

"Treat me with respect. Never be sarcastic, manipulative, or unkind."

"Obey me. Whatever I direct you to do, I full expect you to do. If it is beyond your abilities I expect to see you struggling to succeed. It will be OK to ask for help but never question my right to give you a direction or the wisdom behind a direction. If you do not understand why I tell you to do something, just do it. The very compliance will enlighten you."

"Honest is desperately important to me. Don't ever lie to me. Not even as a joke. Don't hide behind omission or distortion."

"Loyalty means you protect me and our reputation fiercely. You do not gossip. You do not place anyone's needs before mine."

Devin put down the hair brush and turned her to face him. "If you filter your anxieties through these four principles of respect, obedience, honesty, and loyalty. You will find that you will allay many of your fears." Angela looked up into his eyes and nodded.

"I have rules I have to follow too."

"I must treat you with the utmost respect. I will never ask you to submit to any experience that will degrade or humiliate you. It is my hope that every moment we share makes you feel stronger, more beautiful, more desirable, prouder, more capable.

"I must be obedient to myself. My role requires I always place your safety and discipline at the highest priority. This commitment is a responsibility that cannot be forgotten for even a second."

"I will not ever lie to you."

"Loyalty flows in my veins. As long as you are loyal to me, I will do nothing to betray you.

"Your safety is also my responsibility. I have and obligation to protect you from physical and emotional injury. Nothing we do will ever make you to bleed, scar you, or cause any permanent injury. Rituals of accepting and enduring pain are an integral to demonstrating and reinforcing the structure of our relationship. It is my duty to insure you are always safe. It is likely that at some point in your eagerness to submit you will wish for more than is safe for you. I must always be there to protect you, even from yourself."

"Do you have any questions."

Angela felt buffeted by the words. She had been so relaxed from the rhythmic pull and release of the hair brush, and then he had had her turn and look up into his face. She had gazed into his eyes mesmerized as his speech seemed to flow straight into her heart. She licked her lips, reciting, "Respect, Obedience, Honesty, and Loyalty. It is more than I could ever hope for. I do have one question. Is is permitted to tell you that I love you?"

Devin gently stroked her face and smiled. "When we are alone, it is permitted. I caution you to use it sparingly. Love is a natural emotion but it is an emotion that can cloud your thinking. The task of learning our roles will be easier if our minds are clear. Anything else?"

Somehow Angela was reluctant to speak, gazing raptly at his eyes, her lips trembling, she shook her head no.

"Before you come to me with another question, stop and think about the four principles. You will most likely find your answer there. It will also keep you from wasting our time together. Unfortunately my business takes me away much to often for me to tolerate too much silliness."

"Next time you are able I want you to bring me the vibrator you bought. I do not want you to masturbate with anything other than your hands. If you are so horny you need to relieve yourself, your fingers will work just fine. Toys are reserved for times we are together."

Suddenly his voice was less soft, sharper more directive. "Enough talk. Give me your hands." Angela mutely held her hands to him. His large hands grasped her wrists and standing he pulled her to her feet. He brought her wrists behind the small of her back and trapped them there with one hand. He roughly pulled her to him, pressing her hips to his with the his hand behind her. He tangled his other hand in her hair and turned her face to his. Her eyes met his shining with anticipation, her tongue slowly licked her lips.

Devon growled deep in his throat and leaned down and seized her mouth with his. Angela hummed a soft satisfied sound deep in her throat, opening her mouth to him, inviting him to take her completely. His kiss grew more forceful, demanding more, forcing her head back. Angela relaxed in his arms letting him bend her further back, her thighs pressed to his, feeling the heat and swelling of his cock against her, separated by only a single layer of silk. She slowly ground her cunt against him. A soft whimper rose up in her throat and into his mouth.

Devin broke the kiss. His breath hot against her lips, he traced his lips down her arched neck, to her cleavage. He could feel her heart racing under his lips. "Get on your knees."

Angela's eyes blinked and focused. She gracefully sank back to her knees before him, her face turned up to him, her lips full and red from his kisses.

"Suck me. Suck my cock."

Angela smiled and reached for the waistband of his pajama, slowly sliding them down his thighs and slipping them down to his feet. She ran her hands back up his legs and dragging her nails up his calves, the backs of his knees and the soft flesh of his inner thighs and gently cupping his balls. Softly she began to kiss his balls, licking and blowing her breath across the tender flesh. Opening her mouth with infinite care she eased one ball into her mouth and gently massaged it with her tongue and then moved to the other. Moving up she kissed along the length of his shaft, strumming with her tongue.

Devin stood statue still, his breath hissing through his teeth. Not comfortable with the angle from her kneeling position, Angela slowly straightened her legs and bent sharply at her waist opening her mouth she took the red bulbous head into her mouth, and moving her tongue in a circle around and around. Gripping his shaft firmly she slowly pumped her hand. She could feel his head swelling bigger, and began to circle in the opposite direction and moaned a soft deep sound in her throat. He grabbed her hair and began to push her down wanting to go deeper. Angela tipped her head sharply and took him deep, the first try she gagged and had to try again adjusting her angle she took him deep into her throat, her nose buried in the fur of his belly. Slowly she stroked the length of him, working hard with her tongue along his shaft and she worked up and down, her throat closing around his cock head at the end of each stroke. His hands began to clench in her hair, his balls tightened, she reached past them and began to massage the skin between his balls and asshole.

Devin groaned out, "Fucking cock sucking whore." Forcing his cock deep in her throat came, his hot come pumping into her mouth. Angela swallowed convulsively, milking him of each spasm, humming in approval. She gently sucked and licked until he was soft in her mouth.

Feeling exultant, she gracefully lowered herself back to her knees and looked up to his face expecting approval and was startled and frightened to see him glowering at her, rage clear in his eyes. She shrank from his look, blanching and whimpering. "I thought I told you to never fucking lie to me."

Her voice was soft and confused. "Lie?"

"You said you had never done that before me, and after your little innocent act last time, you had me believing you."

"Sir, I never lied. It was true."

"Then where the fuck did you learn how to do that."

"What I just did?"

"Don't play games with me, you fucking know what I mean."

"Sir, I felt dumb not knowing how to make love to you when you make me feel so good. I.. I asked a friend for some advice. I looked on the internet. I practiced with the vibrator to figure out how it would be in my mouth. I am sorry if I did something wrong."

"Who did you ask?"

Angela's face flamed red, her voice shyly reluctant, "Avery."

His eyes bugged out and he coughed. "Avery?"

"Please sir, don't be mad at him. I asked him. He has been so sweet and kind to me."

Laughing, he responded, "Oh I am not mad. I am amazed at your genius. If you want to learn how to suck cock there is no better teacher than an old queen. And I must say you have certainly learned to suck cock like an expert."

"Did you like it?"

"Hell yea I liked it. I will like it better next time when I am not being stupid and letting my temper get the better of me."

"I have been looking at the internet and reading about human sexuality. I just wanted to do good for you."

"Hmm... It seems I have found myself a perfectionist. Such a hard worker deserves a reward." He lifted her to her feet and picked her up. Wrapping her arms around his neck and burrowing her face into the thick black hair on his chest, Angela marveled at the ease with which he lifted her. She was a tall girl with generous curves in all the right places, she knew she was a handful to pick up. While Devin was only about 3 inches taller than her, he was solidly muscled with unusually broad shoulders and massive arms and chest.

She deeply inhaled his scent and sighed in happiness.

Devin walked into her bedroom and dumped her unceremoniously on the bed. "Sir, can I pee?"

"Go for it."

Angela quickly peed and then grabbing her toothbrush she quickly refreshed her mouth. She did not mind the flavor of his come but there was an aftertaste in her mouth that she didn't much like, something chemical.

As she walked back into the bedroom, he was standing at her bureau, looking through her drawers. "Come here." Angela felt a rush of nervous excitement. When she was close beside him he gathered her into his arms and gave her a deep quick kiss. "Mmm... minty. Don't you like the taste of come?"

"I like it OK, but there is a kind of an aftertaste like medicine or chemicals."

"Probably something I ate."

"Maybe you could eat more chocolate."

Devin laughed and swatted her ass. It was playful but he was firm and her ass stung. Angela yelped and a thrill ran through her, lighting a fire in her cunt, unconsciously she leaned closer to him, breathing deeper.

Devin began to pull out shackles. "Lets look at these." Taking off her precious leather bracelets, Devin showed her how the leather cuffs worked. They were wider, with heavy D-rings and very adjustable, fitting perfectly around her wrists. Almost four inches wide they were soft and supportive designed to spread the stress over a wider area of wrists and ankles. They had simple buckles and Velcro closures. They were easy to put on needing only one hand to fasten and unfasten. "Much of the time you will be able to unfasten these yourself, but you must only do this if you feel you are in danger of injury and for some reason you cannot communicate that to me. Other than that if I have bound you, you must endure until I choose to free you."

He showed her some narrower leather bands that would fit around her waist, upper thighs, upper arms and even one that was a collar for her neck. They all fit perfectly. Angela was beginning to feel dizzy with nervousness and anticipation. She could feel her cunt, hot and wet, beginning to throb. She never expected to get so stimulated just looking at and trying on this stuff. His voice was pleased, "This is making you hot isn't it."

Angela cleared her throat nervously, "Yes Sir, hot and bothered."

"Put shackles on your wrists, once you have done that go lay on the bed on your back. Grabbing a handful of the silk straps, he followed her. Lacing the silk tie through the the D-rings on the wrist cuffs he tied her hands to the bar at the head of her bed. Taking a second strap he tied it around her leg just at the knee and slipping it behind her head he tied it to her other knee, pulling her knees up toward her chest. Pulling her down to the foot of the bed, the strap holding her wrists tightening and stretching her arms above her, leaving her ass right over the foot of the bed. Taking two more ties he tied them to her knees and bound them to the bed posts spreading them wide.

"Does it hurt anywhere?" Angela felt completely exposed, her knees held high and wide, her arms extended above her head. She shook her head. Taking another silk band Devin blindfolded her, wrapping the silk around and around until not even a crack of light showed through. "Remember; if you need to stop all you have to say is 'stop'. If you want to be untied all you have to say is 'let me go'. If you want to leave all you have to say is 'I want to go home.'"

Devin leaned down and spoke softly directly into her ear. "Today we are going learn about your orgasms; what turns you on, how to prolong your responses, how to delay your orgasms. Think of a scale of one to ten. One is not turned on at all and ten being having an orgasm. What number are you now"?

Angela squirmed. "Um, three?"

"You like being tied up a lot don't you?" Angela sighed and nodded. "Tell me the other things that make you hot. If you get more excited tell me you new number. We want to stop at nine, don't go to ten without me telling you its OK."

"Your voice, kissing, your hands holding mine, the way you taste and smell, being told what to do, the way your hands and cock feel hot when they touch my skin. Um, four, Sir."

"Keep talking." Devin moved between her legs and began to run his hands along the inside of her thighs. Looking down at her cunt he felt a little spark of dissatisfaction at amount of pubic hair growing around her pussy.

"The sounds of moaning when people are fucking, the pain and the heat of being spanked, the way my insides jerk and shake when you fuck into me hard..."

On impulse he went to his bathroom and got his electric shaver. "Don't move. You are getting a small haircut." He snapped open the side burn trimmer attachment and began to trim the longer hairs around her cunt lips.

"The sight of your hard cock, the way it feels in my mouth, knowing that I am pleasing you..."

A tremor ran through Angela thighs. Turning the shaver head to he began to shave her, removing all her curls except a triangular thatch over her mound. Her fat pouting lips were almost the exact same shade of pink as her nipples. "Much prettier. Keep talking."

"Wish I could see." Her voice was breathless. "Five sir, your cock pushing into my cunt, saying dirty words to you, being tied, the smell of sex, the taste of my juices on your cock,

"What number?" He softly stroked along the smooth skin with his finger tip and dipped into the hot dampness between

"Ooh, four, oh god, five. When you finger my cunt, the sensation of your skin touching mine, how strong you are, oh god I can't think of anymore, six Sir."

"You must keep your pussy shaved like this." He leaned down and blew his hot breath across her newly bared skin. Spreading the fat pink lips, he gently pulled on her inner labia, stretching and spreading them, jerking them gently. Her clit was swelling and peeking out.

"Oh god, that, what ever you are doing, that turns me on. Seven, Sir."

Devin slid his fingers down and rubbed a wet slippery finger across her asshole. Angela gasped and stopped breathing. With his other hand he slid two fingers into her cunt. Angela moaned and began to gasp, breathing deep and fast, "Nine, NINE!"

He held his fingers very still, feeling her cunt trembling and clenching around his fingers. "What happened to eight?"

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