Angela, My Angel Pt. 02


She sat up and I ran both hands on her back, dragging her sleep shirt along while she lifted her hands to get it over her arms. We got it over her head and onto the floor. She lay down again and next came off her pajama shorts, removed in the same manner. I dragged my hands down her stomach to the waistband, pushing my hands into the shorts. She lifted her hips off the bed slight and my arms dragged the shorts down the further my hands went. I pulled them off her feet and threw them on the floor. I crept up to her mound and took a whiff of her wet, a scent I loved instantly that first time. I locked my eyes onto hers as I took my tongue out and started licking from the bottom to the top. I repeated this again but starting at the top this time, and when I got to the middle I opened my mouth and took her mound in. Sucking at her pussy through her panties, I could taste her wet slightly through the fabric, involuntarily closing my eyes as I savoured the whole act. I sucked her like this but harder, and I had to have more of her, taste more of her without this fabric acting as a boundary.

Wanting to take my time with her body, I managed to stop myself before I could act out my thoughts of ripping it off. I opened my eyes and looked at her again, laying off on my sucking pressure; choosing to suck gently now, then lapped at her pussy like a hungry cat having a drink of milk. Her eyes also opened slightly as the pressure building in her had decreased.

I made my way up her body to her chest as I had gone straight past it. I kissed over her chest bone, making a pact with it that I'll help with its job of protecting the heart it hid below the surface.

I brought a hand up and fondled her right breast as my mouth made it's way to the left. On the way there I stopped at the spot I thought her heart is and took my time licking, kissing and sucking in an attempt to make a plea directly with it. I lifted my head, took a second to look into her eyes and could not help that smile that formed on my lips. Her face was completely relaxed, eyes barely open, lips slightly open. Carrying on with what I had in mind, I gently grazed her nipple with my bottom teeth. I felt her body barely shudder and filled my mouth with as much of the flesh of her breast that I could, sucking hard.

I was struggling to contain the aching need building up inside me, all I wanted was to feel her against me. I switched sides, taking the left nipple tucked between my index finger and thumb, I began circling it between both fingers. I took the other nipple between my teeth, nibbling it gently. Her moan was louder and deeper this time, eyes shooting open with surprise at the pleasurable sensation.

I kissed my way up to her neck again, this time headed for the base of her jaw where it met her neck. I took my time in that area, licking it first, followed by open-mouthed kisses, then full-on gentle sucking as I had no desire of leaving love-bites. Once I was satisfied that I'd given that part enough attention, I opened my mouth wide and bit down on it, hard enough to elicit a moan from her, but not hard enough to make it painful. She tried to raise her body off at this but as I was on top of her, she failed. Then I kissed it and blew onto it. I took another bite and sucked this time, while keeping my teeth clenched just enough to give her more pleasure sensations. She tried to lift her body again. I went to the other side and bit down on it without the warming up I'd done on the opposite side. I felt her body shudder more and heard her breathing getting deeper as she moaned.

Pleased with the progress thus far, I turned my affections onto her lips. My right hand made its way down her body between her legs and started rubbing over her panties. She lifted her hips up, signaling to me that it must come off and I agreed with her by pulling it down her legs and off her feet. I kissed my way up from her feet, over both her thighs and onto her mound. Running my tongue between the lips of her honeypot, I could feel the slickness inside her and it excited me to no end. I stuck my tongue in slightly, running it from the bottom of her slit up to the top. Repeating my motions but going from top to bottom, when I reached her whole I felt so tempered to stick my tongue in.

I couldn't help myself, this woman was so intoxicating and so I gave in. I stuck my tongue inside her, but slowly, wanting to feel her walls around my tongue, and the sensation of tongue pushing through them. I pushed in slowly until my chin reached her honeypot, no longer being able to push in any further. I pulled out just as slowly, basking in the sensation of my tongue being wrapped by her. It felt amazing and I wanted more, so I repeated this a few more times, on the last time wriggling my tongue around while inside her. I felt a slight tremor run over her body and thought to myself, not now, not quite yet.

I ran my tongue up her slit again, landing at the hood of her pussy. I circled my tongue around then closed my mouth over it as she started whimpering. I sucked gently at first, totally loving what I was doing. I carried on sucking, taking more and more of her pussy in my mouth as I could, until my mouth covered it wholly. I then sucked hard, feeling the sides of my cheeks starting to sting. Her breathing was ragged and shallow at this point, eyes shut closed as she threw her head back. I eased off as I did not want to bring her off as yet.

I made my way up to her body as she relaxed it a bit after I'd stopped my sweet torture on her. I planted a kiss on her lips, sharing with her some of the honey I indulged in. I moaned into her lips as she kissed me hungrily. Next thing I knew I was grinding my hips down on her, grinding my pussy on hers. I quickly took off all my clothing and resumed with my actions. I myself was so close to achieving the sweet release but did not want to, it wasn't the time yet. So I stopped moving my hips and instead brought my hand down to her centre and coaxed two fingers into her with no struggle at all.

I stroked her with both fingers and added a third. She was as close as she could be, and I decided to push her all the way. On the in-stroke I wriggled my fingers once inside her and she started whimpering again. After a few of those, I heard her a crackling sound come from her toes as she was bending them while grabbing onto my back with her finger nails. I loved how her nails felt on my back and that was enough to take me over the edge. I pushed into her deeper than I had, and wiggles my fingers long and hard. I groaned into her ear as my release was on its way, and I felt her walls start to clench around my fingers. We both shook with pleasure as we climaxed. We stayed in that position until we were both down from the peak we'd reached.

As if in cue, the guitar intro to the song, The best part by Daniel Caesar and H.E.R. started strumming over the stereo in the lounge. It echoed into the room softly as H.E.R's vocals started:

Oh, ey

You don't know babe

When you hold me

And kiss me slowly

It's the sweetest thing

And it don't change

If I had it my way

You would know that you are

I moved besides Angela, laid down on my back and pulled her close to me so her head was on my chest, stroking my hand up and down her arm. H.E.R. continued beautifully in the lounge, later joined by Daniel Caesar:

You're the coffee that I need in the morning

You're my sunshine in the rain when it's pouring

Won't you give yourself to me

Give it all, oh

I just wanna see

I just wanna see how beautiful you are

You know that I see it

I know you're a star

Where you go I follow

No matter how far

If life is a movie

Oh you're the best part, oh

You're the best part, oh

Best part

It's the sunrise

And those brown eyes

You're the one that I desire

When we wake up

And then we make love

It makes me feel so nice

You're my water when I'm stuck in the desert

You're the Tylenol I take when my head hurts

You're the sunshine on my life

I just wanna see how beautiful you are

You know that I see it

I know you're a star

Where you go I follow

No matter how far

If life is a movie

Then you're the best part, oh

You're the best part, oh

Best part

Angela's breathing was heavier now and slowed, and when I called her she stayed silent. I concluded that she must have fallen asleep as I could feel myself nodding off too. The song carried on as I was falling asleep, to join my sweet Angela in dreamland:

If you love me won't you say something

If you love me won't you

Won't you

If you love me won't you say something

If you love me won't you

Love me, won't you

If you love me won't you say something

If you love me won't you

If you love me won't you say something

If you love me won't you

Love me, won't you

If you love me won't you say something

If you love me won't you

If you love me won't you say something

If you love me won't you

Love me, won't you

I felt Angela stir in my arms as she was waking up, waking me up too in the process. We don't know how long we were out for, and considering we both hadn't had a goodnight's sleep the previous night, I thought it could've been hours. Neither of us had had a bath or shower and agreed that that was the first order of the second part of our day. This time she was to run the bath, making it a bubble bath. I joined her as she was closing the water and we got in, just relaxing into the water.

I realized that the house was silent now, no more music and I assumed that my phone battery had been drained. While I was still caught up in that thought I heard Angela clear her throat, shaking my thoughts into the present.

"You know, you've been so patient with me. I know you have your demons, you know I have mine, and I'm sorry I let my demons bring yours to the surface. We try to fight it, both of us, but we're not always going to be successful. I failed. That's what happened when my demons resurfaced after the text. I'm sorry", she finally cleared her mind.

I took her hands into mine, brought them to my lips and kissed them. "I understand my angel. I know how difficult it can be. I myself struggled to keep mine at bay but I barely managed. Neither of us is going to have this in check all the time. And when the other person falls, the other must try to remain strong for the both of us. If we both fall, we'll open up a rocky path to our relationship. As long as our love remains truthful and loyal, and we remember that we're not enemies, we'll have something to hold on to."

"I love you so much. That's the best I can say to express how I feel. I'm not gonna promise you stars and the moon and all that stuff cause I'm a person who says what she means and means what she says, so the best I can say is, I love you. So much so that I would do almost anything for you", Angela said. I laughed at the last sentence because it's something I say to her.

"I love you too my angel, so much that I'll do almost anything for you" and I smiled contentedly. "Anyway, talking about the moon, I want to show you the photo I took when you were sitting in the dark. I think it's one of the best so far, but let's finish up here first."

The next weekend Angela was to go home for the first time since she moved out. She called her brothers the previous Sunday, after I had showed her the photo I'd taken of her in the dark. She asked if they had any idea what was up. Both brothers claimed to not know the reason behind her parents wanting her to visit, adding that they probably miss their only daughter. Angela confessed to missing them too and that she wanted nothing more than for her parents to be as understanding as her brothers, but that she doubted they would accept everything.

As we had agreed, I went to her apartment for the weekend so I could be there for her after her visit if she needed me. As her older brother got off work at 4, Angela left the apartment in the late afternoon so she'd arrive around the same time he would. Seeing that it was a Friday I would only be knocking off work by the time she'd be reaching her parents' house, but we texted right up until she said she was there and about to walk in. I sent her a thumbs up emoticon and a kiss, leaving her so she couldn't be distracted by me - that was the last thing I wanted to do. Besides, texting and driving is illegal and I had to drive to her apartment.

I had my own key to her place, as she had her own key to mine. I remember the day we exchanged keys like it was yesterday.

I told her that I wanted her to have her own copy of my key so she could feel free to come over whenever. She said she thinks I should have a copy of her key too. As the one who always gets excited between the two of us, I suggested we have a key exchange ceremony. She has gotten used to my enthusiastic personality and laughed a loud, "You and your ideas are just so adorable" response.

But she had started joining me in my enthusiastic nature, so much so that she said, "I know you all too well to know that you're gonna have a song playing. So, I will be the one to choose the song. And I know exactly which song I'm going to play."

I had the biggest grin slapped onto my face at that revelation. I was as pleased as pleased could be. I tried to find out what song she was going to play but she wouldn't let me know. I gave up and rather volunteered to go get the keys cut at the Locksmith store. She said she'd be coming along and we walked together, hand in hand to the shopping center a mere ten-minute walk away from my place.

When we were back in our apartment she said we're going to do this properly, so she said at 6:30 the ceremony would officially start, leaving us with 5 minutes. I don't know why the formality of picking a time, but I went along with it because I was happy she was finally boarding the ship, also adopting a bit of enthusiasm as her own. It was only far seeing that I'd also adopted a bit of her witty nature as my own - we rubbed off on each other.

She called to me in the kitchen from the lounge that it was 6:30 in the evening. I quickly took two glasses and juice through to the lounge with me, setting it on the coffee table as I looked at her wondrously. She was propping her phone onto the bracket holding the TV screen onto the wall, trying to get it balanced at an angel where it would be pointed at us. "What's up?" I asked with a chuckle.

"Oh I just want to capture this

moment on my phone's video", she frustratedly replied. "But this damn thing won't do what I want it to do!"

I suppressed a chuckle to no avail, and quickly tried to cover it up by saying, "Okay, you carry on while I go get the tripod."

"Uuurrrgggg no! Why didn't you remind me this whole time?" She turned to me, looking as adorable as ever in her frustration.

"Well in my defense, I had no idea of what you were doing", I shrugged my shoulders as I went to get the tripod. Upon my return we picked a spot, took some elastic bands and successfully mounted her phone on it. "We make such a good team you and me, better than the Dream Team", I kissed her lips. "Shall we?" I prompted her.

We took our positions and she pressed play on the stereo's remote control:

Oh yeah, oh yeah

I heard Emeli Sande's voice croon over the sound system. "Give me something", I named the song. I knew the song so well, and so did she as I'd played it numerous times for her. I felt my cheeks start to heat up at that moment and she took me by the hands as she sang along with the song:

I guess I got caught up

In the rough and tumble

I didn't mean to cause no trouble

At all, at all

I'm just so sick

Of the dream they're selling

It doesn't feel like heaven

At all, at all

I joined her as the chorus came around and ruined the beautiful rendition with my tone-deafness, but I loved it. She seemed to as well:

So give me something

Give me something

Give me something

I can believe in

Give me something

Come on, give me something

Please give me something

I can believe in

After the first chorus she turned the volume a few notches lower and started her brief speech. "We're closing in on one year since we've been together. It's amazing what we have and I want to give you something to show you that I believe in you, I believe in me, I believe in us and what we have. So, if you may, I would like you to take this key as my promise to you. A promise to always be home to you, wherever and whenever. A promise to let you back in, again and again if we seem to have a falling out, and not to give up. To let you be the one and only person who calls me 'Home', and to be shut to anyone else who tries to access what is yours and yours alone".

Tears just started rolling down my eyes and I tried to stop my nose from running by sniffing, but it was too late and she laughed at me, placing a kiss on either side of my cheeks and wiping my nose with her hand. "I do, I mean I will," I giggled, "How did you phrase it again? You get the idea anyway. I would love to have your key", I chuckled again, getting the same from her. "Wow, you really outdid yourself my angel. I do not have any words prepared like you did, but I do promise you this; to safeguard your heart and to keep you from harm as best as I can". We exchanged our keys and sealed it with a kiss.

I vaguely heard my phone sounding off in my pockets as it quickly jerked me back to reality while I turned the key in the lock. It was a text from Angela asking if I was home yet and saying everything was still "civil" at that point.

I sent a short reply, "Yes, my queen, just walking in as we speak. Hope it exceeds 'civil' for 'great'. See you soon".

I walked in to a note on the kitchen counter written, "Supper is in the fridge. I couldn't leave without preparing you something. XO".

My heart beamed at that. "This girl is just something else", I happily said to myself as I made my way to the fridge. Home cooked lasagne and a salad, "She knows exactly how to win my heart over, all the time", I said, a bit too loudly as though there was someone I was talking to. Done with eating, I cleaned up after myself and decided on a quick shower before I settled in for a movie.

90 minutes into the movie she sent a text saying she was leaving her parents house and would be home soon. I decided to keep time and run her a bath 5 minutes before I expected her to arrive. When she walked in through the door I went to meet her with u hug and a kiss, only to see she had a smile on her face. "Well what a pleasant sight to see", I got in after the kiss. "I am correct I assuming everything went well then."

"Yes you are", she replied as I led her to the bathroom.

"First, your bubble bath is waiting for you. You've got an early morning tomorrow so after that it is straight to bed. You will tell me all about it tomorrow when we're both not sleep-ridden". I'll put your pajamas out on the bed for you then lock up", I placed a peck on her forehead then did as I'd said.

The following day she woke up with me and while I got on with my daily meditation, she got ready for work. While she was out there motivating, inspiring and hosting people, I also got going with a proposal I had been working on for a few months. This proposal held so much promise for my business, and if the bank was impressed it would be the start of big things for me. I spent the day working on the finishing touches then emailed it to my potential business partner.

She walked through the door and flung her bag on the couch next to the one she sunk herself down in. Kicking off her heels she sighed and closed her eyes. I came through from the kitchen "Oh my love, you look exhausted to say the least" and poured ice-cold juice for us. She peered at me through one slightly open and and thanked me, agreeing with my observation of her.

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