I figured her to be about 20, maybe a student on vacation. She was alone, one of the few Asians on the Phuket beach, and was noticeable amidst the Europeans in couples and groups. She wore a pink one piece swimsuit, unusual also, as most girls wore skimpy bikinis or thongs. Further down the beach was a clothing optional area. Officially it didn't exist, but the local cops eased off in return for discretion by the nudists.

Later on in the hotel bar I see her again, and accidentally-on-purpose jog her elbow, sending her bag and its contents flying.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, let me help..." and then I crouch to retrieve her possessions. We almost bump heads in the process. We stand, at 6'2" and 200lbs I dwarf her slim figure, perhaps 5'2" and 100lbs. I babble an apology; she speaks English with a slight accent I can't place, but not Thai. "Please, allow me to buy you a drink, it's the least..." She initially demurs, but finally accepts. She was after all on her way into the bar. We sit; I introduce myself using my current fake identity. We shake hands, make a little small talk, I lie that this is my first trip here, giving her the opportunity to play the tour guide. Her name is Angeline. I compliment her command of English, ask her where she's from. She is from Malaysia, but works for an American company in Singapore. She has been there for three years, and likes to travel as much as possible on her vacations. She always travels alone. She doesn't have a boyfriend. She doesn't normally talk to strangers. She is twenty-five. She tells me all this without prompting. She is nervous, afraid of silence. I nod and smile, make appropriate noises. She fills me in on the local bars and clubs she has visited on her three days. I tell her she has been very helpful, I also travel alone, apologize again for the accident with her bag, perhaps later we can have a drink...? She seems dubious. I tell her I will be at the bar at 8pm. I offer my hand, and walk away. I know she will be there.

At eight o'clock precisely I arrive in the bar. It is busy, but not crowded. I have dressed carefully, but casually. By eight-fifteen I am half way through my first martini and she appears. She is wearing a silk strapless dress that is just a little too much for a casual drink. I know she is nervous, trying too hard.

"How look lovely...join me."

She blushes at the compliment, accepts a martini, possibly her first ever, and more chit-chat. Two martinis later and she is feeling no pain. She is so inexperienced in everything.

We decide to have dinner, wine, and liqueur to follow. She is a little flushed, trying to control her giggles, and I know how the evening will continue. She will have more experiences than she expects.

There is a band and we dance. A little champagne, and finally she must say goodnight, thanks for a wonderful time. I see her to the elevator, to her door, help her with her key, and we kiss for the first time. I edge inside the door and push it closed with my foot. She looks around as if surprised we are in her room already, and puzzled at my presence. She offers a weak "Goodnight" and a vague gesture toward the door, but now it is time to end the pretence and get down to business.

"No more teasing Angeline, my little angel. You want romance and adventure, but you're gonna get a good fuck from me, little girl" I growl at her. Before she can reply, I clamp one hand over her mouth and tear her dress from her breasts. She is wearing a little lacy bra, so innocent and virginal it is a cliché. She make tiny fists and beats my chest like the flutter of a moth's wing. I spin her around and push her face down on the bed and ate the same time complete the destruction of her dress. She is now wearing only the bra and matching lace panties. I drag at the bra and it snaps easily in my hand. She is sobbing, "Pleasepleasepleas..."

"Please what?" I think. "Please please me? Please fuck me? Please fuck off and don't despoil my virginal pussy?"

I roll her over and clasp her tiny neck. I could snap it like a twig and she knows it. I caress her breast with my hand gently, and then lean forward so I can whisper her fate. "Time to pay, little girl. You wanted to play, now it's time to pay." I tear off her panties and briefly admire her well trimmed puss. I push one finger in and find she is actually wet. I had brought some lube, maybe I'll just need that for her ass. My cock is hard, always performs for me. Still holding her neck I push my cock into her pussy. I enter easily and begin to think she's not quite a virgin, but that just makes things easier. She has stopped wriggling and I begin to caress her clitoris with my thumb as I fuck her. I plan to fuck her in all three holes, but I decide to cum just once. She hasn't had an orgasm as I withdraw from her very wet pussy and bring my cock to her face. She wriggles and squirms a little but to no avail. I fuck her face for several minutes and find myself getting close. Pull out and head for that ass. Flip her over, finger her pussy again while I cool down, then I begin to fuck her doggy style. She's getting in the mood and begins to moan a little. I squirt a little lube on her asshole and work it in with one finger and then two. She's really starting to like this, moaning and moving back to meet me. I pull out of her pussy and put the big purple head of my prick against her tiny asshole, and I begin to push. She pushes back against me, and I'm all the way in before I know it. I'm getting close and so is she. I fuck her ass rapid-fire as she fingers her pussy. We're both panting and muttering our expletives of choice as we orgasm. I collapse on her and slide off, my cock popping out of her ass as I fall. She continues to shudder for a few moments as her orgasm continues. Then we are both still, and silent except for the heavy breathing.

She is first to speak.

"Thank you very much, that was excellent, just what I had in mind."

"Thank you, we aim for the highest in customer satisfaction."

"I paid the company the full amount in advance, but is tipping appropriate ...?"

"There is a fifteen percent service charge for parties of six or more. Tipping is otherwise at the discretion of the customer."

"This customer is very satisfied and fifteen percent sounds fine. And you can fuck me again if you want."

So I did!

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