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Perhaps I shut the door a bit more firmly than usual when I entered the house. Perhaps I dropped my bag without care for where it landed. Perhaps I didn't smile or in truth even acknowledge her greeting as I stormed through to the kitchen and yanked open the door of the refrigerator. Perhaps it was all of these things added to the flashing of my eyes, the angry tremble of my hands and the heaving of my breasts as I struggled to draw a sane breath.

I stared into the cold box and then closed that door a bit firmer than usual as well. Bottles rattled inside.

"Honey?" Jac's voice was calm. She was always calm. Nothing perturbed her or ruffled her feathers. She was always calm, cool and collected. Today it just added to my feelings of frustration and anger. I glanced at her over my shoulder and dared her with a look to utter another word.

My body felt constricted. My clothes felt tight and scratchy, my skin couldn't breathe. I stalked into the bedroom and kicked my shoes from my feet. One landed near the dresser, the other slightly under the bed. I didn't care. My blouse came off next and in my haste one of the buttons pinged across the room.

"Damnit!" I cursed under my breath. My eyes welled up with tears I refused to let fall. I threw the blouse in the general direction of the hamper and tore open the zipper of my slacks. These I kicked toward the hamper as well. I didn't care if they made it or not.

Finally I sank down onto the edge of the bed and my eyes overflowed. I always cried when I was angry and it just made me angrier. I pushed the tears from my cheeks with the palms of my hands and that's when I noticed Jac leaning against the doorjamb, arms folded across her chest. I knew that look. She was concerned, she wanted to talk, to help me work through my anger and solve whatever problem had set me off.

"What?" I snarled rudely. I wasn't in the mood for talk.

Jac unfolded her arms and took the few steps toward me before I could draw a breath to take it back. Her hand shot behind my head and I felt her fingers fist in my hair. She pulled my head back and looked down into my face with that same calm expression she always wore. Where I normally found peace in her serenity today it inflamed me. Just for once I wanted to see the same kinds of searing emotions in her eyes that burned me from the inside out on a daily basis.

To my surprise she bent her head towards mine and I knew she intended to kiss me. I jerked my head to one side, evading her lips, and put my hands to her waist to keep her at bay. Her fingers tightened in my hair and she gave my head a small shake. Her lips caught mine and it was a kiss like none we had shared before. Hard, demanding, uncompromising.

My lips were bruised against my teeth and I opened my mouth without thought. Her tongue slid into my mouth, not a gentle tease like normal, but an invasion and possession. She bore me back onto the bed with the pressure of her body and I felt her nails scratch my skin as she dragged the lace of my bra down freeing my breast. Her hand closed over the soft mound of flesh, squeezing and rolling it firmly. I couldn't stop the moan that rose from my throat.

The other side of my bra was tugged quickly down. I realized she had released my hair when I felt both of her hands kneading my breasts with hard, sure pressure. I was returning her kisses with the heat of pent up anger, my hands were hooked into her belt to pull her closer instead of pushing her away. My body and mind reeled in confusion. I began to struggle, wriggling farther onto the bed seeking some distance between us. She allowed me to move only as far as she wanted and then pressed her body down on mine, pinning me to the bed. Her hands pulled mine from her belt and pushed them above my head holding them with one hand. She may have been smaller than I in stature, but she was definitely stronger.

I felt her free hand at my waist, moving over my hip, curving in along my thigh and I tried to clench my legs together, too late. Her legs were wedged between mine holding them apart. Her fingertips traced the lace at the leg of my panties, slipping under the edge and tugging the garment to one side.

"No..." My voice was a gasp, a moan, insincere to even my own ears. Her fingers found my pussy soaking wet, the evidence giving me away.

"Yes." She stated calmly and thrust two fingers home.

My back arched and my head thrashed as she began to drive her fingers into my pussy hard and fast. I couldn't keep my hips from rising to meet each thrust of her hand. I danced beneath her, crying out now as I felt my body tense. It was too soon. It never happened this fast.

I felt her lips hover over mine barely brushing as she breathed one word.

"Now..." and with a whisper I was freed. My body clenched and my vision swam as I came in a rush that was almost painful in its intensity. One word screamed from my lips, just her name.

My chest heaved as I tried to catch my breath and I lay there, unable to move. I felt her hands gently remove the last of my clothing and pull the light quilt up over my body. There was the rustling of cloth and I cracked an eye open to watch her remove her own clothing before climbing in beside me.

She wrapped me in her arms and softly stroked my hair back from my face. I blinked up at her, my mind still slightly confused. She just smiled and placed a kiss on the tip of my nose.

"Want to tell me about it now?" Her voice was as calm as ever, unruffled and unperturbed.

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