tagIllustratedAngler's Delights Ch. 02

Angler's Delights Ch. 02

byLong Strongdaily©

Further down river her husband was in a battle of his own. He had fished for more than an hour and rose three salmon. He hooked one and lost it after a short battle. A second struck the fly never to return while a third merely took several peeks at the offer and refused the menu. A fourth salmon was in a life struggle with someone with whom he wanted no part of. After twenty minutes plus, the salmon was landed on the bank. This salmon however was not as fortunate as his brothers who had been caught upstream. This one would find its way to the dinning room table at the lodge. DJ made his way back up river with a fine twelve pound fresh run Atlantic Salmon. Turning the bend in the river he saw Virginia still fishing! This time however she was up river from where he had left her. Virginia saw him approach and hastened her way to the point where they would return on the riverbank.

"That's a nice fish! You kept one for dinner for tonight, I see!" Virginia noted.

"Yeah! Nice fight too! You know, I always felt that pound for pound a ten to twelve pounder gives the best fight of them all! This one was in the air as much as he was in the water! What a fighter!" I exuberantly replied!

"How did you do!" I asked.

"Caught one! Raised another few but no takers!"

There was something in her voice that momentarily caught his attention, which he quickly forgot as he threw the salmon onto the bank and climbed out of the water. DJ reached back, took her fly rod in one hand and her hand in the other, helping her onto the bank. Looking across the field they saw the two campers approaching.

"How's the fishing! Get any?" Allen asked.

"Yeah! I caught one and had a little fun with three others! I'm taking this one back for dinner tonight! Virginia caught one and released it! Raised a few more!"

"Hey! Wouldn't that make a great meal! Fresh salmon! You know back in New York we'd pay $50.00 at a good restaurant for fresh Atlantic salmon!" Alex noted.

"Oh well! Maybe if you're around long enough we'll be able to invite you for dinner! What do you say, Honey?" Virginia said extending invitations to Allen and Alex. "Yes! Sure! Love to! So tell me where are you both from and what do you do for a living?"

"Virginia thought that perhaps you were both lawyers."

"No! We're not lawyers! We both teach at university! I teach at the University of New York and Alex teaches at Harvard"

"Isn't that wonderful!" Virginia responded, "What do you teach?"

"Well I teach engineering and Alex, hey Alex! What do you teach?"

"I teach business at the Masters level."

"You guy's are both doing exceptionally well then! That's nice to hear! Especially when one contemplates the stereotyping of you people in the U.S.! Oh! I'm sorry! Guess that wasn't a very appropriate comment for me to make!"

"Why be sorry? We take that as a compliment! What you say is so true! No one can criticize the truth! We're glad you recognize our accomplishments!" Allen responded.

"Thank you! I appreciate those comments and your understanding! Tell me about yourselves and how did you end up in Nova Scotia!"

"Alex and I are twins. There is just the two of us! No brothers or sisters"

"Dad is retired. Mom and Dad live in New Jersey. We like to travel every year during our vacation, especially canoeing! This year we planned to vacation in Nova Scotia. Last year we spent our holidays in New Brunswick. We usually spend about a month just travelling and enjoying the countryside. We don't visit cities much, too much of that where we already live."

"You married?"

"No! Neither of us have ever been married!" Alex replied.

"No girl friends either?"

"Oh yeah! But no long term commitments! It ain't in the cards I guess!"

"I'm surprised! You two would make good catches for any female searching for handsome well educated and, undoubtedly well endowed, refined men!" Virginia remarked.

"Well! Maybe so but not yet anyway!" Allen replied, surprised by Virginia's remarks!

"Are you planning to leave here today?"

"Yes! Everything is packed, just a matter of getting it back in the canoe and away we go!"

"Do you know what the river might be like from here on down?"

"I know every inch of this river, been fishing it for over twenty years now! The waters may be higher further down than it is here because you pick up some small feeders. You shouldn't encounter any difficulties though! There are some rapids but nothing you should be overly concerned about. Just play it safe as you undoubtedly would anyway!" "We never take any chances on a river! Especially a river that we haven't been on before!"

It was at this point that I noticed Alex was somewhat uneasy, as was Virginia, nor could I help catching her eyes glancing from time to time to his crotch. He must have had noticed it also as he was visibly aroused. The bulge in his crotch was clear evidence of that! I thought for a moment and then decided that I would at least have some fun with his, as well as hers, predicament. The events on the riverbank of that morning while I was down stream were not yet known to me.

"Hey! Alex! You have had girl friends! No steadies through, eh! Have you ever dated a white girl!" Virginia blushed! Allen & Alex were clearly surprised by my abrupt question.

"No! No I haven't! Neither has Allen!"

"I suppose that you have often thought about it though? Both of you, hey? You know what they say: "Once in black they never come back!" Laughing at the reaction of all three.

"Well I guess that you're right sir!"

"You know it's a fact! The favorite fantasy of white women is to be bedded by a black man!"

"Some white men fantasize about white women being had by black men too!" Virginia replied.

"We suppose so!" Allen responded

"Stop it! You're embarrassing everyone!" Virginia retorted again! I laughed and agreed.

"Well gentlemen, if you're ready, we'll see you off! Then we're heading back to our lodge!"

"Yes! We better get going if we want to get back to our own lodge before dark!"

We saw them off and headed back up the steep hill to our truck and the trip back to our lodge. The drive out to the highway was no easier than the one in. Once back on the main paved highway it became much more conducive to talking. We hadn't spoken a word to each other after we started out on the dirt road. This was due solely to the truck and road noise.

"That wasn't very nice of you to embarrass everyone like that! Talking about sex!" Virginia stated as she broke the silence.

"Oh! Blame me hey! I saw you look at Alex's crotch! He must have had noticed you too because he was getting a hard on! You looked like you were enjoying it, as was he! So I decided to up the ante!" I replied.

"Yes I noticed it! How could I help it! He was in front of me with a hard on! I'm not blind!"

"Well then don't blame me if I wanted to have a little fun also!"

"If I tell you something if you won't be mad at me?" Virginia said after a long silence.

"No! Why? What is it?"


"Promise? What is it?"

"Well, after you went down river today I fished the spot where I had earlier caught the first salmon and had no luck! Not even a rise! So I decided to go up to the head of the pool and try my luck there. I fished for awhile and decided to change flies. I was unsteady in the middle of the river so I went to the shore and got up on the bank to change my fly! For some reason I looked through the woods to see where Alex and Allen and the camp were located. What I saw was Alex urinating!"

"What's wrong with that? Every does it! Other than his being black you have seen this happen before!"

"Yes! That's true! But his cock was big! I mean huge! I know I shouldn't have had but I couldn't help watching him! Afterwards I felt like a peeping tom! But it wasn't my fault! I didn't plan to spy on him or anything!"

"Why should you feel that way? It's the first real life black cock you have ever seen! Anyone with normal sexual feelings would have had done the same! You probably also had a fantasy! Did You?"

"Well then! You won't be mad if I tell you what else I saw?"

"Like I said! Why should I get mad? No! I won't get mad, not unless you tell me that you gave him a blow job or something and I missed it!"

"There you go again! Always fantasizing about me doing a black man!" as she reached across and took my surging manhood into her hand!

"My God! This conversation is making you horny! Imagine this would you?"

"Go on! Tell what else there is! Don't be holding things in suspense!"

"Well! When he was peeing he began to get an erection! My God! I couldn't believe how huge it was getting! The way he was holding it in his hand! When he bagan to masturbate, it got even bigger! I couldn't believe my eyes how big it got! It was monstrous!"

"Sound like you were really enjoying it! Were you!"

"What do you think? I am a woman you know!"

"Yes! I know only too well!"

"What do you mean by that remark! Are you getting jealous or something?"

"Not at all! But I can just imagine just what you were thinking when you saw that guy masturbate!"

"What do you think I was thinking?"

"You certainly weren't thinking of your prayers or anything like that! Just what were you thinking? Did it turn you on? It certainly seems like it got your attention!"

"You men! You're all alike! You and your fantasies!"

"Fantasies my ass! You were the one who bought it up! You didn't bring it up simply as a matter of idle conversation! What were you thinking? I don't want to hear a lot of nonsense either! Just the facts!"

"If you saw a strange pussy being masturbated how would you feel? Horny I bet!"

"You got that right! I wouldn't be a man if I didn't! It would probably turn you on too! Now the facts! Nothing but the facts so help your God! What are the facts!"

"You insist!"

"I insist!"

"When I first saw him I was frightened that he had seen, so I didn't move and stayed real quiet! I was afraid that if I made a noise I'd attract his attention! Then when I noticed how big it was, it being huge and black and all, I was fascinated by it! You wouldn't believe the size of his cock, it was huge by any standards!"

"How big?"

"It hung half way down to his knees! That's a fact! I never thought a penis could be that big!"

"Then what happened!"

"Then he began to shake and pull on it! That's when he began to get an erection and started to masturbate! You wouldn't believe how that thing grew! I wish I had had a camera! That thing should be in the movies!"

"O.K! Stop fanaticizing! What's the rest of your story?" Virginia grabbed my cock once again!

"Look at this would you! You're horny! I knew you'd get like that! The thought of me doing a black man always fascinated you! Didn't it!"

"I'm not the only one who is fascinated by the sounds of it! It seems to me, now that you have seen one of those big black cocks, you want to put it through its paces! I'm right! Ain't I?"

"So what! I can fantasize about it if you can! Can't I?"

"Fantasize nothing! You want the real thing!"

"So what if I do! You'd want to be there to see me work him over! I'm right! Admit it!"

"Yes I would if you put it that way!"

"A big black cock going into your white pussy would be a real turn on! Besides you'd love every inch of it! All that you could take of it anyway!"

"You're some bad! Besides I wouldn't be satisfied till I did take it all!"

"Think you could do you?"

"It would be nice to try anyway! M.m.m.m!"

"Let's get back to your story! What happened next?"

"Well the more he masturbated the hornier I got, so I played with myself too! Through my jeans that is! But it felt good anyway!"

"Then, when he blew his load, Alex's cock must be at least ten inches, or longer. He couldn't even get his hand all the way around it! His cock is huge! Believe me! I still don't believe it hardly! It must be as round as this!" Virginia held her fingers together so as to make a circle and emphasize the massiveness of Alex's cock!

"That would be a task for any woman to handle!"

"Yes, but they would be more than willing to explore the possibilities!"

"What else!" I asked her.

"He blew his load so far and hard that I was almost afraid that it would splatter me!"

"Honestly! I was about ten feet away and I could hear his cum hitting the branches!"

"I couldn't believe the amount of the cum he let go! He could have filled a pint bottle! He probably didn't have a go for a whole year! Then he wiped the head of his dick in his handkerchief and left!"

"What did you do then?"

"Well I became afraid again! I thought that you'd soon be coming back up the river and would miss me and become concerned!"

"I was also afraid that Alex might turn back and see me as he got further away from the trees. You can see the river if you are far enough away from them you know!"

"Did you have a go?"

"No I didn't! It all happened to fast and I didn't have time to make myself go!"

"Too bad! So that's why that you were so turned on by the sight of his crotch in front of you!"

"Like I said, if it were a pussy you'd be turned on too! Wouldn't you? Besides I've seen you look at many a ladies crotch!"

"I've never denied it! Now what do you want to do? Lay one of them! Perhaps the both of them! Ha-a! I'd bet you'd like to add that to your list of conquests! Wouldn't you!"

"You've always fanaticized about it! Maybe the ball is in your court!"

"Yeah! Sure! When your horny, you're all talk! When you're not horny you don't even want to hear about it! You're all talk and no action!"

"That's what you think! Maybe this time you'll get a real surprise! Maybe I will take one of them, no maybe both of them, on! You'd like that wouldn't you!"

"I'll not hold my breath till then!"

To Be Continued...

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