tagIllustratedAngler's Delights Ch. 06

Angler's Delights Ch. 06

byLong Strongdaily©

I finished my beer as Virginia came from the bedroom dressed in another sexy outfit, wearing a red long "see-through" red laced housecoat with matching bra and panties! She looked like a real Sex Goddess! Her attire did nothing to conceal any of her physical attributes!

"Why are you up? I thought you were in bed for the night!"

"No! I think maybe I had too much too drink! After I'm up awhile I'll be alright!"

"Are you sure that is all that's the matter with you? You were more horny than at any other time I've ever seen you! It's must be your fantasy about that black dick you saw! Is it?"

"Possibly! It's something that I could never forget anyway! I mean, it was at least nine inches or more long and I bet it was almost that size around the circumference! It was circumcised! The head of it wasn't as black as the rest of his cock! It looked colossal!"

"Any girl could have a lot of fun playing with something like that! God that black cock made me horny!" Virginia responded!

"You better settle down or you'll be getting horny all over again! If that happens we'll have to get him down here to satisfy that hungry pussy of yours!"

"That wouldn't be the worst thing in the world to happen tonight! Would it!"

"Enough of that! We have to get up early in the morning! Time for bed my little horny lady!"

"I don't want to go to bed yet, all I would do is toss and turn! You go if you want too!"

"No! I'll wait up awhile with you! Tell me! If Alex or Allen were to walk through that door right now, what would you do dressed like that? Head right for the bedroom before they even got a chance to get an eye full of you I bet!"

"I don't think so! I think I'd sit there on the sofa and turn them on like they've never been turned on before! They'd go home and have to masturbate they'd be so turned on!"

"You mean you wouldn't even give them a little blow job to ease their pain! Maybe even a little pussy would put them at ease!"

"Hm-m-m! That would be something, wouldn't it? I'd bet you go right there in your pants seeing me do one of those guys! You would wouldn't you!"

"No doubt I would!"

Just then the telephone rang, startling both of us. My first thought was something was wrong at home, there had to be an emergency some where within the family. Someone was in trouble. Virginia turned almost ashen with fright.

"Hi! This is Allen! Sorry I'm calling so late but I saw the light was on in your cabin so I figured you'd be still up! I hope I didn't wake the missus!"

"No! No you didn't! She's also up! She had a little too much to eat and drink and couldn't sleep so we are here just looking at T.V. and talking!"

"What can I do for you?"

"Well, Alex and I were trying to get our new fishing gear set up for tomorrow morning but are having difficulty getting the lines tied together and onto the reels. We thought maybe you'd have a few minutes to show us how it's done!"

"Just a minute! Honey! Allen and Alex are trying to set up their fishing gear and need a little help! Would you mind if they came over for a few minutes so I could help them!"

"Allen! It's o.k. with the wife and I, that is if you don't mind Virginia being in her pajamas. Virginia has, but I haven't gotten ready for bed yet!"

"No problem! We'll be right over!"

"Honey! Better get something more on or someone may be embarrassed and it may be you!"

"Who says I'll be embarrassed! I don't think so! I think that I'll get my book and make myself comfortable on the sofa that way I can keep my eyes on both of you! The three of you if Allen and Alex both show up!"

Virginia positioned herself in such a provocative fashion on the sofa that she could have had seduced the most ardent of saints. She lay back against the arm of the sofa with one leg slightly pulled up towards her chest against the back of the sofa, the other over the side onto the floor. She draped one side of her lace housecoat loosely over one leg, the other side draped loosely toward the floor. Her lace bra didn't leave much to the imagination, her laced panties even less! Reaching for the lamp sitting on the table at the end of sofa, she turned down its tri-bulb to low! She suggested I do likewise with the lamp at the further end of the room. I unhesitatingly obliged.

"You look devastatingly beautiful! But you wouldn't dare remain there like that when they arrive! Would you?"

"Well! What do you think? I think that you're daring me! You know how I react to dares! Don't you! Do you think they'll take their eyes off of what they're going to witness! They'll get so horny they'll have to excuse themselves, go outside and pull themselves! Ha! Do you think you will all enjoy it!"

"If we didn't, we'd have to be dead! I mean how could anyone with any life in them not be turned on! Nothing living could resist what I see!"

I honestly didn't know whether I wanted her response or not. I was both turned on by the idea and yet apprehensive at being disappointed if she didn't! My fantasy, and curiosity, was whether or not she would actually carry through with this! Just then a knock came on the door. I looked at Virginia; she had a seductive smile of anticipation on her face. She was acting as if she were oblivious to everything around her, grossly involved in her book. Virginia's face, for the first time in years, was blushed! I didn't bother to tell her that she was holding the book upside down! From where the sofa was placed in the room it, or her presence on it, could not be noticed until you were inside the kitchen. The living room was off the kitchen area.

I rearranged three chairs around the table, removing a fourth to the corner. I placed the chairs so that, if both Allen and Alex came, they would be seated and have a clear view of what lay before them on the sofa. My heart rate increased and was pounding in my chest with anticipation as to how Alex and Allen would react! Albeit I didn't know what the hell Virginia would do next either. I made my way to open the locked door. The two men stood in the doorway dressed in knee length white shorts, no belts, shirts, socks or shoes. Their naked muscular black bodies were like those of a body builder. Their blackness accentuated by their white shorts!

"Oh! You're both here! Good evening gentlemen! Come in! I didn't anticipate seeing both of you again tonight! Make yourself comfortable at the table! I'll seat myself between you so you can both watch what I do! I see you got your fishing gear with you! Looks nice!"

I had decided earlier that, after they were seated and had a view of the scenery on the sofa, I would leave them for a few moments so that they could adjust to their unanticipated vision lying on the sofa! I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I was so full of lust and excitement of what might happen I had to go anyway, or wet myself! I allowed sufficient time to regain my composure before coming back into the room. I pretended not to notice Virginia, or them, as I returned to the kitchen. It was clearly evident though that they were both surprised and delighted at the view they were being privileged to! My wife hadn't moved and ignored their presence entirely!

"Well now! Let's see what we have here! What's your problem?" I commented.

I commenced showing them to first tie the leader material to the fly line, then the backing and then the backing to the reels. Their attention however was clearly not with what I was doing but with the scene on the sofa! I didn't lift my head but merely glanced from one to the other from the corner of my eye. Having had completed the tying of each line to the reels, I needed to mount the reels on the rods in order to get the lines more easily on the reels. Completing this task I noticed Virginia, still laying on the sofa, was stroking her cunt very gently with her index finger as she continued to read her book. The fact that she was being carefully observed by two, now very horny, men didn't appear to concern her at all.

The sweat on the brows of our company was now nearing floodgate proportions! I thought: "Their anxiety and pulse rate was such as to be a danger to their continued good health!" Although I was probably in no better a condition than they! I placed a pencil through the hole in the spool holding the backing, run the end of the line through the guides and fastened it to the reel.

"Alex, move your chair around and hold this! Place your fingers tightly against the spool, not too tightly, so I can get it on the spool!"

Alex was very reluctant to turn from the table. The reason, no doubt, was the huge bulge in his shorts, which became obvious as he cautiously moved and was somewhat, if not totally, embarrassed by his own personal trauma! I thought it was now about time to brighten up the situation and maybe bring them into the living room. Virginia probably already had at least one orgasm as she continued massaging her pussy slowly and gently! I know all three of us men were turned on to the breaking point! I still did my best to pretend to ignore the situation however, just as if it were an every day situation seeing my wife like this!

"The kitchen seems to small for this! Let's go into the living room!" Allen and Alex lost it as they tripped over each other to be the first into the living room!

"Oh! Sorry! I forgot to tell you that Virginia was still up reading! It must be a good book! She apparently didn't even hear you guys come in and I forgot all about her!"

"Here Alex! Sit in this chair! Allen you can have that end of the sofa!"

"You don't mind if I finish my book! I'm almost through the last chapter!"

"No! No! Not at all! We don't mind!" Allen and Alex answered in unison!

Virginia put the book back up to her face and, within several minutes, slid down on the sofa so that her buttocks were at its very edge! She slowly, and seductively, allowed her hand to once again find its way to her now very very hungry moist pussy! She then opened her legs just sufficiently enough to allow herself to place her hand over her entire cunt and massage it, allowing poor Alex a full frontal view of the action! Both Alex and Allen were sweating profusely by this time! Allen, seated at the far end of the sofa, was attempting to restrain himself while undoubtedly wishing he were at the opposite end of the sofa. Their erections were now no secret to anyone! I must admit it; the sight of their massive cocks in this condition was impelling! They were, without any doubt whatsoever, as huge as my wife had said they were and bigger than I could have had ever imagined! Virginia slithered and gyrated as she had an orgasm, never even pretending to be aware of those around her!

"Let's get this job done gentlemen!" as if nothing else was going on!

We finished Alex's line and I suggested Allen replace Alex in the chair and we complete his reel and line! It was at this point that Virginia let out a soft moan and stiffened out. She had an orgasm this time for sure! I know that this was akin to mental cruelty to both Allen and Alex! "But the show must go on!" I thought to myself! We completed Allen's line in record time! Virginia pulled herself back upon the sofa as if she were in the room alone! She completely ignored everything except her book!

To Be Continued...

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