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Animalistic Lust


I want to tie you to a chair and strip for you. Sit on the bed in front of you and slowly spread my legs so you can see my wet and needy naked little pussy. I would deny you all touching. I would just let you watch. I would sit there and start rubbing my pussy. Spreading it so you can see. Push my body forward and my head back. Begging and screaming as I cum so hard for your eyes. My juices running and shooting all over the bed.

Then I would rub a hand through the wetness and prowl over to you. I would put my hand so close to your face that you can smell me, but not taste me. I would tease you so badly. Once you start begging I would turn around and walk back to the bed. I would crawl onto it and push my ass up so you get a good view of my pussy. Then you could see my hands slide between my legs with my red little friend. The lips spread and my didlo sliding in.

You are begging me to untie you. Your cock is hard in your lap and you are oozing precum. I go on teasing and playing. I want you so needy of me. I want you thinking you are going to die if you don’t get me before I let you loose. You can see me fucking my pussy with my dildo, moaning in pleasure. My hand moves faster and I start growling. Your eyes plead. Guttural moans of lust escape your lips. I explode again and you see milky creamy cum run along my hand and leg. As you see me explode your cock explodes into the air.

Your hot cum spurts out all over your chest, stomach, thighs and floor. I tiger over to you and see you still hard. A very devious smile appears on my lips. So fucking hard and so very sensitive. I move up and my pussy goes just above your cock. My cum drips down into your lap, but none of my body touches you.

You plead “Ohhhhhhhhhhhh Mistress! Please let me cummmm! I sooooooo desperately need to cum for my beautiful sultry pet. You are soooooooooo fucking beautiful.” I play with you more. Let you beg. I moan and tell you how much I love to hear you beg for me. Your hands press up and you notice that the rope I tied you with is starting to loosen. I move forward again, put my hands on the bed and bend over. Wriggling my ass and teasing you.

You recognize that the slave shall soon become the master. I don’t know you are starting to free and play with you more. Unbeknownst to me the rope comes free, but you sit still letting me revel in the seductive tease. I spread my legs slightly, my hand opening my pussy. As you now know that you are in control, you continue to plead and beg but this time with the confidence of a jungle cat on the hunt. I put a knee on the bed and my pussy opens wide. You are now toying with the hunter whom is now the prey. Letting me believe that the trap I am weaving is working. I hear you moan and laugh out.

Before I can react I feel you grab my breasts and as you bite down savagely into my neck, just at the point where it meets my sultry shoulders, your hard massive cock pierces deep and quickly into my tight wet pussy causing me to scream in shock and pain and pleasure. You pull at my breasts and twist and yank on my hard nipples. You bite me more with savage urgency to match the powerful driving force of your massive hard cock. Over and over. Harder and harder. Quicker and quicker. You pound into my virgin depths.

My hands claw into the sheet and I feel blood run along my neck where you are biting me. I moan out in pure animalistic pleasure. The pain deep in my body is making me crazy with lust. Between bites you tongue and taste my flesh as your fucking intensifies. The taste of my blood sends you into a rage. You can feel the woman beneath you turn into a wild tigress. You rip at my now sore and tender breasts as you thrust up deep inside me more and more.

I start growling and biting at every piece of you that I can reach, as you hold me tightly and firmly beneath you. Seeing your tigress get wild you feed me your hand and fingers to suck on in a futile attempt to muffle my moans. The more I fight and bite, the more you throw into me and while trying to pin me, you move with me to keep the onslaught into me going. Harder and harder you thrust into me. Faster and faster now you fuck me. You know exactly that if you let me loose now that I would claw you to pieces.

Your only thought is to take me and fuck me. Only then will you be able to sate the lust, which presently overpowers you. My mind has turned off. My body took over. You tell me that the pain I elicit from you is that of your soul longing to be in me. Completing us and making us one. You can feel my whole body tense up and shudder. My growls get lower. My knuckles turn white in the sheets and I start screaming.

“Yes yes yessssssss,” you say in-between bites as I scream in ecstasy. While now towering above me and slamming all your massive hardness inside me like a jackhammer. You know that I am about to cum. My muscles grab your cock tightly. Tears are running down my face and I scream so hard that my voice breaks and fails me. You take my ass cheeks in each hand and rise over me. Whilst gripping my ass tight you pound into me. Over and over. Harder and harder. You feel my pussy gripping at your cock. You slam with greater urgency as I now feel you swell inside me.

My head throws back against your shoulder and I explode onto your cock. My body shudders again and again. You hold me tightly to you. You feel my hot wet juices coat and run up and down your thrusting cock. You grip my ass real hard and give one final thrust burying your massive cock up to your swollen balls and erupt with a force that causes me to jump, squeal and slide forward. Cumming deep inside my body. Each eruption from your cock of its hot creamy cum sends another wave crashing through me, causing your cock to erupt till eternity. My whole body shakes. I just can’t stop.

My tears fall from my face onto the bed. My voice is gone. As you are cumming inside me, I feel the sweat from your head drip upon my arched back. It’s running from our bodies. Every part of me is aching and my clit and pussy feel raw from the loving you have just given me. Just before you finish with your plentiful spurts you yank your cock from within me and splash the final few spurts onto my body.

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