tagMatureAnita Welcomes Michael Ch. 04

Anita Welcomes Michael Ch. 04


Michael spread his legs as he reclined on the sun lounger, the suntan lotion oiling up his skin: drawing attention to his physique even more so than usual. It was so hot that there was no other choice than to sunbathe.

"What time are Ted and Anita due back baby?" Michael asked Danielle as she lay next to him reading her latest copy of Hello magazine.

"About another hour, they have gone to meet some friends for lunch" She replied.

"Well if they are gonna be a while..." Michael reached over and brushed his hand down his future wife's thigh.

"May be we should take advantage of the peace and quiet" Michael raised an eyebrow suggestively and then reached over and brushed his fiancée's breast with the back of his hand.

"No Michael!" Danielle screwed up her face and pushed his hand away like he was infected with something. "I want to top up my tan ready for the engagement party, I wanna look my best if all the family are coming."

Michael sighed and retrieved his hand. Deflated, he dived into the pool and just as he did, Danielle gasped and shouted: "Mom!"

Danielle got up quickly and ran across to her mother Belinda, who was waiting at the bottom of the patio steps. Belinda – Ted's first wife - greeted Danielle warmly and flung her arms around her daughter, squeezing her tight. Belinda had always been more of a career woman than a mother but she had tried to make amends now Danielle was in her twenties. Whilst the women exchanged hugs and kisses, Michael swam to the end of the pool and hauled his body out of the water, and as he did, Belinda glanced at him and felt like a deer caught in the headlights. With his hands placed shoulder-width apart on the patio, every muscle in Michael's arms and shoulders flexed hard as he heaved his athletic frame out of the pool. Belinda watched the water pour off his muscles before his bronzed thighs steadied his body and he stood up. Michael grabbed a towel and wrapped it round his waist before striding towards the two women by which time, Belinda's eyes were simply ablaze.

"Hello again Belinda, it's good to see you - thanks for flying down here" Michael placed a soft kiss on Belinda's cheek.

"Oh I'm sorry I hope I didn't get you wet?" Michael added.

"No, no, not at all and it's great to see you again Michael" Belinda replied. "I was just saying to Danielle how sorry I am that I wasn't able to see you both sooner. It seems likes ages since we last met and I have struggled with flights and my work in Europe but I am finally here to celebrate the great news!" Belinda hugged her daughter again, more excitedly than the first time.

"I invited mom over so we could look at wedding magazines and have some lunch, I just can't wait to try some dresses on" Danielle squealed like a little girl.

"That's great, you girls haven't had a proper chance to catch up for months and months" Michael replied.

"What do you want to drink mom?"

"Anything you have will be fine thanks sweetie" Belinda patted her daughter's hand before Danielle headed towards the kitchen.

While Danielle prepared some drinks, Belinda and Michael sat down on the patio furniture nearby. Belinda had met Michael only twice before because her work kept her so busy and she only vaguely remembered him, considering the number of boyfriends Danielle had gotten through. She wondered if seeing Michael shirtless would have made him more memorable!

"How exciting is this for both of you? You're engaged! How fantastic? I couldn't believe the news when Danielle told me" Belinda laughed again as she glanced over at Michael's awesome physique.

"I know, I just knew it was the right time to take that next step and Danielle is so great and we have so much to do but Ted and Anita are both being really supportive, especially Anita."

"I am glad to hear it, it will be a busy time as there's so much to plan but you mustn't let it stress you out. I hope us girls are not pestering you and Danielle is not yet a bridezilla - please feel free to spank us if we get out of hand!" Belinda giggled at her own childish joke but Michael's libido perked up at the thought of laying his firm hand on Belinda's buttocks. Even though the joke was just that Belinda felt a warmth rising from her pussy as she sat opposite this fine specimen of a man. Her tightly crossed legs were hiding a lace thong that seem to suddenly be glued to her body and providing a gentle sensation of friction.

"I can't imagine Danielle misbehaving and I am sure she doesn't get it from her mother?" Michael asked with a dirty grin, a dirty grin that came from his strong masculine face.

"Well you never know Michael, I had some wild times in my day but either way I hope Danielle knows what a catch you are"

"Really?" Michael tried to ask innocently, "Me? Gosh, thank you Belinda."

"Of course, you have a great job and have other great....assets" Belinda replied calmly as she watched a bead of water leave the back of Michael's neck and descend over his full, gym-constructed chest and she felt her body rush with excitement.

"Here we go" Danielle returned with a glass of wine.

"Thank you darling. What are we having for lunch?" Belinda asked.

"That's a bit of a problem; we appear to be out of anything worth eating. There is only some milk, leftovers and ketchup in the fridge"

"Well that's no good darling" Belinda had a slightly posh tone to her voice and clearly disapproved of this menu.

"Ok I will just go and grab us something from the local deli, I won't be long. You two keep each other entertained while I am gone, okay?"

"Don't be too long baby" Michael stood up and planted a kiss on Danielle's cheek.

"Aahhh" Belinda sighed, "Young love! Don't you worry darling, Michael and I will get along just fine" Belinda reassured her daughter.


With Danielle gone, Belinda turned all of her attention back to Michael. She knew she shouldn't indulge herself as it was her daughter's boyfriend but since she divorced Ted, the nearest she had gotten to a body this good was staring at the cover of Men's Health magazine, so she let her eyes do as much wandering as she liked.

'So how are things now you are working for Ted as well as marrying into the family?" Belinda enquired.

"They are not too bad although Ted makes no exception when it comes to work just because it is me, he still wants me to put in the same hours and he even has me hand-delivering invitations to one of Danielle's aunts on the way to a business conference and then I will be overseeing some more investments down south" Michael wiped some of the water off his chest and Belinda's knees quivered even though she was sat down.

"That sounds like a tough job, especially in this economy but I guess he knows that you can handle it, you look like you could handle anyone" Belinda smiled again and gestured to Michael's ever-firm biceps. Michael laughed as Belinda reached over and gently brushed her finger against his arm.

"Don't play coy with me Michael." As Belinda pulled her finger away she recrossed her legs, drawing attention to their toned condition.

Michael grinned again and noticeably glanced down at Belinda's legs and then smiled, looking straight into her eyes.

"I have always tried to keep myself in shape Belinda, I always want to look the best I can a little bit like you I'm guessing." Michael rubbed his chest again to dry it off some more and Belinda's eyes didn't stray from his pecs.

"Were you only wearing that towel when you first met Danielle? Because I should imagine that would have swayed her somewhat!" Belinda asked.

"No, no I wasn't. I was in a suit thankfully and not a bathing one!"

"What a pity" Belinda replied with a smirk. They both smiled at each other keenly and Belinda could feel herself warming ever more to her future son-in-law. In his mind, Michael was picturing Belinda spread-eagled over the sun lounger as he destroyed her body underneath his muscles. His cock so hard it would tear into her whilst she held onto his shoulder for strength, his tight ass just driving his cock into her deeper than her daughter had ever taken it.

"Can I ask what exactly you think you are doing here?" Anita's brisk voice shattered the growing seduction of Belinda's and Michael's conversation.

"Oh hello Anita" Belinda sighed, rolled her eyes and then stood up. Both Ted and Michael could feel the temperature drop considerably despite the fantastic sunshine.

"I came to congratulate MY daughter on her engagement to Michael – MY future son-in-law - I trust I am still allowed to do that? And I thought you would be out for longer than this to avoid me having to so much as smell you"

"Michelle and Andrew couldn't do lunch, only cocktails, so we rescheduled for another date, not that I need justify myself to you Belinda and I don't mind you in my house as long as you don't out stay your welcome darling. I barely recognized you from the back; you seem to have gotten even fatter than the last time we met"

"Oh thank you Anita, how sweet of you and you appear to have gotten older from every angle, perhaps it is best for you to lay off the tanning for a while"

"Ladies, ladies please" Ted stepped forward and tried to intervene and calm the rivalry between the two women: no one likes trying to live up to the 'new model' (Anita) or trying to compete with being a man's first love (Belinda). Michael stepped in-between the two women and presented Belinda with his ass and Anita with his arms and chest. Ted guided Belinda to one side and sat her down.

"Michael why don't you take Anita inside the house whilst I sit and chat with Belinda?"

"Sure thing Ted". Michael tightened the knot of his towel and then guided Anita by her arm up the patio steps and back into the house.


Anita threw her sunglasses on the kitchen counter incensed by Belinda's presence.

"Who the hell does that tramp think she is?" Anita fumed as she paced the floor.

"Er...Ted's first wife" Michael replied dryly.

"Don't be smart Michael! She struts in here like she owns this house well this is MY house - not hers! Who the fuck does she think she is sitting there staring at your body? Sitting on my furniture and drinking my fucking wine!"

"So this isn't about you... but really about wine?"

"Stop it Michael! I am being serious! That whore struts around Europe but I rule this house and not her. Who the fucking hell does she think she is flaunting herself at you"

"She was hardly flaunting herself..." Michael was interrupted by Anita again.

"And you should know better than to me showing off that body of yours"

"Listen Anita, this body is for many women to enjoy, you should know that? You especially should know that" Michael raised his eyebrow.

"You can continue to be upset if you want Anita but I am gonna go put some clothes on. I wouldn't want to flaunt this body in front of you now, would I?"


Michael dropped his towel and soon disposed of his swimwear. He strode around Danielle's bedroom and admired his body for a moment in the mirror: his abs were still looking rock solid. He was looking for some shorts when he stared out of the window and caught another glance of Belinda's legs. Michael stared at Belinda for a while and his ever-hardening cock revealed what his private thoughts were about! He was still stood there when he heard the bedroom door creek open and Michael smiled to himself.

"I thought you didn't like me flaunting my body Anita?" Michael turned around and knew who he would find in the doorway.

"I don't but as you so rightfully point out, it is too good to not be shown off. Why are you hard?"

"I was looking at Belinda"

"You were what! At Belinda? Who the fuck do you think you are Michael?"

"Me? I am the best fuck you ever had and I have got a body that makes you go weak at the knees. Now I have heard just about enough from you and that mouth of yours today, so come over here and make good use of it" Michael held his hard cock in his hand and gently shook it for Anita to get the hint.

"You expect me to suck your cock after you're staring at that whore?"

"Yeah and I am staring at another whore right now but she isn't giving me what I want which I don't understand because I thought she was my new slut in law"

Anita tried to be outraged but then her eyes took note of the sight that stood before her – a strong young man – the epitome of sexy – standing in front of her naked, his prize cock in his hands, his hard body completely for her and she instantly forgot why she was complaining.

Anita strode over to Michael and pushed him down onto the bed before she dropped to her knees and as Michael let go of his cock, she lowered her head onto it instinctively. Michael let out a deep sigh as her mother-in-law's mouth bought him much needed relief and satisfaction. Michael had no time for manners today, he took fistfuls of Anita's hair and rode his cock into her mouth, deeper and deeper, her breath warming his shaft. Anita shut her eyes and listened to his moans as she bobbed up and down, determined to please her future son-in-law, her knees a little uncomfortable but she didn't care. Michael used Anita's mouth like she was the local hooker; punishing her ruby red lips with every inch of his cock – punishment for moaning so much about Belinda.

Anita pulled away from Michael's cock for a moment and he sighed disapprovingly but she moved her lip-service to his loaded balls and kissed and sucked them, taking each one in her mouth in turn and Michael wasn't disapproving anymore. Anita's smooth fingers wrapped around Michael's meaty cock and she worked it hard as her mouth continued to suck his balls. Michael let Anita work his cock with her hand and he really let her work him hard – telling her to go faster and harder, just what he wanted and how he wanted it. Michael grabbed Anita's hair like he owned her and force fed her his cock again, he controlled the rhythm with his hands, pumping into Anita's mouth aggressively. Anita felt violated in the best possible way or mouth a little nervous of Michael's girth but she knew she was giving Michael what he wanted to keep him happy and as her fingers travelled up his strong body, she got her reward too as she could feel a real man's body after all these years of being to Ted.

Michael shut his eyes and again pictured him and Belinda naked, writhing in the sunshine, their hot bodies mashed together as she gripped his shoulder for strength. He imagined Belinda to be tighter than Danielle was, a real screamer who affirmed the man he hoped to be – someone that can conquer any woman and make them enjoy it: Michael just couldn't help his arrogance!

As Anita sucked furiously, Michael's own imagination came close to orgasm and with a light tickling of his balls, his full load shot out of his cock like a bullet and into Anita's warm mouth.

"Oh fuck" Michael groaned deep as his cum rocketed out of his balls, drilling an orgasm right through him. He kept handfuls of Anita's hair as she used her mouth to clean the residual cum off the swollen head of his beautiful cock.

Anita eventually lifted her head, her cheeks blood red and her lips moistened from Michael's load.

"I will always be your whore Michael, I hope you know that" Anita really meant it too.

"With my body Anita, I know you are not going any where!"

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