She lay on her bed, exhausted. She’s been there for a while. Tossing and turning, unable to find a comfortable spot. Her clothes have long ago been removed and tossed on the chair by the bed. Her blankets are wrapped around her forming a warm cocoon and still she cannot sleep. Her head is filled with erotic images and slowly her thoughts have created a dull throbbing between her legs.

Frustrated, she pounds her pillow into renewed fluffiness and slams it into the mattress. Used to getting what she wants when she wants it she is irritated by the longing she feels in her sex. She reaches behind her and grabs one of several books hidden behind the mattress. She flips through the pages looking for a sex scene. Finding one, she holds the book with one hand and rubs her clit with the other.

Jasmine lay on the bed, her long blond hair spilling over the pillows. Her head thrashes back and forth as Ariel gently licks the folds between her legs. Down her crack and back up to her throbbing nub, never resting in one place. Jasmine reaches up and grabs her large breasts in her hands. She rubs her thumbs lightly over her taut nipples, squeezing gently. Ariel’s long fingers are working their way into her wet pussy. Jasmine arches her back and pushes up trying to get more of the digits into her, but Ariel pulls back, teasing.

Slowly she rubs her wet fingers over Jasmine’s clit, pinching the flesh softly between her thumb and forefinger. When Jasmine is once again laying flat on the mattress she again inserts the tips of her fingers into her pussy. Ever so slowly she pushes them in until two are up as far as they can go. Jasmine rotates her hips and pushes against the fingers. “Please Ariel. Lick my clit some more. I want more.”

Bored, but still fingering her own wet pussy, Anna throws the book down and reaches for another. Hopefully this one is a little less tame. Again she flips through the pages until she finds a scene that looks entertaining.

Shaunna’s hair is dripping with sweat and her knees getting slowly bruised from kneeling for so long. Her juices run down her legs, tickling her thighs. Trembling with longing she looks under her lashes at the couple in front of her. Careful not to let them see her looking she gazes hungrily at them. Looks covetously at her Mistress’ breasts as they bobble back and forth while her Master fucks her.

Their moaning incites her further and she sways on her knees as her ravenous body is filled with tremors. Her arms ache from being tied behind her back and she longs to be untied. More than she wants to be untied, she wants to be doing what they are doing. In any position. She just wants a hard cock inside her pussy, pounding away into her. Lost in her thoughts and personal torments, Shaunna shakes her curly auburn hair out of her face so that she can see them better.

As she looks at them longer, she forgets to be meek and her gaze becomes bolder. Her eyes devour them hotly. She wants to hate them for leaving her like this. Alone. Her body filled with yearning. But she knows she can’t. Could never. They’ve taught her so well. Punished her so well. She closes her eyes and remembers her earlier punishment. Her Mistress watching while her Master spanked her over his knee. Mistress allowing Shaunna to lick her pussy as Master spanked her reddening cheeks. Masters cock came to life against her stomach and she could feel it hardening and throbbing as he continued endlessly smacking his open palm on her ass. Mistress was just beginning to writhe and moan when Master stopped the punishment and cruelly pushed Shaunna off his lap and onto the floor.

When she hit the floor she made a small sound and that was how she ended up here. Bound and gagged. Wildly she wishes that she were blindfolded too. Watching them ravish each other is an entirely different kind of torment. Master’s thrusts are getting faster and any hope that Shaunna had that he would forgive her and fuck her next is ruined when he gives a final thrust and shudders to a stop.

Anna’s mind is with the slave and her hand rubs vigorously on her swollen clit. Knowing it won’t be enough she puts down the book and gets a long double ended dildo out of the drawer beside her bed. She puts one end near her mouth. Pretending it’s the real thing, she licks the tip and slowly brings as much as she can inside until it touches the back of her throat. Swirling her tongue around it, she moves it in and out of her mouth. When it is thoroughly wet, she moves it down to her needy cunt. One hand still rubbing her swollen clit, the other rubs the dildo back and forth against her wet opening.

Her head pushes further into the pillow and her mind conjures enticing images. Pictures of raging hard cocks flash behind her closed eyes. Her fingers work her clit feverishly as she pushes the dildo slowly into her pussy. Her hips raise to meet it and soon it is embedded deeply inside.

Her thoughts take her to yesterday when her own Master’s hard cock first entered her. She was standing, leaning over the back of the sofa. His hands held her hips while his dick slammed into her. Her breasts swayed with every movement, her nipples rubbing the rough cushions. Her arms alternating between trying to hold her up and dangling forgotten beside her head.

Her body jerked back and forth with his every movement. Moaning was coming from behind her closed mouth, noises made deep in her throat. Her toes barely touch the floor and she uses them to push herself back to meet his cock. He slows and pushes deeper inside her until, almost completely enveloped, he touches the wall inside her. Pushing harder, he pulls her legs up and plunges into her the rest of the way. Her body jerks and she cries out. Instantly he removes himself from her and grabs a handful of hair. Using it, he pulls her to her feet.

Angrily, he growls at her, “I did not say you could speak!” “Master, please. I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it.” “Well, you can certainly help it now, and yet you are still speaking.” Realizing her folly she looks at him in astonishment. He’s right. Dammitt. How does her get her to disobey. She tries so hard and then she just forgets. And God, she just wants his cock back in her.

Still using her hair to control, he pushes her to her knees. Standing in front of her he thrusts his hard, cock into her mouth. It tastes of herself. She sucks vigorously, hoping to be forgiven quickly and fucked some more. His cock moves back and forth in her mouth. He uses his hips to control the timing. He won’t even let her have that much control. She opens her mouth and throat for him, letting him use it all. Please God, let him take me again soon is all she can think. Over and over he thrusts into her mouth.

Too late Anna remembers how that ended yesterday. With her on her knees swallowing mouthfuls of hot cum. Her body unfulfilled. Being punished for her continued disobedience. She moves the dildo around inside her some more, her other hand cupping her mound. Frustrated, she shoves it in harder and uses her palm to rub her clit. It’s not enough, but she doesn’t know how she could get more.

Her body is straining, looking for release. Images flash across her closed lids. Her nipples being squeezed until sharp tingles run through her body. Nipples being twisted and pulled. Her Master’s hand coming down with a resounding smack on her tight ass.

Being tied with her hands over her head, body dangling from the open beamed ceiling. Her toes try to catch the ground and support her, taking some pressure off her arms. She has barely regained her balance when another smack quickly jerks her body. Her feet again come out from under her as He slaps her with the flat wooden paddle. Sobbing, tears streaming down her face, she begs to be released. When she again regains her balance, she hears the swoop of the paddle before it comes down on her cheek again. Her entire body jerks in pain.

Dangling helplessly, her cries fall on unsympathetic ears. She knows she will be spanked until her ass glows bright red, but always she forgets how long it takes. Each smack striking at a different spot, He can make it last forever. Sometimes He spanks over and over in the same spot, but not today. Today He is having too much fun watching her struggle.

She has no time to gain her footing when the paddle comes down again. Her ass feels like it is sticking out farther than it should. More aware of it than usual, it feels swollen beyond anything. She loses count of the times she is paddled and then loses her footing entirely, too tired anymore to try to balance on her toes. She sways at the end of the rope and barely notices when He unties her.

He catches her before she can fall to a heap on the ground and carries her to the leather covered ottoman in the middle of the room. Laying her face down across it, He kneels behind her and gently rubs her rosy ass cheeks. He spreads her legs and enters her wet pussy from behind. Moaning she grinds back into Him, pushing to take as much as possible inside.

He fucks her vigorously, holding her hips and plunging His hard cock repeatedly into her cunt. Hands on her warm ass, He pulls out and rubs His hard cock up her crack. His thumbs spread her cheeks and he spits a glob of warm saliva into her back hole. He guides his cock to the entrance and pushes slowly into her. Once past the outer muscle, He plunges deeply into her ass and she lets out a long, low moan.

Moved into action by her thoughts, Anna takes the dildo out of her and pushes the wet end to her own ass hole. The other end of the dildo, she shoves into her pussy. Carefully she pushes the wet end slowly into her ass. Holding it with one hand she uses the other to once again rub her clit. Muscles straining, she rubs her fingers back and forth. The walls of her pussy are throbbing and knowing she is close to completion, she shoves the dildo in as far as it can go both ways.

Her entire body tense and all her muscles straining, she rubs her clit vigorously. Her other hand pulls the dildo in and out, plunging it into her. Harder and harder she pushes and rubs. Her entire body rigid, she screams out as her cunt squeezes the dildo, jerking convulsively as waves of orgasmic pleasure engulf her. She lays quietly while the throbbing ebbs and exhausted finally falls into a long deep sleep.

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