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Anna Says Watch


This is an passage from part of a novel titled Naked Portraits I'm publishing a piece at a time here at Literotica. Some readers may not be interested in a long read so I thought I'd post a few of the juicy sex scenes just to see what would happen.


Hawking Detrick Heinz, Hawk to all who knew him, drove home to his upscale San Diego neighborhood of Mission Hills. Hawk was a bit of a prodigy and at the tender age of nineteen had completed his first year of graduate study at the San Diego Institute of Technology. Prodigy or not, it turned out to be a grueling year at SDIT and he exhaled a monstrous sigh totally relieved that his first year of graduate school was now behind him.

A year ago, he had discovered that SDIT had an obscure graduate study called science business and the economy. To annoy his parents, mainly his mother, he had declared himself a business major. He smiled treasuring the memory of his mom, president of the SDIT science board, spitting fire when he told her he was forsaking the family calling to the sciences for business school. Lately though, he was having misgivings and was seriously considering changing his grad focus to anthropology, if such a thing were possible at at this late stage.

"You were right mom," he said gloomily, "business school blows.".

His cell phone rang. "Speak of the devil," he said as he answered.

Before he could say a word, his mom, Olivia Derrick-Heinz said. "I have a new assistant staying in the pool house. When you get home, go knock on her door, introduce yourself, and then drive her to the market or anywhere else she may need to go. The poor thing has no driver's license."

Hawk rolled his eyes. His plan was to meet up with his surfing buddies and hit the water to kick off the summer. The thought of spending his first day of freedom driving one of his mom's math geeks around town sucked big time.

He took a deep breath and said in a firm tone, "Sure mom happy to."

He wasn't being a good obedient son, just a practical one. His mother always got her way in the end.

"Thank you sweetie and don't embarrass me by telling her you're a business major," Olivia said. "Say something more worthy like poetry or philosophy, basket weaving even." On that note of disapproval she ended the call.

With a big sigh that mutated into a scream at the heavens, he gunned his Jetta south. One hour later, he parked the car in his parent's circular driveway. Seething with impotent anger, he grabbed his stuff, entered the house and rushed up stairs. He dropped his bags on the floor of his room then dashed out into the hallway at full speed. If he could get things done with the math geek fast enough he might still have some time to hang with his friends and maybe even catch a few waves before the sun went down.

In the hall, he smacked into someone coming out of the bathroom near his room. It was a woman and she let out a small scream and stumbled. Instinctively, he reached out to grab her as she lurched backwards.

Hawk found himself stared at a tall, beautiful and totally naked redheaded woman. In his right hand was the yellow bath towel he had unwittingly liberated from her.

"Olivia and Herman are my parents! I live here!" he blurted out before she started screaming for help.

She didn't scream, and calmly, with a heavy English accent, she said, "You must be Hawking. I'm Anna Grayson your mother's assistant at the new science wing."

Absurdly, Anna Grayson held out her right hand. Hawk took it and they shook. Anna cleared her throat.

It occurred to him a little late that she was expecting him to hand over the towel and not shake her hand. Stupidly, he kept shaking her hand, the woman's naked beauty trumping his ability to thing rationally. She was slim with athletic arms and legs, pleasing b-cup breasts and a narrow waist giving her a wonderful hourglass shape. The triangle of hair between her legs was as red as the hair on her head. In her bare feet, she looked close to his height at six feet, every inch of her was covered in faint freckles. Her beautiful face was classic Gaelic with high cheekbones, full lips, and the most incredible green eyes he'd ever seen on a human being.

His brain finally found the will to bypass his erection. He stopped shaking her hand and held the towel out for her to take back. She gave him a slanted smile but didn't take the towel. Instead, she walked passed him to the guestroom door one down from his room. His eyes locked on her slim freckled ass until she disappeared into the room closing the door behind her. He stood paralyzed, holding the damp towel staring at the closed door. He lifted the towel to his face and inhaled a musky feminine soap. Breaking his paralysis, he walked to the guestroom door.

"My mom said you needed to do some shopping?" He cringed at saying my mom. It made him sound like an idiot kid. He bulled on. "I'll be happy to drive?"

"That would be brilliant," Anna Grayson called a good distance from the door.

"I'll be in the kitchen? Down stairs? Waiting? Okay?" She didn't answer so he hung the towel on the door knob. "Um, you're towel's hanging on the doorknob."

"All right." Her voice was loud and clear, she was clearly standing just on the other side of the closed door now.

He rushed away worried that he was totally creep the woman out. He went down stairs to wait for her in the kitchen. As he waited, he willed the erection in his jean to go away. It turned out to be a pointless exercise, no way Mr. Happy was clearing out after all that. Anna entered the kitchen dressed in slightly baggy jeans and a bulky sweatshirt. Her clothes disappeared in his mind for the memory of her nakedness was burned permanently onto his frontal cortex. She wore no makeup that he could see and her damp red hair hung down to her shoulders. She beamed him a sweet smile that gave him goosebumps.

"Workmen are putting in tile in the pool house bath so I came to the big house to shower," Anna said in her sexy accent. "Sorry for the exhibitionism. I always use bravado to cover up embarrassment." She walked over to the refrigerator, opened it and suddenly laughed, a sound Hawk could easily get used to. "You probably think I'm an idiot hussy."

"No not at all," He said seriously.

"Liar," she said and laughed again giving him great joy that he was the cause of her merriment. She closed the fridge door, walked back to the counter and poured herself some orange juice. "My list is quit extensive," she said, "and I don't want to take up your time. I could hire a taxi, your mother will cover the expense I'm sure."

"Really, no trouble!" Hawk said failing miserably at sounding casual.


For the next month, Hawk made sure he was available to chauffeur Ms. Grayson about town. It seriously cut into his surfing time but a man must make sacrifices in life. His surfing friends absolutely understood after getting a glimpse of Anna at a beach outing a few weeks down the line. Even thought he burned to tell someone, Hawk, always the gentleman, never told his friends of the Anna's nude introduction.

She called him Hawking even though he said told her to call him Hawk the way everyone else did. He didn't mind. Hell, if she called him dick for brains he wouldn't corrected her. To say he had a crush on her was putting it mildly. And how many crushes started with seeing the desired one naked? Not many outside of a strip club he wagered.

With every shopping jaunt, Hawk learned things about Anna Grayson. She was addicted to running and did five miles a day, she liked black tea piping hot and finds the idea of iced tea repulsive, loves authentic Mexican cooking, American police dramas and tennis. She finished her masters in mathematics at twenty-eight.

"That's young but not too young," she told him. "There were two individuals under twenty that received their masters along with me."

Hawk's mother recruited her along with a few dozen others from all over the world to help bolster San Diego Institute of Technology's prestige. Hawk's mother was on a big campaign to woo Imperial Industries to SDIT the biggest and most serious civilian company in the space race. His mother, of course got what she wanted.

On the latest grocery run Hawk asked, "How did you become my mother's personal assistant?"

"First of all for my math skills," Anna said. "Olivia's math skills are good but mine's are far better."

"You're being kind," he said. "As a reluctant business major, I'm better at numbers than my mom the physicist."

Anna laughed. "But math is not what your mother is about is it? Her genius is putting people together that create results. We call her the match maker."

Hawk pushed the grocery cart and followed Anna to the fruits and vegetables. He loved lagging behind her just to watch her walk. Today she wore a pair of faded 501 jeans that had become his favorite. Her ass looked splendid making him want to slip a hand into one of the back pockets.

As she critically studied a pair of green bell peppers she said, "One of the reasons your mother hired me as her personal assistant is that I'm beautiful." She put one pepper back and bagged the winner.

"You saying that my mom's a lesbian?" Hawk joked.

"No silly, the world of higher mathematics is dominated by small troll like little men and many are easily blinded by beauty. I know my numbers and I look like a supermodel. Your mother swings me like a spiked mace at her enemies."

"You hate her for that?" He asked. Hawk was a very handsome young man. He kept his blond hair on the long side. Sometimes his friends teased him about how pretty he looked. Anyway, he resented the way his mother paraded him around like a prize show dog sometimes too.

She smiled. "No, I like rattling the powers that be. I have an effect on people. I've known that long before your mother thought to swing me at the metaphorical heads of SDIT." They moved on to the alliums and as she filled a plastic bag with small yellow onions she said, "You're attracted to me."

It was a flat statement, not a question.

Hawk's heart kicked into high gear, but he played it cool, not saying one way or the other.

"You have no chance with me you know?" She said as she spun her bag of selected onions and deftly sealed it with a twist tie. She put the onions in the cart and then looked at him with those amazing green eyes. She got close and gently poked a finger at his chest. "You are very attractive Hawking. And way too charming for your own good." She held his eyes and gave him a sweet but sad smile. "You are too young and your mother is my employer."

Hawk hoped that his deep disappointment didn't show too much.

They finished the shopping trip and Hawk drove her back to the pool house in relative quiet. He helped her unload the food and then with a polite goodbye, he made to leave so he could find some place private to lick his wounds.

Anna, responding to his apparent dejection, said, "We can be friends?"

The knife turned in his wounded heart. He gave her a brave smile and said, "I can think of worse things."

She walked up to him and kissed his cheek. Her green eyes fixed on him for a few seconds. She frowned then said, "Stay, I'll make you dinner."

"As a friend I accept," he said happy for the invitation even though it was clearly emotional charity.

Over a teriyaki meat stir-fry made with the fresh groceries she bought and cold Coronas, they talked about everything and nothing.

Four Coronas into the meal Anna said, "You and I are a lot alike, Hawking. We're both beautiful and we use our God given good looks to get by in life."

Hawk could have easily denied it, but since it were true, he didn't. "I think you've had too many beers Miss Anna," he teased.

"Perhaps, Mr. Hawking," she said then finished the last of her forth beer.

Their eyes locked, and like a door suddenly opened onto a roaring furnace, he felt sexual heat coming from her. He quickly got up, went to the fridge and got her another beer to stoke the fire. He popped the beer with the bottle opener on the kitchen table and then hydroplaned the beer in her direction. She snatched it up and reached for a lime wedge from a bowl of them on the table. She squeezed the lime over the top of her beer, licked the palm of her right hand, sprinkled salt on it, then liberally applied the salt to the shaft of the beer bottle. She lifted the beer to her mouth, took a long deep swig then wiped her mouth with the back of her hand.

It was clearly a blatant erotic display on her part.

Their eyes locked again and she gave him that crooked smile. He recalled that she used that same smile on him when he saw her naked in the hall of the big house.

She said, "I get turned on when men watch me."

"Okay," Hawk said as neutrally as he could. Blood was pounding in his head echoing his his rapidly beating heart.

Anna continued speaking in a low sexy voice, "I especially like it when they think I don't know I'm being watched. I also like it when they know that I know that they are watching."

That made no sense whatsoever to Hawk ... but he was greatly intrigued by the topic.

Anna laughed. She leaned in close and said, "You want to watch?"

Taken by surprise by her vague but interesting offer he said, "I though we couldn't be lovers?" Then he cringed for saying such a stupid thing.

"We won't be. You're not allowed to touch only watch."

"Watch what?" He asked. His penis was way ahead of his brain having stirred into action long before the start of dinner. But that didn't count for much. Mr. Happy had been standing at solid attention ever since the nude hallway incident months back.

Anna laughed again, got up from the table and beckoned for Hawk to follow. Not being a fool, he did. As she walked them through the living room she pulled her shirt over her head to expose a maroon sports bra beneath.

"Holy shit," he whispered.

She paused briefly to take the time to slid her jeans down to her ankles and then kicked them aside. Her panties were white cotton. Transfixed on her wonderful ass, he followed her to the pool house's spacious bathroom.

"I love the new tile," she said casually.

Hawk nodded at the new aquamarine tile on the floor and shower walls, but really couldn't care less about the stupid tile. She walked to the mirror, found a hairbrush and brushed her long red hair that always seemed on the edge going wild when she wore it long. Her expression changed and she acted as if he wasn't there. As he watched her brush her hair, a strange pressure pushed at the inside of his skull, the moment seemed so unreal almost like he was dreaming. He hoped to hell he wasn't dreaming though, for it would beyond disappointing to wake up in his bed humping a pillow.

Hawk moved from the doorway and stood slightly behind her so that he could see her in the mirror but still allowed for a nice view of her perfect backside in her sexy panties. She put down the brush and pulled the sports bra over her head exposing her freckled chest. Her small nipples and aureoles were the same coppery red color as the darkest freckles on her shoulders and arms.

This is really happening, he thought to himself. The drumbeat of his heart grew louder in his head.

Facing the mirror with her back still to him, she casually slid the white panties to the floor. Hawk took in her naked ass and then focused in on her wiry red bush reflected in the mirror recalling the countless wet nights since that brief viewing of her in the big house.

Anna stepped into the shower stall leaving the door open for his viewing. He now appreciated the new tile as he marveled at the spectacular contrast of her red hair and pale skin against the deep aquamarine surrounding her.

He watched her wash herself for ten minutes, although he couldn't honestly say how long she showered. Time had slowed for him in his state of hormonal overload. He was so hyped that he tracked a splash of water from her pubic hair to the shower floor as if it moved in slow motion.

She turned off the water, stepped out of the stall and dried herself casually with a big fluffy towel. After putting the towel aside, she walked passed him and out of the steamy bathroom. He followed her into the bedroom and watched her put on light blue panties, a matching tiny bra, a tight sexy black skirt and a white, long sleeve shirt. Hawk never knew how interesting it was to watch a woman dress, it seemed to him that it was far sexier than watching one strip.

When she finished dressing, she sat on the bed and dried her hair with a noisy hairdryer, her long red hair took on a life of its own as it dried. After putting aside the dryer she did her best to tame her mass of hair with a black hair band. She got out a lipstick tube from a small handbag and with a small compact mirror, applied pale pink lipstick to her lips. The last thing she put on was a pair of understated silver earrings shaped like raindrops or tears. She assessed herself in the dresser mirror. He could have saved her the trouble and told her she was absolutely perfect.

The rumble of an expensive sounding sports car came from outside. Anna went to the living room window and pushed aside the curtain. It was a pointless thing to do because the driveway was blocked from view by the big house. Then her realize that she was posing just for him.

She turned and looked Hawk in the eye for the first time since the kitchen and said, "I'm going out to a film with a friend. Lock up for me when you leave." She walked up to him, kissed his cheek and left the pool house.

A minute later, Hawk heard the car rev and zoom away with a slight squeal of tires. He stood frozen for a long time. Then he went to the shower, got naked, turned on the water as hot as he could bare and stroked his neglected erection to a huge messy climax on the aquamarine shower wall tiles.


A little after one in the morning, Hawk heard the rumble of the car that had picked Anna up for her date. Ten minutes later, his cell rang. It was Anna.

"Saw your light on, thought I'd ring," she said on the other end. Hawk got up and went to his bedroom window that overlooked the pool and the pool house. He saw her standing at her living room window. She waved and he waved back. "We need to talk. Come by at nine tomorrow morning. I should be done with my run by then."


She ended the call, waved again then moved away from the window.

He figured that she had sobered up and was seriously regretting their little encounter. The vision of her naked, freckled body in the shower surrounded by blue-green got him up again. For the fourth time that day since Anna had left him alone in the pool house, he stroked himself to personal bliss.


Two minutes after nine in the morning, Hawk knocked at the pool house door. Anna answered with her hair in a tight ponytail, dressed in skin-tight red shorts and a sleeveless gray t-shirt that was soaked with perpetration from her morning run; the outline of a dark colored sports bra visible beneath the sweat soaked shirt.

"Good morning, come in," she said with a smile and freed her hair with a tug at the band.

Hawk followed her to the kitchen; his eyes taking in her pretty ass in the tight red shorts. The honest athletic smell of her mixed with a musky deodorant was heady and intoxicating.

"Coffee? Bagel, Cream cheese?" she offered, her voice a bit breathy from her run.

Over the coffee and bagels she said, "Our little encounter last night was after a meal." She took a big bite of her bagel and around a mouth full said, "You're quiet this morning."

Hawk sipped his coffee then said, "I'm liable to say something incredibly stupid so not speaking seems my best option."

Anna laughed. "That is a rare quality in a man so young."

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