tagIncest/TabooAnnie and Sophie

Annie and Sophie



I was thinking about how much I don't like dildos when I had this idea. I wrote it down as best I could. Please leave notes/comments, anonymous or otherwise. That's how we (I) know we're being heard. Please enjoy.


"Annie! Sophie! Get your stuff down here quickly! We're running late."

"Yes mom!" Sophie called back from upstairs.

"Geez, what's the rush anyway? It's not like we have a flight to catch." Annie said to her sister

"You know where we're going?"

"Yeah, some cabin up north. I just hope we don't spend the entire holiday up there."

"Yeah. It's kind of refreshing though, the prospect of not having to fly three thousand miles every summer."

"I guess," Annie said with a sigh

Annie and Sophie were getting ready for the "road trip" with their parents. Ever since they were thirteen, every summer holiday was spent in another country. But this year their parents decided to keep things simple. Annie and Sophie were twins, Annie being the older and significantly "gayer", of the two. Their parents didn't know, but Sophie and most of their friends knew. Their resemblance was uncanny and up until they were sixteen, they kept up the cliché of dressing alike and all that. Their individual differences slowly started to emerge.

"What's Melissa doing this summer?" Sophie asked, eager for conversation.

"She was supposed to visit her cousins in London but she decided to stay back since we're not going there this year."

"Why am I always the last one to find out these things?"

"Sorry. How about Andy?"

"He's at camp this year."

"Sucks to be him."



"ALRIGHT MOM!!" They echoed together.

It was a long, long drive to Ipswich. Annie fell asleep after staring too long at the trees speeding by. Sophie on the other hand, was engrossed in her PSP, confident in its battery life.

They arrived an hour past sunset. Sophie woke Annie up to look at the magnificent cabin. It was very huge and well lit. It was way better than their house in Boston. The lights around the house lit it up in the darkness and made it stand out like the edifice it was.


"It's very impressive." Annie said, trying to take it all in.

"Thank you. You two have to thank your mum especially."

"Thanks mum."

"Why are we thanking her?" Sophie asked.

"It's her house."

"No way!" Sophie and Annie chimed.

"I bought it when you guys were six. I'd been leasing it out as a holiday getaway. I wanted you guys to see it."

"Way to go, mom."

After moving their bags in their mom gave them the full tour. Seven and a half bedrooms and a lake later, their parents bade them good night.

They were slightly miffed that they could only stay in one room but the twin beds were great and they had an awesome view.

Annie was unpacking her bags, hanging her clothes in the closet while Sophie lay on her bed still absorbed in her gaming.

"You've been on that thing since we left home." Annie said, looking over at Sophie.

"Yeah I noticed. I took it along to get through the drive but I'm very close to the end."

"Well, you'd better --"

Something fell to the floor with a thud. She hurriedly stuffed it in the closet along with the clothes at her feet.

"What was that?" Sophie asked, looking over at Annie.

"It was my PSP."

"You brought yours along? Let's co-op. I'm stuck in Peace Walker."


"Alright." Sophie went back to her game.

Annie stifled a sigh of relief. Her PSP was under her pillow at home. What had made the thud was Melissa's strap-on. She racked her head, wondering how it could have gotten there. She suddenly remembered she had spent the previous weekend over at Melissa's. It must have gotten mixed up somehow.

"I'm going to sleep." Annie said changing into her pajamas. "You better, too."

"Yeah, sure."

Annie covered herself completely, taking out her phone to view the pictures Melissa transferred to her phone. Melissa had taken a myriad of photos, each one more suggestive than the next. Gradually losing her clothing as the pictures progressed. Annie smiled reminiscently, missing her and her spontaneity.

When she exhausted the pictures, she checked her videos to see if Melissa left anything for her there. She found a video aside from the numerous ones of them being "intimate" with each other. Melissa gave her a lengthy strip tease, proceeding to touch herself until she came. Annie's hand tentative slid down her body, wary of the fact that her younger sister was just a couple of feet from her. Annie carefully fingered herself, listening to the excited sounds Melissa made as she touched herself.

"Oh Annie!" Melissa's voice streamed from her earphones.

Annie touched herself more fervently, stifling her moans as she moved against the sheets; gradually losing awareness of her circumstances. The earphones suddenly became unplugged but Annie reacted quickly --having been in similar circumstances before- snuffing out the noise of Melissa's orgasm as the muted her phone. She lay still for ten heartbeats, uncovering herself slowly to see if Sophie had noticed anything. Luckily, she was still stuck in a boss battle. Annie had been so close.

"What was that?" Sophie said, focused on her game.

"What was what?"

"That sound, just now."

"It was my phone. I just received mail."

"No, you didn't. There's no coverage for five miles."

Annie knew Sophie could be perceptive. But this was too much. She was on to her. Sophie capitalized on her silence.

"You're watching something, aren't you?"

"Y- Yeah." Annie admitted.


"Melissa made me a video."

"Wow. You guys are really pushing it."

"We've been making videos for each other for a while now."

"I wonder what your next girlfriend is going to think of that."

"What do you mean 'next'? Melissa and I will be together forever."

"Forever. Yeah, right."

"Melissa and I aren't guys. We're loyal and we love each other."

"Sure. If you say so."

"I do say so."

"Okay." Sophie paused. "Did you finish?"

Annie looked at Sophie, shocked and mystified as she had read several meanings to her question. Just how much did she know?

"I saw you thrashing around so I assumed you were masturbating."

Sophie needed to learn how to throw curveballs. Her frankness could be slightly... off-putting.

"I was. And no, I didn't finish." Annie put up an air, trying hard not to sound embarrassed.

"I was, too, you know."

Annie couldn't help but laugh. "How do you manage?"

"I stopped playing for a while. I tried but I still can't make myself... you know, 'finish'."

"Poor you. I bet you haven't finished in a while."

"I'm not going to tell you that."

"Come on. We tell each other everything."

"Fine. It's been almost two months."

"Oh my god. I almost feel sorry for you, Sophie."


"Well," Annie bragged, "I always "finish" with Melissa."

"Good for you."

A long silence followed. "How do you do it?"

"Do what?"


Annie was lost for words. "Sophie, that is one thing I'm not going to teach you."


"Coz it's weird."


"I don't know. It just doesn't seem right."

"You're one to talk." Sophie scoffed.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Annie asked, slightly hurt.

"I'm sorry, Annie. It's just that sometimes I get so horny and I have no idea how to get rid of it. Andy usually finishes before..."

"Does he... reciprocate?"

"Rarely and he's totally clueless. But I bet you guys 'reciprocate' all the time."

"Sophie, that's the entire point when it's between girls. Giving and Taking, Taking and Giving. But..."


"Recently Melissa's been addicted to SO's..."

"SO's? What's that?"

"Strap-ons, Sophie. Don't make me say it."

"Sorry, but you kinda just did."

"Whatever. I don't like it though. It defeats the purpose of us being lesbians."

"How? It's common practice."

"Common practice? Common practice is a girl going out with a boy. Not a girl strapping plastic to herself and humping her partner."

"Or you just don't like penises."

"Yeah, I guess."

"I like penises. The way the slide in and out of me, stretching me just that little bit. It's a really awesome feeling."

"I know what you mean."

"How do you --?"

Annie gave her a meaningful look and Sophie understood.

"Of course. SO's"

"I usually look forward to the time I take that silly thing off her, you know. When she does me, she, like pulls my hair, all that stuff. But when I take her down to the bed, doting on her body with my hands and lips, I make her understand that we don't need such things. I take every bit of her into detail and make her wait until her body screams for release."

Annie looked back at Sophie after getting lost in her thoughts. "She cries, you know."

"When she..."


"Wow. Intense."

"I miss her."

"I bet you do."

"Good night, Sophie."

"I'm horny, Annie. I've been thinking about Andy and all this talk of 'finishing'..."

"What are you babbling about now?"


"Get rid of it then."

"I can't. I already told you that."

Annie's mind immediately went to the strap-on in her closet but came back very quickly.

What the hell am I thinking?! Annie thought.

"Can you use that strap-on?" Sophie asked.


"The one you kept in the closet."

She did see it. Annie now rued that little incident.

"What are you saying, Sophie? You want me to use it on you?"

"It's okay, isn't it?"

"It's not okay."

"Why? It isn't you, right? It's just a piece of plastic, right?"

"Yeah." Annie got off her bed and went to her closet

"Come on." Sophie urged, playing with the band of her panties as Annie rummage through her closet for the strap-on. Annie wondered how it all came to this.

"Come on!"

"Quiet down." Annie urged as she fastened it to herself. She couldn't believe what she was about to do. She didn't even like strap-ons. Now she was about to use it on her sister.

"It's not me," she told herself. "It's just a piece of plastic."

Sophie took off her panties and flung them away as Annie approached her.

"It looks good on you."

"Shut up."

"Okay." Sophie said.

"I can't believe you're making me do this."

"There's nothing wrong with it."

Annie was too uncomfortable. "Alright. Fine, I'll teach you how to masturbate."

"No, that's weird... wait."


Sophie took the dildo in her mouth, licking and sucking it all around. Annie couldn't bear to watch Sophie down there.

"Alright. Come on." Sophie took her by the hand as she led her into bed with her.

"This is so wrong," Annie thought out loud.

"Take off your top."


"Just do it."


She threw her pajama shirt and threw it on her bed. She stared down at Sophie, lying expectant, telling herself she wasn't doing what she was doing.

"I'm waiting, Annie."

Annie held it and guided it slowly into her sister.

"Ah." Sophie moaned as the dildo slid into her.

Annie rocked her hips back and forth rather awkwardly but Sophie was rather enjoying it. She moaned loudly and Annie stopped. She heard footsteps.

"What's wrong?"

Everything! Annie thought. "Someone's coming."

There wasn't time to move to her bed so Annie lay beside Sophie, pretending to be asleep. Their dad walked in after a perfunctory knock.

"Is everything okay?"

"Yes, Dad. Annie was having a bad dream."

I am having a bad dream! Annie mused.

"Take care of her."

"Yes, daddy. You can come up now." She said as Dad went back to his room.

"Don't be so loud."


Annie eased back into her and Sophie let out a quieter but significantly more sensual moan. Sophie probably got off the danger of being caught, she thought.

As her thrusts slowly gained rhythm, Annie closed her eyes, trying to tell herself that she wasn't having sex with her sister but Sophie's sweaty body beneath hers and hot sighs on her lips reminded her blatantly of what she was doing. Sophie's arousal slowly got to her and she opened her eyes, staring back into Sophie's as she fucked her. Sophie clawed gently into Annie's back, tracing the length of her back and urging her.

Annie had a sudden urge to kiss her. She refrained, knowing that if she did, it would make everything clear. But Sophie needed a kiss so badly, pulling and clawing at her as her orgasm was nigh.

"Annie, Annie," Sophie moaned softly into her lips.

Annie gave in finally, taking Sophie's hot lips as she came. She was amazed at how something so wrong could feel so good. Sophie's tongue and lips tasted so great. She hummed her pleasure as the orgasm swept her clutching tightly to her then limply clinging. They slowly parted from the kiss and Sophie looked into her sister's eyes.

"That was amazing."

Annie lay down beside her, staring up at the ceiling. "What did we just do?"

"It's alright. It's just like Marquis de Sade said."

"'Nothing bad can feel good. Nature tells us what is bad and what is not.'"

"You taught me that."

"Yeah. And now I regret it."

"Don't. You helped me out when I was in dire need. What you did wasn't bad."

Sophie kissed her again. Annie started to ease into it then she broke away.

"I stole your first girl kiss."

"I've kissed a girl before. Well, more like a girl kissed me."

"Really?" Annie was genuinely surprised. She was surprised at how lax Sophie was about it. She guess she had started to rub off on her that little bit. But then, they had just had sex. "Who?"


"What?" Annie was more shocked than she could handle.

"I was out with Andy and she saw me and she thought it was you."

"That's funny. You'd think that after all this time she would be able to distinguish between the both of us. I'll have her pay for it."

"There's no need for that. After she apologized, she told me she'll have you punish her without telling you what happened."

Annie remembered the previous weekend. Melissa had Annie tie her up and do all sorts of things to her. She didn't hold back.

"Alright. I guess she got what she deserved."

"What did you guys do?"

"I'm not going to tell you that."

"Come on. Tell me." Sophie implored, teasing her neck softly.

"It's high-level stuff. An outsider like you shouldn't know about something like that."

"An outsider?" Sophie said, pretending to be hurt. "I'm your sister. I've always supported you, Annie. And you just had your way with me. Do you really think that of me?"

"I'm sorry. It's just very embarrassing. There was a lot of BDSM involved so..."

|I was just kidding, silly. I completely understand your reticence."

"Thanks. I kind of see why Melissa likes it though."


"No strap-ons. I was watching you while I was... you know. You had a very unique expression as you stared up at me..."

"What are you talking about?"

"Sorry. That was just lezzy talk."



"Can you show me something? "


"Earlier, when you were talking about you and Melissa, you talked about taking her in your care and making her cry during sex..."

"I said I dote on her body and take her into detail, making her wait until her body screams for release. She often cries afterwards."

"Yeah that. Can you show me?"

She looked over at Sophie, who stared back in excited anticipation. After what they'd just done, this one was easy to let slip.

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