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Lesbian Sisters


Maya cursed as she rolled over in bed to look at the time. It was 8am on a Saturday, and her head was still throbbing from the night before. She sighed, fumbling for her ringing cell phone on the bedside table.

"Yeah?" she grumbled.

"Well, good morning to you too, Sweetie." her mother replied.

"Oh, hey Mom. What's up." Maya said as she sat up in bed.

"Just thought I'd give you a call to tell you we're about ten minutes away. See you soon, Love!"

"Wha-?" Maya started, but her mother had already hung up. She thought for a few seconds, then remembered her mother was dropping off her younger sister, Taylor to stay with her before she and her father headed to the airport for their trip to Hawaii.

"Aw, shit!" she exclaimed.

There was a muffled noise behind her on the bed, and she turned to look at the two naked women - her latest conquests from the night before - still laying peacefully beside her.

The brunette - What was her name again? Penny or something? - was awake and looking up at Maya with a hungry expression. She reached out, stroking Maya's bare stomach, before sliding over and kissing her softly on the lips.

"Good morning, Sexy." she purred, her hand drifting down between Maya's thighs.

Maya groaned, her pussy getting moist, but quickly pushed her away.

"Sorry, Babe. I'd love to go another round, but my Mom's coming over. You two have to disappear, ASAP."

Penny pouted, but turned to wake her friend as Maya got to her feet, searching for her panties.


Earlier that morning, Taylor, Maya's younger sister, was sleeping blissfully in her room when a loud knock on her door caused her to bolt upright.

"Hurry up, Sweetie, we have to get you to your sister's before 8!" her mother called.

Taylor groaned. It was way too early for this shit. The eighteen year old fell back to her pillow again and closed her eyes.

"Okay, Mom! I'm up!" she answered. She looked over at the cute blonde laying next to her, who was also startled awake by her mother's abrupt knocking.

"I guess we don't have time to go again?" the blonde murmured, eyeing Taylor's naked breasts.

"Haha. Sorry, Hon. We gotta sneak you out before Mom sees you." Taylor replied, as she stretched and yawned. Midway through her yawn, the blonde leaned over, pulling Taylor close and kissing her passionately.

"Thanks again for last night, Taylor. You've really opened my eyes!" she exclaimed.

"Err, yeah. No problem, Emma. Call me anytime. I'm always up for another good pussy fuck."

The girls each smiled and kissed again before crawling out of bed and getting dressed.


"Okay, girls. We.... really... need to get... going...." Maya panted. She was trying her best to push Penny and her friend, Vanessa, out the door, but they both had their hands down her pants and were sucking greedily at her neck.

She finally pushed them away, and they immediately grabbed hold of each other, making out passionately.

"Yeah, that's fine. You girls go home and enjoy each other for a while." Maya panted, guiding them to the entrance. She worked her way around their groping hands, reaching for the door.

With Vanessa still squeezing at her ass and Penny pulling at her tits, she grabbed the knob and pulled the door open. "Okay, ladies. Keep in touch." she sighed. She turned her face to the door, and was surprised to see her baby sister standing their, just about to knock.

"Oh! Taylor!" Maya exclaimed in surprise, before immediately pulling away from the others and giving her sister a hug.

"Hey, Sis! Mom said they didn't have time to come up, they're running late. Which I guess is a good thing.." Taylor said as she watched the two strange girls in her sister's apartment make out with each other.

"Haha, no kidding, eh? Alright, girls, seriously, time to go."

The two friends reluctantly pulled away from each other, and smiled sexily at Taylor before saying their goodbyes and giving Maya one last kiss. Maya shut the door behind them and sighed, turning back to her sister, and the two girls started laughing hysterically.

"Wow! Nice pull, Sis!" Taylor exclaimed. The sisters' sex lives were no secret to each other, and so Maya wasn't worried about what Taylor had witnessed.

"Thanks, Sis. Come sit in the living room with me and we can do some catching up!"

Taylor followed, yawning, and instead of sitting next to Maya on the couch, she laid on her back with her head resting in her sister's lap. Maya giggled, and stroked Taylor's hair away from her eyes, resting her hand on her sister's stomach.

"Guess Mom got you up pretty early, eh?" she asked. Taylor nodded and stretched her arms over her head, pushing her chest out with another yawn.

"Yeah... too early. So, tell me about those girls." she said, looking up at her sister mischievously.

"Oh... They were just some girls I picked up from a bachelorette party last night." Maya replied.

"Bridesmaids, eh?"

"Well, one bridesmaid... and one... bride to be." Maya replied, blushing slightly.

"Oh my God, Maya! You're so bad!" Taylor laughed, slapping her big sister's arm.

"Hey! It's not my fault! She walked in while I was making out with her friend in the bathroom. I wasn't planning on seducing her too, but... well, she was there!" Maya shrugged. "Enough about that, though, how about you tell me about YOUR latest conquest. Getting any action?"

"Oh, tons. But my latest conquest wasn't my most exciting... She was just the captain of the cheer squad at school. She was good, but she didn't really blow my mind. Last weekend, though. Last weekend I managed to snag a set of twins from my volleyball team."

"Woah! Twins? Are you serious??" Maya gasped.

Taylor nodded with pride.

"Wow, that sounds so hot! Did they... like... do each other too?"

"Oh, no! They made it all about me. I think it would have been kind of weird if they'd done stuff together, wouldn't it?"

"Well, I dunno. I think it would be hot... but if it actually happened I guess I'm not sure how I would react."

"I mean... they're sisters, right? It would be like... like you and I fucking or something." Taylor blurted.

The girls grew quiet for a few seconds after that, each suddenly imagining what Taylor had just suggested.

"Yeah... that would definitely be weird." Maya finally agreed, with and awkward laugh.

"Hahaha. Totally. Can you imagine the two of us, like, making out?" Taylor exclaimed. They both laughed again.

"Or feeling each other up?" Maya countered.

"And eating each other's pussies?"

"Oooo, Taylor... Come ride my strap on, you sexy bitch!" Maya said in a mocking tone. Both girls were giggling hysterically now.

"Hahaha.. Wait, do you actually have one of those?" Taylor asked.

"Yup. Got a lot of use from it last night." Maya grinned. She started absently rubbing Taylor's stomach as she spoke.

"Naughty girl! Wanting to fuck your sister..." Taylor joked.

"Oh, you know you want it!" Maya giggled.

Taylor sat up and straddled her sister's lap.

"Oh, Baby. You better fuck me good!" she giggled, then started bouncing jokingly like she was really riding a cock.

She puckered her lips and mimed like she was making out with her sister, moaning in an exaggerated tone. Maya laughed, and joined in, the two girls holding each other and shaking their heads back and forth as they made kissy noises.

With their eyes closed, their faces drifted closer, until their noses rubbed together. The girls slowed their movement, letting their noses slide together gently, their laughter dying away. Before they realized what was happening, their lips touched gently.

It took a second for them to snap back to reality, and they immediately pulled apart, staring at one another. Their embrace suddenly felt much more intimate, and their bodies were responding of their own accord. Hearts pounding, they leaned forward again, , until their lips brushed once more.

The brief contact was all that was needed, and both girls suddenly lunged for into each other, kissing passionately. They pressed their bodies together tightly, moaning as their tongues snaked into each other's mouths.

Both girls knew what they were doing was wrong, but it felt too good to stop. Both had lost all sense of control and reason. Taylor ground her body against her sister's, panting against her sexy lips. Maya slid her hands down to cup Taylor's writhing ass, squeezing it tight and pulling their bodies harder together.

Finally, the girls separated, both gasping for breath.

"Wow... What happened there?" Maya asked incredulously.

"I...I don't know! But we can't do this!" Taylor said. She made no move to get off her sister's lap, however.

"Definitely. It's too wrong. It's.. it's sick!" Maya cried. "....Right?"

That last question hung in the air, both girls fighting to control their desires.

They locked eyes with each other, and immediately lunged forward again, resuming their heated kiss. As they made out, they struggled to undress each other. They pulled each other's shirts off, their hands flying to massage each other's warm breasts.

"Fuck it..." Maya panted. "Let's go to my room." She slid out from under Taylor, getting to her feet. "If we're going to be pervs, let's do it right!" Taylor was wide eyed and silent, but she quickly followed her sister.

They rushed into the bedroom before grabbing each other, their lips colliding again. Immediately, the two collapsed to the bed together, kissing intensely and clawing at each other's pants.

Taylor began to kiss her way frantically down Maya's naked torso, licking and sucking the older girl's tits while she undid her jeans. As soon as the fly was released, she yanked the remainder of Maya's clothing down her legs, and dove straight into her dripping pussy.

"OOOOOHHH..... FUCK!!" Maya screamed, her legs wrapping tightly around Taylor's head. Taylor was going at her sister's cunt like a pro. Maya's pussy drooled with excitement as she felt Taylor's tongue glide up and down in her folds.

She grabbed Taylor's head with both hands, holding her tightly as she ground her box against the younger girl's face. She could smell her own arousal, which turned her on even more.

Taylor loved the taste of her big sister's pussy, and couldn't stop herself from lapping at it enthusiastically. 'This is so fucked up...' she thought, but the idea got her even hornier, and she licked at Maya's pussy even faster.

Feeling Maya's cunt opening up around her tongue, Taylor quickly brought her fingers into the action. They easily slid inside her sis's swampy pussy, and soon she was pumping them in and out as she licked Maya's sticky box.

Maya squealed as she felt her little sister fuck her. Her hands flew to her tits, squeezing the round flesh tightly, as her thighs clamped hard around Taylor's face. She knew she wouldn't be able to hold out for long... Taylor's tongue was just too intense for her!

"Fuck, Taylor! You really are an experienced little lezzi, aren't you?" she gasped. Taylor's only response was to shove her tongue harder against the older girl's clit, flicking it mercilessly.

Maya clawed at her nipples, twisting and pulling them, her eyes shut tightly, and she threw her head back, her orgasm exploding from her body. Taylor clamped her mouth around her big sister's gushing cunt, her tongue wriggling between the folds as she gulped down every drop of pussy juices she could catch.

When it was finally over, pussy was streaming down Taylor's cheeks, and she slowly lifted her head, looking up at her thoroughly fucked sister.

Maya opened her eyes, seeing her disheveled sibling between her legs, and licked her lips. Her nostrils flared, and she immediately sat up, pulling Taylor's face close. The sisters collided again, kissing hungrily. Maya licked her own cum from her sister's face, before shoving her tongue deep into Taylor's mouth, tasting as much of her orgasm as she could.

As they made out, Maya flipped her sister onto her back, and they ground their sweaty bodies together. Taylor still had her pants on, and so Maya was busily undoing them, shoving them down her sister's thighs as she sucked the younger girl's tongue into her mouth.

They finally broke their kiss, and Maya finished removing Taylor's jeans and panties, before collapsing on top of her again. With Taylor's legs spread wide, Maya's naked pussy ground deliciously into her sister's. The two girls moaned as they made out, their wet cunts sticking sensually to each other as they slid back and forth.

"Fuck... Sis... I need to come... Please make me cum!" Taylor begged against the older girl's lips. Hearing Taylor call her Sis caused a sick thrill to run through Maya's body, and she quickly started to kiss her way down.

She ran her tongue down Taylor's trembling stomach, before pausing above her glistening snatch. Instead of diving in, she grabbed Taylor's legs, pushing them up in the air, and exposing the younger girl's taught ass to her ravenous gaze.

Taylor whimpered, her pussy squeezed between her thighs, waiting impatiently for her sister to fuck her.

Maya lowered her face to Taylor's body, running her tongue through her pussy, and down to her asshole. Taylor shuddered, her pussy creaming as she felt her sister's warm tongue wriggle against her anus.

It had been weeks since she'd had a partner willing to play with her ass, and the thought of her sister doing it thrilled Taylor beyond measure.

"Fuuuuck... yeah, Sis! Eat my ass, you dirty whore!" she squealed.

Maya was lost in the scent of Taylor's pussy... the taste of her skin. She lapped at the younger girl's rosebud in earnest, her hands holding Taylor's legs above her head. Her nose rubbed through her sister's wet pussy folds, and the scent overwhelmed her senses.

As her ass was thoroughly worked over by Maya, Taylor reached clumsily for her own legs, pulling them tightly against her chest to expose herself even more to her sister's tongue.

Maya mewled happily as Taylor's ass cheeks naturally spread wider, allowing her to lick deeper. She pushed her tongue hard against the tight ring of her sister's anal opening, thrusting over and over in a fucking motion.

The sensation caused Taylor to gasp excitedly, her hips rocking on the mattress as Maya tongue fucked her.

"Please!" she cried. "Please, don't stop, Sissy!!!"

Again, Taylor's words spurred Maya on, and she sped up her actions, reaching up simultaneously to rub her fingers against Taylor's throbbing clit. The combined stimulus caused Taylor to wail with pleasure. Her body began to spasm as her orgasm washed over her.

Maya could feel Taylor's pussy juices sprinkling across her face as she continued to work on her sister's anus. Her fingers splashed in the swamp that was Taylor's pussy, and she greedily ate the younger girl through her climax.

Finally spent, Taylor let go of her thighs, and her legs fell to the bed on either side of her sister. Maya sat up, licking her lips, and watched Taylor lay exhausted on the ruffled sheets, her chest heaving.

She looked around the bed. It was still a mess from the night before, and strewn with various sex toys. One in particular caught her eye, and she smiled, reaching for her trusty strap on. Taylor watched with wide eyes as Maya attached the device, and climbed back on top of her.

The sisters kissed again, their passion unyielding. Taylor reached between them, stroking the fake cock with her hand. The movement caused a small nub on the inside of the strap on the rub against Maya's clit, causing a pleasurable thrill to shoot up her body.

The girls kissed harder, their breasts flattening together, their hard nipples digging into each other's hot flesh. Maya reached for her cock, pulling it from Taylor's grasp, and guided it south.

"Yesss..." Taylor hissed, staring up into her sister's eyes. Maya bit her lip, pushing the head of her cock slowly inside Taylor's pussy. Taylor was already drenched, and so the shaft slid easily into her cunt. Maya pushed it's entire length inside her, until their mounds were pressing together between them.

"Fuck me good with that thing, Sis." Taylor smirked.

"Oh, I intend to." Maya replied, before pulling out and thrusting back in completely. Taylor moaned, her pussy engulfing the slick rubber of her sister's phallus. The two quickly started to fuck eagerly, their hips pounding against each other harder and faster.

Both girls squealed as pleasure throbbed from their bodies. Taylor reached up, playing roughly with Maya's nipples as she was fucked thoroughly. Maya threw her head back, shoving her chest harder into her sister's hands, and pumped her hips as hard as she could.

Their wet skin smacked together as they rutted like animals in heat. Sweat dripped from their sticky skin. Taylor strained her neck, licking the underside of Maya's tits as she twisted her nipples with her fingers.

Maya groaned, the pleasure causing her nipples to throb. She leaned down again to capture Taylor's lips with her own, and the two made out hungrily as they fucked. For several minutes, the room was silent but for the steady thumping of skin on skin, and muffled mewls of pleasure coming from the sisters' tight lip lock. As they kissed, they fucked wildly, their pussies desperate for release.

Finally, Maya ripped her lips from her sister's, screaming with delight as her pussy spasmed against the inner material of her strap on. Her clit had been rubbed raw, and cum was spewing out onto Taylor's sticky flesh.

As her hips gyrated in ecstasy, Taylor too was driven over the edge, and she wailed as her own climax gushed around the thick dildo that was pummeling her tired cunt. The sisters held each other tightly, their hips convulsing together as they enjoyed their blissful union.

When their thrusting finally slowed, Maya fell back into her sister's arms, and Taylor covered the older girls' face with appreciative kisses.

"Oh my God, that was so fucking wild!" she groaned, before licking Maya's face hungrily.

Both girls were panting from exertion, but still couldn't get enough of each other. They kissed and groped each other, until their horny cunts started to pump against each other again.

"Wait!" Taylor cried. "I want to fuck you, Sis!" She struggled to pull herself off of Maya's dildo, and slipped out from under the older girl. Her eyes quickly scanned the bed, and she found another strap on, quickly grabbing it and attaching it.

"Why's the cock thinner on this one?" she asked, sidling up to her sister.

"Because... It's for your ass." Maya replied, rolling onto her back.

Taylor grinned mischievously, then grabbed Maya's thighs, pushing them up to her chest. Maya was still wearing the other strap on, but Taylor quickly unclipped it from the back and lined herself up with her big sister's sweaty anal opening.

Maya's anus was covered in pussy juices and sweat, so it barely resisted when Taylor started to push her cock inside.

"OOOOOOOOOHH SHIIIIIIIIIIIIT...." Maya groaned, feeling her ass being filled by her sister's member.

Taylor quickly reached around Maya's legs, kneading the older girl's tits as she began to work her cock in and out of her tight opening.

Maya's strap on still clung to her pussy, but she didn't even consider removing it, letting her body be overwhelmed by her little sister's pleasurable thrusts.

Taylor, meanwhile, had her face contorted with pleasure as she fucked her sister. The knowledge that she was pumping her cock up her sister's ass, coupled with her own clit being rubbed deliciously by her own strap on's inner nub, was making her see stars.

Both girls were hyper sensitive at this point from their marathon fucking, and their bodies were on fire with need. Taylor moved her hand from Maya's tit to her fake cock, masturbating it as she continued to thrust her own dick up her sister's tight anal opening.

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