tagNonHumanAnnie and the Wolves

Annie and the Wolves


This is my first story. So please be nice to me and give me feedback.

Have you ever woke up in the morning and you felt like something was going to happen that day, but you had no idea what. Annie woke up every morning this week that way but nothing happened.

Beep...Beep... Beep!!!

Annie hit the snooze to wake herself up she stretched until the next Beep of the alarm clock.

Beep... Beep..! Turning off the alarm Annie got out of bed and walked to the bathroom.

Annie stepped into the water when it got hot. As the water started to flow down her back she got that feeling again like today something was going to change. She stared to wash her long brown hair that just reached the rise of her lower back. Once she had shampooed and conditioned her hair she clipped it up so that she could scrub her body without getting tangled in her hair.

Stepping under the water to rinse the soap off her body Annie wondered if today something would finally happen and the strange feeling would go away. Annie liked to dry as she walked around her bed room naked. As she stared to look through her dresser to find her favorite underwear that she liked to wear she unclipped her hair so that it too could start to dry. Finding the purple boy shorts underwear that she knew were in the drawer. She slipped the panties on, then she found the matching bra that made her size c boobs look like the most amazing boobs in the world. Or so she had been told by the women who sold her the underwear. Today was Friday so she had class at eleven for her anatomy lab. Deciding what to wear was not so hard. Annie picked out her dark wash jeans and a black t-shirt to go with them. Looking for her shoes she remembered that they were by the door.

Grabbing her book bag and heading to the kitchen Annie made an egg sandwich and drank a glass of juice. All she needed was to put on her black vans and she was ready to leave.

Class was the same as usual the professor unlocked all the cabinets holding all the bones and organs so that the class can study for the next test. Annie knew all of that part for the next test so she asked to use one of the microscopes to study the slides on the different types of bone and muscle cells.

Looking into the scope Annie studied the cells and stared to draw an example to help her remember which was which.

"Excuse me, we haven't met yet my name is Bonnie. Your name is Annie right?"

"Yes, did you need something Bonnie?" asked Annie.

"I was wondering if I could work with you. I need help with some if the material and when I ask the professor he just confuses me. You seem to know this really well." asked Bonnie.

"Do you need me to tutor you Bonnie? I can if you want" while she wondered if this is what she has been waiting for all week. Is bonnie the key to the big change that she has been feeling.

Bonnie was relieved that Annie said that she could help her.

"Thank you, I really need the help."

"No problem, plus if I can teach you the material it helps me study as well."

After the class was over Annie could see that bonnie needed a lot more help with the material.

"Bonnie I have another class right now in ten minutes. But we can get together to go over the material later. If you would like to"

"Yes, I could really use all the help I can get." Bonnie knew she really needed more help she was trying but the material was just so difficult for her. "What are your plans after your next class? I'm out now. Maybe you would like to meet up at my house?"

"Sure Bonnie, I am free for the rest of the day. My brother is working out of town so I would have just been home alone for the rest of the day."

"Cool you can stay for dinner too."

"Okay, I will just tell me how to get there."


As Bonnie puts the tea pot on the stove she hears a car pulling up outside. Looking out the kitchen window she sees that is Annie puling in next to her black jeep. Bonnie notices what Annie is driving. Wondering to herself she wonders how that truck is still even driving. Annie's truck is a from the 50's that looks like if it gets to windy the rust of the truck will fly away and only leave the tires and the seat.

Bonnie goes to meet Annie at the door.

Annie takes in the sight of the house as she pulls in. The house is big not just huge but gigantic you could put ten of her and her brothers condo into the house and still have room for more.

"Hi, Annie you made it. I hope the drive wasn't too far for you. I know we live pretty far into the woods from town."

"No Bonnie it was a really nice drive. I love all the trees around here and the fresh air. It must be nice to live out here."

''I love it out here; it is so quiet all the time it is relaxing."

Stepping into the house Annie could see how it would be relaxing to stay here. The house had a really cozy feel like one big family lived here. And they were happy all the time.

"Would you like some tea or coffee?'' asked Bonnie

''tea sounds really good"

"Were would you like to study Bonnie?"

"The kitchen would be best that way I can start dinner and study at the same time.''

'' Sure'' said Annie.

Bonnie had Annie sit at the kitchen table as she got the tea for them.

"Would you like any cookies I made some this morning." said Bonnie.

"Sure I would love a cookie."

"I have peanut butter or oatmeal chocolate chip."

"I will take a peanut butter cookie. You made all these cookies this morning?" Annie asked Bonnie seeing like 6 dozen cookies of both flavor. Wondering why she would need to make so many cookies even when they had class this morning.

"I wanted to make sure that we had some cookies in the house." stated Bonnie.

As Annie set out the books that they would need to study with, Bonnie started to get out the stuff to make dinner. Bonnie took out a huge try of meat." I hope you like pot roast" she set the meat on the counter as she went to go get the pans to put the meat in.

Seeing all the meat Annie had never seen so much meat other then at the store."Bonnie are you making all of that meat tonight? How many people are going to be eating?" "Yes, I'm making all of the roasts. Don't worry there will be at least twenty people for dinner." "Bonnie am I going to be interrupting something tonight?". "No, we always have a lot of people over for dinner.''

"Okay" said Annie.

After the pot roast went into the oven Bonnie started a big pot of potatoes on the oven to boil. She then made a huge salad. Bonnie grabs another cookie and sits down with Annie to start to study.

"This is a big house. How many people live here?" Annie asked Bonnie.

"Well at the moment just me, my brother, and our friend Jack all live here. But we are open to anyone that needs a place to stay.''

While they continued to study the dinner started to smell amazing. Annie couldn't wait to eat dinner tonight with Bonnie. Annie was going over the different bones in the skull with Bonnie. When they could hear the front door opening and people coming in laughing.

"Hey bone, whose rust pile is outside? You don't have a man hear do you?" came from the other side of the house.

"No, Denny, you jack ass." said Bonnie.

She looked over at Annie and noticed that she seemed embarrassed about what was said about her car. Bonnie and Annie stood up from the table as they hear the people coming toward the kitchen. "Denny you may be older but you need to learn some manners'' said Bonnie

As Denny and Jack got closer to the kitchen Denny couldn't figure out what smelled so appealing. It was not the roast but something else that he just wanted to roll around in and mark him in.

"Hey Denny, come into the kitchen I made cookies and you can meet someone" said Bonnie. The closer that Denny and Jack got closer to the kitchen Denny started to get strange feelings. Just as they entered the kitchen it hit Denny, he could smell his mate. Denny's wolf took over he rushed in and grabbed Annie holding her against him and started to growl as he sniffed her neck. Jack continued to enter the room until he heard the growls coming from Denny. Knowing that this was unusual he backed up so that Denny would not see him as a treat.

All the while Bonnie started to freak out how was she going to explain all of this to Annie who she invited to her house so that she could be tutored for her class.

Annie started to panic she didn't know who this is and why they had grabbed her and how were they growling like a wolf.

All Denny could think was MINE, MINE, and MINE. He could also sense fear coming from her. So he pulled her in tighter so that he could protect her from what she was afraid off.

"Denny you need to let Annie go, you are starting to freak her out." said Jack. "No mine'' said Denny.

''I don't know you and I am not yours. Please put me down" stated Annie. "No'' said Denny."Yes, Denny please put Annie down we need to talk about this'' Bonnie told her brother.

Annie wondered if she tried to talk more to Denny he would maybe start to listen to her.

"Denny if you put me down I will talk with you and you won't scare me as much as you are right now". That finally got to Denny he was the one that was causing the fear in his mate. So Denny put Annie down but stayed between her and the rest of the people in the kitchen. Denny had to make sure that his mate would stay safe from other males even from Jack his best friend and his second.

''Bonnie can you help me hear I don't know what is going on" said Annie. "Sure Annie how about we sit at the table and we can talk this over. Denny don't you think that we should all sit down and talk'' said Bonnie.

''Yes, we can sit at the table'' said Denny.

Bonnie asked jack to call jenny to come and get the dinner so that everyone can eat at the other main house. They were going to be too busy to have the dinner here. They then all sat at the table jack sat away from Annie so that Denny would calm down.

"What is going on Bonnie, I don't understand any of this" said Annie. Bonnie looked around deciding how to tell Annie about everything that was happening.

"First off Annie I need you to listen to everything I tell you and I need you to not run away. Ok Annie" said Bonnie.

''Yes I will listen and I don't think that I'm going to run away. I have never run away from anything in my life." "Okay first this is my older brother Denny and then Jack here is our friend. Next this might sound weird to you but we are werewolves. I think that Denny is acting the way he is because he can sense that you are his mate" Bonnie told Annie. "Well Annie you don't seem to be running and screaming. Do you have any questions?" asked Jack.

Denny growled as Jack was talking to Annie. Annie didn't like the sound coming from Denny so she grabbed his hand to calm him down. Annie decided to speak up after Denny was done talking. First she looked at Denny.

"Denny you need to stop growling at everything. I'm not running and Jack is not trying to harm me or take me from you."

Bonnie, Jack and Denny all looked at each other wondering why Annie is taking all of this in so calmly most would faint or run away screaming. So Bonnie decided to ask Annie" Why are you so calm most are not when they hear the truth about us."

Thinking about how she was going to explain Annie wondered how much she should exactly say. However Annie knew that if she tried to keep some things to herself they would see right through her. So she decided to just tell the whole truth. "Well you guys are not the first group of weres that I have been around. I grew up by the Cade pack in Idaho. My father was a friend of the pack until both of my parents died in a car accident. My brother moved us here because John Cade the alphas brother was in the car with my parents when the drunk driver hit them. We moved because my brother felt that it would be easier to start high school in a place that didn't know what had happened. The pack took it really hard that John was killed with two people that were not pack. Some felt that the accident was my parent's fault." when Annie was telling her story Denny put his arm around her to offer her some comfort. Without realizing it Annie leaned into Denny.

"So you grew up around a pack how did that work we have never had humans around us that were not changed" Jack said. "How well did you know all the people in the pack?"

Annie thought about what to say to them. "Well my father was best friends with John growing up and when his mother died the Cades took him in since he didn't' have any other family. So my father lived with the pack since he was thirteen. He continued to live with them until he got married to my mother. They then built their house right on the outside of the pack land. I grew up with the pack but was always on the outside because I couldn't change with all the rest of the kids. But one thing you may need to know about me is that I can talk to animals mentally. We never knew why."

"You can talk to animals, like all animals" asked Jack. "Yes" said Annie. Jack asked Denny if he could test Annie. Denny told jack that he could but needed to keep his space from her. Bonnie looked at Annie in amazement. "Annie I'm going to change to talk to you alright" said Jack. "Sure no problem" Annie told Jack.

Jack stood up from his chair and changed into his wolf which was a golden brown with white around his eyes and black on his legs. "Okay, Annie am I a pretty wolf or what?" Jack asked. In her mind Annie answered back. "The golden brown doesn't do it for me I like my wolves black with a little grey in just the right spot." As Jack turned his head a little he let out a sound that sounded like a bark and a laugh together. Annie wondered what that meant but figured he would end up telling he seemed like the type to talk a lot. Denny then turned towards Jack and told him to change back now. When jack changed back he was grinning like a fool. The look on his face was driving bonnie and Denny crazy at the same time the asked what they had said to each other. Which Jack replied "I asked her if I was a pretty wolf and she told me what she thought."

Annie realized that Jack was going to make her tell them what she said. Denny and Bonnie both looked to Annie waiting for her to tell them what she said. Annie then told them that she had told Jack that she preferred her wolves to be darker. Jack looked at her and started to laugh again which started to annoy her. Annie asked Jack what was so funny about what she had said. Jack looked to Bonnie and asked her "Bone what does Denny look like in his wolf form. Bonnie caught on to what had happened and started to laugh as well. Now Annie was really annoyed with the two she turned to Denny and asked what was so funny.

Denny said that he too didn't understand. Then he told Annie why would what I look like in my wolf form be so funny to them. The two then started to laugh so hard they were grabbing their sides when they told Denny to tell Annie what he looked like in his wolf form. Denny the turned to Annie and told her that he was black with one grey circle around his left eye. why would that be so funny?" startled Annie looked at Jack and Bonnie and she then knew why they were laughing so hard she knew that she had to tell Denny why they were laughing at them. Annie turned to Denny and told him what she had told Jack. Denny just replied that it made sense the she would find him nice to look at since he could tell that they were mates. Everyone looked at Denny when he said this. Annie started to laugh because it was like it was nothing to him he would have known that she would like her wolf to look like him.

"So what happens now" asked Jack. Bonnie was the first to talk. "Well I think that it is up to Annie what happens next. She will need to figure out what is going to happen. And, Denny is going to have to let Annie decide what is going to happen even if it will hurt." Denny growled looking at Bonnie then said "Bone you didn't have to bring that up." Annie looked at Denny she then told him that Bonnie was just trying to ease the situation a little. But Annie had no idea what she was going to do.

The door bell then rang. Bonnie got up figuring that it was going to be Jenny at the door. She would be stopping by to help with the dinner for the pack.

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