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Anniversary Presents


He had desperately wanted this present more than anything she could ever give him. This Anniversary he would be getting it, she just didn't know it yet. He lit the wicks on the slim tapers, fat pillars, and quietly colored votive candles resting around the bathroom. He smiled when he heard the car door slam, then tested the temperature of the softly scented water one last time. Perfect.

There was nothing worse than working on an Anniversary, bosses had no sense of proportion about these things. She'd rather work Christmas. She dragged herself into the house with all the enthusiasm of a man on the way to meet La Guillotine and dumped her keys on the foyer table. Cocking her head to listen, her day went from worse to pissy at the sound of soft jazz coming from upstairs. Oh no, she dearly hoped he hadn't gone all out and planned some elaborately expensive celebration. She was just too tired and grumpy. The boss had been premenstrual, the customers had been even bitchier, and her feet were killing her.

She slipped her shoes off and leaned against the front door for a moment, the chill of the outside air seeped through the solid oak and her clothes. Her lower back bowed out, pressing firmly to the cool wood behind her. It was kinked up from a day of dealing with the cranky sales staff and irate customers. Management wasn't much help either. Picking her foot up, she rubbed the ball of it with her thumbs, wincing at the mingling of relief and pain. Peeewww. Her feet stunk, sweat and pantyhose were an atrocious combination. The holiday stress was killing her, she couldn't wait until Christmas, just her and her baby cuddled up near a roaring fire and a tree twinkling with lights.

Glancing at the stairs, she sighed. Well, no sense putting things off. He was up there, waiting for her to join him and do the gift exchange and sex thing. Not that she complained about the sex thing. That man could do more with his pinky finger than most men could do with their whole body and an arsenal of toys. She was just too tired and stressed to be aroused. He was going to take this badly, she knew. Their wedding anniversary was the most important occasion in their lives, they agreed to that when they married. She just hoped she didn't snap at him.

She carried her shoes with her, the plush carpet felt decadently good to her abused feet. First thing tomorrow she was buying a pair of black flats, no matter how much he loved seeing her in higher heels. On normal days, it wasn't so bad, she actually did get to get off her feet. The days between Thanksgiving and Christmas, however, it seemed as if the store couldn't operate without her running from one side of it to another. Maybe shoe shopping would pacify him a bit. She was a lucky woman, none of her friends' lovers would have anything to do with a shoe shopping spree. Her man not only agreed to do it, but seemed to relish it. Using the railing as a crutch, she moved upwards. "Nick?"

He didn't appear in the doorway of their bedroom, or even reply. Frowning, she paused at the head of the stairs. "Nick?"

There he was. He stepped into the hallway wearing his red silk robe and a welcoming smile. He could make a dead nun drool and she was no nun. She smiled back. Perhaps a quickie before bed. "Nick."

He pressed a finger to his lips. "C'mon sweetheart." He moved like a panther, one moment he was down the hall, the next he was in front of her, sweeping her effortlessly into the safe cradle of his arms.


"Shhhh." He carried her across the threshold of their bedroom. Placing her gently on her feet near the closet, he began undoing buttons and zippers.


"Shhhhh. Just relax and enjoy." He slipped the blouse from her shoulders, then pulled her skirt down.

"Nick. I'm not in the mood for this," she snapped, and instantly regretted it.

"It's okay love. I know." He picked up her hands and pressed a kiss to each one. "Come with me."

Their white and blue bathroom had been transformed into a sensuous escape cast in soft ivory tones with candlelight. A soothing erotic scent underscored the welcoming warmth. Her heart thumped almost painfully in her chest. She should have known that he would cater to what she needed, not what he wanted. Her breath escaped her, only a slight hitch in her tone betraying her emotion. "Oh Nick."

"Shhhh." he said, sitting on the edge of the tub. He clicked something, a motor coughed, then hummed quietly. The steaming water in the tub frothed into bubbles and the erotic aroma intensified. "Just climb in and relax."

"A whirlpool?" She threw herself at him, wrapping her arms around that wonderful, thoughtful man of hers. He enfolded her in his arms, squeezing tight.

"Happy Anniversary baby. I love you."

"Wait, I have to get your present."

"Don't worry about it baby. Just relax a little bit. You'll give me what I've always wanted later." He pressed a kiss to her nose and stood her away from him. She smiled at him, then yanked at her underclothes, pulling them off and leaving them carelessly piled by the sink. He took her hand, escorting her into the tub with a courtly grace. "I'll be right back sweetheart."

He paused for a moment, watching her sink into the tub with a long exaggerated sigh. He couldn't believe how much of a sap that little woman had turned him into. She was small, delicate looking, an energetic dynamo that barely weighed 105 pounds soaking wet. She couldn't do a pushup, but she could turn him into melted butter with a single smile. Damn how he loved her. She peeked up at him from the rim of the tub, and flashed him the dazzling smile he'd fallen in love with.

He blew her a kiss and slipped out before he took it into his head to join her. He was a man with a mission, he had a plan and he wasn't going to deviate from it. The rewards were simply too appealing. Taking the steps two at a time he headed for the kitchen and a plate of finger sized chunks of fruit and cheese. A bottle of champagne and their wedding flutes.

She was dozing in the tub when he returned, the troubled lines on her brow were smoothed, dispelled by the soft scents, the soothing candlelight, and the gentle persistent heat of the bubbling tub. The sound of the champagne cork being popped brought her fully awake. He was once again sitting on the edge of the tub, this time he was deliciously naked. He had placed a small table next to the tub, a plate of fruit and their wedding toast glasses sat on it. He poured each of them a small measure of the frothy fume blanc.

"To you, my lover." he said, lifting his flute. "I love you baby."

"I love you too."

"I know you wanted this anniversary to be more special baby. I think it's wonderful just because you're here." He took a sip of the champagne and set it aside for later. He had no intentions of drinking it from a glass. Swinging his legs into the tub with her, he reached under the bubbles and fished out her nearest foot. "How was work today?"

"It was crappy," she said, taking another sip of champagne. He eased her foot into his lap and started working his thumbs over the ball of her foot, massaging and soothing. The painful pleasure of it was so incredibly intense she couldn't hold back the moan. "Oh that feels so good."

"Your feet are tense. It was that bad?" He slipped his thumbs farther down, to the delicate arch. He wanted to kiss her there. Her foot, so small, pale and fragile next to his tanned, hairy thighs had to be the most erotic thing he'd ever seen. His penis, no idiot, stirred and lengthened, hardening with the sexual desire that slammed through his brain. The head nudged curiously against her toes, smearing a few musky droplets of precum over their tips. He shut his eyes against the sight, holding back the sudden urge to orgasm.

"Fenwick was being a bitch today. I guess Mike cut him off or something. He was bitchy as hell today and couldn't do a damned thing without my help. Mmmmm that feels good." She ended with a long drawn out moan. "The customers were awful. The ones with complaints picked today to come in."

"Want me to go beat up Fenwick for ya? I can take him baby." His hips twitched, rubbing the incredibly sensitive spot just below the head between the tips of two toes. He swallowed a moan of his own and lifted his dick off of her foot.

She laughed, a carefree musical sound that never failed to make him smile, even when his dick was so hard it hurt. "I can take Fenwick. I outweigh the little bastard."

He lifted her leg higher, still rubbing her foot, and admired the graceful, wet curves of her leg. He slid his fingers around her ankle and calves, massaging the relaxing muscles there. "Can I at least beat on him a little bit? We'll both feel better."

Her slender toes were inches from his mouth, he licked his lips, thinking about running his tongue along their sensitive tips.

"Sure, go ahead. He'll probably like it though."

He kissed her big toe, scraping a fingernail across the flesh of her arch. She moaned again, her toes curling and firmly nudging his lips. He took the invitation, intended or not, and slowly sucked the big one into his mouth. Her body jerked and she squealed girlishly. His mobile tongue slid wetly between her two toes, teasing and tormenting the sensitive skin there.

"Nick! What are you- Oh my god." The last was almost drowned out by her groan. He dug his teeth into her toe lightly, she panted, arching tautly. The sensations were too intense, her body didn't know what to make of them, she was confused about what to feel, only that she never wanted it to stop and that she couldn't take another second of the torture. He slid into the tub with her fully, never taking her toes from his mouth. Her knee bent compliantly, her legs spreading to accommodate him. The fingers of his free hand slid down her thigh and into her neglected sex.

He combed his fingers through the hair over her pussy, then parted her lips and slipped a inside. The delicate inner muscles flared momentarily, then clamped welcomingly around his finger. He groaned in approval around the fragile length of her toe. He rubbed his thumb gently over her clitoris and teased her second toe with his tongue. Moaning, she bucked under his hand, thrusting herself onto his fingers. He let her toe pop out of his mouth to press a kiss to her instep. His tongue drew a lazy line from her arch to her metatarsal, a voluptuous curve that he eased his teeth into. Letting go, he slipped her toe back into his mouth, sucking gently once again.

She twisted in the tub, sending water splashing to the floor. Her hips rocked, chasing the orgasm he was driving her toward. She was a beautiful sight, spread out in the erotically gurgling water, her nipples hard, her hips writhing, her toes in his mouth, completely giving herself over to the pleasure.

"Nick!" she screamed, the sound echoing and redoubling in the small confines of the bathroom. She tensed, arching almost completely out of the water, her pussy sucking at his finger, her toes curling in his mouth. His cock dripped and a warm rush of smug satisfaction made him smirk around her big toe. What man wouldn't feel like a total stud with a gorgeous woman screaming his name and cumming like that? It took everything he had not to toss her onto the floor and take her right there.

Instead of giving into his demanding prick, he picked her up and carried her to the bed. She sprawled there bonelessly with the dazed expression of a satisfied woman. Pulling her to the edge of the bed, he slipped his cock inside of her. Her eyes flew open, meeting his, while he slowly joined them together. Once he'd buried himself to the hilt, he lifted her legs again, placing her feet on his shoulders. Turning his head, he sucked one of her toes into his mouth. She jerked, impaling his cock deeper inside.

Her eyes, still locked on his, widened. "Happy Anniversary baby," he said, thrusting heavily.

Lifting her foot, he brought it to his mouth for more kisses and licks. She wiggled her toes, trying to entice him into sucking on them again. Groaning deep in his throat, he shut his eyes and let her slide a toe past his lips. His fingers traveled down her leg, automatically searching for her clit, a gesture that was unnecessary. She whimpered, thrashing her head, and came all over his cock. He found the image of her on the bed and the feel of her toes in his mouth unbearably erotic. Too erotic. Moments later he pounded his cock into her, his own orgasm slamming through him like a freight train. His plans for drawing their sex out were derailed.

He rubbed his cheek in the arch, then nuzzled her toes, sweat dripping into his eyes. He smiled at her over her instep. "I love my present." He nipped at the ball of her foot so there would be no mistake. "Thank you."


"Ssshhh." He licked at her big toe. "I love my present."

She wiggle the toe and let it slip into his mouth, gasping when he sucked gently on it. "I love my present, too."

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