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Anniversary Surprise


[Note to readers: I wrote a story called, The Transformation Rings that received a number of comments and suggestions. I incorporated them as best as I could and edited the original version extensively. The resulting story is much longer than the original version, and is in many ways a new story. For this reason I gave it a new name. I am grateful for the interest and the suggestions, and hope you will like the new version even more!]


"Can they really work? Elaine, it would be cool and crazy if they did. But it's impossible. Just impossible."

Bob was referring to the anniversary present Elaine had just given him. Purchased at an antique store, the transformation rings were hundreds of years old. Bob felt embarrassed that all he had gotten her was a dozen red roses and a bottle of Champaign, which he had not yet given to her.

"Let's give it a try, Bob. Each so-called magic ring has a green compartment for the starting stage, and a red compartment for the ending stage. The center of each compartment can be set to blue, for boy, or pink, for girl. Simple."

"Simple, sure, but impossible. And what if it works?"

"It would be an incredible adventure. Come on - let's try it. If we like it we could try it for a day or two, and if either of us doesn't like it we can always reverse it a few minutes."

"OK. Since this is Friday evening and Monday is a holiday, let's try it until the end of the day on Monday, or until either of us wants to change back sooner. But first let's remove our wedding rings because if our bodies increase in size the metal in the rings could cut into our fingers."

Elaine agreed, took off her wedding ring, put on one transformation ring, and turned it so that pink was in the green compartment and blue was in the red compartment. Bob took off his wedding ring, put on the other transformation ring, and set his so blue was in the green compartment, and pink was in the red compartment. They touched their rings together and -- there was a lightening spark, and each of their bodies turned into that of the other!

They stared silently at each other in shock for several minutes. Finally Elaine said the obvious: "I can't believe it -- but they worked perfectly."

Bob nodded mutely, slightly in shock, looking first at his new hands, and then at the rest of his new body.

Elaine looked at her new body for several minutes, and then continued: "These clothes are much too small for me now. My bra broke and my shirt ripped - I have to get out of these girl clothes." She then removed her broken bra and top, and took off her skirt. Everything except her panties. Then she noticed with embarrassment that her cock was tight against her too-small panties. Embarrassed, she used her hands to try to cover it.

Bob, by contrast, was swimming in his old large guy clothing, and took off his pants. But just then he saw Elaine staring at him, and her rising cock, which was barely contained by her panties and hands. It was getting more and more erect and was peeking out of her panties. Bob stopped taking off his shirt even though it was way too large for him.

Elaine stared at Bob, who was looking at her expanding penis through her sheer panties with a combination of fear and disgust in his face. "What's the matter, Bob, why don't you take off the rest of your clothes? Its not like I haven't seen your sexy little body before - it was mine up until a minute ago. Besides, we're going to make love like we always do, right? In reverse of course. But you know what I mean. I can't wait - and neither can my new cock."

Bob stared at Elaine's erect cock as it bulged against her panties and replied, "No way. My body is now your old body, but my mind has not changed at all. I still only like girls. The thought of you touching me in any way disgusts me - even though the body doing the touching would be my old body. No thank you, no way. And your cock - to be honest I find everything about it disgusting. Please don't rape me - because that's what it would be."

Elaine was taken aback. "Don't be silly, Bob, I'm not going to rape you. I'm still the same sweet, sensitive girl you married. I just happen to be in a male body for a while. How could you..."

"I'm sorry, Elaine. I know you wouldn't rape me. I'm just feeling really vulnerable right now. A feeling I am not used to. And embarrassed."

"I understand, Bob. Since I'm still a girl inside this body I know how vulnerable you feel. But we simply have to try out our new bodies. Sexually, I mean. We just have to. And that cock you find so loathsome used to be yours, remember?"

"Yes, but now I want nothing to do with it. Nothing. But I agree that we each should check out our new bodies. You go into that bedroom, while I'll go into the other one. We'll each masturbate."

Elaine paused, looked perturbed, nodded, and slowly walked to a bedroom, with her now fully erect penis showing its tip outside her panties.

Elaine lay back on the bed and started to masturbate. She was about to try thinking of one of her favorite sexual fantasies when she remembered how hard her cock got when she looked at Bob's new body. He sure looked sexy in that large man's shirt with no bra. No wonder men found that kind of thing so attractive.

Figuring she might as well go with her new erection, she decided to concentrate on Bob's new body in his loose clothing. Elaine's cock immediately started to get harder. And then she heard Bob in the next room, gasping in his newly feminine voice, "Oh, yes, God, ooooohhhhh, Yes, yes, ooooooooooo..." Elaine fixed on the sound of Bob starting to come, and pictured Bob's hand on his clit, in his pussy, while he writhed, and Elaine thought about how sexy Bob was now, and the thought made Elaine come.

But Bob was still getting louder by the second. His feminine voice escalated in pitch and quickness. He continued for another minute or more: "Yes, yessssssss, ooooooo, Oh my GGGOOOODDD, oh, ohhh, ohhhhh, OOOOHHHHHHHH." Finally he came, with screams that dwarfed his earlier sounds and filled their house for a full minute.

Elaine calmed down, cleaned up, put on a robe, and went out to their living room. Then she heard Bob, still in his bedroom, starting up again. Again, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, God, God, oooooo, my Godddddd, I can't stand it, my God, toooo much, ooooh, oh..." Elaine, fully spent, listened as Bob came again. Even though the sounds were incredibly erotic, her cock couldn't get hard again so quickly. Then there was silence for a few minutes, but instead of footsteps, Elaine heard more girl cum sounds, ecstasy that kept going on and on.

"My gosh", Elaine thought, "you've experienced what it feels like to a girl when she comes. Enough already." But then Elaine remembered how in her old body she loved cuming over and over. Sighing, resigned herself to waiting. As the moaning built towards a crescendo Elaine again tried to masturbate, but once again her useless cock seemed dead. Then she heard an even louder scream from Bob, one that, if she didn't know better, sounded like someone getting murdered, again and again, followed by silence.

Finally, 5 minutes later, Bob opened the door wearing a robe, looking exhausted but happier than he had ever looked in his life. "Are you finished too Elaine? How was it?"

Elaine paused and replied carefully: "It was different. Nice. My nipples felt very little, as you know, no matter what I did to them. But my cock felt really nice when I came. After it rests up I sure would like to try using it with a girl (then seeing the disgusted look on Bob's face, she quickly added) but I think I get the idea of what sex is like as a guy. So I am happy, I had my adventure. How did you like coming as a girl?"

Bob hesitated, and finally replied: "It also was different and nice."

"Different and nice?" Come on, Bob, you loved it, didn't you? I could hear you. You came, what, five or ten times? And you came louder than you have ever come in your life! Much louder! You liked it more than you ever liked sex when you came as a guy, right?"

Bob turned reddish. "You heard me while I was cuming? I'm really embarrassed. Yes, I enjoyed it."

Elaine replied with a grin: "Don't be embarrassed at liking that body. I understand, Bob. Believe me, I understand. I know how much pleasure that body can bring."

Then she grinned even more; "You've heard me scream in ecstasy many times while we made love. I think turn about was fair play. It's OK, Bob, to admit you liked cuming more as a girl. Besides, how do you think I came? I listened to you cum! I pictured you with your hand on your hot pussy - my hot pussy - rubbing away, and the image - together with your girlish moans and screams - was the most erotic thing imaginable."

Bob was beet red. And silent.

"Be man enough, Bob, to admit you like sex better as a girl."

Bob laughed at the joke, as did Elaine, and replied, "OK, OK. I admit it."

"Go on and say it."

"Sex as a girl is way, way better than sex as a guy. Not even close. I love it. It was the most incredible experience ever."

"What were you thinking of when you came, Bob."

More silence.

"Please don't be embarrassed. I told you that I was thinking about your sexy body. What were you thinking about?"

"The same thing."

"You were thinking about me? I thought male bodies didn't turn you on?"

"No no no. When I said, 'the same thing' I meant I was also thinking about me. About how beautiful a girl I am now. How sexy I am now, how awesome it is to have my incredible tits and pussy. How wonderful it is to be soft and smooth and pretty and curvy. Everything about my new body is, as you know, gorgeous and sexy."

"I understand, Bob. I often think of myself when I cum. In fact, its ... my favorite fantasy. Its just that girls' bodies are so sexy.... In fact, Bob, I'll take all that as a compliment. After all, you are complimenting my body - which you happen to be using for a while."

There was then several minutes of silence.

"Bob, you don't want to touch a guy, let alone have a cock penetrate you. OK But don't you want to experience what real sex is like - not just masturbation? Before we switch back, do you want to make it with another girl? In your current body, I mean?"

More silence. Finally Bob answered; "In a way, yes, of course. But I don't want to make love with another woman. Ever. We are married and we have a great marriage, so my answer is 'no'." Then Bob continued: "Elaine, are you hinting that you want to make love with a girl or (he paused) a guy while you are in my body?"

Elaine looked amused. "A guy? Why would I want to do that? That would be silly." Another silence.

Finally Elaine spoke up. "Bob, would you like to make love with... me?

Bob responded quickly. "Sorry, Elaine, I love you, but as I said, my mind is still that of a heterosexual male, and...."

Elaine interrupted him. "No, silly. I mean to the old me. To the girl I used to be? If I could change back while you are still me, would you make love with me?"

"What? My gosh! Is that possible? Elaine? If it is i'd of course love to. But... would you want to do that?"

"I think we should experience what lovemaking really is all about before we change back. Masturbation is fine, but we should experience, even if only one time, real lovemaking with another person. I certainly understand that you want that person to be a woman, and I love that you want that woman to be me."

"And... I think I would like it too. Being a guy with an erect cock from looking at you and hearing you masturbate has given me a new appreciation for female sexuality. Given how I reacted to you, to your moans, to thinking about your - my - nude body, how this got me off, I am pretty sure I would enjoy making lesbian love. And... she blushed... I have always been a bit... a lot... narcissistic. The thought of making love to myself seems like it would be incredible. Besides, if I don't like it, we could always stop, right?"

"Right, right!! Let's try it! If the rings will allow it."

They adjusted the rings. Elaine set her green compartment to blue, and her red compartment to pink. Bob, by contrast, set both of his compartments to their pink settings. Pink in, and pink out. They touched their rings, and there was another flash.

Two identical copies of Elaine stared at one another. However, this time there was no embarrassment, no need for cover ups, no awkwardness, no disgust, no fear of touching, no fear of rape or even of penetration. Only attraction. Only symmetry and empathy. No one larger or more powerful. Only two equals connecting intimately and examining each others' beauty.

Elaine was the first to speak: "Congratulations to us both!"

Bob laughed. He stepped forward to embrace Elaine, but she quickly and firmly whispered, "No".

"But --- I thought we would try it?"

"We will. But not like this. Bob, I was a virgin the first time we made love, and so were you. And this will be my first time with a girl, and your first time as a girl. So we are in a way virgins again, and I want it to be really special. We are each like a virgin on her wedding night, and I want it to be as romantic as possible."

"Yes! We can even pretend we're getting married again. Just like our wedding, except that instead of husband and wife, we'll be wife and wife. Two virgin brides marrying one another!"

Elaine grabbed Bob by the hand and pulled him into the shower so they could wash their bodies and hair. After they dried off she brought him to the chair in front of the mirror she used to put on her makeup. "You are going to be so beautiful, like a bride should be on her wedding night!" Then Elaine did as complete a makeover on Bob as she could do - makeup, hair, eyelashes, perfume, earrings, nails, the works. She expertly turned Bob's raw beauty into heartbreaking eroticism. Turning the chair so Bob could see himself in the mirror, he gasped. He could not breathe for several seconds. My gosh! Pretty had turned breathtaking! The blushing bride was a goddess!

With a look of triumph, Elaine went to her lingerie drawer and took out 2 identical pink baby doll nighties. Handing one to Bob she said, "I've been saving these for something special. And nothing could be as special as tonight. Take a pink one because you are definitely not a boy right now. But scoot while I make myself as sexy as you. You can't expect me to make love to anyone more glamorous than I am!"

Bob went into their living room, put on the baby doll nightie, and decided he should do his part to help set the mood. Quickly he went to their supply of candles. He placed dozens of lit candles almost everywhere and then turned down the lights. He got the red roses he had been going to give Elaine for their anniversary present and made them into a carpet of flower petals, starting from where Elaine would emerge from their bedroom. He got the bottle of Champaign and poured 2 glasses. He quickly went online and found the song, "Here comes the bride".

Finally Elaine emerged from the bedroom, all made up, in her pink baby doll nightie, looking in every detail identical to Bob. Bob started to play, "Here Comes The Bride" as Elaine started to walk on the rose petal path, illuminated only by burning candles, towards Bob, who was waiting for her in his pink baby doll nightie. Bob was smiling and holding two glasses of Champaign and their wedding rings.

Elaine looked at everything and smiled brightly, and then started to cry with joy. She composed herself as she reached Bob, who radiated love for Elaine in his beautiful face. As soon as she reached Bob he repeated their wedding wows with a couple of small but significant changes: "Elaine, do you take this woman, Bob, as your wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, so long as you both shall live?" She answered yes, and then he placed her wedding ring on her ring finger.

Elaine then took Bob's wedding ring from his open hand (the ring was somewhat too big for the new Bob), and asked: "Bob, do you take this woman, Elaine, as your wife, to have and to hold, to love and to cherish, so long as you both shall live?" He answered yes, and she placed his ring on his ring finger. In unison they whispered, "I now pronounce you wife and wife."

Choking back a tear Elaine whispered, "God do I love you Bob, my bride, oh my God. More than ever. You got my heart a long time ago but now you own my soul." Bob replied, "I love you too, Elaine, so much, more than ever. Marrying you again has made me the happiest bride in the world. You are now my perfect soulmate." Elaine caught her breath and replied, "No -- I am the happiest bride in the world. And I'm going to make sure that I will make you even happier on this honeymoon than you were on our first honeymoon!"

They each held the Champaign glass for the other to drink while they stared love into each others' eyes. This was followed by a kiss that was the longest they had ever shared in all the time they had known each other. Neither wanted it to end. While just the sensations emanating from their lips surpassed any of the kisses they shared on their first honeymoon in terms of eroticism, as a super bonus during this honeymoon their nipples pushed together through their flimsy nighties, getting harder and harder, poking obscenely outwards. That never happened on their first honeymoon!

Elaine's eyes were closed, of course, but so, some of the time, were Bob's. His male mind wanted to keep them open to see the vision of loveliness he was embracing, but his female body wanted his eyes closed so he could better concentrate on the physical sensations.

Gradually their kissed wandered from lips to faces, then to necks, then to shoulders, and then to breasts, Bob sucked Elaine's nipples through her nightie, and then she escalated by taking his breasts out and ravenously attacking them. "Bob, your breasts are perfect, awesome; I can't get enough of them. Remember, I've never done this before, so I've got to make up for lost time." Elaine took to nipple sucking so much that Bob couldn't believe how her passion was building.

Suddenly, Bob turned 90 degrees, and lay on his side but upside down to Elaine, who was on her side facing him. Elaine had to let go of his breasts while he did this but Bob reassured her, "In this position we can both suck each others breasts at the same time." Elaine resumed with gusto, as did Bob.

Soon, however, Bob's hands started to roamed all over Elaine's sensuous body, gradually getting closer and closer to her pussy. Finally, he started to rub her clit while still sucking her breasts. Elaine followed his lead and did the same to him. As soon as this happened their girlish moans escalated, with Bob saying, "Ohh, Elaine, ooooo, this is too good, I can't stand it, ooooooooo, aaaaaaaaa, I never, my Godddd, my god..." At the same time Elaine, in between gulps of Bob's bountiful breasts, moaned and screamed, "Ohhhhh Bob... the best ever, your breassssstttttsssss, iiiiiii,, oohhhhh my God, titttssss, Ican't beleivvveeeeeeee yourr nipplesssss, OOOOHHHHHHH."

Elaine came harder and longer than she has ever come in her life. During her cum she managed to mostly keep sucking Bob's tits despite her screams. In fact, if not for Bob's tits smothering her sounds they would have woken the neighbors.

But it was Bob whose cum was exponentially more than anything he had ever imagined. He was in overload, in shock, and it was all he could do to keep from passing out in pleasure.

This was just the start of their lesbian orgy. Each came more during the next few hours than they ever had come before in a week. Even Elaine!

They then drifted off to sleep, with Elaine's body snuggling against Bob's, with her right arm under Bob's head, and her left arm around his body, cupping his right breast. They woke in each others' arms the next morning. After a long kiss (their 100th lesbian kiss?), Elaine spoke. "I am so glad we both tried being girls. I have never experienced anything like this. I thought our first honeymoon was special, but this was awesome." "Yes," said Bob. "Our first honeymoon was wonderful, and the sex was wonderful, but this one ---- I can't begin to describe it."

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