tagGroup SexAnn's Surprise From Santa Ch. 1

Ann's Surprise From Santa Ch. 1


High in the Kentucky hills it had been snowing for most of the day and as darkness began to fall. Don and Peter were starting think about somewhere warmer than their tent to spend the night. Up in the high woods houses are few and far between.

Ann had been living on her own for over year now, after her husband had died. Now that her grief had eased. Her bouts of loneliness had become sessions of fantasy and she was now in need of the affections of a man again.

During the last few months Ann had found a wonderful adult site on the Internet called Literotica.com. This had fuelled her desires even more. Her relationship with her dear departed husband had been good and now at 42 she was still a sensuous woman.

But living as she did high in the Kentucky hills. There were no single men of her own age. With whom she could have a relationship. Ann had viewed the chat rooms on various sites, but hadn't had the courage to instigate contact with any of the men.

Ann had just made herself a cup of herbal tea and was going to sit down at her computer for an hour or so a read a couple of stories on Literotica.com . There was a knock at the door, she put down her cup and wondering who it could be on such a snowy night. She went to see who it was.

She wasn't expecting any of her neighbours to call but living as she did she had no fear as she opened the door, to find two strangers standing on her porch.

All three looked at one and another for a few moments, before Don said "excuse us ma'am, but we've been walking for hours in this snow storm. When we saw your light and wondered if we might impose upon your hospitality and stay for the night in your barn. Is your husband there?"

Without thinking Ann replied "My husband has been dead for over a year and I live here on my own. But please, come in you both look frozen." Don and Peter walked into the hall took off their packs and boots. Ann went and got some newspaper to put the snow covered boots on. When she returned with the paper Don and Peter had removed their coats and over trousers. Ann placed the paper on the floor, Peter took the boots, and placed then on it, Peter then introduced himself and Don to Ann, telling her they were on vacation.

Ann told them about herself and they all three exchanged brief histories. Ann's mood had brightened visibly on the arrival of Peter and Don, and both men had exchanged knowing looks to each other, as Ann's body language told them that she was a horny widow.

Ann went off to the kitchen and started to prepare a wholesome meal for her and her unexpected guests she was starting to run fantasies in her head as she went to the fridge. Don and Peter followed her into the kitchen to help. Ann asked Don to open a bottle of wine from the rack on the wall. Glasses were filled and toast a to new friends was made. The atmosphere as the meal was being prepared became friendly.

Don said to Ann playfully "I think you must need taking in hand after living on your own for so long?"

To which Ann responded much to her own surprise "Oh you can say that again," at this answer Peter came up behind Ann and put his arms around her waist and pulled her body to his, Ann's response was automatic and she pushed her arse into Peter's crotch. She then reached back behind her head and grabbed his head to pull him forward so that they could kiss. After months of seeing no men and living in a world of sexual fantasy. Her body was on fire, as Don came and took hold of her from the front. She broke her kiss with Peter, turned, and kissed Don. Don's hands pushed up and under her jersey to find her large yet firm breasts. Ann took a sharp intake of breath, as Don's hand was still very cold.

The shock broke the mood and Ann said, "I think we all need to get warmed up before we go any further." She broke away from her two visitors breathing heavily and said "Don't worry I'm just going to turn the boiler up so we can get in the hot tub after our meal. Then you two can pamper and spoil me."

When Ann had left the kitchen, to go to see to the boiler. Peter turned to Don and said, "We're in here mate. What do think she will want us to do to her?"

"After a year without it, she will be up for anything and I am too, since I haven't been getting much either since the divorce" said Don.

The two men took over the cooking and when Ann returned with a smile like a Cheshire cat on her face. Peter and Don had the food on the table with another bottle of wine opened.

Ann returned to the kitchen wearing only a bathrobe, she explained that all was prepared for the hot tub. As they ate their meal Peter asked Ann what she would like. As , they being her guests were at her disposal.

Ann smiled at this and said, "In that case you can be my personnel body servants and obey my every wish."

"Fine by me. How about you mate?" said Peter to Don.

When the meal was finished and the second bottle of wine was empty.

Ann got up from the table and ordered "You two will go and prepare my bath, when it is ready you are to wash yourselves. Then one of you is to come to the lounge and inform me, that all is ready for my bath. From now on you will both address me as milady. Do you understand?"

"Yes milady" said Don, and he Peter and left the Kitchen for the hot tub that was in an extension connected to the main house. When they were alone together in the bathroom Don turned to Peter and said, "Phew we've got a live one here. This is going to be real fun and we can give this lady the time of her life"

"you're right there" said Peter, "now lets see what's she put out for us to use on her."

They found that Ann had put out shaving gear and plenty of towels. There was a shower in the bathroom next the hot tub and the excited men took it turns to wash and shave themselves. When they had finished Peter put on a bathrobe and went to get milady.

As Peter entered the lounge he found Ann lying on the sofa with her bathrobe open. She had her right hand between her legs. Her hand was playing with one of the thickest growths of pubic hair that Peter had ever seen.

Keeping with the game, Peter made a discrete cough and said, "Excuse me milady, but your bath is ready for you."

"Thank-you Peter I shall come right away. I hope all is to my, satisfaction."

"Oh yes, milady" said Peter "We have everything ready to shave Milady, and make her ready to be super."

"Mmm what a thoughtful and wonderfully caring servants you are." Ann got up from the sofa and without closing her robe followed Peter to the bathroom. As he got to the door he opened it and held the door open for milady to enter. The room was full of steam and Don's muscular frame was filmed with the sweat of anticipation and his erection stood to attention to greet m'lady as she entered for her toilet.

"If milady would so kind as to be seated, then we shall begin" said Don, and gestured toward a wooden chair, next the steaming hot tub. He had placed a pair of scissors and razor on the small table next to the chair. Milady sat on the towel covered chair and spread her legs and said. "I think I need a very close shave this time, as its been such a long that my thatch has needed attention."

Peter had removed his robe, He picked up a small bowl, and stood next to milady. Whilst Don knelt between milady's out spread thighs with the scissors in his hand, ready to begin trimming m'lady's pussy. Milady put out her hand and took hold of Peter's erect penis. But Peter immediately pulled himself free of her grasp, and said "No milady you know the rules no touching"

"Owooh" said milady.

"Yes you know the rules milady," said Don "I think milady will not be able to control herself. So will have to be restrained. If you could tie her hands behind her back please Peter."

"Certainly Don" said Peter. He took a chiffon scarf and gently tied Milady's hands behind her back." Which had the wonderful effect of pushing her large breasts up and forward.

"You are very naughty," said Milady.

"I think you should be blindfolded as well" said Peter, and put another scarf around M'lady's head so that she could not see. She did not struggle as the scarf was placed over her eyes, in fact she enjoyed the sensation as the scarf was tightened and all light excluded from her eyes.

Peter said, "Now you may continue and trim, Milady's pubic hair short enough to be shaved as smooth as silk. When you have trimmed the hair short enough. I will take over and shave her myself.

Carefully Don trimmed the hair away revealing her soft lips to their eyes. Once the worst of the hair had been removed. It was Peter's turn to take his place between milady's thighs. Peter took the can of shaving foam and squirted a generous mound on her vulva covered now in long stubble. He spread the foam over her mound and between her open thighs with the shaving brush. Milady could not stop herself from raising her hips to meet the strokes of the brush. Peter then took hold of the razor and started the delicate task of removing the wisps of hair and stubble left by the scissors.

When Peter had shaved over the whole of Milady's mound he rinsed her off and had the water in the bowl changed by Don. Then Peter reapplied some more soap to her mons venus. Then taking a fresh blade finished off the task of shaving Milady making sure he got into ever fold and crevice. When he was satisfied with his work, he took the bowel and together they washed and dried Milady. Neither of them, could resist the temptation to stroke her smoothness. Milady pushed her hips forward to meet them, but both pulled away.

"You are both unkind," she said, "and both of you are forgetting that it is you who are my servants. You are to see to ALL my needs. NOW! Peter you will eat me until I cum" she demanded. Peter dropped to his knees and did as he was ordered.

"Don you will fondle and caress my breasts and only stop when I say."

"Only for minute Milady " said Don "Milady's Toilet is not yet complete." Being good to his word, after one minute. Peter got up from between Milady's quivering thighs and Don stopped kissing and sucking on her breasts.

"Now Milady, we will remove the scarf from your wrists and place you in the hot tub. Where we will wash every inch of your body like it has never been washed before."

Don removed the scarf from her wrists and they guided her still blindfolded into the bath, they made her stand in the middle of the tub with the water coming to the top of Milady's thighs. Both men stood back and looked at this beautiful naked woman standing in the hot steaming water.

Peter said to Don "If you would like to take the left side of Milady's beautiful body I shall take the right."

"Will Milady require her hair washing this evening?" said Don.

"No thank you," said Milady.

Don and Peter each took a flannel (face cloth) and stepped into the tub. First they took the flannels and wetted Milady all over, then taking the bottle of washing lotion they each placed some in the palm one hand and then they ran their hands all over Milady's body not missing an inch. They lifted her arms washing and massaging her pliant and willing flesh. All this caressing and stroking made Milady quiver shake with the intensity that is only bought by anticipation.

So when Peter's soapy fingers slipped between her thighs and one finger pushed deep into her hot pussy.

Milady's knees gave way and Screamed "I'mmm commmmiiiig,oh,oh,oh fuuuuuuuck."

Peter and Don both held Milady tightly and drew their bodies to her. Ann's hand found their hard cocks and squeezed them with all her strength. Both men were turned on to an extreme and they lent forward and kissed her on her face and lips. All three knelt in the hot water hugging and kissing.

Milady said, "Please remove the blindfold I want to look at my wonderful lovers." Peter took off her blindfold, Ann blinked looked deep into his eyes and said, "Oh that was fantastic. I feel so tingly all over its incredible I feel like a woman again."

Don then said "Don't worry we haven't finished yet and with two of us pleasuring you. It will be up to you to say when we stop."

They sat in the tub with Ann in the middle holding onto their erections, she just couldn't let go of their throbbing flesh.

After awhile Peter said "Well I could do with some more wine" and he climbed out of the tub. "Whilst I'm gone," he said, "why don't you two get dry and retire to M'lady's boudoir?" Peter wrapped a bathrobe around his wet body and went to fetch more wine.

Don then climbed out of the bath, got a large towel from the rail and asked Milady to climb out of the bath. He dried her clean smooth flesh kissing each piece at it was dried by the gentle, soft rubbing of the towel across her still tingling skin. When he knelt to dry her feet she placed her hand on Don's head and said "I bet you didn't think, you would be doing this to a woman tonight?"

"No" said Don "We thought we'd be spending another cold night out in the woods, this is a real bonus for all three of us, and it ain't over yet by a long chalk. Could I have your other foot please milady. Then I will lead you to the boudoir, for the next part of your treatment."

Don finished drying Ann's body. He then wrapped her in a silk robe that was hanging on the bathroom door; put on a robe himself, took her by the hand, and lead her to the bedroom.

In the middle of the bedroom was a huge king size four-poster bed with full drapes in turquoise satin. The bed was covered in large down filled pillows with the largest quilt you've ever seen covering the sheets.

Peter was there and had found some scarves in milady's draws, and he was just taking the quilt off the bed as Don and milady entered the room.

He turned and smiled and said, "I think it would best, if milady was tied to the bed. So as to control her passion."

"Oh" said Milady "You are so naughty." She then took off the bathrobe and climbed on to the huge bed laying down on her front.

Peter passed two long scarves to Don and they proceeded to tie her to the bed. Then they climbed onto the bed next to her supine body and started to kiss, stroke and caress her. Peter started at her feet and Don at her head. Milady moaned gentle with the wonderful sensations that ran through her body.

When Peter reached her bottom he pushed his hand between he cheeks and slid three fingers into her steaming slit, massaging her clit with his little finger. After several minutes, Of finger fucking her pussy his fingers become coated with Ann's juices. Peter withdrew his fingers from her pussy and pushed first one then two into her tight arse.

This new invasion made her moan with new pleasures.

"Oh that is wonderful" she said.

"This just to get you ready for the next part of your treatment!" Peter then pushed a third finger into her arse making moan even louder. He pushed his three finger into her arse gently stretching her ring. As she relaxed he started to fuck her arse with his fingers. Using his other hand he rubbed her pussy and clit.

Ann's body tensed and her second orgasm shot through her body. She screamed and bucked with the shear intensity of new type of orgasm that she had never had an anal orgasm before this new feeling was just intense, she couldn't believe it.

"Oh fuck, that was just to much I don't know if I can take another one like that. I nearly fainted that time. You two are like nothing I have had before."

"It's still not over yet" said Peter " there is much much more to come.

To be continued...

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