Anonyous. Sex. Klub


He collapsed on me, breathless. I was near unconscious.

For a moment, we both had our eyes closed, but we opened them at exactly the same time. Our eyes smiled at each other. I was now doing what Jenny told me to do – act natural. So now I felt comfortable doing my share of the talking.

"That wasn't bad."

He laughed.

"No, not too bad."

"Could you improve on it?"

His eye's looked thoughtful, in a comical kind of way.

"Maybe. But I'll need some help."

I pushed him onto his back and examined the area under question. Yes, he was going to need some help. That rock hard cock that had fucked me into heaven was now a limp shadow of its former self.

"Hmmm...I see what you mean. Maybe if I do....this."

And with that, I took the whole shrivelled, wet, sloppy mess into my mouth. The taste of his cum and my cum, all mixed together, wasn't at all bad – not what I'd expected. Quite tasty really. Right away, his cock stirred. I gripped my lips firmly at the base of his shaft, so as it grew it had only one place do go – down my throat. I sucked hard on it as slowly started to expand, filling my throat in a way it had never been filled before. I felt myself starting to gag, but I was able to resist. Within seconds I had eight inches of fat, hard meat down my throat. That much achieved, I started to slide up and down, just a little at a time. Soon I was able to slide further and further, and in no time my throat – really my mind, I suppose – had adjusted to sliding his cock all the way out then all the way back down my throat. He was groaning again with sheer pleasure. I was quite proud of myself – it was something I never thought I'd be able to do, and there I was doing it. And, going by my anonymous friend's reaction, doing it rather well.

Again, I thought I was going to experience cum going down my throat for the first time, but again it didn't happen, because again he pulled his cock out of my mouth at the crucial time. He had other plans – big plans. But he didn't rush me.

"Can I fuck your ass?"

I had never in my life wanted something more, and never been more afraid of the thing I wanted. I had to confess.

"Yes. But..."

"But what?"

"I've never done it...there...before."

His eyes looked surprised.

"Really? On your appointment page, you said yes to anal."

I had to lie my way through.

"Yes, because I'm dying to try it...but I'm a little frightened at the same time. But I'd love for you to be the first."

That pleased him.

"Well, let's go slowly then."

He turned me over, so that I was on my knees at the very edge of the bed, then parted my ass cheeks.

"That's a beautiful sight. You have a really beautiful little asshole."

I giggled nervously, but didn't say anything else as he started to rub my pussy juice over my asshole. He slid a finger into me. I froze for a second, then relaxed. He pushed it deeper. It felt strange, but not a bad strange.

"I think we'll need a little something extra."

He went to the chair where his clothes were stacked and reached into his jacket pocket. I looked back to see he had tube of jell in his hand.

"Don't worry. This will help."

He squeezed a large dollop on a spot just above my asshole and I felt it trickle down between my ass cheeks. Once again I felt his hands open me up and his finger slide into my asshole, but this time, aided by the lubricant, it slid in much easier. A moment later, I was amazed to find that he could easily slip in two fingers. I let out a light moan.

"Do you like that? That's a good sign."

I suppose it was, because I found myself pushing my ass back against his fingers. Next one finger from his left hand joined the two from his right hand in my asshole, and I could feel myself stretching and stretching. He added another dollop of the lubricant and lid it all round the walls of my asshole. He was impressed.

"For an anal virgin, you're stretching very nicely. We're almost ready."

Now he poured more of the lubricant over his cock and smothered it from tip to base in the stuff. I reached my hands back and pulled my ass cheeks apart for him, giving him an easier target. A moment later I felt the huge tip of his cock against my tight little opening.

"Oh baby, I'm so hard looking at your beautiful little brown hole, I feel like I've grown another inch on my cock."

Nice as that was as a compliment, it was also a pretty scary – could I take all that meat? I was about to find out. Suddenly I felt like a red hot poker had been pushed into me.

"Oh fuck! Ohhhh!"

He backed off.

"Sorry baby...maybe you're not ready yet."

But I was determined not to let him down.

"No, try again. It'll be all right. The first bit will be the hardest."

And it was. He pushed hard again, and my asshole opened up to him – but not without a lot of effort. I bit the mattress, trying not to scream. The pain was searing, burning. I felt like I might rip in half. And suddenly the pain subsided. His head passed through the tight opening, it gave way, and the rest of his lubricated cock slid easily into my lubricated ass. And to my amazement, it felt...wonderful.

"Oh, yeah...that's better. Oh yeah."

He agreed.

"Fucking should be back here. It's amazing watching my eight inches slide into that tiny ass of yours."

I had to trump him.

"Not as amazing as it feels, believe me. Now come on – fuck my ass you beautiful anonymous somebody, fuck my ass good!"

And he did. He pumped harder and harder, only slowing down now and then to add more lubricant. And as he pumped my ass, I started to finger myself, sliding three fingers into my cunt – yes my cunt, not my pussy – and across my clit. And the harder he pushed his cock into me, the harder he pushed back. It was flesh against flesh, slapping faster and faster, harder and harder. I was screaming my little slut heart out when I heard him say he was going to cum. I wasn't having any of that.

"No your not."

And I pulled my ass away from his cock, leaving it standing their in the air, a look of horror in his eyes – but horror that quickly turned to bliss when I quickly took his throbbing cocking into my mouth, and straight down my throat.

He was right though, he was about to cum. And he did. It felt like a bucket load of hot cum went shooting down my throat. And I didn't gag. Didn't even feel like it. Instead I lapped it up like mother's milk, siding up and down his huge cock with a vengeance, drinking down every drop. He wasn't going to be outdone. He swung me around and pushed my cunt into his face, and soon he was drinking my cum as well.

We both groaned like wild beasts shot in the jungle, and collapsed in a heap. I had neve experienced anything like it. To my surprise, either had he.

"You are the best fuck I have ever had, bar none. And that's not a lie. Your pussy, your mouth...and oh your ass. You are amazing. God I wish the rules let us meet again."

I felt the same way. Couldn't we just take off our masks and swap addresses? But no. He might be ugly – that would be an awful shock. Or worse, Steve would be sure to find out eventually if I had a normal affair.

I had a quick shower. Then, when he went into the bathroom, I got dressed, took off my mask, put $60 – my half of the motel bill – beside the TV and slipped out the door.

Later I called Jenny. As part of our pact, I'd agreed not to talk about my experience even to her. But she could tell by my voice that I was floating on cloud nine. From now on, Anonymous Sex Klub member 27561 would be making more appointments than was previously the case, going up from once every three weeks or so to once every fortnight or more. No would notice of that.

When Steve came home, exhausted as usual, he managed to get up enough energy to help our daughter with her home work and kick the football around with our son for a little while. He was a good father, a good husband and a good man. After dinner, we watched TV together, and he dozed off in my arms. We went to bed early – I was tired as well – and I gave his cock a gently squeeze. It raised itself a little for a few seconds, then collapsed again as he fell into a deep sleep.

I rolled over and smiled. That's okay honey, you can sleep. You deserve it. I wont be grumpy with you any more about that. Because if I wasn't some really good sex, all I have to do is ASK.

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