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Friend Cums Inside


This story is one of the many sights I have witnessed my wife personally.

I am a horny male with many fantasies and fulfilled many of them. I was not so bold in my younger years. Now it would take a lot to make me squeamish or shy. I try to be realistic, but love to push the forbidden envelope.

I find it hard today to make love to my wife. Without recalling or suggesting some sort of sexual occurrence with my wife and another man.

I am good looking in very good shape middle aged. Medium height, brown hair, hairy chest, a thick 7" dick, financially way better than average. Easy going, open minded, very sexually active.

When I am in a state of arousal there are no boundaries only physical limits. When I am not tied up with work it is my hobby to watch my wife flirt and tease. I find it most difficult to pin her down to the truth. about any situation I may have not been at to witness.

I have invested a lot of time and money in modern devices. To see better, hear, hide, and to cover my trail. It is more like a game than anything. I just want to know the truth. Then when my wife lies to me it is intense.

My wife AKA Jenny is a 8+ also in great shape 34 years of age. At five feet two her physique is petit. Shoulder length light brown hair, brown eyes, beautiful smile, cute nose. Being a 32-C cup looks nice on her slender feminine figure.

Her small breasts are accentuated by some extreme nipples. They always look erect but when they are cold or excited they stand massively at three-eighths inch diameter and half inch plus length. On her small figure they stand out and are noticed.

I am not supposed to know her waist size, small. With a "double take" ass that is perfectly contoured and tight. Lifted enough that it makes a nice curve on the waist line.

I want to let you know she has a beautiful pussy. A well shaved only the tiny tuft of hair remains above the clit.

Also unique to her besides being rather tight. Is the "little man in the boat" pokes out extra hard. From any other of my experiences. So when having intercourse the tip of the penis is constantly hitting this and being pushed to either side frequently.

My wife's sexual behavior is nonstop. I know of twenty plus partners that she confessed to before we met. Jenny is the one that she knows how to use what she has.

She knows what men want. But plays she is innocent and would never do anything in appropriate ever. She dresses in a way to show what she has to offer. Yet comes off as she is a business woman and did not notice what she was showing.

I know what she does. I seen how she acts. I have been in sexual situations with her like threesomes, mmf, mmmf, mffm, public exhibitions,...

Still she will act like I am the Devil's personal advisor. Corrupting the innocent. When I would ever bring up any topic of her extra marital affairs that have happened.

Yet before they happened she was ever so devious about planting the seed in my mind of how naughty of a woman she can be.

Always asking what I would allow to happen. This would turn her on tremendously. Then state she could never do such a thing. Until the situation would arise then she jumped at every chance she could.

I am sure at some chances I don't even know about.

This moment in time I am going to share with you is going back about 7 years. Jenny and I have been married about two years. We were in the process of moving into our new home we just purchased.

The apartment / condo belonged to her farther, (one of many) though it was rent free for us. We were looking foreword to a little privacy in our new neighborhood.

We knew too many people, and her dad could just show up anytime. How can you have sexual games and various other things in these conditions? Besides I wanted a pool and hot tub of my own.

We did have many friends and several helped us with the five mile move.

One friend in particular Todd, Jenny would always comment about. Tease me about him in our pre sex discussions.

Jenny loved to chat about sexual situations all the time. Always making us the two main characters. She would always start the story in this manner.

"Lets say I was to do ------. What would you do?" Then, "But I just couldn't."

Todd was good looking from my perspective. Just not anyone I was intimidated by.

He stood at about five eight, black hair, tanned complexion, Just a bit of a stomach, not fat. Clean in appearance and a good attitude.

We knew Todd was recently divorced. This made him a good target for our private discussions.

Him and Jenny went to high school together. Jenny was a year younger.

I lived several towns apart even though I still knew a lot of her friends. they are all small towns around here.

It was about four o'clock, Saturday in late July.

I was Hot, and the sun was still out. Jenny and I were heading back for the last load at the apartment. All our help had headed their own direction by now.

Jenny was in a great mood, so was I. The house was in basic order. The apartment was clean. All that was left was seven boxes waiting at the door for us.

Jenny wanted to celebrate as soon as we got back to the house. She asked, "Do we have stuff to make frozen drinks when we get back? I want to sit on a float in the pool and get silly."

I replied, "I know where the blender is but I think we best pick up some stuff or we might both be disappointed." Smiling devilishly at her.

She squeezed her breasts smiling back stretched her arms wide arching her back.

This gave me a thrill to see her nipples erect against the fabric they push amazingly.

Jenny said, "Well, now if were going to break the house in properly. We best do it right! Don't you think?"

I nodded in agreement.

Jenny was wearing a Yellow short sleeve T-shirt with a thin bra. Along with gray spandex bike shorts with a thong out line. She was a mess from working.

So was I. I smelled from sweat and my shirt and shorts were soaked. never mind blackened from dust and dirt.

We arrived and I was loading the boxes by my self. Jenny had disappeared. When I had finished still no Jenny.

I walked around a bit towards Todd's apartment. I was dripping sweat. Just as I figured.

As I entered his door I saw him sitting on the counter. Flicking his cigarette ashes out the window behind the sink.

Jenny was standing one hand on the counter, on the opposite side of the sink. Beer in that hand cigarette in the other. Wiggling her small hips as she talked away.

Todd looking up noticing me immediately asks, "Do you want a beer? help your self there in the frig, sit down cool off."

I just said, "No thanks I need to get this stuff back to the house. Change quickly and get on over to the liquor store before five."

Looking at Jenny who is not saying a thing. I say "Tomorrow is Sunday could be a long weekend, if you want a drink in the pool?"

Jenny whines, "OK dam it I just wanted to finish my butt first."

Todd says, "Hey don't argue. I have nothing to do just tell me what you want and I'll go get it for you. It's no big deal."

Jenny says, "Yeah then you can come have a few drinks with us. If you want to?"

Now I'm not too keen on screwing up my sex schedule, but agree. I mention to Todd, "Remember, bring a swim suit."

Todd remarks, " I have a thong will that do?"

Jenny is quick to say,"That will work for me!"

I say to him, "You better wear one now or don't bother coming. You know it is a thongs only pool."

I laugh. but my mind is now thinking real bad thoughts.

I reach in my wallet pull out a credit card hand it to Jenny and say, "Here. why don't you go with him? This way you can play, I mean pay. I'll see you back at the house in a bit."

I know Todd did not pick up on it at all. Jenny her nipples gave her away to me. And that obvious darting stare. Jenny followed me down the hall to the door. like I needed a kiss good bye.

Jenny said quietly sternly, "What are you trying to do?"

I answer, "Nothing! you invited him over not me. I think you can keep your pants on for twenty minutes don't you?"

Jenny gave me a quick kiss shaking her head in disbelief back and forth saying, "We will see now wont we? you'd just love that wouldn't you?" squinting her eyes at me.

Touching her nose with my finger I say, "be naughty just not too naughty, got it?" Jenny shook her head in a slow yes with dead stare eyes and a grin.

I arrive at the new house unload the boxes. Set up the blender on the counter. Cut up some cheese and crackers. Take a nice long shower. Slide on some swim trunks.

I hear them in the pool talking quite loud. I look over and see the liquor on the counter.

Waking further into the kitchen notice several of those little shot bottles in the trash. Peach tree, Orange vodka, Peppermint schnapps, and vanilla schnapps. Three of each mini bottle. And two of each mini left on the counter.

With a note. Drink up to catch up honey. Wouldn't want to leave you out on any of the fun. Signed Horny! There was an X over Horny And it read I mean honey

I read the note twice and looked at the bottles. I know she wants me drunk too so she can play just a bit more aggressive without me being so aware.

I opened all the minis and took a sip of the peach tree. Then dumped it in the sink. I put a bit of the vodka on my lips. Then dumped the remainder and the others down the sink.

I walked out to the pool deck.

Todd had a speedo, not a thong but a speedo on. A bright blue speedo? I thought man he has balls. Of course I am sure he was well under pressure to wear it from my wife.

Jenny was still in her yellow shirt. It was clung to her tight and her nipples were poking hard. I could not make the outline of her bra. The shirt was down to her knees.

They both floated around the pool in the current on float chairs. I walked in to catch my wife as she came around. I kissed her on the lips purposely.

She said tasting the alcohol on my lips, "I see you were a good boy and drank up like I asked you too."

She was buzzing hard I could tell from the giddy voice.

Jenny loudly says, "I couldn't get him in a thong honey, but he agreed to the speedo. On one condition."

Laughing, lifting the bottom of her shirt quickly over her head. Jenny said, "If I went in my thong underwear." Lowering her shirt.

I commented, "Hey easy dose it your flashing every one your boobies hun."

She replied, "I don't care It's just us and Todd's chest is just as big. Why don't he have to cover his?"

By this time Todd is floating by and Jenny grabs his chair.

I comment, "Did you get charged extra for all that material?"

Todd laughs saying, "Hey it isn't a thong I'm happy. You Know? The only thing better than floating around in a pool with a beautiful lady, and friends. Would be to have a frosty lemonade mixed drink to quench my parched lips. Where is the waiter? Service is slow at the pool side bar."

I snicker and Joking retort, "Well, I told you this was a thong only pool. You need to be in proper dress code to get served here. What were you thinking? Wearing a Bright blue speedo is not a thong in my book. I'll see if I can't catch the waiter for you. I'll be right back."

Jenny said, "Oh honey get you and me one too and make it strong. And make sure there is no big ice chunks cause they don't go up the straw well" As she lifted her eyebrows toward me.

I began making a very strong mixture. looking out the window every so often.

They were laughing hysterically.

I picked out two very large cups divided the drink. Placed straws in them and brought them out.

I notice Todd's speedo on the deck. As he is first floating towards me. He is wearing my wife's white thong panties.

Grinning Todd says, "Is this better? I'm going to have to say yes cause the service is much better now. This is what you wanted?"

I can plainly see his penis in the wet thong. And his balls are exposed on either side. looking at His member though not fully erect. I remember thinking wow he's as thick as me maybe a bit more.

Todd grabs the hand rail in the stairs and swings in.

I answer, "Oh that is much better. Thank you for paying attention to the rules." As I hand him the glass.

My wife catches his leg and is pulled over by Todd. Jenny is facing the opposite way. Holding onto Todd's chair feet toward me. Jenny reached for the glass.

I pulled it back saying, "This is mine girl you no longer have a thong on."

"Jenny said I do you just can't see it. See!" as she lifted her shirt quickly high enough to show her breasts and all. When she brought it down she left it up on her waist this time.

I handed her the drink. I could see her vaginal lips protruding, and the tiny tuft of pubic hair in the inch or two of water it was quite clear.

My dick stirred. I was not about to tell her she was exposed still. In the state she was in I dont think she really knew either.

Her feet were only eight to ten inches apart. but there was a two inch gap between her thighs at her crotch.

I said, "I'll be back I need to make another batch for me."

Jenny offered to share hers with me.

Not wanting to actually drink. And wanting to spy a little this time. I said, "No, that's OK I need to take a leak too. I'll be back ten fifteen minutes tops. You can keep Todd company can't you?

Jenny licked the straw with flicking just the tip of her tongue on it several times quickly toward me. When Todd was not looking.

Then said, "Oh I can do that for you." With a big grin looking over at his crotch.

I looked at her and said, "Good! Then do it. only if you want to? If not I'll be back he can wait."

Todd said, " I'll be right right here man for you!" As he was holding tightly to my wife's chair.

No doubt enjoying the scenery and not being too subtle with his glances.

I entered the kitchen and don't turn on the light. Quickly I make a strong batch of drinks for later placing it in the frig.

I move over to the window. The pool is about twenty feet away. It's dusk but still light out side. I can see fairly good but they are talking softly.

Jenny laughs leaning forward and slaps Todd's forearm.

He lifted his arm back then placed it on my wife's upper leg.

She made no attempt to move it almost like she didn't notice. He was pinching her thigh as they whispered.

I was becoming aroused. This was naughty but a little more would be exciting.

I hear Jenny in a slight laugh say, "No." shaking her head no slowly toward Todd. Jenny looked back at the house.

Then placed her drink down. Pulled herself closer leaned forward and kissed Todd.

I couldn't see her face but. My wife's left hand was behind Todd's head. I couldn't see her right hand. They held that position.

Todd moved his hand up to my wife's crotch. They passionately continued to kiss. I knew he was feeling her up.

I wanted a better view but chose not to move. My dick was hard and dripping pre cum.

They broke the kiss sat back and they both lifted their drinks and drank.

Todd never removed his hand from my wife's crotch. from the ripples in the water he was still massaging her pussy.

Jenny put her cup down reached with her right hand toward Todd's crotch.

I could see her arm moving as she played with him.

Jenny was trying to lean heavily over Todd's chair. I knew she was going to suck him. Jenny must have been real horny at this point. I know I was.

In her haste to move quickly Jenny pushed down on his chair arm. Both of them flipped into the water along with their drinks.

Todd grabbed both glasses as they sank. They were both laughing silly.

I knew I had been gone too long and so I dropped my shorts wrapped a towel around my waist. Poured a glass of drink then slipped out to the pool edge inquiring, "what happened?" Like I didn't know.

They both looked at me like a dear in the road starring into head lights.

Breaking the tension and changing the subject Jenny said, "What is with the towel"

I said, "I wanted to be like the rest of you so I ditched the suit." Then turned around and mooned them. The truth was this was covering my erection.

Todd hands me the pool water filled glasses.

Jenny says, "I didn't know you wanted me to be naked? If you are. then I guess it is OK for me too?"

I took the glasses. Looking at my wife I said, " Honey your the best wife any man could ever want. you can do anything you want." I placed my cup down on the pool coping between them.

Jenny says, " Anything I want?"

I ignore her and explain, " here you will have to share I'll go make some more."

It is not dark but harder to see. I can make out their figures fairly well but the detail is just not as visible. There is at least fifteen to twenty minutes before the pool light kicks on.

They are sitting side by side on the first step. Todd is rubbing my wife's back. I see him lift the shirt exposing her bare skin to his touch.

I just know he is viewing Jenny's beautiful crack.

Then Todd brings the wet shirt up over my wife's head. Jenny peels it off the rest of the way and tosses it in the pool.

Todd with his right hand on my wife's shoulder pulls her back. Keeping his arm under her neck lays her head on the coping.

I can see them kissing.

Todd's left arm is moving up and down my wife's body. Todd broke the kiss. Then kissed down my wife's neck.

All I could see then was his head twisting on my wife's chest. I knew he must have been enjoying her incredible nipples. No doubt they were erect and aching for attention.

I knew how this sends Jenny over the edge. Many of nights Jenny would orgasm from nipple stimulation alone.I also knew it was edging now on going a bit too far.

Jennies fantasies she only wanted to tease a little, touch a little, then stop. Then we would go have wild sex together. She meant it too at least when we talked about it alone.

I know the state of arousal she was in right now she could not have stopped him from going any further. Even though that was our original plan.

Here I was standing naked, stroking my cock as it dripped pre cum. Watching my wife twenty feet away being ravished by another man. A man who was a friend of ours.

Here he was feeling every part of my wife. I watched more. I was enjoying watching my wife as she delighted in a strange mans intimate touch.

I knew I had to stop this now! I grabbed the two cups filled them. Stopped to wipe up a spill. Wrapped the towel around me. Then walked quietly toward the pool.

They didn't move.

I was three feet away. My wife's eyes were closed. her legs were spread wide She moaned softly.

Todd was sucking my wife's nipples with hunger as he fingered her.

My wife was stroking him vigorously.

I stepped back and just to the left of them. Putting the cups down on the table. I sat on the bench facing them opened my towel and began stroking.

I was in ecstasy watching this close and no one was the wiser. Now I could also stop it rather quick I thought. So I was going to watch a bit more.

What seemed like a moment later Todd lifted his head facing away from me.

It was getting rather dark now steam was rising off the pool water.

Todd moved around my wife's leg and positioned himself between her legs.

I was stroking quite fast. I could make out his ass just out of the water as he began kissing my wife passionately once more.

His right arm was still behind her neck. My wife had her hands on his hips sliding them down over his ass.

I thought Jenny would stop him for sure. I knew Jenny would want me to stop them. But In my sick perverse state of arousal I wanted her to go further.

Todd reached down with his left hand. I see his ass cheeks squeeze tight. as he removed his hand and placed it next to my wife's head to support himself.

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