tagRomanceAnother Changed Life Ch. 01

Another Changed Life Ch. 01


This story will be several chapters (weekly). There is quite a lot of sex in this chapter, much less in the next couple.

The characters in this story cross over with my gay male story A Changed Life, but this story only has m/f sex in it. There is some back story to these characters in ACL but you shouldn't need to read that to get this one.

* * * * * *



I checked my watch yet again. It was nearly twenty past seven and she should have been here on the hour. Another glance up at the entrance showed no sign. It was a Monday night and the pub was practically empty. Only sad lonely men sat nursing their pints, and I was one of them. I couldn't believe I had been stood up.

I got my phone out of my pocket just to make sure there wasn't a text or missed call to explain her whereabouts but the screen showed nothing but the time. Shit! I really had been stood up. I couldn't count the number of times I had flirted with her, chatted her up, danced with her, and then after all that time she'd finally agreed to meet me just so she could laugh at the fact I had turned up eager to see her and she hadn't bothered to show.

I ordered a vodka and coke to chase the beer down, together with a shot of something clear with Baileys floating on top of it. I might as well just get drunk rather than waste my one night off. Forget all about her and have fun by myself for once. And that was what annoyed me most, wasn't it? Being by myself when I could take my pick of women, and had. There were probably 5 or 6 women I had numbers for who would jump at a chance to meet up with me even at such short notice. I could have pretty much any woman I wanted, except her.

And that I guess was why I couldn't get my mind off her. How come she had never fallen for any of my lines? How had I never been able to talk her into bed? It wasn't as though she didn't like me, we had a laugh together, we always hugged and kissed hello and goodbye when we met, but somehow she would never take the flirting further. The only thing I could think is that our mutual friend Mark had seriously warned her off, but then if so why did she seem to enjoy it so much when we met and he glared daggers at me for just talking to her? It amused her, she'd even told me so. Perhaps tonight was just part of her winding Mark up for his big brother routine.

I couldn't blame Mark. He was my boss and my friend and up until fairly recently he was as much of a tart and against settling down as I was, it was just he was after boys rather than girls. We amused each other with tales of our conquests, but from the first moment I had met his best friend Tess he had been determined she would not be one of mine. Things is, she wasn't as sweet and innocent as he would like to think. I knew she didn't go out on the pull like Mark or I did, but she didn't mind being pulled even just for a one nighter. Except if it was me, apparently.

This whole scenario was outside my usual routine as well, which was probably why I was quite so pissed off she wasn't here. I didn't do dates or meeting for a drink. This wasn't a date I reminded myself. She had been very clear on that point, and it certainly wasn't a date if I was here by myself. But I had a hope that our first meeting by ourselves, no Mark to interfere, might finally have got me into her pants. And it was about time. If it wasn't for the fact I still regularly managed to pick up women for what I wanted I would be thinking I had lost my touch.

I ordered another of the little drinks and tried not to dwell on this situation or why I was so annoyed she wasn't here. I tried to think about it from the angle that she was missing out on finding out just how good I was in bed. It just kept creeping into my mind that I was actually the one missing out on spending time with her and maybe touching, kissing and tasting her properly. That was why I was here, I needed to know what us together would be like. Too much teasing and hinting had gone on and I had got too close to give up now. But it was gone half seven and I was going to have to. It was her loss, and it was pathetic for a man to be running around after a woman. I wasn't pussywhipped and I had no intention of becoming so. I only wanted her for one thing, didn't I, so it wasn't going to be an issue if I got that somewhere else.

I was just getting my phone out to scroll through my numbers for a likely candidate for my talents this evening when a text finally came through. It was from her.

"This had better be good," I muttered to myself as I opened it.

'Behind you' was all it said. It took me a moment to realise what it meant. The alcohol must be kicking in already. I span round in my seat at the bar and she actually was standing there. My eyes travelled down her automatically and quite slowly and obviously checking her out. Her shoulder length hair was highlighted blonde and glinted in the spotlights above the bar. Dark brown eyes looked at me with amusement and a smile graced her luscious lips, just a hint of natural lipgloss showing.

Her clothes hugged her figure very nicely and I took my time appreciating the view. Nice curves, especially the breasts showed off so temptingly in a low cut top. I noticed the long skirt and heeled boots, but frankly I was totally entranced by the cleavage. What I wouldn't give to see those tits properly. My gaze was only broken when she moved to the side of me and ordered herself a couple of drinks. I watched as she tipped her head back to down the shot and my mind flicked to scenes of me kissing her neck, nibbling and marking her. And when I saw the drop of her drink that stayed at the corner of her mouth and then the tip of her tongue flick out to gather it in I felt my cock twitch. I really wanted her and I was going to have to go all out to get her into bed tonight because if I didn't it might never happen. I had never had a better opportunity.

I was unaware I had gone back to staring at her breasts until she finally spoke to me.

"I'm up here Dan."

"I know. But you must have known I was going to have trouble keeping my eyes on your face when you put that top on."

She didn't answer me, but her grin said she had known and it was fully her intention. I just hoped this was not going to be a case of her teasing me with what I would never have.

"It was nice of you to show up. Eventually," I said.

"I was wondering how long it would take you to call someone else. Seems it was about half an hour, I feel honoured you waited so long," she replied, her words dripping with sarcasm and annoying me even though she was right.

"I was looking for a message from you. You said seven, I was beginning to think I was wasting my time."

Okay, so I had been thinking about ringing someone, but she did not need to know that. She glanced around the room, taking in the scene I had of a few lonely men sat about.

"I suppose there wasn't anyone for you to pick up here so you decided on the getting pissed option."

She was annoying me now. I'd waited for her for ages and this was clearly getting me nowhere.

"If you've just come to tease me and take the piss we might as well not bother," I replied, starting to stand up and taking my coat in my hand as I did.

Her hand came out and took my arm to stop me moving away.

"Sorry. I'm not. I got held up at work in a stupid meeting that put me in a bad mood. I shouldn't be taking that out on you. Can we start again?"

She gave me her usual hello kiss and hug and I responded, although I tried not to let her know how much I enjoyed it. Excellent, I had the upper hand now, despite me having started by getting pissed off with her. And I hadn't even intended to get her feeling guilty or sorry for me, but it would probably be in the back of her mind and could only help my position. And seeing her smile and getting a kiss was a much better start to our evening. Later I hoped to be kissing her senseless.

After that my evening started to look up. We drank together and laughed, we chatted about life in general, about Mark, about sex but nothing specific. I didn't even try and tell her, as I had many times before, how good I could make her feel. We connected throughout the evening, my hand on her knee or her leg stroking softly, her arm or her hand in mine, our eyes meeting with amusement when we shared a joke. Her eyes seemed to twinkle, her lips were so tempting I don't know why I didn't try and kiss her several times. Her breasts as on display as they were kept drawing my gaze back and I wanted to hold them, stroke them, kiss and nibble them and suck on the nipples I could see hardened under what there was of her top. Her leg pressed against mine, and part of me pressed hard into my trousers for most of the night.

All too soon it was getting late. I had no idea how so much time had passed but they were calling last orders and I was going to have to leave her. I didn't want to, I wanted to take her home and make love to her for the rest of the night. Just as I was trying to work out my next line she seemed to pre-empt me.

"Come on. It's time for you to take me home," she said.

I just stared at her. "I'm pissed babe, there's no way I can drive."

She rolled her eyes as though I was an idiot. When she explained I realised I was.

"God, you're surprisingly dense. I mean, take me to your home. It's time for you to live up to your promises and give me the best sex I'll ever have."

She was smiling at me, amused at what she was saying. I just sat their open-mouthed. How did this come about? I hadn't even really tried it on, and she was the one making the moves. I would have analysed it a bit more if my dick hadn't prompted me to forget thinking and start acting. I had the green light I'd been after for over a year and there was no way I was going to waste it. I was out of my seat faster than I thought possible, and dear lord, she was following me just as quickly. Perhaps she was also fed up of the teasing and the waiting.

The pub was near my house and I had her hand in mine as I practically speed-walked towards it. I could hear her chuckling behind me and the urge to stop her made me draw to a halt. I turned around and she didn't stop quite as quickly as me, walking almost right into my body. A second later I'd found the perfect way to silence her laughter. My arms wrapped around her and I pressed my lips to hers in an intense kiss.

I couldn't be sure if I heard or felt her moan as my tongue invaded her mouth and my hug drew her as close to me as I could get her. I kissed the laugh away, and in it's place I could feel her responding to the passion I showed her, her breath hitching and her body moulding itself to mine. She felt amazing against me, warm and soft. My hands stroked up and down her back and sides, and hers came up under my coat to do the same to me. I didn't stop until I could feel her trembling in my arms and I could no longer last without taking a deep breath.

When I drew back from the kiss I was hard and aching for some release, and the look on her face as I saw her under the street light took my breath away. She was looking at me with lust, gasping for breath after I had kissed all the air from her lungs, and I could tell she was just as turned on as I was. I couldn't even take pleasure in making her that way, I was just too desperate to show her what else I could do to her once we had our clothes off, and I took her hand in mine again to lead her the rest of the way to my home and my bed.

There was no more amusement from either one of us. It was only another couple of minutes to my front door, but it seemed like a lot longer with the months of frustration about to be released. I got us through the door and turned a light on. She had never looked better, eager to see and feel me and let me do whatever I wanted. I had to kiss her again and she responded fast, our lips and tongues moving hard against each other. The kiss was surprisingly tender despite it's intensity, and my rampant desire. However, I managed to slow it down after a few moments. If I was going to show her just how good I was I needed to keep control, slow things down, and build both our pleasure.

My hands stroked through her hair, enjoying the feeling of softness before I moved one to her back and started to undo her bra and lift her top. She moved her body away from me to help remove her clothes, and a moment later I was staring at her full breasts, unconsciously licking my lips. I expected her to laugh again but the look on her face was so full of desire she wasn't able to be amused. I gently took her back into my arms and kissed her again, lifting her slightly so I could move her through the house to my playroom. I had that room set up for any sexual encounters, it was a bedroom so the women assumed it was mine, and I kept them separate from my actual room which I thought of as my sanctuary.

Her hands struggled slightly against me. I thought for a moment she was trying to stop me and put her down, giving her a bit more space if she wanted this to end here. Not that I wouldn't be devastated if that did happen, but there was no way I would ever force anyone. As soon as she had the room it became apparent all she was doing was trying to get my top off, and I willingly helped her.

Her eyes travelled across my chest, clearly appreciating the lines and muscles, and her hand moved straight into the hair across it, gently tugging and running her fingers through it while she stared at me with lust in her eyes. I heard myself moan as she did it. I couldn't believe she was here, let alone that she had found one of my major turn-ons within seconds. Her eyes lit up when she knew she was giving me pleasure, and a second hand moved to my chest, stroking through the hair and across my nipples. My sharp intake of breath when she first did that was a clear indication to her how much I loved it, and her mouth was soon in the same place.

I stood in my hallway, all thoughts of me taking charge lost to my mind, as she made me tremble and moan. I was barely able to stay standing and she hadn't even touched me below the waist. Her hands and lips seemed to be everywhere on my chest and my skin tingled with every touch. It was only the shock of her hand suddenly caressing the large bulge in my trousers that made me realise where we were and that this was not supposed to be going this way. I hadn't even touched her breasts yet and she had me practically creaming myself. My hand moved to her wrist to stop the movement that was driving me wild, and her eyes met mine in question.

"Bed," I managed to croak out.

She headed up the stairs and almost as though my cock was connected to her by some kind of cord it led me to follow her, not even thinking about where we were going. She stopped at the top of the stairs, not knowing where to go. I took her hand and led her towards my room and my bed, desperate to touch her and show her how good I could make this for both of us.

"You're beautiful," I whispered, as I closed the door behind us and began to work my way over her gorgeous body. I started by kissing her again, enjoying every little response from her and the way her body moulded to mine when I did it, especially now when our naked torsos pressed together and I could run my hands across the smooth skin of her back and feel her hard nipples pressing into my hairy chest. She started to pant slightly, her breasts rising and falling and drawing my attention, and my lips, down her body to pay them some well deserved attention.

I wanted to stay pressed hard to her body but I couldn't do that and caress her the way I wanted, so I settled for pushing her back onto the bed and moving on top of her. She let out a small moan when I settled down on her, my mouth right where I could move either side and play with those breasts that were so tantalising. My hands cupped them first and I heard a long 'mmmm' come from her. It might have made me chuckle if I wasn't so turned on. I was sure she could feel my erection against her leg, but I knew that could wait.

My lips and tongue moved to one nipple, gently licking and then sucking on it. She almost seemed to squeak her pleasure, and I loved that I was getting pleasured responses from her. I held back for a little while, making sure that she was happy with what I was doing, but her hands came around my neck and into my hair to push me closer and I took that as my hint that she liked a firmer touch. I obliged and started to suck harder as well as tease her nipples with my teeth, gently biting at them and hearing her gasps and moans increase in volume as she enjoyed my touch more and more.

I had to switch sides and she moaned her disappointment for the moment I was off her completely. When I settled on her other nipple she just sighed. I wanted to give her every bit of pleasure I could, show her every move I knew, make her want me so badly she would be begging for my cock by the end of this. She was going to come more times than she would think possible, and when I finally sank into her heat and wetness she would be mine.

One of my hands kept playing with the breast that wasn't getting attention from my mouth, so she would get every sensation I could give her in such sensitive areas. My other hand roamed around her sides and neck, searching for other areas that would make her moan. Gentle strokes across her shoulders seemed to work the best, particularly when I let my fingers drift onto her back. I knew all this was turning her on even more and putting her completely at my mercy. It probably wouldn't take much to tip her over the edge the first time, but I was going to keep the build up going as long as I could.

I moved my mouth back up her body, moving both my hands to her breasts because I didn't want to let go of them either. They were firm and full and I loved having my hands full with them. I kissed her briefly, but it wasn't my main objective. I nuzzled her neck and licked along the pulse I found at the side, checking her response to nips to her earlobes. The moans and sighs coming from her were almost continuous now so I knew how much of an effect I had had on her.

Her thighs had started to spread apart even though I was on top of her, and I wanted to take some advantage of the invitation. I worked one hand down her body as I kissed her again, loving the feel of her lips on mine and how much she responded, encouraging my every move with the force of her kisses. I slid my hand over her belly, feeling a slight swell but it was all womanly curves and made my hand tingle. I realised then that there was no easy way of getting her skirt off because the zip was at the back. I thought about pushing it up so I could reach my objective, but as soon as I lifted from her she took the initiative and lifted her hips so she could undo it and push it down to towards the floor.

I gave the skirt the last little push it needed so all she was now wearing was a pair of lacy shorts that matched the bra that we had discarded downstairs. It took me a moment to get back to touching her because the sight was so good it made me moan. My eyes raked over her body, all mine to touch and taste and almost naked in my bed. I always hoped this would happen, and now I finally had my dream laid out in front of me I wanted to retain the image. I couldn't resist going back for more of her sweet kisses. Her eyes blinked open to look at me as I leaned back down and I saw her desire and the darkness brought on by her arousal. They were always deep and dark, but now I thought I could drown in them.

Our gazes seemed locked for a long moment and neither of us moved. The intensity of the moment was only lost when she squirmed beneath me and her leg came up against my arousal. The sudden jolt through my body made me gasp, and her small smile of delight that she had affected me increased my desire to make her come. I planned to remove her underwear straight away but as I slipped down between her legs I saw the damp patch that I had caused. I growled my lust and slid my tongue across her, tasting her through the lacy barrier that was the last piece of clothing on her glorious body. She moaned loudly and arched her back a little, bringing her hot, wet core even closer to my face.

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