tagLoving WivesAnother Hot Tub Story

Another Hot Tub Story


My wife Dee and I were spending time at a small RV resort. It was not the height of the season, so the park was not very busy. There was a very nice, cozy (i.e. rather small) hot tub, which we soon discovered was not used at all, it seemed, late in the evening. It was tucked in the corner of the swimming pool area, with the gate on the opposite side of the pool. We started going there later and later and never saw anybody after 9pm. So we began going about ten o'clock and slipping our suits off once we were in the hot tub. After a couple nights we went there with just our robes on, but carrying our suits just in case.

Let me tell you about my wife again. Dee is five-six with a chest that makes men drool. Not huge, just large (natural) and well-shaped, with sensitive nipples that seem to be rock hard all the time. Long toned legs and a tight ass from lots of walking, her second favorite exercise. She wears her hair short and somewhat spiky, and it is a rich red color. Me, I'm just an ordinary guy. We are in our 40's, but are told we don't look it.

One night we had been out late at the movies and didn't get to the hot tub until just about 11pm. We were in the water only a few minutes when we heard the gate close and saw a man heading around the pool towards us. Not much we could do as our robes, and suits, were on a chair twenty feet away. He didn't notice us until he was almost to the hot tub.

"Sorry," he said, "Didn't expect anyone to be here. I usually have this all to myself at this hour."

He looked about our age, tall with his brown hair cut short. He was in a robe and carrying a towel.

I told him that we were usually there an hour earlier, but were running late that evening. He noticed that we were not wearing suits and smiled.

"I use these late hours for skinny-dipping myself." He said.

"We don't mind sharing if you don't." I told him.

He shrugged, took off his robe, tossed it on the chair next to our robes and climbed into the hot tub. He had an average build and a slightly above average, uncircumcised, cock. I saw Dee taking particular notice of that.

Once in the water we all introduced ourselves, his name being Danny. He was married, but his wife never came to the pool or hot tub. He indicated that she was a very large woman and felt uncomfortable about that, so she rarely socialized with folks at all.

Dee was sitting on my right and he was sitting directly across from us. As we sat and chatted Danny did little to hide the fact that he was checking out Dee. There was an underwater light in the tub and the water was crystal clear, so he had a good view of her entire body. We, in turn, had no difficulty seeing his growing arousal, which he made no attempt to hide.

I began running my right hand up and down Dee's thigh and she parted her legs slightly, giving Danny a great look at her pussy. Her nipples were hard, giving away the fact that this was starting to get her worked up.

The talking had stopped as Danny looked at Dee, she looked at his now erect cock, and I watched them both looking at each other. I reached across and began playing with her nipple with my left hand as my right made its way up between her legs. I leaned in and started kissing her neck and ear, and her hand found my growing dick. She moved her fist up and down my shaft while still looking at Danny's, as he slowly stroked himself.

Dee moaned as my fingers ran up and down her slit and applied slight pressure on her clit. A slight gasp escaped her as I slid two fingers into her hot pussy.

I looked at Danny and when he glanced at me I gave a little head nod, indicating he should join us on our side of the tub. He raised an eyebrow, smiled and moved to sit on the other side of Dee. She watched him move next to her and immediately took hold of his long, hard, thick cock.

As her hand moved up and down the length of it she said, "Very nice, very nice indeed."

Danny reached across with his right hand to cup Dee's right tit. She leaned toward him and soon their tongues were darting in and out of each other's mouths.

I removed my fingers from Dee's cunt and used my hand to pull her left leg over top of my right leg. I then pushed her right leg, and knowing what I wanted, she draped it over Danny's left thigh, leaving her spread wide open.

Danny didn't need any more of an invitation and began running his hand up Dee's smooth thigh until he was sliding his fingers over and between her puffy lips. She broke their kiss as she moaned when he eased a long finger into her, his thumb pressing on her sensitive clit. She turned her face to me and we kissed deeply. We continued this for a good while, her alternating between kissing me and kissing Danny. He and I were having a good time playing with her tits, tweaking and pulling on her nipples, and him fingering her as I ran my other hand up and down her thighs.

Finally she said, "I'd really like to have a cock in my mouth."

I told Danny to sit up on the side of the hot tub. He reluctantly removed his hands from Dee's body and did as I suggested. Dee got between his legs and took his throbbing cock in her hands. She ran her tongue around the head, gave it a kiss, and then eased it between her lips. While holding tight at the base, she bobbed her head up and down, taking a little more of it into her mouth with each move. Soon she was taking the entire length of his shaft, her nose touching his belly and his huge balls rubbing her chin.

It always amazes me that she can fit so much cock into her mouth and throat. I knew just what Danny was feeling and I could tell he was in heaven. His head was tilted back, his eyes closed, and he was groaning. His hands were clutching the side of the hot tub.

I got behind Dee and was rubbing my stiff dick between her legs as I reached around and played with her hard nipples. This caused her to moan, which Danny seemed to really like!

We played like that for a while and then I had Dee stand up on the little seating area. Danny had to scoot back a little so she could still get his cock in her mouth. Dee's body was now out of the water from mid-thigh up. I lowered myself down into the water until just my head was above the surface, and this put her ass and pussy right at my face level. I moved between her legs and started licking her pussy. After a few seconds the chlorine taste of the hot tub was replaced by her sweet nectar. As my tongue probed her slit, my finger found her engorged nub. The thought that someone could happen upon us like this only added to the excitement.

After about five minutes of this, my dick was rock hard and needing some attention. I got up on the side of the tub next to Danny. Dee's eyes met mine and then I simply looked down at my cock which was pointing at the stars. Much to his disappointment, she let Danny's tool slip from her mouth and she moved over to engulf mine. Danny watched as Dee sucked and slurped at my dick while I took hold of her head to try to control the tempo. His hand started to stroke his cock, wet and glistening with my wife's saliva.

Dee took her mouth from my member long enough to look at Danny and ask, "Well, are you going to fuck me?"

After a quick glance at me, he hopped into the tub and positioned himself behind Dee. I expected him to ram himself into her wet and ready pussy, but he surprised us both by just slowly easing the head of his cock into her. Dee moaned and tried to push herself back onto his dick, but he held her by her hips and moved at his own pace. He kept slowly inching into her before pulling back. Each time he went a little deeper, only to back out until only the head of his cock was still in. It seemed like five minutes, although I know it wasn't really, before he had the full length buried in her sweet pussy. Once he did have it all in her, he just held it there with a little rocking motion.

Dee was going crazy. She rocking her hips, her whole body was trembling, and she was sucking so hard on my cock I thought she might just remove it from my body. I'm not really complaining, it felt fantastic.

Danny pulled back again, and this time he did slam into her. The force sent her forward into me and almost knocked us both over. Danny turned into a machine, a fuck machine. He was pounding Dee's cunt like mad, pistoning his fat cock in and out of her pussy fast and hard, hanging on to her hips. At that point Dee came and came hard. She had to release my cock from her mouth for a minute until it passed and she got accustom to the rhythm of his fucking, then took me back and just let the force of his pounding move her on my dick.

After a while I felt my balls tighten and my cock swell. With a grunt and a groan, I shot my load into Dee's mouth and throat. She never missed a beat, swallowing every bit and sucking every drop out of me. She kept my cock in her mouth even after it started to soften.

Danny was still doing a job on Dee's pussy and she was loving it. She was moaning continually and I was enjoying the sensation that was giving my dick. Danny had not slowed up any or lessened the intensity of his thrusts. He gave Dee a couple slaps on her ass cheeks, wet his finger with some of her moisture, and thrust it straight into her puckered little asshole. That was enough to send her over the edge to another climax. Her body shook and trembled as her hands sought out my ass and gripped them, pulling my groin into her face.

Just as she seemed to recover from that she went immediately into another strong orgasm. That was enough for Danny. He arched his back, started loudly mumbling unintelligible words, and buried himself as deep as he could in Dee as he shot stream after stream of hot cum deep in her pulsing pussy.

We stayed like that for a few more minutes, his dick in Dee's pussy, mine in her mouth. As he slipped out of her hole, Dee spun around and took his now shrinking cock in her mouth, licking and sucking their combined juices off him. When she let his member slip from her lips she smiled her charming but wicked smile and told us that she couldn't let any of that bodily fluid get into the hot tub water. Very conscientious of her!

We sat and chatted for a while longer as we relaxed in the warm water. We told Danny we had soaked long enough and would be heading back to our rig. He asked if we might be gracing the hot tub late again some evening, and we both told him that he should not be surprised to find us there again soon. Dee gave him a long, deep kiss and we said our good-nights.

At home, after a quick rinse in the shower, we were at each other like sex-starved teenagers, recounting our individual perceptions of the evening. We fucked and sucked for quite a while until we finally drifted off into blissful sleep in each other's arms.

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