tagIllustratedAnother Lesson for Debbie

Another Lesson for Debbie


Another lesson for Debbie!

As Debbie walked across the college playing fields at the end of the afternoon lessons, she could feel her heart thumping and butterflies fluttering around her stomach! She had an idea what was in store for her during the evening, because her life had been jolted and ignited into blistering activity that she had never known before!

Waiting on the other side of the field would be her uncle Mac, to take Debbie to his home in the car. There was no doubt that Debbie was nervous, if the events of the previous week were anything to go by. She was nearly 19 now, living with her parents on the English/Scottish borders and, up until last week, Debbie had lived a naïve, strict life with her parents, not being allowed to stay out late, not being allowed to fraternise with the opposite sex and, even when her parents had gone away for the weekend, she had been left instructions to stay at home, doing all of the chores, as well as attending church on Sunday.

But events suddenly overtook the delicious teenager when Uncle Mac and his wife, Aunt Mary, arrived unexpectedly while the parents were away. What ensued over the next hour or so was the initiation of Debbie....the full initiation into the delights of her stunning body. Uncle Mac and Aunt Mary, quite out of character, but with firm and kind persuasion, seduced the college girl to such an extent that she was left shaking with lust, excitement, satisfaction, shame and nervousness at the end of it all. They had taken pictures of her....many pictures, and they had both played with and used her body in every way possible.

Debbie didn't know whether to laugh or cry at the end of her ordeal but what she did know was that the experience was like nothing she had ever encountered previously......and she was ashamed to admit that her body and mind were bubbling uncontrollably!

She had initially been frightened and nervous, but the feelings that had encircled her young body were just mind-blowing. They were wonderful but shocking, because Debbie had always regarded her two relatives as loving, kind people who would never hurt her or take advantage of her.

Those thoughts were shattered that evening, but Debbie still enjoyed the experience and only had a couple of reservations........hell would be paid if her father ever found out (even though he was the brother of uncle Mac), and she would be banished from the family home if any of the explicit photographs ever came to light.

So it was with these confused feelings that Debbie made her way across the field to meet uncle Mac. When her parents had returned home after their weekend away, Aunt Mary had called in one evening, and casually asked the parents if Debbie could come round for tea one evening and perhaps help Aunt Mary hang some curtains. There seemed no danger in this, of course, so, after mother had given permission for Debbie to visit her relatives, it was arranged that Mac would pick her up from college and deliver her back home at the end of the evening.

The day of the visit had arrived, and Debbie smiled nervously as she saw her uncle waiting at the gates to the college fields. She had a fine body and looked fetching and attractive, particularly in just a little white skirt and a revealing, tight, blue blouse. Her nerves became even greater as she reached the college gates!

Straight away, she could see uncle Mac's eyes devouring her body in the tight fitting blouse and the little skirt, particularly at Debbie's magnificent breasts, on view in the low cut garment, straining to get out into the fresh air.

'Hello Debs,' smiled Mac. 'Great to see you again, and I'm so glad mum and dad said you could come and have tea with us. Jump in the car.' Debbie smiled and said hello and threw her jacket onto the back seat before climbing into the front seat next to her uncle.

Nothing untoward was said during the 30 minute drive to the relatives' house, but Debbie could sense her uncle taking regular glimpses at her breasts and then her legs as he steered the car along the roads and then the little lanes. Her nipples started to itch and her panties became damp, knowing that she was again turning her uncle on, and when he put his hand on her young thigh, the shivers went around her body and Debbie wondered again what was in store for her that evening.

But nothing else happened on the journey, and soon she was entering the house where Aunt Mary was there to greet her. Mary looked smart in a nice little dress that showed off her 48 year old figure to good effect, and Debbie also noticed that Mary was wearing high heels and some form of dark hosiery.

'Oh, Debbie,' began Mary, rushing to embrace her niece. 'It's lovely to see you again. I'd almost forgotten how beautiful you are,' and she held Debbie quite firmly and ran her hand down the teenager's back to caress her firm ass in the little skirt. 'Come into the kitchen and have a cup of tea and a piece of cake. She looks so gorgeous again, doesn't she, Mac?' The flattery had begun straight away!

The three of them sat at the big, wooden table, having a cup of tea, and talking about everyday things. Aunt Mary kept feeding compliments to the shapely girl, and Debbie wondered if anything was going to be said that would embarrass her or give a hint of what might be happening after tea!! But the aunt just continued with normal conversation, until she said,

'Did you enjoy our little time together last week, Debs?' Debbie blushed but nodded 'yes,' and mumbled 'ummm,' because it was the truth. She had enjoyed it, but she was still nervous again now, and lowered her head again in shyness!

'Oh, that's nice, isn't it, Mac,' and Mac smiled and just nodded. 'And we've got lots of lovely photos to show you......so, so many, Debbie....and you look so adult and mature in all of them, doesn't she Mac?' Again, Mac nodded and Debbie shuddered at the thought of the photos getting into the wrong hands.......especially her father, who would probably disown her, after giving her a good thrashing!

'Oh you won't let anybody else see the pictures, will you, Aunt Mary?' Debbie almost pleaded. Mary put her hand across the table and held Debbie's, as though in reassurance.

'Don't worry, don't worry, Debbie. They're perfectly safe with us, but I hope you're looking forward to being a good girl again, this evening,' she said with a certain firmness in her voice. 'In fact there is something I'd like you to do now, Debbie......and just call me Mary...you don't have to bother with the 'aunt',..........after all, you're a mature adult now, aren't you,' and Mary laughed at her remark, trying to reassure the teenage girl again. Debbie looked nervously but excitedly at her aunt who still held her hand. What did 'good girl' mean? Debbie had a good idea!

'You know where my bedroom is upstairs, don't you! Well, I've laid out a nice little outfit for you, so would you go upstairs and put it on....it's all there for you, Debs. Then, when you're ready, just come back down into the lounge, and Mac and I will be waiting for you. We can have another drink, if you like........and perhaps you can have a glass of wine if you don't tell anybody,' and Mary laughed at their little secret.

There was silence for a split second, and Debbie knew they were both looking at her. She gulped, and then rose from the table and made her way up the stairs, and she realised that Aunt Mary seemed to have a power over her which was so gentle but so commanding. Besides, Mary and Mac had all the photos in their possession, so what choices did Debbie have? Although Debbie found it exciting and new, with new experiences being thrust upon her, she also knew that Aunt Mary was fully in control and was, for want of a better expression, 'grooming' Debbie for her and Mac's own enjoyment.

In the bedroom, Debbie just looked at the clothes that Mary had laid out for her. They were certainly skimpy, and she blushed again, even though there was nobody else in the room. Slowly, she slipped off her own clothes and began to dress in the attire left for her, and finally she put on the high heel shoes that Mary had provided. Debbie looked in the full length mirror, and turned to see the reflection from all angles. 'Ummmmmmm,' she moaned to herself. Already she was feeling horny and sexy, but also very nervous, knowing full well that she had been brought here to entertain her aunt and uncle again.

'Oh, God, is this what being a 'good girl' means?' she thought as she slowly descended the stairs! The clunk of her high heels on the stairs seemed to be the only sound in the house, and Debbie felt the electric atmosphere in the air. She slowly made her way to the lounge door which was open and she sidled inside. Although it was July and the evening was still light, the lounge curtains were drawn closed and the light was on. Debbie stopped in the doorway and there were Mary and Mac both waiting and eying her body from head to foot. Mac quietly closed the door behind her as Mary went to hold Debbie's hand.

'My goodness, Debbie,' smiled Mary as she lightly kissed her niece on the cheek. 'You look stunning, really stunning in those clothes.....doesn't she, Mac?' Mac raised his eyebrows in appreciation, and Debbie just blushed. 'The black really suits you, Debs,' carried on Mary. 'Now turn around, let's really have a look at you.....oh and hold the dress apart, will you,' smiled Mary again.

Debbie did as she was told, doing a little twirl in the middle of the room, and holding the bottom half of the dress apart at the long slit.

However, she hadn't failed to notice the video camera that had been set up on a tripod in the middle of the room. This set Debbie's heart racing again, both through nervousness and also with great anticipation. Whatever happened to her this evening was going to be recorded on film for ever and, with the sexy outfit that she had been told to wear, Debbie felt her panties getting damp already!

She was wearing little, black, see-through panties, a black and red suspender belt, black stockings, a little black bra, high heels and a dress that was split from the hem to the waist and was almost see-through. She waited for Mary to speak again, but in order to try and put the college girl at ease once more, Mary came close to her again and held her hand.

'Now, darling Debbie. I want you to enjoy yourself again, really relax and enjoy yourself.....just like last week. Would you like that? Of course you would.' Debbie blushed once more and just nodded her head....did she have any option? Mary carried on.

'Mac is going to play with the video camera but I want you just to ignore him and do as I ask you......will you do that, Debbie?' Mary smiled. Again, Debbie just smiled and nodded her head. She tried to ignore Mac, but she saw him move behind the video camera and start to fiddle with the controls. Now, Debbie felt butterflies in her stomach!

She was on her own with her auntie and uncle, and they already had numerous photos of her from the previous time she had spent with them. She was dressed in the outfit picked out by her aunt Mary, and there was no doubt that uncle Mac was going to record her as she carried out any instructions that might be coming her way.

But, Debbie told herself, she was an adult now, she had eventually enjoyed what had happened the previous week, and the feeling in her damp pussy told her that there was no need to worry......her aunt and uncle would look after her! Wouldn't they??

'Just stand with your back to the sofa, Debbie...go on, darling....you look so mature, grown up and attractive!' The college girl moved tentatively and stood in the right place while her hands went to the front of her dress. She knew that Mac was recording already as she faced the video, but she tried not to think about it and only concentrated on what her aunt was saying.

'Now, darling Debbie, you look so beautiful, and you have a wonderful body, especially in those clothes. Will you just do a slow turn right around, so we can see all of the outfit.' Debbie obeyed easily, and moved her shapely body round, knowing that the video would be picking up every movement of her body in the flimsy clothes. Both Mary and Mac were watching and smiling at their niece, whilst Mac kept his eye on the viewfinder.

'Now, Debbie, just open your legs a little, that's it, and pull the slit in the dress wide apart. Oh, that's beautiful. You have such wonderful legs, so shapely, and they look so good in the stockings and high heels.' It was obvious that Mary was going to encourage her niece as much as possible, trying to put her at ease, while she and Mac manipulated Debbie for their own excitement. Debbie held the dress apart, and eased her feet apart....the view was stunning.

'One other thing, Debbie darling. Would you just look at the camera and smile because that will make it so much more relaxing and natural for you. There, that's wonderful, isn't it, Mac? Look at the camera and just widen your legs some more. Oh, good girl!' Debbie's legs were now a little wider and she was holding the dress wide open so that her little panties and stocking tops were fully on view. She also sheepishly looked into the video camera, but she was also experiencing a sort of thrill that was sending shivers down her spine.

Mary was standing beside Mac at the camera and they both watched Debbie looking gorgeous before them. Mary seemed to want to draw out the girl in a slow, seductive manner, enjoying every minute of their niece's presence.

'Now, slowly, take the dress off completely, Debbie. We want to see your gorgeous body again.....there's a good girl.' Debbie undid the halter top, and the dress slid from her body. She was left with just high heels, stockings and suspenders, little panties and a miniscule bra. Her body looked delectable and her tits were straining so hard to try and escape the tiny bra. 'Open your legs again, Debbie. That's right.......keep them wide apart.'

By now, Mary was casually playing on the front of her dress as she watched her niece. Her fingers went between her legs on her dress and pushed with some pressure on her own cunt below the material. The sight of the 18 year old girl was really an erotic thing to behold, and Mac himself was playing on his trouser zip occasionally as he focussed on the dark haired girl.

'God, you are so sexy and gorgeous, Debbie, isn't she Mac? Do you feel relaxed, darling Debbie? Don't worry about anything, just relax and enjoy.' Mary was doing her utmost to keep her niece on edge with encouragement, and she made Debbie turn slowly round again so that the video could focus on her stunning ass in the little black panties. Mary continued.

'Now, Debs, will you just play with your breasts in your bra.....go on......just lift them and squeeze them.....your breasts are so firm and shapely, aren't they?' Debbie began to caress her bra, just as her aunt had instructed, lifting the cups, squeezing them, running her thumbs over the flesh trying to pop out, and then she smiled at her aunt as she lifted each glorious orb out of the cups to let the flesh rest on the tops of the cups. Her tits were stunning! Mary kept up the encouragement.

'They are gorgeous, Debbie, really beautiful. Keep playing with them, Debbie, there's a good girl, and play with the nipples, will you? Make your nipples really hard so that they point out!' They were rock hard already, but Debbie tweaked her nipples and ran her palms over them and the nipples pointed upwards and looked like hat pegs.

It was also making Debbie more and more excited herself, and she could feel her panties getting more and more sticky. She knew full well what Mary was going to ask next, as she watched her aunt pressing her pussy through her dress.

'That must be uncomfortable for you, Debbie. Why don't you slip off your bra and the little panties?' Now Debbie was going to be filmed with just stockings, suspenders and high heels on, but the tingling in her nipples and hard tits, and the itching that seemed to be getting worse in her young cunt, told her that she didn't care. She didn't care that her body would be recorded in such a nubile state. It was fun, she was with family, and she knew that her aunt and uncle wanted her to....so what could be the point in objecting?

The panties and the flimsy bra were soon cast onto the sofa, and Debbie gently turned again at Mary's instigation.

Without encouragement, Debbie ran her hands over her naked breasts, lifting and holding them up to the camera, running her fingers over her nipples, pinching them gently, and then Mary told her to run one hand down her tummy into her pubic hair. Debs was on a high now, her pussy itching uncontrollably, and it was so natural to let her hand wander down to stroke her own body.

As her fingers found her clit, her body jolted for just one second, the feelings washing through her nerves and sending a chill up her spine, but Debbie just carried on, becoming embroiled in her erotic state. She suddenly could see aunt Mary taking off her own dress, seeing her stockings and suspenders come into view with a nice set of

colourful underwear, and this only encouraged Debbie to let her hands wander over her body more, touching each erogenous zone for the camera.

'Turn round, Debbie, darling. Let's see that beautiful bottom again...it's delectable, isn't it, Mac? Just keep playing between your legs, Debbie. Good girl!' Debbie obeyed without question, turning her ass to the camera and opening her legs. Her fingers could be seen delving between her open legs, and her suspenders stretched right across her wonderful thighs.

As Debbie was facing the sofa as she caressed her cunt, she could hear her aunt instruct once more.

'Under the cushion on the sofa, Debbie, you'll find two lovely toys for you. Will you take the black one and turn round and face me and Mac again.' The teenager moved the cushion and her heart jumped a fraction. The black toy was a lifelike cock, made of thick rubber, and about 8 inches long, with veins along the surface, just like the real thing. The other item, in pink rubber, was a double headed vibrator, with one long head and a shorter one. Debbie took a sharp breath, but took hold of the black toy and turned to face her aunt again. Mary was smiling at her niece, and now her fingers were inside her own panties.

'Keep your legs apart, Debbie, there's a good girl. Now, just lick and suck the black toy...really suck it as deeply as you can.' One of Debbie's hands still played with her wet cunt but she used the other to bring the dildo to her mouth and slide it in. She licked it and then sucked it in as far as was comfortable, and then began to give it a 'blow' job, just like she knew her aunt wanted.

Mac followed every movement with the video, panning and zooming just as required, following the college girl as his wife put the girl through ever more erotic poses. Then the girl didn't wait for her aunt to speak. The dildo slid from her mouth and moved down her stomach to search through her pubic hair for her soaking lips. The tip went in and Debbie grabbed her tits with her free hand. Now, more encouragement from Mary.

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