tagErotic HorrorAnother One Bites the Lust

Another One Bites the Lust


She knows it is time. She has been waiting all day and is secretly thrilled to finally have his touch and his kiss, although she knows his kiss could be fatal. She is not afraid. Once again she thinks back to her last dream.

Slowly, she walks up the flight of stairs to her bedroom. It is where she knows he is waiting. She shivers slightly, as a cool breeze blows across the hallway from an open window. Her nipples are hard, and her pussy is wet, yet again. He has that effect on her.

In her dreams, she always sits nervously waiting for him. He comes for her at dusk, silent but deadly handsome. Long fingernails trail a path along one bare shoulder. She feels a cold breath on her tender neck and a rough tongue flicks back and forth. As if hypnotized by a cobra about to strike, she is enthralled and sits waiting for it.

She is cold, colder than before but she knows what she wants. His rough hands cup her soft breast. Holding her breath, she watches as he slowly slides a long nail along her soft pussy and makes a small cut that bleeds a tiny bead. He bends his head to lick the drop, savoring the taste of her blood and her sex. She shivers with the memory, her nipples once again hard and her pussy hot and slick.

Will he, will he bite tonight? Will he bestow his final kiss?

She shakes off the memory of her dream. Her pussy is now throbbing with desire. She wants to feel his hard cock force its way into her cunt. She knows it will be big, bigger than any she has encountered and her cunt quivers in anticipation. She can feel her sweet nectar seeping from her nether lips ready to be lapped up by his cold tongue and hungry mouth.

As she walks into her bedroom, she notices that there is a white nightgown on her bed. She decides not to put it on and she looks around to see if anyone is there, but she realizes that she is still alone. Slowly she removes her jeans and pulls off her sweater leaving just her bra and panties on. She slides a finger into her wet cunt and moans with pleasure and then cups her breast in anticipation of his fingers replacing hers. She then lies down on the soft quilt and begins to once again finger her clit, sliding her fingers back and forth across the hard bud. Moaning aloud, she envisions his fingers and his lips pressed against her clit. She spreads her legs further imagining his hard cock replacing her fingers.

Suddenly without warning, she feels rather than sees him. There is an immense weight across her body and a coldness envelopes her. Death is huge, his long dark hair falling across his wide shoulders, and strong muscular arms reach for her. She is frightened by the intensity of his gaze, seeing for the first time the coldness in his black eyes. She then feels his hand groping her breast and with one swipe the bra is gone, ripped from her body. Another moment goes by and then her panties are ripped away. She feels his finger slide across her pussy, rubbing her clit and without any encouragement she lifts her hips up to meet his rough caress. Ripples of pleasure coursed through her body as he continued to stroke her wet cunt.

He kneels before her, his throbbing cock dark purple and immense, jutting out from his groin. The head of his cock is bulbous and slick with anticipatory ooze. Her female musk encourages him; the glistening sight of labia splitting open to receive him and the liquid sounds of her whimpering drives him mad with animal lust.

She is fully exposed, her legs wide open and her breasts glistening from sweat. He pulls her roughly against him and with one swift motion pushes his erection inside her.

His cock is massive; she gasps with both pleasure and pain. She feels as though she is being split in two!

He then draws himself out again, hesitates for a second and then pushes himself back inside her a second time so deeply that she feels his huge testicles against her ass. The sounds of their frenzied coupling encourages him to fuck her harder, animal lust takes over.

Heaven help her, she has never felt sex like this before. She felt subjugated, dominated, lusted after and exposed. There was a brutal urgency to his fucking.

He forced his cock into her again and again, penetrating her deeper and deeper. She opens her legs wider, she wants it. She wants his huge cock to fuck her; she does not want it to end. "Please fuck me harder," she begged.

Between the pain and the pleasure she began to feel her orgasm build. The feeling of his hard flesh pounding her cunt and her moist sheath contracting around his cock was almost too much to bear!

Death continued to fuck her with his huge cock, forcing her pussy wide, bruising and punishing her cunt with his forceful fuck. With one more huge thrust, he bent down to suckle one of her soft jiggling tits and then bit down into the soft tissue of her breast, the blood seeping from the wound and his tongue lashing back and forth to take all of it into his mouth. As his cold tongue continued to lick her nipple, and his cock thrusting deeply her pussy, she screamed with both pain and pleasure and she came, tossing her head back and forth, her legs quivering with the effort. She collapsed on the bed no longer aware, no longer caring, fast asleep.

It was at the moment of her orgasm that Death finally came, howling his release, pumping his sperm into her again and again as if he had been storing it up for just this moment. Once again he bent his head to take the other nipple into his mouth and bit down hard, while at the same time squirting the last bit of cum into her pussy.

Death rose up from her bed, his thick cock now flaccid but still big by normal standards and looking back at the beauty that he had just fucked said "a very tasty morsel, you and I must do this again and again!"

Death knew she would awake once more to be fucked, subjugated, dominated and lusted after by him. He was now hers and she was now his, forever. Death had finally found love.

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