tagInterracial LoveAnother UPS Special Delivery

Another UPS Special Delivery


Ever since her sexual rendezvous with the Marcus, the UPS driver, my mature wife has been very happy, loving and passionate! Our sex life has been great although she has never brought up Marcus. We were always open about any outside encounters in the past. I hope she's just waiting for the right moment.

Lately, Janis seems much more liberal in her approach to sex. She has even hinted around about "anal", something she absolutely rejected in the past. Finally one evening after a couple of drinks she came flat out and suggested trying it if I would be very gentle. I was confused by her sudden interest in anal sex but of course agreed.

My approach was very gentle as her ass hole seemed very tight and uninviting. Introduction was with only a well lubed single finger. She reacted negatively and let me know how much it hurt. I would have stopped but she insisted on continuing. After adjusting to the single digit we progressed to two. More pain but no stop! After adjusting to two we went for three. By now her sphincter muscle was loosening up and she seemed more relaxed.

Finally one night I had her spread her legs while standing and lean over the bed. Her pussy was so inviting but it was the other love hole that drew my attention. After adjusting to the right angle, my cock explored her ass cheeks and that inviting crack. Now with plenty of lub, I begin applying pressure against her glory hole.

Feeling her tense up, I retreated temporarily and told her this was it. While holding her hips, I pushed my hard cock firmly against her ass hole.

She screamed in pain, then pleasure and I was in. Anal sex added a whole new dimension to our sex life. The more we did it the more she wanted.

One day we were again out for a walk when Marcus drove by in his UPS van, honking and waving at Janis. She acknowledged with a small wave but that's all.

"Well, what's the latest on your black Romeo? Is he still satisfying your girlfriends with his special package? Bet you know all the intimate details and then some..."

I could tell I hit a raw nerve. Janis mumbled something about she hadn't heard much about him lately but yes he still is in business.

A few days later after lunching together Janis unexpectedly asked how my volunteering was going. There goes the alarm again. As per the first time, I knew she was fishing for my volunteer schedule.

"Well this Thursday they need me from 11am to 4pm. Sorry we can't meet for lunch."

It was all coming together. My very "awakened" wife would be meeting again with her black stud lover and she has been practicing anal to get ready for his huge cock! Oh how I wish she would let me in on it but I do respect her decisions and know this has nothing to do with our relationship.

When Thursday arrived I again notified my office, hid my car and waited patiently and secretly for my wife's sex encounter. Sure enough, at noon Janis hurriedly entered and immediately prepared for some obvious lovemaking. Her work clothes were quickly on the chair and replaced by her shorty silk red rap around robe and matching transparent panties. Now came the hair brushing, deep red lip stick, some make up, and her favorite perfume. Viewing herself in the mirror she smiled knowing she would be irresistible to Marcus. I was so worked up just observing this luscious woman but that made it all the more forbidden.

Right on time Marcus appeared. After a peck on the cheek, Janis led him into our bedroom where quickly he was down to his bulging bikini shorts. Now they were in each others arms, kissing passionately and grinding their bodies together as one. Janis's wrap fell to the floor. Her middle aged but firm large boobs were suddenly alive and well as Marcus took each into his greedy mouth. Then he was on his knees inhaling the enticing odor of her barley covered cunt. With a flick, those panties were gone and his face was lost in her musty love nest.

"My luscious blonde, I crave you. Oh, I need to taste every inch of your body. What is your pleasure? You said you had a special request for a special delivery today?"

"This does feel so good, but what I really I need is your big cock in my ass!

Marcus was stunned. Like me, he was totally rejected by Janis when even mentioning anal sex.

"Are you sure? Not many ladies can or want to accommodate me."

With that, my hot wife walked over to the dresser, produced an oversized lubricated condom, on her knees removed his bikini shorts, and deftly rolled the condom onto his huge pulsating manhood.

Now she was on the bed, on her arms and knees, and wiggling her sexy ass suggestively as if Marcus needed any encouragement.

After applying plenty of lubricant, Marcus positioned himself over her doggie style. He directed his chocolate candy stick between her ass cheeks and began probing her inviting ass hole.

This wasn't going to be easy. Janis tensed and cried out in pain each time he tried to push past her sphincter. When sizing them up, I couldn't believe she would go on.

"Janis, I don't want to hurt you. Are you sure about this, my fuck happy white slut?"

"Marcus, I'm sure. Please use more lubricant then stick that big cock up my ass!"

"Okay, but first you need to relax."

Marcus then spread her ass cheeks and began tonguing her ass hole. The kissing and probing continued. Sure enough I could see Janis relax a little and moan with pleasure as Marcus's tongue repeatedly penetrated her rear hole.

Marcus now replaced his tongue with his cock and suddenly and firmly pushed hard. Janis screamed in pain as his huge condom covered cock finally got partially past her muscle and invaded her ass.

With a few inches in, he relaxed.

"Oh Marcus, ahhh, it hurts so much. STOP! No don't stop! I want it bad. Please fuck my ass."

His mammoth black cock slid in a little further and began to slowly pump rhythmatically. Janis's pain was now turning to pleasure. She was jerking, humping, and grinding as his cock was thrusting deeply in and out at an increasing tempo.

"Marcus, you wonderful black stud. Your cock in my ass is the ultimate sexual experience! Oh, ahhh, give me all you got. Yes, yes, that's it, oh my god. I never thought this could feel sooo goood."

At that point Janis experienced an incredible orgasm as her body shuttered violently in total pleasure and she screamed out "yes, oh god yes, so goood, don't stop, ahhh, yes, yes."

Now she could tell it wouldn't be long for her UPS driver either.

"Wait my lusty black lover. Please pull out. I have another surprise in store."

With Marcus standing and cock fully extended, Janis removed the condom. Now from the night stand came a container of cool whip.

She first massage his throbbing cock, then licked up and down, stopping to suck his black balls. She then took his cock in her hand and emerged it in the cool whip. His mammoth black penis was now a white frothy, throbbing love staff.

"Oh baby, this is too much, I can't take much more."

On her knees, my cock sucking wife now began licking the cool cream off his cock as Marcus was almost there.

"Janis, I'm cumming!"

With an effort, she sucked his thick cock through her lips as a torrent of hot sweet sperm flooded her mouth. Janis swallowed all she could, savoring the taste of his very essence.

As his slowly deflating cock slipped from her mouth with a slurping sound, Marcus remarked, "Oh my wild blonde sex kitten, I love your surprises. Baby, you know I can't wait for the next time. You are the ultimate lover and I mean that! Your husband is sure a lucky man."

Marcus and I certainly agree with that and we both know what a super lover Janis is. I can't wait for tonight...

They came together for a passionate last kiss with the bonus of tasting his fresh cum with a whip cream flavor.

"Another great nooner my horny blonde.

"Oh yes, and who knows what the future will bring. That huge hunk of manhood between your legs is sooo wonderful. I can't get enough of it. You know I'll want more from my black stallion..."

They were quickly both dressed and back to work leaving me with a handful of cum and some unforgettable memories...

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