tagSci-Fi & FantasyAntha's Turn

Antha's Turn


Antha rushed through the hollowed halls of University Obsius her footsteps echoing loudly in the empty halls. Normally the halls bustled with activity, however in predawn hours Antha was the sole occupant of the halls. Shortly after dawn students would be bustling about in the massive halls.

Antha shifted her armload of books to a more comfortable position. Time seemed to be conspiring against her. Her last few months of learning loomed before Antha like an imposing monolith. The last of Antha's research had to be finished with the utmost attention to detail before being turned over to the Headmaster.

She stopped for a moment in her tracks and glanced about. Perhaps it was the looming change in her life that had been making Antha feel so jumpy of late. Antha shook her white curls and let out a frustrated sigh.

"I think I am going insane," Antha whispered her voice echoing loudly in her ears. Antha started at the sound then fled to the haven of her room. Antha slammed the door behind her and leaned against it. Her chest heaved with deep ragged breaths.

Antha felt silly being frightened in the halls of the University. This had been her home since she was eight. Now that she was ready to ascend to the next phase of her life, the pressure was beginning to show.

"Oh it is your own fault you went to the headmaster with the proposal of starting a branch in The City of the Cats. Look now you are talking to yourself," Antha whispered then set her pile of books down upon her desk.

Antha rubbed her temples in an effort to battle off the tension building in her brain. A hot bath called to her tight muscles. Antha decided to brave the empty halls once more after snatching a robe and towel. Her bare feet made no sound on the broad tiles as Antha slunk to the nearby bathing chamber. As an upper classman there were certain privileges.

Antha placed her hands upon the oaken door to the private bathing chamber of select students and bade it open. The door swung silently inward and Antha slipped in. The marbled tiled room was luxurious with out being over bearing. In the corner a large rectangular bathing pool lay recessed within the floor. A lovely nymph statue poured water from an urn in a never-ending cycle into the pool. Steam rose up from the pool warming the small chamber pleasantly. To complete the atmosphere soft music played in the background to provide complete relaxation. Antha stepped up to the pool not checking on the second portion of the bathing chambers where the showers lay.

Antha let her robe slide down her body to pool on the floor at her feet, exposing her silken gold flesh. She bent over to collect her robe exposing here heart shape ass to the door completely confident she was alone. Antha lay the robe next to her towel on a nearby shelf. She then slid into the bath her back still to the door. Never once did it occur to Antha to check to see if she was entirely alone.

A fellow student, Morgan, had been in the other section of the bath showering off his day's exertions. When he saw his friend enter Morgan stepped up to say hello before leaving, then Antha had dropped her robe. Morgan savored the view instead of speaking just yet.

Antha submerged herself in the water letting the heat of the water sink in before surging to the surface, water streaming from her body, her white curls clung against her skin. She pulled a few stray curls from her face, then ran her hands over her pert breast, pausing at her nipples squeezing slightly. A soft moan escaped her lips at the sensation.

She wished to herself for a moment that it were not her own hands touching her breast.

Antha turned to reach for the soap and froze at the sight of Morgan gazing at her, his arms folded over his broad chest, a faint smile on his lips, an obvious erection beneath his towel.

Her hands remained at her breast a look of surprise in her wide eyes.

"By all means do not stop on my account," he purred in his heavily accented voice

."Oh Morgan I did not realize I was intruding on your time here," Antha looked up into his emerald eyes from what she had been staring at. A blush suffused her cheeks and she cast her eyes down.

Indecision warred in her breast making her hesitate till she felt him step back to leave. Antha then reached out for the soap, glanced up once through her thick lashes at him, and began to rub the creamy soap across her now hard nipples. She circled out slowly to run her hands along the underside of her breast.

The suds ran down her chest, along her belly to her high pubic bone, into the thatch of soft white curls at the apex of her thighs. A lone finger followed the suds in erotic symbol.

"So have you finished those papers I leant you," she asked coyly.

Morgan yanked his eyes up from where that naughty finger lingered. "You are cock teasing I think."

"That is a legitimate question," she answered, her finger trailing back up through the suds to circle a nipple.

Morgan shook his head at her and then unfastened his towel letting it drop to the floor.

Antha's eyes widened at the sight of him. As he moved forward muscles rippled with raw brute strength under his taunt flesh. A hand went to cover her gaping mouth at the size of his cock. Somewhere in the back of Antha's mind she wondered if she just bit off more then she could chew. His family was famous for their seduction abilities and she was out of her league. This would be her first.

Morgan entered the water till he stood directly before Antha. Her neck tilted back to look up at him since the top of her head came only to his collarbone. "Gentle please," she whispered, her voice trembled as did her body.

He lifted one graceful hand to run it along the underside of her chin, "Ma cherie I am always what a woman needs, and I think you need me."

Antha looked up into his brilliant emerald eyes, "Oh yes I do." She raised herself onto her toes offering her inviting crimson lips to him.

Morgan obliged and dipped his head to run a tongue along her virgin lips, his hot breath caressing her face.

Antha opened her mouth further inviting him inside, her tongue lightly flicking out to touch his tongue. The only place their bodies touched were their tongues, so intimate yet distant. The fire of their blood escalated causing the water to boil around the two supernatural beings. Morgan lifted a hand to place it on the nape of her neck, rubbing in soft circles with the pad of his thumb.

Then he moved to cover her mouth completely pulling her body against hiss in a slow sensual movement. His tongue slowly lapped the inside of her mouth, Antha submitting completely her tongue dancing about his. Their souls merged, soaring together, heating their bodies till true flames engulfed thier embracing forms.

Antha ran her hand down his back following the contours of his tight muscles. A trail of blue flames leaped up in her finger's wake till she reached the base of his spine. She pressed down on the sensitive spine firmly. Morgan pulled away from her kiss, eyes closed as the sensations pulsed up his spine wrapping around to his already throbbing loin.

Antha moved back just enough so she could slip her free hand between their bodies. Her fingers tangled briefly in the curls around his shaft before sliding her knuckles across the sensitive skin. Morgan jumped slightly then looked down at her. Their green eyes locked both motionless except for their heaving chest.

Antha's fingers curled around Morgan's cock and began to explore him. She heard him draw in a deep breath then leaned up opening her mouth to him once more. Morgan accepted her invitation and took her mouth once more, this time not quite as gentle in his possession. She submitted again to his will, melting against him, yet not relinquishing her hold on his cock, ardent in her exploration of his flesh.

Her fingers glided along his shaft, circling and rubbing every inch of it. She let out a little surprise gasp as it jumped. Morgan chuckled against her lips. "It likes you," He growled.

Antha opened her eyes to look into his, "I like it."

Morgan picked Antha up and set her on the edge of the now half empty pool. "My turn," Morgan hissed through his clenched teeth, removing her delicate fingers from him. He pushed her sleek thighs apart and went to his knees. Antha gasped aloud, knowing what he was about to do. Something so intimate it shocked and thrilled her to her core.

He ran his fingers along her thighs till they lay just along the outside of her lips, then slowly spread her open, his hot breath touching her where no one had before. Antha gasped and tangled her fingers in his thick ebony hair. "By the gods," she gasped.

"Little one I have not even touched you yet," he answered, chuckling at her sensitivity. Truly Morgan had found himself a treasure.

Morgan ran his thumb along the inside her flower feeling her wet heat. Wet heat that had nothing to do with a bath. Antha let out a series of little screams, her finger tightening in his hair. He ignored the pain and brought his lips to her lips.

Antha shrieked thrashing her head arching her back. A long, "Ooooooooooooo," escaped from her as Morgan began to slowly run his tongue along her sweet folds.

Antha squeezed her eyes shut tight as brilliant light exploded behind her eyelids. Red-hot flames leaped off her taunt form scorching the tiles around her body. Her scream was long and primal as her first orgasm rocked her body. Morgan refused to give in on his assault. He wanted her to beg.

"Please, please I can not take it," Antha panted, trying to pull Morgan's head away.

"Say my name," Morgan hissed.

"Morgan please," Antha gasped her body shaking violently as his tongue delved into her, tasting her juices from the orgasm.

"Wrong," he snarled.

"Master, master please," she wailed.

"Better," he pulled away and rose to his feet. Antha trembled before him, totally at his will. "Now tell me what I want."

Antha nodded then rolled onto her stomach and raised her hips up. "This," she inquired softly.

Morgan was pleased. Most well seasoned women where not as adept at his little virgin.

He placed his hands on either side of her hips and thrust into her hard. Both felt her the barrier of virginity rip. Morgan let out a content growl. Antha gasped sharply then moaned as pleasure and pain danced in her body.

Morgan gave Antha a moment to adjust to him. Then began to thrust. He was thankful she was so hot and wet. Tight as she was it would have hurt him had she not been so hot and wanton.

Antha held still briefly, adjusting to the sensations coursing through her body, then rocked back against him, grinding her hips against his.

Morgan growled knowing he should not draw it out to long. He did not want to hurt her since this was Antha's first time. He let himself ride the ripples of pleasure coursing through him, taking in Antha's soft moans, enjoying the tension growing in his balls. Morgan felt Antha's body began to tighten as another orgasm built in her body. "Damn," he gasped, she was almost painful she was so tight, almost.

Antha's body spasm as she felt herself slip over the brink of oblivion once more. The spasms of her tight pussy pushed Morgan over the edge, his cock exploding within her. He collapsed against her, his lips against her ear. "You are an exquisite flower Antha."

She nodded. "I needed that. So would you like to come back to my room?"

Morgan nodded and moved off of her, he paused to admire her body before collecting his towel and robe. Antha quickly slipped on her robe and headed off to her room with Morgan right behind her.

The two slipped down the hall, Morgan hastening Antha along by rubbing her bottom with his hand... Antha kept her hand over her mouth to stifle her giggles. She vaguely wondered if she could behave herself till they got to her room.

Antha may have been able to behave herself, but Morgan had no such intentions.

Morgan caught Antha by the waist and pushed her against a marble wall. His kiss took her by storm, plundering her mouth with a nearly violent obsession. Antha gave into his will surrendering sweetly, her arms slinking around his neck, a leg wrapping around his hips. His free hand reached grasp her hair then pull her head back, dragging his lips off hers.

Her moan of submission fueled Morgan's possessive aggression. She was truly a seductress, wrapping him about her fingers with her submissiveness.

Morgan curled his lips back to reveal inch long fangs a soft hiss escaping his lips. The glow of his emerald eyes cast an eerie light in the dark hall. He admired the curve of her throat, the pulse of her tender flesh before he struck, sinking his fangs deep into her sweet skin.

Her boiling blood gushed from the wound spilling into his mouth, spurting down her chest across her breast. Morgan drank long and deep of Antha's hot blood his eyes closed in ecstasy.

Antha moaned softly, her skin crawling with pleasure, her body now limp against his. Morgan's arm tightened about her waist holding her up completely. Her head swam she felt faint from the overload of sensations. One hand slipped down against his chest to clutch at his robe.

"Morgan," she moaned softly.

He lifted his face from her neck, blood dripping from his lips and fangs. He stared at her limp form for several long moments working on gaining control before he became a complete beast.

Feeling his hesitation Antha stirred and looked up into his eyes. "Afraid?"

That one single word brought an unusual rage to Morgan. "I'll make you pay for that," he spat fangs barred in anger.

With one violent movement he ripped her robe from her body and tossed it aside.

Antha suddenly decided to put up a fight and began to struggle against Morgan, her body writhing against him in a manner that fueled his lust even more.

"Bitch," he snarled then yanked his robe opened. He grabbed her wrists with one hand and pinned them to the wall over her head. His free hand hooked her leg back around his hip. With one strong thrust he was deep with in her hot body again.

Antha let out a muffled scream behind her closed lips. Blood leaked from her lips where she had bit them. Then she lunged forward sinking her fangs into Morgan's shoulder.

Pain and pleasured now surged through Morgan filling his brain with a red haze. Nothing else existed for him but the soft flesh he had trapped against the wall and her tongue and lips against his flesh licking and sucking. He drove himself into her brutally unmindful of the cruel, cold stone against her back.

Neither felt the passing of time as their bodies joined in such a feral mating dance.

Antha released her fangs to scream against his shoulders her body exploding in pleasure once more. Morgan snarled then hissed as he felt himself exploded into her once more, leaving him weak in his knees.

Both held motionless feeling his hot cum dribble down her thighs.

"Damn woman I hope your full. I am not sure I can do that again," he leaned his forehead against hers.

She answered him with a soft chuckle. "You started it. You know we could be caught." Though she didn't believe that would happen.

"Yes you could," her father's voice froze Antha's blood.

Morgan felt Antha stiffen in fear as she looked over his shoulder. He turned to look strait into furious azure eyes.

"Mind your own business," Morgan snapped, thinking this a jealous fellow student.

"I think not since you've just been fucking my daughter," Draken snarled back his eyes taking on a draconian cast.

"Well, I believe your timing should get better then. Shouldn't it?"

Draken's fist clenched his body shaking with rage. "Coward. You think I won't spill your blood because we are here, hiding behind the headmaster's robes?"

" If that was the case I believe I would have been more discreet with your daughter. If you intend to spill blood at least give me the name of the one who will do this to me."

"Draken Vampyre, High Black Priest to Dark Lord RipClaw," Draken spat out.

Antha trembled at her father's obvious rage. This was all her fault, and she knew what her father was capable of.

"Well it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am Morgan Vampyre, son of Syven Vampyre. Who has a title himself I believe. Oh yes second of the Dark Knights to Dark Lady if I am not mistaken. How do we fare this fine night?"

"I know who your father is brat. So are you going to keep hiding behind Headmaster and Daddy or face me," Draken cracked his knuckles together.

"Oh father please," Antha moved to grab her robe from the floor. "I started it."

" Well if you are intent on doing this then so be it. At least give me the chance to say goodbye to this fair luscious creature you call daughter before ending that which is my existence. " Turning to Antha Morgan purred in her ear "I shall never meet one that turns my blood again so know that it was worth it. " Thrusting his mouth on hers he engulfed her with the fire that is his passion both for living and love. Turning to Draken with fire in his eyes and fury burning in his blood " Then let's do this old man!"

Draken relaxed his claws just slightly, "Well now, you have got spirit. You are worth my daughter if you would die to fuck her. You know I will win but your warriors heart does not give up." Draken nodded in approval. "Antha, I brought you that which you requested."

Draken walked over to Antha and placed something in her hand. He dipped his head down and kissed his daughter on her cheek.

With out another word Draken vanished in a swirl of black smoke.

Antha clutched the amulet in her trembling hands. "By the gods I thought you where a dead man walking Morgan. I can not believe he likes you."

"I would have to say it is more like he is accepting me," Morgan commented.

Antha nodded agreed and headed back to her chambers. Once inside Antha flopped down onto her bed and looked up at Morgan.

"What did your father give you," Morgan questioned.

"An amulet," she answered, and evasive look creeping onto her face.

"Perchance you are going to tell me what this amulet does," Morgan questioned, moving over to Antha.

"No," she answered scooting away from Morgan's approach.

"Tell me," Morgan insisted, preparing to engage Antha in a wrestling match.

"I'll show you," Antha chuckled in maniacal tones.

To Morgan's vast surprise he slammed into an invisible barrier. He clutched his stinging nose and gave her a long look.

"I suppose you think that is amusing," Morgan snapped.

"No, I know it amusing," Antha cackled.

Morgan cocked his head to the side and reached out with his psyche touching the magic of the force field. He began to absorb the magic keeping him at bay from Antha. To his surprise the field did not collapse, but remind solid as before.

"Will I be able to drain this down," he asked curiously.

"Yes eventually, but I am capable of casting spells on your side," Antha replied with a smile. "Now I need to rest. I am to leave tomorrow morning and Headmaster Dameon himself is escorting me to the portal."

Morgan sighed, knowing that he must mind his manners now. "Then I shall see you upon your return."

"You can keep me company if you promise to behave," Antha stated, allowing the force field to dissipate.

Morgan joined Antha in her bed. Holding her close the two drifted into a deep slumber.

Early the next morning Antha bid Morgan farewell and left with the Headmaster.

Antha stood before the massive University's stone portals. Two rune engraved pillars rose up on either side of a complex weaving of metallic circles that hovered in midair.

The Portal Master greeted her then adjusted the circles till they began rotate. A bright glow formed with in the chamber then the portal formed before Antha. She looked over her shoulder at the Headmaster and Portal Master one last time before stepping through the gate.

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