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She was tied between the pillars of Anubis, arms high over her head, legs spread. She had been stripped naked and blindfolded. She trembled slightly in the chill, evening air. She had been asleep when they came for her. They had taken her from the tour group and into the desert. Her struggles had been easily contained and a gag had prevented her from making enough noise to be heard by the others. At first, she thought they meant to rape her or sell her to slavers. She had been told that this sometimes happened to women alone. But they had simply dragged her here, tied her, and left her.

Suddenly, the night sounds around her stopped completely. She heard nothing, felt nothing until something passed softly over her breasts, making her nipples harden. She twitched, startled. Again, the soft touch.

"Who's there?" she whispered. Warm breath against her neck, then the soft touch of lips on her throat.

"I am called Anubis," said a deep, soft voice. "You have been placed here as...an offering." He seemed to be waiting for something, some response from her.

"Anubis, god of the underworld," she said softly, her breath catching as he kissed her breasts.

"You do not scream and struggle," he said softly, "you do not beg for freedom." She did not reply. "Shall I make you scream and beg?"

"Why?" she replied, her voice cold, "would it save me? Would anyone hear?"

A soft gust of warm breath on her skin. "All of my offerings scream and beg," he said softly.

"Sorry," she said, not sounding particularly sorry, only very angry.

Again, the soft gust of warm breath, a touch on her breasts. "You are strong. Perhaps you will even survive the offering," he murmured.

She felt his warm body against her. Then her ankles were freed. He took one of her bound wrists in one large hand and released her from the pillars. She reached for the blindfold. He stopped her.

"Not yet," he said softly. Then he picked her up and carried her away. She felt the difference in the air when he passed from the desert into some type of shelter. A building or a cave, she couldn't tell. Then he laid her down. She tried to sit up. His hands on her shoulders prevented it. "Must I bind you again?" She sighed and lay back. "Good."

His hands went again to her breasts, teasing her nipples to hardness. She knew what he was going to do. And he was arousing her. How had he known that her breasts were so sensitive?

"Would you see?" he asked softly.


He pulled off her blindfold. She blinked at the sudden light and looked up into gleaming, golden eyes. Long, red-gold hair framed an incredibly handsome face. He was at least seven feet tall, muscular, and very well endowed. His still-flaccid penis hung more than halfway down his thigh and was cushioned on huge, firm testicles. He saw the spark if interest in her eyes before she masked it.

"I thought Anubis was the jackal-headed god," she said flatly. He shrugged. And changed. The gleaming golden eyes now looked at her from a fanged jackal's head. Her mouth went suddenly dry. Then he changed again. "I see," she said.

He moved over her, remaining on his hands and knees, allowing his penis to touch her body. The tip was burning hot. He held her eyes with his. Her hands moved to caress the length of his penis. He was hot and firm. As she touched him, he swelled and lengthened, becoming harder, longer, thicker. When he was fully erect, her hands guided him to her body. She tried to let go of him, to stop bringing him closer, but could not. He saw the anger in her eyes as he willed her to continue. He pushed at her until the tip had entered her. Then he released her will. Her hands immediately left his huge erection and went to his chest to try to push him off. His eyes gleamed brighter as he allowed her to try.

Then he lunged forward, forcing his immense erection completely into her in a single, savage, tearing thrust. She thrashed and screamed at the excruciating friction of his penetration. He held her pinned under his heavy body as the pain shivered along her nerves and she lay trembling and gasping. He began long, slow movements, easing his massive penis in and out of her, slowly stimulating her until she was writhing and moaning under him.

He had made her scream, but she was determined not to beg. She would die of the frustration before she would beg. Hour after hour, he moved in her, building the sensations in her. He could feel her need. He waited for her to beg for release, for him to allow her to orgasm. She writhed and moaned. Still he moved in her, long and slow, in and out, hour after hour. She was almost sobbing with frustrated need and still would not beg. His own need was building and would eventually explode. He kept on, long, slow thrusts into her writhing, quivering body. He could feel her weaken, her heart pounding harder and harder, her breath gasping as he kept her at the edge. Finally, he had to acknowledge that he would kill her if he did not allow her release. And he found that he did not want her to die. Her strength and will excited him. He changed his rhythm, now thrusting hard and sharp into her.

She arched, shrieking, as her body finally went rigid with intense orgasmic spasms. His climax joined hers, intensifying the spasms, fueling her orgasm, making it go on and on as his burning seed poured into her. He held her tight to him as the echoes of their intense climax slowly faded. She finally lay limp, quivering under him. He kissed her gently and slowly eased from her body. She lay exhausted in his arms and lost consciousness.

When she awoke, she was lying among soft cushions, covered with a silk coverlet. Her body ached and quivered with the memory of his huge penis moving in her. She was still tired. She sighed and went back to sleep. The next time she awoke, he was sitting beside her.

"Why did you not beg?" he asked softly. Her eyes flashed in anger.

"You took," she said coldly, "you did not ask." She moved away from him, refusing to meet his eyes.

He sighed softly. "I know no other way," he said quietly. "All fear me. Women are offered and their terror kills them when I release them." He touched her shoulder gently. She pulled away from him. Anger flared briefly in his eyes, then died. He felt no fear from her.

"I can take you again," he said quietly, freezing her will, making her remain still as he touched her. He felt her anger. He sighed, releasing her.

"There is a bathing pool in the next chamber," he said quietly, "food and drink will be brought to you." Then he left her.

When she was certain he had gone, she went to the bathing pool and eased her aching body into the warm water. She sighed and let the heat ease and relax her. Her thoughts were in turmoil. His attraction was hard for her to resist. If only he did not TAKE. Finally, she emerged from the pool and dried herself. The promised food and drink were waiting for her. She ate and drank, gaining strength. She looked around. Her chamber was large and comfortable. She settled among the cushions and waited to see what would happen next.

Suddenly, Anubis was in the room. He held two beautiful crystal goblets filled with a dark wine. He offered one to her silently. She took it slowly. His fingers lingered on hers briefly.

"It is a rare vintage," he said softly, "only wine, nothing more." She nodded slightly at his acknowledgment of her suspicion. She sipped slowly. The taste was faintly sweet, like cherries.

"Thank you," she said.

He lowered himself to the cushions, silent. He took a long swallow of the wine. "I have no knowledge of how..." he hesitated. Then he leaned forward and kissed her with soft hunger.

She tasted the wine on his lips and responded to him, yielding to his kiss. He took her glass and set both aside. He kissed her again, touching her only with his lips. Her hands caressed his face, holding him to her as she returned his kiss. He gently kissed her throat and then her breasts. He felt her nipples harden under his lips. Her hands were in his hair, holding him to her. He eased her back among the cushions.

"Will you make me scream again?" she asked softly.

"Perhaps," he replied as he kissed her breasts again. His penis was already rock hard, long, and thick. She stroked it gently, feeling the burning hardness under her fingers. He swelled harder, larger. Her gentle, WILLING, touch aroused him more than he ever had been. His hands caressed her soft body, gently arousing her.

Suddenly, she moved over him, straddling him. He allowed her to hold him down, curious to see what she would do. She raised up and impaled herself on his monstrous erection, moaning softly as he slid into her, spreading her. She moved her hips slowly until he was completely in her. She stiffened and climaxed. The spasms of her sudden orgasm stimulated him, arousing him more. She lay on him, quivering. Then she kissed him again, focusing on her lips on his, tasting him. She felt him swell harder in her. She moaned softly in pleasure.

Then he rolled over to have her under him. She allowed her eyes to meet his. She could feel the power of his mind touching hers then withdrawing. He began thrusting hard and deep into her. She was soon writhing under him, urging him deeper into her with hands and lips. She arched in orgasm, her body throbbing hard around him. The sudden spasms fueled his arousal. He took her to climax again and again until she was rigid, her body convulsing in constant orgasm. He allowed his climax to pulse hotly into her, fueling her orgasm, again and again. He kept thrusting hard and deep into her, pulsing his fiery ejaculate deep into her as she writhed and convulsed with intense, constant orgasm. He was finding her moans and soft cries more arousing than her screams. Hour after hour until he again felt a massive climax building. He held off, thrusting deep and hard into her for hours more until he could wait no longer. Hard, jerking thrusts finally pulsed his final, massive climax deep into her. She arched, her scream of release shrill as her ongoing orgasm peaked into intense ecstasy. He held her close as her orgasm slowly faded. He had taken her hours longer than the previous time. She lay limp and quivering under him. He kissed her softly.

"How did you do this?" he whispered. "I have never been able to do so much before."

She smiled softly, her eyes soft with sated desire. "You did it," she murmured, "because you did not take. You gave to me and I gave to you." She kissed him gently. He was still hard and hot in her. "Again?" she asked, "please?"

He moved slowly in her, feeling her throb around him as she sighed in pleasure. He kept moving slowly, long, deep, in and out, until she was writhing and moaning.

"Do you like this?" he whispered.

"Aaaaahhh, yeeeesss!" she breathed, savoring his immense hardness moving in her. She arched in orgasm and he still moved slowly in her. He continued until her climax became constant. Again, he thrust long and slow into for hours and hours until his second massive climax poured deep into her. He had taken her to sated exhaustion. She moaned softly in protest as he eased from her quivering, throbbing body. He held her close against his body, her breath soft and warm on his skin, as she sighed into sleep. She had given him something more than release.

He was supposed to give her back and he was reluctant. So he held her close as long as possible. Then he clouded her mind and carried her back to the pillars. He tied her as she had been left, blindfolded her again, and kissed her softly. She murmured drowsily. He made an odd motion of his hand and held a small jackal's head made from a deep, golden diamond. He fastened it around her throat with a golden necklace that had no clasp. He keyed it to her. She could remove it if she wished, but no other could take it from her. A final soft touch and gentle kiss, and he left her.

She was found a few hours later and returned to the tour. She could not explain what had happened or where she had gotten the necklace. Yet no one seemed inclined to ask her to remove it. Her fingers constantly touched the golden diamond. She found that she preferred solitude where she could try to remember what happened and why she felt so bereft. Even after she returned home, the feelings remained.

The diamond jackal's head caused a great deal of comment among her friends, yet she could not explain it and soon gave up trying. Finally, one night she sat gazing at the full moon, the amulet warm on her skin. She pressed it to her body, her heart yearning for memory.

Suddenly, images and sensations flooded her. She remembered her anger at his taking of her unwilling body and then the wonderfully intense sharing. Tears flowed down her cheeks. And she was wishing with all her strength that he would come to her again. She finally fell asleep to dream of him moving in her, long, slow, hard, and deep. She couldn't see the glow of the golden diamond as her desire called to him.

The next day, she was summoned to a meeting with her supervisor. The room was unnaturally dim, heavy drapes drawn across the windows creating deep shadows where a half-seen figure stood. She sat carefully in a chair.

"I understand you had a rather upsetting experience on your vacation," said the supervisor.

"Somewhat, sir," she replied. The figure in the shadows moved slightly. She glanced at the figure again.

"That necklace you are wearing," said her supervisor, drawing her attention away from the shadows, "may I see it?"

"I'm sorry," she replied softly, "I can't remove it. The chain has no clasp and does not fit over my head."

"Have you tried to remove it?"

"No, sir. It does not come off," she said again.

"You could remove it if you wish," came an indistinct, soft, deep voice from the shadows.

She was suddenly trembling, her hands protectively over the jewel, the fear that it would be taken from her making her heart pound.

"No!" she said sharply. "I do not wish to remove it or have it removed!"

The supervisor suddenly stood and left the office without another word. She stared after him in surprise. The figure in the shadows moved again.

"Why do you fear to have it removed?" asked the soft voice.

Her hands remained protectively over the jewel. "It is all I have left of Anubis," she whispered softly. "Please do not take it from me!"

"Only you can remove it," he said as he moved into the dim light. "How did you remember?"

She looked up into the gleaming golden eyes. "It was my desire to remember," she replied softly, feeling again the intense arousal he caused.

Anubis raised her to her feet. "You called me," he said softly, his smile making her breath catch. "Shall I make you scream and beg?" he asked softly.

She reached up to touch his lips. "You can make me scream," she replied. She smiled. "Perhaps I may even beg," she whispered. He put his arms around her and pulled her close. "Would Anubis accept an offering?" she asked.

"A willing offering?" he asked.

"Very willing," she replied. He leaned down and kissed her. She yielded to his kiss, her arms tight around him.

The room faded. She was naked in his arms, the golden jewel glowing at her throat. She felt him begin to swell against her. She touched him, stroking and caressing his hot, thick length.

He laid her again on the altar, his lips soft on her throat and breasts. "What do you offer?" he murmured.

Her hands caressed his soft, red-gold hair. "Forever," she whispered.

He moved over her, his massive erection poised to enter her. Then he plunged hard and deep, penetrating her completely. She arched and screamed. He held her until the pain faded.

"Please," she begged softly, "please, forever!" And he moved in her, long and slow until she climaxed, then hard and fast as she writhed and convulsed. On and on, taking her to intense ecstasy, sating himself in her, pleasuring her again and again.


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