tagIncest/TabooAny Chance We Could Ch. 20

Any Chance We Could Ch. 20


This is a work in progress and chapters will be submitted at regular intervals. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. If you're just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter.

Sunday, October 14

For ten minutes the intensity of the storm grew. The crackle of the thunder reverberated throughout the house as the light every thirty seconds or so turned night into day. In short order two young ladies slid into our bed, Ashley snuggled again me and Katrina against Veronica.

"Scared?" I asked.

"Heavens no," said Ashley. "It's just a good reason to get in bed with both of you."

While the noise abated after about forty five minutes, the steady beat of heavy rain continued as we drifted back to sleep. When we awoke in the morning, Ashley was on her side against me with my left hand on one of her breasts. She wiggled her ass against me and greeted us with a yawning "Good morning."

When I arose Veronica joined me in the shower. Both girls went to their own bath to shower together. As I was dressing I looked out the window at a very soggy world and steady rain. It was the type of day to stay inside and relax by a fire. I reminded myself to order some seasoned wood for the fireplace in the craft room.

We went down to get coffee, Veronica in a short robe and low heels, me in jogging pants and a tee. Katrina and Ashley soon joined us, both in jogging pants and tight tees, no bras, and low heels like Veronica. "Doesn't look good for tryouts today," remarked Katrina.

She took her coffee over to the laptop on the counter and logged into the Athletic Association website and confirmed that it was a rainout. She then sat on my lap and asked "What's the rain plan for today, play in bed, get naked, what? I like you without the jock strap. Your batteries feel nice against my leg," she asked as she wiggled her ass a bit.

Veronica reminded her, "Hazel is coming at eleven, and Scott needs to finish the Carol shoot."

"I'll fix pancakes and see what comes up, besides Dad and our nipples," said Ashley. Both girls' hard nipples were obvious against their tees.

As we ate I suggested that the girls take the debit card and go underwear shopping. "Good idea, don't you think?" asked Katrina.

"Sure, sis, I want some pretty, practical bras and panties and we can help each other pick them out. We need to get two or three negligees too."

As the girls continued to chatter about shopping I looked at Veronica as she leaned over the sink watching the rain. My eyes traveled down from her wavy blond hair which cascaded across her shoulders along to her womanly hips to those long shapely legs that first caught my attention. I walked over to unashamedly lift the back of her robe to rest my clothed dick against her bare ass. I reached around and caressed her bare breasts under her robe. "Mmm, that's nice handsome," she said.

As I relished the soft pliability of her breasts I felt a hand go under my waistband, and wrap around my hard dick. I glanced to the side and saw blonde hair. "Ashley, what a nice touch. What are you trying to do, get some dessert for breakfast."

"No, I want some tonight though. You feel so good and I can't resist the temptation to play with your dick," she said.

"Thanks." I responded.

Veronica turned in my arms and jumped in to inform our daughters with some firmness, "Ladies, what a boy or a young man has between his legs is called a dick. Some men may call what they have a dick. A woman may even call the small thing some men have a dick, but young ladies make no mistake, what your father has is a cock, not a dick. He has a cock, a glorious raging cock to pleasure us. When you have had a hard cock in you for the first time and as your passion grows, you and your body will then understand. The word 'cock' will naturally and freely roll off your lips. Please show him the respect by using the right term."

"Yes Mom," they both replied in unison.

Ashley withdrew her hand, kissed the back of my neck and said to Katrina, "Let's go."

Ashley said, "I agree with Mom. You have a magnificent and glorious cock."

"I second what my sister just said," Katrina added as they moved to leave the kitchen.

Veronica with her robe open, kissed me, and said, "Let's go to bed and make love, now."

"Can we watch?" asked Katrina as they turned around in the hallway.

"If you wish, but I thought you were going shopping. There'll be plenty of opportunities for watching later," Veronica reminded her.

"I guess you're right we live together now and it's not every day Dad offers the debit card," said Katrina.

Ashley and Katrina preceded us up the steps, they to their bedroom, Veronica and me to ours.

"On your back, handsome, I wanna pole dance." said Veronica with lust and need upon her face.

As soon as were both naked, she mounted me and just as she had lowered herself onto me, Ashley walked in, "Fantastic ass Mom." She leaned over and kissed me, "We'll be home mid-afternoon, buy us lunch Dad?"

"Of course, love you, love you both, aah" I said just as Veronica lifted herself up on her knees until the tip of my cock was all that was in her vagina, then quickly lowered herself back down.

"Play nice!" I heard Katrina call from the hallway.

Making love to Veronica to the sound of a gently falling rain was delightful. We both came, she multiple times before we snuggled.

"Hazel was saying Friday night that Emerson doesn't pay much attention to her anymore and was in awe of the attention you pay to me. So she asked if we could talk about what I do to keep your attention. Do you know of any fetishes that Emerson has or that you can remember him ever mentioning?" Veronica asked as her head rested on my shoulder while her hand lightly danced across my chest.

"Offhand, I can remember that he likes legs and breasts. He usually remarks about seeing a nice pair of either. I don't know if he has any clothing preferences, although given the legs and breasts thing, revealing, emphasizing or teasing would probably work." I said.

"Maybe I'll give her a few examples. Would you mind me showing her a half cup bra and stockings?" Veronica asked.

"In your hand or on your magnificent body?" I asked.

"I think the best example would be on, don't you think?" she asked.

"Of course, you know I do."

With that we got up and showered. When we returned to the bedroom Veronica immediately put on a beige half cup bra, matching garter belt and beige thong panties, pulled on tan stockings, then finished with a pale beige satin blouse, darker brown pin-striped knee length skirt and tan high heeled sandals. As I sat on the bed my eyes took pleasure in her little show.

"If you weren't meeting the wife of my oldest friend and partner, I take you back to bed right now," I said.

"Later, handsome, close your mouth and get dressed." she said.

A moment later I was still looking at the love of my life while thinking about something that could get Emerson going. I dismissed it. I must have still looked to be in thought as my love asked, "handsome, what are you thinking about?"

"It's was really nothing" I replied quietly.

"Scott Stuart Appleton, don't give me that. You were thinking something that has to do with Emerson and Hazel. What is it?"

"Fine, I was thinking of Hazel doing something besides teasing Emerson with something more than little shows of her breasts and legs. When they're out somewhere she could draw his attention to the breasts, shape and legs of particular women. She could even mention what she likes about the woman's legs and breasts before asking him what he thinks of the woman. What would really get him going is a statement from her wondering what it'd be like to suckle her breasts. It is a crazy idea. Hazel would never do it, she's too conservative."

Veronica had the conspiratorial look in her eye, "Hmmm, that's an interesting idea. Or asking him to take her to a gentleman's club."

"Wow. Don't go there Veronica. Hazel blew up on him when he and I along with a few buddies went to one a month before he married her. What you're thinking is impossible," I cautioned her.

I put on briefs, jogging shorts, deck shoes and a polo shirt and we went downstairs. As Veronica puttered in the kitchen I took a cup of coffee and went towards the 'crafts' room. "Veronica," I said as I walked toward the hallway, let's call the 'crafts' room something else? Like, 'the den'."

I had been in the den for a short while when I heard Veronica at the door welcoming Hazel ...and Kim. I thought it was only going to be Hazel, but I heard her saying that Kim wanted to come along and visit with our daughters. Veronica said she was more than welcome to stay but the girls wouldn't be home for a couple of hours. Kim asked where I was and Veronica told her "he's working in the den."

Kim walked in, saying "I hope I'm not interrupting anything Scott. I thought Katrina and Ashley would be here."

"Make yourself comfortable, sweetheart. You're always welcome in my home."

"What're you doing?" she asked.

"Last weekend I did a photo shoot of Veronica's best friend Carol and I'm getting ready to finish a first cull. Feel free to watch and comment, I must caution you that female nudity is prevalent in this shoot."

"Really? I might enjoy it, Gwen and I spend a lot of time either partly or fully nude together," Kim said.

I began with the green set which we I had partially culled. When I reduced it to twenty eight pictures, Kim remarked, "She's beautiful, you're good. What does Veronica think? She excites me in some of those pictures, wow!"

"Veronica shot the next two sets and she was off camera for the all shoots. She is exciting, you must meet her sometime," I said.

Veronica appeared at the door, "Come and eat. How's the Carol project coming lover? What'd you think of Scott's work, Kim?"

As we walked to the table Kim said to Veronica, "He's very good. Didn't it make you jealous when he was photographing her undressing?"

"No, I guess he told you that I was there. Scott loves me with his whole being and I him in the same way. Both my love and our relationship is too deep for there to be jealousy, especially when sharing a passion," Veronica replied with confidence.

"Undressing? Jealous? What did I miss?" asked Hazel returning from the bathroom.

"Scott was showing me a nude photo shoot that he and Veronica had done of a friend of Veronica's. I was asking Veronica how she felt about it," Kim answered.

"Your Mother and I were talking about how she feels about your relationship with Gwen," said Veronica. "And I explained that our girls have a special relationship too. I think she is going to let the issue drop because I've directed her concerns to another issue, your Father" said Veronica.

Hazel began, "Kim while you've been out of the house and living with Gwen for the last twenty-three months, your Father has been working long hours. I've let the concern for your sexuality and the lack of sex drive of your Father eat away at me. I've directed my anger at you and Gwen. I need to deal with Emerson and our relationship so I'm no longer going to negatively concern myself with the two of you. I'll accept Gwen as someone special, and although your relationship is not one I would engage in, I love you and I will respect your choice. My conversations with Veronica Friday after dinner and in just a short while this morning, is changing the focus of my concerns. I hope you'll forgive me for the past nastiness."

"Wow, Mom, of course!" she said as she enthusiastically hugged Hazel with a tear in her eye. She then turned to do the same with Veronica, and kissed her full on the lips too, albeit a short one.

"After lunch, Veronica's going to tell me how she keeps Scott perpetually interested. You may go back to the nude pictures and Scott if you wish," Hazel said with a somewhat dismissive tone.

"That works. I'm not particularly interested in your sex life Mother. Scott has some beautiful sexy pictures I want to see more of, no offense intended," said Kim.

"None taken," nodded Hazel.

We had a delightful lunch and talked of many things other than sex, although my hand occasionally strayed to Veronica's upper thigh when I felt the garter clasp through her skirt.

After we finished and as Kim and I walked back to the den, Kim leaned toward my ear and whispered, "You're very hard."

"Yep, that's most of my life with Veronica, Katrina and Ashley. I told you that Friday" I replied in a whisper.

After we'd left, Hazel said to Veronica, "I tried one of the things you suggested on Friday, you noticed that I held Emerson's hand as we waited for the car and that I sat in the middle of the seat. I also pulled my skirt up to mid-thigh and put his hand on the inside of my thigh. He began moving it around and by the time we were home he had it up all the way against my damp pantyhose covered crotch. We actually made out in the car in the garage and then when we got inside we made love for the first time in weeks. Kind of frantic, kind of satisfying, with me cumming twice and Emerson filling me up, the love I missed. Or maybe was just a good fucking, whatever it was, it was satisfying. It was good and I want to keep his interest and his dick up."

"I glad I was able to get you 'fucked' Hazel by your husband's 'dick'" she smiled not so much because of Hazel's pleasure but because of what she'd said to the girls earlier. She thought Hazel's perspective was part of her problem and she needed to work on it.

After a second or two to collect her thoughts she continued, "When Scott and I first met, he told me that he had a hose and heels fetish. I never miss an opportunity to fulfill it. I wear heels almost all the time, hose most of the time, and I flash him little glimpses as often as I can. He can't, no let me amend that, we can't keep our hands off each other. We make love every day, sometimes more than once. We're both in heaven enjoying each other physically, emotionally and just being in each other's presence. He now works normal hours, we have lunch together most days, and he attended softball games almost every day for the last few weeks. Ashley loves him dearly. I've never been so happy."

"Yeah, but look at you, you're strikingly beautiful. Who wouldn't want to be with you?"

"Thanks, Hazel, but have you thought about changing your wardrobe. You may have a lot a beauty that you're keeping covered up. Do you mind seeing another woman in lingerie? Or me seeing you? If you don't, come upstairs with me. I've become a bit of an exhibitionist around Scott, so I don't mind you looking. Come on," Veronica said.

She took Hazel's hand and led her to our bedroom. "Sit on the edge of the bed, and I'll try to explain. Before you sit put your hand on the top of my thigh. Yes right there. Feel that? That's a garter clasp, I'm wearing garter hose, that's what Scott was feeling when he was running his hand over my leg at lunch. I noticed you were watching." said Veronica.

"I did watch and I noticed that when he and Kim stood to leave he had a nice bulge in his pants. So that's what was on his mind." said Hazel.

"He more than likely was thinking of the bare thigh above the hose top and maybe wondering if I had taken off my panties since this morning when he watched me put them on. Now watch. This is a maneuver designed to really interest Emerson." said Veronica.

She stood, turned completely around and as she began to sit on the dressing bench across from Hazel she tugged her skirt up with her finger tips to mid-thigh so that when she sat the hem was seven or eight inches above the top of her knees. She then demurely grasped the hem, and lifted the skirt up as she crossed her legs, then pulled the skirt back down to about four inches above her knee. "If I did that right you got a glimpse of the stocking top. Did you?"

"Oh, yes, that was very sexy Veronica and it got my attention. I know it'd interest Emerson, he likes legs."

"Let me show you something else. I'm going to do exactly what I would do if you were Scott," she smiled.

Veronica unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse and walked over and leaned from the waist in front of Hazel and then squatted down with her knees together, then put her hand on Hazel's knee, slowly stood, leaned back over and lightly kissed her lips. "What did you see, what did you feel."

"Well," a blushing Hazel said, "I saw your bra, the top of your breast, when you knelt I tried to look up your skirt. Your hand on my knee and your kiss surprised me but after you broke the kiss I swear I saw a nipple. Jesus, how sexy."

"Good demo, huh?" Veronica asked. "You probably did see a nipple, I intended for you to."

"Don't you have a bra on?" asked Hazel. "I can see the outline of one across your back."

"I do, and I'll show you in a minute. Now watch." Veronica put her fingertips inside her blouse and touched each breast. She then pushed her shoulders back and her hardened nipples were apparent against the satin blouse. "How does that look," she asked.

"You're incredibly sexy, Veronica, I couldn't be that sexy," said Hazel. "I think of myself as too full figured and look at my stomach."

"Do you love Emerson?" Veronica asked.

"Yes, of course." said Hazel.

"Then you can be the sexy woman of his dreams. You can get him to make love to you whenever you want, and I bet he'll spend a lot less time at the office. You just have to learn what arouses and excites him. Would you mind undressing, I really can't see your best features in those loose pants and top. How does Emerson like your hair, short like it is now? Or like most men, long?"

"I used to keep it long until he lost interest and I got it cut."

"Let it grow, you can afford to have it professionally cared for," said Veronica.

Nervously Hazel began to unbutton her blouse. She slowly pulled it open and hesitated a moment before dropping it on the bed. She stepped out of her clunky low heeled shoes and then unfastened her pants and stepped out of them with embarrassment evident upon her face.

"Hazel, Hazel, Hazel. White cotton bra, white cotton full coverage panties, knee highs, clunky heeled shoes, we need to go shopping. Are you free tomorrow? I'll help you pick out some clothes that'll get you laid when you get home tomorrow. Do you mind taking off your bra? What size are you?"

As she took off her bra revealing hard nipples and firm breasts and said "36C." She turned around and got an approving look at her still round, shapely ass from Veronica.

Veronica took off her own blouse revealing her half cup bra and hardened nipples to Hazel. Veronica walked over to her dresser and took out a white half cup bra and handed it to Hazel, saying "This is a B cup, but try it."

Hazel put it on, with a generous amount of breast and the nipples showing, and looked into the mirror. "Wow, that reflection is me, nice tits Hazel, if I don't say so myself."

"Bend over and look in the mirror," Veronica encouraged.

"God, I'm turning myself on," remarked Hazel.

"Put your blouse back on. No keep the bra we'll get more like that and some other styles tomorrow. I want you to change into something a bit tighter when you get home and tease Emerson tonight."

"Now, something else," said Veronica as she unzipped her skirt and stepped out of it. "I did leave my panties on" turning she showed her ass to Hazel. "Doesn't the thong make my ass look nice? Now watch as I bend over."

"Goddam," said Hazel, "You look good enough to eat!"

"I know and so will you too," said Veronica as she got a pair of white thong panties out of another drawer and handed them to Hazel. "Given what you were wearing, I never would have guessed that we're we nearly the same size, you're just a bit shorter than me."

As Hazel took off her own panties, Veronica remarked, "Does Emerson like you hairy like that? If he does, let me show you something that drives Scott crazy." Veronica put finger on either side of her panty crotch and pulled the fabric aside allowing a fringe of hair to show after removing her fingers.

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