tagGroup SexAny Chance We Could Ch. 26

Any Chance We Could Ch. 26


This is a work in progress and chapters will be submitted at regular intervals. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. Enjoy, your positive comments are welcome.

Saturday, October 20

After pretty well exhausting ourselves and getting to sleep late, I was the first to stir at 7:30. I went to the bathroom, performed the necessary functions and when stepping into the shower felt a kiss on the back of my neck and a cool hand going around my waist. Glancing in the mirror I saw dark hair and thought maybe it was Cindy. I knew I was mistaken the moment Kim's contralto voice asked, "Can I join you?"

We had a delightful shower before Veronica and Cindy showered together. I got out, and as I went to the kitchen I heard my daughters teasing one another in their shower. I smiled because everyone in our home that morning was having a refreshing shower that included a special element. By 8:30 we were all in the kitchen waiting for the coffee maker to announce with spurts and gurgles that the morning ambrosia was ready. I was wearing shorts, all the women were in some sort of pants, short and long, but without exception no tops. Just as Veronica began filling up the cups and reloading the coffee maker for another round, the doorbell rang. I walked over, opened the door and a woman with the name 'Karen' over the pocket of the shirt stood there. "Hi, you must be Scott. I'm Karen Goodwin," and she stuck out her hand. "I installed your video system and was supposed to pick up the final payment Thursday, but got busy, so I came just now. Does Veronica have a check ready for me?"

"I honestly don't know, come in and we'll get one," I said.

Karen looked at the topless group in the kitchen, then focused on Veronica, and said, cheerily, "Hi Veronica, it's so nice to see so much of all of you this morning. What an absolutely mouthwatering view you provide."

"Good morning Karen. We just got up, let me get the check for you it's in the den," said Veronica.

As she walked toward us in the hallway Karen couldn't or didn't take her eyes off her swaying, bouncing tits. Not for a moment. I couldn't help but be amused by the number of women I had noticed lately who showed indications of being interested sexually in another woman. I must have been blinded to it all these years and but now with Veronica's conduct my blinders had fallen away. Less than a minute later Veronica walked back out with the check and extended in her hand to give it to Karen.

"We've used the system three times but we haven't had a chance to play with the recordings. Katrina was watching the feed last night and didn't say it wasn't working. Thanks again for your prompt installation." Veronica smiled.

"I'm glad to hear that. Are you going to the gathering tonight?" she asked

"No, I think we'll pass for now, but thanks for the invitation and notice." Veronica replied.

"Well from the looks of the beauty in the kitchen, I can understand why. Be careful Scott, you're not as young as you used to be." And she laughed. "Thanks again. You've surely made my day."

I pulled Veronica next to me after closing the door and we walked back to the kitchen. "Now there's a project for today, let's look at own personal love-making shows."

After the first cup of coffee Katrina made eggs and toast for everyone. She wore an apron to avoid splashing on her breasts and stomach. After breakfast I took my second mug of coffee and went into the den, sat it on the end table and was reaching for a laptop when Kim came in. She took off her shorts as she asked, "May I join you?"

It's always been a personal policy of mine to never say 'no' to a naked women. As I sat Kim leaned across my legs with her breasts pressing into my chest. "Did I please you last night?" she asked.

"Let me ponder that a moment, hmmm." I replied. She leaned back as I reached for my coffee and took a sip. "Share?" She asked as she also took one from the other side of the mug, covering my hand with hers as she did. After we finished the coffee, she went for a refill. Seconds later Veronica came in with Cindy right behind her. Veronica sat at the other end of the couch and Cindy sat across her just as Kim had me. Kim returned with a full mug, put it back on the end table and resumed her position.


"Of course you did. Want to please me now?" I asked. "Were you as pleased as you'd hoped?"

"If almost passing out from orgasms is any indicator, YES!"

Glancing at Veronica who winked at her, Kim continued, "Yes, I do want to please you again. Very much." Kim stood and began pulling my shorts down. I obliged her by raising my butt. As the shorts hit the floor I looked at Veronica and she grinned with a wink while amused Cindy was taking it all in.

As I settled back down Kim grasped my dick, straddled me and without any further ado impaled herself on me. "Oh, shit, that's good, really really good," she gasped. I raised a hand to her bouncing breasts as she began to raise and lower herself from her knees. As I pulled her toward me and captured a bouncing nipple and sucked it into my mouth. With my free hand I sought out her clit and began caressing it with my fingers. "Umm, umm, damn you feel good inside me. Will you cum in me, fuck me again? God you feel so good. Veronica don't let him stop, keep sharing, ummm, damn, ohhh yes."

Her motions were becoming more circular now with my cock massaging more of her vagina. Her eyes were tightly closed and her moaning increased. Finally she stopped breathing and fell against my chest. When she started breathing again she was making small movements with her pelvis. Veronica whispered something to Cindy who got up and then knelt behind Kim. I felt a warm moist tongue on my balls and that was the tipping point. I came strongly in Kim.

Kim murmured "God, that feels fantastic" as she wrapped her arms around my neck while passionately and deeply kissing me. By the time she had broken the kiss Cindy was back with Veronica.

Veronica asked, "Can I lick and suck you clean and get all his wonderful, tasty cum out of you?"

Kim turned her head toward Veronica, "I thought you'd never ask, yes. Just as soon as I can move again." Kim stayed on my lap for at least twenty minutes as we kissed and cooed at each other. I was enjoying the moment. I would never have thought that the girl I watched grow up into a beautiful young woman would become a lover.

As she started to lift herself off, Veronica asked Cindy to let her up. As soon as Kim was in a seated position next to me, Veronica spread Kim's legs and began sucking and licking her pussy with a wide eyed Cindy watching.


Emerson woke up with his arms wrapped around Hazel. They were both nude, something that hadn't happened in the last fifteen years. As Emerson began lightly caressing Hazel's breasts, he said "Have I told you what a joy it is to wake up like this."

"No, but thanks," as she reached back and wrapped her hand around his stiffening dick. "Is that for me, or do you have to pee?"

"Pee first, and then inside your lovely pussy, my love," responded Emerson. As Emerson walked back to the bed, Hazel had rested her back against the headboard with her legs spread. He crawled across the bed and intended to try to eat her. Seeing this, she pulled her legs together and put her hand under his chin to divert him to her breasts or mouth. Hazel's background prevented her to from engaging in oral sex. She wouldn't let Emerson touch her pussy with his tongue, fingers were OK. She also wouldn't orally pleasure Emerson for the same reason. The echo's of her mother's voice and that of Mrs. Ruth Rogers, their Reverend's wife, saying only whores gave or received oral sex continued to haunt her all these years later. Part of her wanted to allow him, but she couldn't help feeling that it was a degrading filthy act.

Emerson had tried on almost a daily basis since her 'coming out' but wasn't making any headway. Hearing the same message repeated from the age of thirteen through to her early married years was powerful baggage to lose in such a short time. Emerson had yet to fully understand the conditioning she received was like a heavy stone around her neck. In frustration he abruptly sat up and said, "Hazel, I love you and I desire you. Isn't there some way we can work through your reluctance? I feel I'm only getting part of you, and I want all of you! You've very sexy and desirable, you must have some fetishes suppressed somewhere in there."

"I'm trying, I really am, but my demons keep getting in front," she replied meekly. After a pause she quietly continued, "I'm thinking of visiting Veronica for some advice. I know what you want dear, and I know it'll please you but I can't open up enough to even try. I'm sorry, Emerson, I love you very, very much, but I just can't do it right now. Please be patient with me and help me work through this. Come, fuck me, sweetheart." As Hazel finished she spread her legs and scooted down on her back inviting him to enter her.


Grace awoke at 7:00, nude, her usual sleeping mode with her hand between her legs lightly caressing herself with her fingertips. For years she had periodically had fantasies about Scott, and at other times about Emerson. Since his divorce she had hoped Scott would invite her out even though she was older. She knew that his ethics wouldn't allow him to approach such a line, but she still hoped nonetheless. Alas no invitation ever came. In the last several years she had increasingly been curious what it would be like to make love to another woman, to caress and suckle a pair of breasts and to touch her pussy. She lacked the courage to do anything more than buy two lesbian DVDs. Even if she mustered the courage to do something she had no idea how to make an approach or even what to do if an approach was made.

Though calm, cool and professional at the office, for years Grace progressively had become taken by fantasies and desires. As she caressed herself two fantasies at the same time could be within her reach. She thought, God, two for one, a woman to eat and a man to fuck, thank you Citi! I need to get going and draft that letter. I wonder what the bonus is that Scott mentioned, a year's severance perhaps, that's $225,000. Wow, that'll buy some batteries. The next thought was what if the deal fell through, how would I interact with Scott and Emerson in the office?

She put on her sheerest robe, went into the bathroom and then to the kitchen. As the coffee was brewing she fired up her laptop and began her letter of resignation. As Scott suggested she would couch the resignation as an exploration of what she could receive in retirement benefits and an expression of a desire to retire. With the thought of what he said about working for him after the sale she couldn't help but be distracted by mental images of sharing a bed with Scott and Veronica.

After typing a rough draft, she surfed to several bikini web sites and found one that sold incredibly revealing suits. With what she knew of what was happening with Scott and Veronica, and her conversations with Veronica she was not going to play coy. Through her selection she was going to make a clear announcement of her desire to be their playmate. She ordered two invisible styles and three different colors of another style coincidentally the same as Cindy's. She decided to pay express shipping so she'd have them for Wednesday night.

I need to call Veronica, perhaps she'll go shopping with me and without knowing she is doing so give me some more direction on Scott's fetishes and what kind of dresses would be suitable in my new role. I'm willing to do and be anything they desire. I sure as hell am not going to stick to pants and button to-the-neck blouses. Maybe some sort of soft top with an uplift or open top bra that'd let my nipples be free. Shoes, I'm going to need shoes, I'll throw away most of those sensible low heels I own. Maybe she knows a good shoe store. If this all works out as I think it will I'm going to be a new woman


As Dave walked in the door Evie noticed immediately that it'd been a long hard Saturday morning for her husband. As he sat slumped on a kitchen chair and drank the offered glass of iced tea he commented, "This could be one of my best projects. The owners seem to have unlimited funds and are willing to pay premium prices for a quick project and exceptional finishes. All the running around to line up subs and conversations with the architect are beginning to wear me out though. There'll be so many different crews working on different parts of the project that my mind is awash with trying to keep straight who will be doing what."

"It'll be over in, what six weeks or so. You haven't had a challenge like this for a couple of years. Enjoy, do your very best. Besides, Joy is more than willing to help you with the paperwork and ordering of the material for the job. This is an opportunity to give her more responsibility," his wife gently reminded him.

"You're right. This the perfect project for her to stretch her wings a little further."

Changing the subject Evie asked, "Do you want to stay home from George and Tina's tonight? I told her we were coming, but we can just stay home."

"Why don't you go without me," he said with an exhausted tone.

"I may do just that. Gloria called this afternoon and wanted to come over. Should I call her back? The two of you can relax in the jacuzzi and fuck the evening away."

Evie's youngest daughter from her first marriage, Gloria, was twenty-two and lived in an apartment in the city while finishing her nursing degree at SLU. She, as well as her twenty-six year old sister Joy, who'd been married to Keith for three years, regularly enjoyed sex with their step-father as well as their mother. Since marrying Joy, Keith had slept with Evie on the same basis as Joy with Dave. Gloria didn't have a regular boyfriend, and would usually sleep with Dave and Evie once a week, and with her brother-in-law and sister a couple of times a month.

"Do you know who's going to be there tonight?" Dave asked.

"Other than George and Tina, Joy and Keith, I don't know, probably a lot of the usual. Does it make a difference?" Evie asked.

"No, not really, I think I'd like to spend an evening with just Gloria and then the three of us if you still have energy when you get home at one or two. What are Abi and Sam up to this evening?" Dave continued.

"The twins are out for the rest of the afternoon and evening at the Fletcher's, enjoying the nice warm day I imagine in their pool and hot tub. The plan was for them to eat and sleep-over there and not be home until sometime tomorrow. So you and Gloria should have peace and quiet," concluded Evie.

Dave adored Abigail and Samantha. Though the twins from Dave's first marriage took their mother's death hard it didn't take long for them to connect with Evie. Within weeks of him marrying Evie they were calling her Mom. On their next birthday on New Year's Eve they would be the same age as Katrina and Ashley.


Kim declined a shower after Veronica finished cleaning her out, saying that she loved the smell of sex and wanted to share it with Gwen when she got home. Within ten minutes she was out the door still glowing with that well sated look.

After eating a light lunch Veronica prepared a grocery list and sent the three girls out shopping.

Still topless, she and Scott cuddled in the corner of the couch and Veronica said, "Handsome, I need to ask you something, something about your past."

"Okay," I replied, "But I don't remember much from high school if you want to go back that far."

"No, not that far. Can we talk about your marriage and divorce? Would you feel uncomfortable?" Veronica asked.

"No, I said, "I'm surprised that you waited this long after meeting her. I don't have anything to keep from you. What would you like to know?"

"Tell me about when you met and your early years."

"During my last year of grad school, she was an under-grad senior and working in the commons three or four evenings a week. We began dating and since we were both going to graduate in the spring, we did the 'common sense' thing and got married shortly after graduation. I later learned that I should have done my due diligence, at least as far as having a family is concerned. I wanted a raft of kids and was willing to work hard enough to support a large family, but Marty didn't want any, not even one. After a couple of years of begging, she agreed that one would be enough, and Katrina became our only child. For some reason I can't explain, not long after Katrina was born Marty decided that sex in any form, for fun or for procreation, wasn't on her wish list any more. Sex became increasingly less frequent, and before you ask, yes I was frustrated. We both loved Katrina and provided a very nurturing childhood, but as my business became successful, I spent more and more time away, traveling and working long days.

"A little over five years ago Marty was seduced and fell under the spell of a dominant lesbian, our dental hygienist for Christ's sake. The affair became quite heady and when I found out about it Marty was willing to break it off. My dentist had called and warned me that this woman was trouble. He couldn't really fire her, but he could warn me. I didn't believe him until it was too late. I learned later that Marty was her third victim. When she found out that Marty wanted to break it off she got Marty tipsy and horny and in an effort to get her dominatrix to make love to her, Marty said whatever her lover wanted her to say. She was recorded railing that she married me only to have a social husband and never really loved me, that she was thrilled now to be with her lover, that her lover pleasured her unbelievably better than I ever had, and that I was a poor lover and that she always faked her orgasms.

"This woman sent me a copy of the tape and I believed it. Marty never made any plausible denials, so we separated. In the divorce I gave her the house and a decent cash settlement. Talk about being devious, later this woman sent me a letter explaining that now that she had destroyed our marriage she was dumping Marty. So Marty became a victim as well."

"Oh my. She was more than devious. She must have a deep hatred of men and low values to do such a thing," commented Veronica.

"I agree. I was devastated. I was tempted to lash back at her, but I feared my rage would only cause me to do something rash and result in me having some legal problems. Instead, I threw myself even more into my work to recover and I think I have. Marty is still Katrina's mother and she doesn't know these grim details. I have only told her that I immersed myself in growing my company and that's why we drew apart. I also couldn't do that to Marty. And yes, before you ask, I do have feelings for her, but I also knew long ago I could never be in a serious relationship with her again. I think all this pretty much laid low her self-worth and esteem. Maybe that's why the she ended up in the failed relationship with the guy she found in bed with another guy.

"I don't know what directions her life has taken since either personally or professionally. Katrina has always been rather non-committal about her mother, I guess to avoid any friction. Perhaps knowing some of this and provided you an opportunity you might be of some help to help her rebuild her esteem," I concluded. Silently she cuddled against me with neither of us saying anything more for almost twenty minutes. As an expression of comfort several times she tightened the hug for a moment.

Suddenly she raised her head. I noticed tears in her eyes as she quietly and lovingly said, "I'm truly sorry about what happened, but I'm not sorry that we met and that we're going to marry. My love, I need you inside me now. Will you love me?" Without hesitation I sat her up, stood, laid her back on the couch and entered her with my shorts around my knees and her g-string pulled aside. We made very passionate prolonged love. Just as she screamed out her release I uttered an animalistic growl expressing my own climax.

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