tagGroup SexAny Chance We Could Ch. 27

Any Chance We Could Ch. 27


This is a work in progress and chapters will be submitted at regular intervals. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. Enjoy, your positive comments are welcome.

Sunday, October 21

About nine o'clock Sunday morning while I was out getting pastries, Erin called asking for me. Veronica told her I was out and asked Erin if she could have me call her.

"No, it isn't that important. Maybe you'll know the answer," Erin said. "Last night there was a woman at George and Tina's who I'd seen when I was here last year and I remembered her name was Cathleen, Cathleen Appleton Morris. Does Scott have a sister? Cute woman, didn't look at all like Scott, good fuck though, my brother and sister-in-law agreed. Do you know her? It's not that important, just curious. He doesn't need to call me back, or at all unless you're going to ask me to visit and ... ."

"Erin, you're as welcome here as Carol. I want you to know that. Feel free to ask to drop by anytime. Even if we can't have sex it'll still be our pleasure to see you again. "Cathleen Morris, you said, is that spelled with a 'K' or a "C'?" Veronica asked.

"'C'", I remember the first time I met her she was quite emphatic about it," replied Erin. "See you both again soon, I hope, love you."

After hanging up, Veronica's curiosity became aroused and she couldn't wait to ask me. I'd never mentioned any other relatives except my parents who had retired to Florida and had a very busy social schedule, but after a life of traveling they now rarely traveled more than 20 miles from their home near Tampa.

In the meantime, Dave called and asked if he could run by and discuss a few items the architect had come up with. When Veronica asked when he wanted to come over he replied, "Now if possible." Veronica quickly changed from a sweat shirt and shorts to a tight t-shirt over a sheer bra, and a short casual skirt with three inch slides.

Shortly after I returned, Dave knocked at the door. Veronica let him in and I watched him fondle the dark patches on her shirt with his eyes. He also watched her ass and legs as she by design led him into the kitchen.

Dave declined coffee, but accepted a pastry as he rolled out a new set of drawings. "The architect said that now would be an excellent opportunity to add another bedroom on the first floor using the existing bathroom connections for an en-suite facility. The addition would balance that corner of the house and could be added at minimum cost because that side of the house would be easily accessible. It also would help to enclose the pool too." Dave had a proposed change order for $57,000 which Veronica and I agreed with after a short discussion. Veronica was also excited by the thought of another bedroom and getting to decide on its various features.

As Dave shook our hands he again visually caressed Veronica's tits and she his crotch. This time she followed him to the door with her eyes on his ass. I silently laughed at both their ill-concealed antics and mused again that if his wife was the sharing kind it would be interesting to see how quickly my fiancée would try to seduce him.

As she was closing the door and was getting ready to ask me something we were besieged by three chattering lovelies, tops on this morning, but the shirts barely covered their delectable asses. In turn they each kissed us and molded against us as they did so.

As we were sitting down with the girls, the phone rang and it was Grace asking for a shoe store recommendation. Not surprisingly, Veronica recommended the store where Sharon worked. There was no further conversation overheard as I was sliding my hand up Katrina's thigh and making her giggle.

Grace called again midmorning and asked Veronica if she could go shopping with her. They agreed on an eleven thirty meeting at Neiman-Marcus. Sharon wasn't in the shoe store, so they deferred that for another time. While eating a quick late lunch they discussed the 'new' Grace wardrobe of shorter skirts, tailored tops, and tighter sweaters. Grace said "I'm going to change my whole look, no more pants or longer skirts unless I have too. I hope you don't mind, I want to be desirable to Scott and Emerson. I know I mentioned last week that I'm looking forward to frequent fuck sessions with either of you, but I've never been with a woman. I've thought about it, hell I've watched enough movies about it, but haven't experienced it."

After more conversation along these lines, they walked to their cars and left. Hmm, thought Veronica, she all but said, 'take me now'. That was some invitation to be seduced alright. I'd rather be the indirect seductress, and it seems that perhaps she has a latent wild side. This could be fun.


At noon Angela arrived with Caroline. Shortly after, Mary Claire arrived in her blue Cavalier. Within thirty minutes all were lounging around the pool and wandering around the house topless, even the quiet Mary Claire.

When Veronica returned mid-afternoon from shopping she stood just inside the patio door with a surprised look on her face. I was on the deck surrounded by the six topless young ladies. We were sitting around the table having a normal conversation. She caught my eye and her eyes looked down towards my lap. When she looked back up I nodded every so subtly "yes" that I was sitting at the end of the table so my erection wasn't too obvious.

With a glow on her face Veronica opened the door and walked onto the deck. She leaned over to embrace Katrina from behind and caress her breasts as she kissed her on the neck. As the girls watched she moved further along to hug Ashley as she stood. As they hugged, Veronica caressed her daughter's ass. Wrapping one arm around Cindy's shoulder and lightly touched her nipples as she kissed her fully for several seconds on the lips and whispered loudly enough for all to hear, ask, "How is my lover this afternoon." I was amazed how Veronica was increasingly taking control of situations that could become sexual in nature. I knew what she was after as much for me as for herself.

"Mind if I stay?" she asked so naturally.

Mary Claire said, "Please do. Want to kiss me hello?"

"Thank you and sure," Veronica answered as she walked toward Mary Claire and with a light but prolonged kiss on her lips rested one hand on her bare hip and then lightly caressed it with her nails. Veronica then un-tucked her blouse, unbuttoned it, and pulled down her arms. With a glint of joy in her eyes she unfastened her bra and dropped both items on the table. Now wearing just a skirt, hose and heels she smiled at me while raising her skirt to remove her thong while asking rhetorically, "I hope nobody minds."

"I wish my Mom would greet me like that," said Angela with a pout.

Katrina, Ashley and Cindy quickly looked at each other.

Almost immediately Katrina got up and walked into the kitchen and picked up the phone to call Georgina on her cell. "Georgina, won't believe what just happened." After relating Angelia's reaction Katrina laughed, "It looks like the two of you have similar desires and interests. I don't think you'll need any further lessons from us. Enjoy each other when she gets home. Actually if you want to come over now unannounced you could use what's happening to get things started with her. Oh, and if you want to be your daughter's first woman, you better get here sooner than later. If we do get going, no one's going to leave her out."

Georgina groaned, "Unfortunately I'm about to take a generous offer from client on a very large home. But thanks for the information. Whatever happens, when she's on the way home, call me."

As she returned to the patio door, Katrina asked, "Does anyone wants anything to drink or eat?"

Mary Claire stood, "Let me help you." She stepped in front of Veronica and I, looked each of us in the eye and asked "What would like?" as she released her long reddish brown hair from the pony tail and let it cascade down her back and over her shoulders

Veronica in a light tone replied, "A glass of wine and a few minutes to caress your yummy breasts."

Without batting an eye, she repeated the question to me. While looking her in the eyes I responded, "A beer instead of wine, and to kiss your delectable nipples as well."

"I'll tell you what, if you let me caress Veronica's tits and wrap my hand around your bare cock, you can caress, fondle, kiss, and lick them as much as you want." Then looking at Veronica she added, "As much as you both want."

Angela and Caroline looked wide-eyed at Cindy and Ashley. "Isn't Veronica going to mind?" Caroline asked.

"Nope," replied Ashley. "If you'd like the same, jump in and ask."

Caroline boldly looked at me, "I'd like an iced tea, and Scott you can share my tits and ass with Veronica if you like."

"Oh my God, what fun. Can I have a diet soda, and Scott will you kiss mine as well?" asked an excited Angela.

As she turned toward the door Mary Claire looked back over her shoulder, tossed her hair and with a smile announced, "I'll be right back."

"Look at what you started lover," I smiled at Veronica.

"I only played off your little tease," she replied.

And in a lower voice Veronica asked, "Do you think they'd like to take this to the Field? Think seven will fit?"

"There's eight of us now . But Cindy has to leave shortly for work," I replied.

Mary Claire and Katrina returned with trays of drinks that they set on the table. Mary Claire looked at me and asked, "How do you want to do this? You still have your shorts on."

"Take them off handsome. I have a suggestion and some questions. First, you 're all eighteen or older, right?"

Mary Claire, Angela, and Caroline all quickly responded with "Yes!"

"This would probably be more comfortable in our bed. What would your parent's reaction be to that and possibly staying into the night, or even all night?" asked Veronica.

"I doubt my Mom would care," answered Mary Claire. "Since I turned nineteen she has given me a lot of freedom to make my own decisions."

"Mine too," responded Caroline.

"I'm not sure about my Mom. Part of me would like to think that I could tell my Mom and that she'd respond that she'd wished she'd been here. But I fear that she'd say 'Angela, I know you're of age and can do whatever you want, but how could you do such an immoral thing? I'm so disappointed in you.' But what she doesn't know won't hurt her."

That comment caused an exchange of knowing looks between the other five. Angela's perception of what her mother's reaction would be was so wrong, as she was going to soon learn.

With that I pushed my shorts down. Almost instantly there was a round of "Oh, Mys" from our guests.

Caroline looked at the girls, "Do you guys get to play with that a lot?"

"Yes" was the unison response from our three. "Every day," added Ashley.

As we walked into the kitchen each carried their own drink. I put my arm around Mary Claire's waist and pulled her close to my side. "Gorgeous, you've changed quite a bit from a few weeks ago." I whispered into her ear.

"Thanks, I think you had a lot to do with it. Please put your hand on my ass as we walk up the stairs," she directed. "Will you make love to me and make me a woman if Veronica'll let you?" she said in a whisper.

I whispered in her ear, "Yes. It'll be an honor to be your first lover."

I noticed that Veronica was similarly coupled with Angela and Caroline on either side, with Caroline carrying Veronica's wine. Angela was a good six inches shorter and despite Veronica's four inch heels, Caroline was still taller than Veronica. She's got to be my height, I thought. As we walked up the stairs, Veronica's hands dropped to the ass on either side. I couldn't help but think that Veronica's juices would be flowing freely. She had repeatedly mentioned how much we loved the thought of her being a woman's first female lover.

Our three were grinning. They sensed that Veronica was like a tigress on the prowl and was excited to be bringing three new women into her bed for her and her man to enjoy. I noticed Ashley's wink at me as she was untying the bottom of her suit.

As soon as we entered the bedroom a stream of "Ohhs" and "Ahhs" came from Caroline, Angela, and Mary Claire about the bed. Katrina took off her suit bottom, and unobtrusively she turned on the video system.

With little time left before she had to leave Cindy immediately climbed on the bed, and pulled off her bottom. To either side of her she was joined by Ashley and Katrina.

Caroline climbed on the bed next. Katrina asked her if she was going to take off her suit bottom. "If Veronica and Scott want it off they can remove it," said Caroline as she crawled on her knees toward a beckoning Veronica.

I climbed on, lay on my side and with a crooked finger invited Mary Claire, "Come here sweetheart, let me caress you." As she moved next to me I rolled her to her side so her back was against me. I encircled her with a hand on each breast.

She turned her head to kiss me. As we kissed I moved one of my hands down her stomach and lightly caressed her with my finger tips. She reached over her hip and wrapped her cool hand around my cock and sighed, "That's so nice."

"Do you like the way they feel? Would you like to kiss my nipples a bit and caress the inside of my thigh?" she asked.

She twisted in my arms to face me and I took a nipple between my lips and began to caress her inner thigh with my finger tips. "If that suit bottom goes away, I could caress your pussy," I suggested.

"Gee, I don't know, if the bottom comes off you could do me couldn't you?" she asked.

"Yes, but not right now, later maybe," I grinned. Mary Claire had wrapped both arms around my neck and rolled me onto my back. As she was lying diagonally across my chest I felt a hand on my cock. When we briefly broke our kiss I saw Angela stroking my cock. Angela had a cute yet lustful look on her face before lowering her head and putting the tip of my cock in her mouth. She continued stroking the shaft as she laved my head and shaft with her tongue.

While enjoying Angela's burgeoning talent I noticed Veronica sitting against the headboard with her arms around Caroline, lovingly squeezing and caressing her breasts. Caroline turned sideways enough to kiss Veronica and used her left hand return the favor to Veronica's breasts. As their kiss deepened Veronica dropped one hand down to the top edge of Caroline's suit and followed it to the tie on the side. She pulled the tie to free one side of the suit. She then dropped her hand over Caroline's pussy and immediately sought her clitoris. As Caroline began to sigh and spread her legs, Veronica pulled her mouth back an inch and asked, "I'll bet you taste good. May I discover and enjoy your sex?"

Angela was on her knees sucking me when Ashley got behind her and began licking her slit and her asshole. Angela increased the bobbing of her head and was moaning in response. Ashley then found Angela's clit and began touching it, occasionally wetting her finger in Angela's pussy. "If you keep that up he's going to cum in your mouth, are you ready for that?" Ashley asked. Angela shook her head no and lifted her mouth off me.

Mary Claire heard that question, broke our kiss and with hunger on her face, turned and took me in her mouth. As she continued to stroke me, I felt my balls tighten and said, "Now, Mary Claire." She pulled her mouth back on my cock but kept me in her mouth. As I began to spurt she began to swallow and gasp. Before the last spurt she raised her head and I came on her cheek.

"Awesome, that was just awesome. Can we that again, real soon?" asked Mary Claire.

Pulling her up and hugging her into my chest I told her, "I'd love that but it may be a little while. Guys take a bit to recharge."

As Caroline was sucking on Veronica's tits Katrina was untying the other side of Caroline's suit bottom. As soon as it was loose she put her mouth against Caroline's pussy and began to lick and finger her. As I watched my daughter enjoy Caroline, Angela replaced Mary Claire on my chest and raised her chest enough so that her nipples were right above my mouth. I licked and sucked both then wormed my hand under Angela's belly and pushed my fingers into her suit bottom. As soon as she realized my intent she rolled a bit sideways and held the front of her suit out so I could get to her pussy. I found her wet hole and covered my fingers with her juices and began to play with her clit.

"Time out, ladies, please," said Veronica. Caroline sat up. Veronica got up on her knees and pulled her skirt a little higher on her waist. "I need to do this. Let me straddle Scott." Angela and Mary Claire moved aside a bit. Veronica put her leg across me and lowered her dripping pussy on my hard shaft and once I was inside her she began lifting herself up and down. The ladies knew what was going on but couldn't see it because she still had her skirt on.

"Mary Claire, sit on my face. I wanna nibble your thighs," I invited. After straddling my face, Veronica pulled Mary Claire into what must have been a mind-numbing kiss. Her suit crotch became almost dripping wet and I could taste her juices as I licked her thighs right at her crotch. Suddenly a hand came and pulled her suit aside and I could lick her hairy pussy. Someone was moaning, I assumed it was Mary Claire because I could feel the vibrations in her legs. Veronica began grinding herself on my cock and I knew she was about to cum. In a few moments, she did and she rolled off me and snuggled against me lengthwise. Mary Claire also raised herself and cuddled against my other side.

As our collective breathing rates slowed I looked to see that Ashley and Caroline were locked in a passionate kiss and Veronica began licking Caroline's slit. Katrina and Angela were in a 69 position moaning into each other's pussy. Meanwhile Cindy had cuddled against Mary Claire and had her hands on her breasts. Shortly Cindy and Mary Claire were kissing in a manner that told me that this wasn't their first kiss of passion and love.

Katrina noisily came and Angela was a bit quieter as she came also. We all laid there for a few moments before abruptly Cindy sat up and said, "I need to get dressed, I'm due at work in twenty-five minutes." As Cindy hurried into the girl's bedroom, Veronica rolled away from Caroline's pussy, sat up, and brushed her hair out of her face. Caroline leaned down and took me into her mouth and after sucking for two minutes, raised her head and said, "Now I know what the attraction is. I'll take a rain check on 'a cum in my mouth blowjob', okay?"

"Well, that was interesting," Veronica was saying as Cindy rushed in, kissed her and then me before rushing out.

"Take Ashley's car," I shouted after her.

After about a half minute of silence Veronica laughed, "I didn't expect this. You're all beautiful young ladies, and I've just lived one of my favorite fantasies of being surrounded by teen-aged pussy. Thank, you and I hope we can do it again. Is anyone hungry?"

"No thank you, I need to get home before my Mom starts to worry. The last thing I want to do is lie to Mom about why I was gone so long. She can always tell when I'm not telling her the truth," Angela said.

"I'd love to stay but I'm Angela's ride," Caroline explained. "Can Angela and I shower here?"

"Of course, be my guest. Do you need my help?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure Dad. If you get in there with them they'll never make it out of here," smiled Ashley.

As Caroline and Angela walked into our bathroom, Ashley and Katrina headed for theirs, Mary Claire turned down their offer to join them, saying, "I need a few more minutes to cuddle."

"Will you stay for dinner, sweetheart, or is your mother expecting you home soon?" asked Veronica of Mary Claire.

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