Any Chance We Could Ch. 48


Keith and Joy arrived about eight-thirty. He was carrying a thick binder and she was ... well she wasn't dressed for field work. Her top was a scoop necked button front jersey blouse of some sort that was nicely shaped to her breasts, which were jiggling, obviously unfettered by any kind of bra. Her quite short denim skirt ended between her mid and upper thigh revealing the bottom edges of her lace topped hose just below the hemline. She was wearing dark blue three or four inch pumps which not only enhanced her shapely legs but also caused her ass to sway enticingly.

I noticed Katrina carefully eying her and nodding to Ashley to look too. Ashley smiled at her lover and mouthed to her, "You want her?" Ashley grinned when Katrina nodded lustfully. I couldn't help but think that my daughter had become a pussy hound.

As Keith put the book on the table I introduced Joy to my assembled clan: Veronica, Carol, Katrina, Cindy, Mary Claire, Ashley, Cheryl, and Lauren. Again I caught the brief look exchanged between Carol and Joy. Of course, I thought, same swinger group.

After they'd all been introduced Mary Claire leaned close to Joy and said in a soft voice, "You're going to fuck Dad aren't you?"

"My, my, my, who ever told you that?" asked Joy with wide-eyed innocence.

"Your sister, we talked yesterday about tonight. I understand you and your husband will be there," smiled Mary Claire speaking in the same soft voice.

"Yes, and yes, what do you think my chances are? For this morning, I meant," smiled Joy.

"Good to excellence, from the way she's looking at you Mom wants a taste as well," grinned Mary Claire. "I can wait 'till tonight."

"My, you are an eager one," Joy quietly teased her.

"Yes I am, but I doubt I'm as eager as Katrina," she nodded towards Katrina. When Joy smiled at her and nodded, Katrina beamed.

Keith noted that he and Dave were having a project logistics meeting the subs on Monday at 4 PM and invited Veronica and I to attend. Then he opened the book to the first of many marked pages and with Carol and Veronica on either side of him, their breasts pushing the back of his shoulders he garnered confirmation of their approval of the architect specified fixtures. Katrina and Ashley treated him to the same breast rub looking at their bathroom fixtures and tile scheme. Lauren and Mary Claire treated him similarly, or so I'm told. Cindy, although not as endowed as the others, was suitably braless and kept his interest as her nipples hardened.

While Veronica and Carol finished, Carol nodded at Veronica as I took Joy's arm and said, "Let's go look at some of the spaces that you've only seen on drawings." Veronica said for us to go ahead without her and that she'd join us in awhile. I led a broadly smiling Joy out to the pool deck where I explained to her what was going to happen and how the new master suite would have patio doors opening to a bricked patio overlooking the deck.

She looked around the deck area then over at the door into the kitchen which was covered with protective plywood. Then she put her arms around my neck, looked up at me with her mouth open and while kissing me and enjoying my tongue, ground her pelvis into my cock. After kissing for a few minutes she gasped as she broke the kiss and as I released her breast from my grip she asked, "Where next?"

"Let's go back through the kitchen to the den. I want another look at your gorgeous tits for starters," I smiled. In the den I stood behind her as she looked around. I stepped up into her back, gently wrapped her in my arms, and started kissing her neck as I gently pulled her top below her breasts. I softly squeezed her bared firm breasts. She softly moaned as I pinched both nipples at the same time. I then turned her around, looked into her eyes and quietly said as I placed her hand on my bulge, "I want you. I've anticipated this since we last saw each other."

"Hmmm, it's so nice to be wanted so. If you want to fuck me half as much as I want to fuck you then we're in for one hot time," she haughtily replied. As I took her hand to guide her out of the den I was thankful that I'd listened to Veronica's coaching on what to say.

We left the den to go upstairs with her breasts still bared. I glanced over at Keith, he looked up and broadly grinned at us and gave a slight nod.

Holding her hand, we poked our heads into the two smaller bedrooms and baths as I explained what was going to happen to them. From her comments and questions it was evident that she was familiar with the architectural plans and specifications. We proceeded into the master bedroom. After turning on the camera, I turned to look at her. She happily put her arms around my neck saying, "So you find me attractive? Am I so desirable that you want to fuck me silly?"

"Of course you're attractive. Of course you're very desirable," I replied as I began to unbutton her top.

"Here, just do this," she replied simply pulling the top up exposing her delightful boobs and flat stomach and pierced navel.

I pulled my polo up and off and pulled those firm orbs against my bare chest. As she gave me a tongue tangling kiss I put my hands under her skirt and began caressing her wonderfully firm ass.

"Unzip it. Push it down," she groaned into my mouth.

As it was loosened, she angled her stomach away from me to allow me to push it down to puddle at her high heel clad feet. She fervently thumbed my shorts down and as she moved forward the head of my cock pressed against her stomach. "On my, that hot tool feels wonderful. Would you like to see how wonderful it feels inside me?"

"Yes," I replied my mouth muffled by hers.

"Condom?" she asked.

"In the night stand, either one," I gasped.

She stepped away from me and as she took the three or four steps to retrieve the condom provocatively wiggling her ass.

"Let me put it on you," she smiled as she tore it open and put the reservoir tip lightly between her teeth. As she began pulling my brief briefs down she pushed my chest so I fell back on the bed. She pulled them off, held onto my cock and took me into her mouth with the condom unrolling down my cock.

When she started to kick her shoes off I asked her to leave them on. "Oh, it'll be my pleasure," she chuckled. "Stockings too?"

I scooted to the middle of the bed and embraced Joy. She put a leg across me as I pulled her down to kiss her again.

I heard a sound from the corner of the room. I knew it was Veronica getting undressed. I then heard a male voice ask her something and heard her whisper, "Get naked. Watch with me."

I heard Keith's large belt buckle hit the floor and then Veronica gasp.

I'd learned to concentrate on my partner of the moment and didn't even look over at the chair in the corner but my ears provided me with sufficient information to form a picture in my mind.

As Joy began stroking me she purred, "I want this. Sweetie, I want you to fuck me!"

I returned the favor to Joy's asshole and slit with my finger tips as we continued kissing and mutually masturbating each other. She began gasping and I felt an orgasm roll through her and she said, "Eat me, then fuck my brains out."

I scooted down between her spread legs and enjoyed her pleasant scent and very wet pussy. I licked her asshole and she relaxed as I entered her just a little with the tip of her tongue. I heard her say, "If you'd like and play real nice I may let you fuck my ass next time." She rolled through two orgasms, one from my tongue in her ass and the other as I strummed her clit with my tongue. "Now, fuck me, you stud!" she suddenly demanded.

I shook my head and as I rolled on my back said, "Go ahead and ride me as hard as you'd like."

She giggled a little as she rose on her knees. In a second she straddled my waist and quickly lowered herself on my cock. She leaned forward a bit so I could have access to her jiggling tits as she bounced and rolled her hips. "Mmm, fuck, you feel good sweetie, soo good," she moaned.

She bent even further over, began kissing me and said in my mouth, "Where's another cock? I'd like one in my ass right about now. Oh God another one. A big one this time," she exclaimed as she panted and sat up wiggling on my firm erect cock. I was thrusting up and wiggling my hips with her as I watched her stomach muscles ripple through a body-rattling orgasm. She inhaled, pushed down on me and stopped to allow the release to wash over her.

When she exhaled she proclaimed, "Oh you do that so well."

As she began to come down she lay on my chest, looked over at her husband and Veronica, "He's a wonderful lover. You're so lucky."

"I know," smiled Veronica.

I looked over for the first time and saw my nearly nude wife sitting on Keith's lap, his hand between her spread legs playing with her pussy. She was sitting forward enough on his legs that her hand was obviously stroking him. "May we join you?" Veronica asked.

"You know you don't need to ask," I grinned. As Joy and I were sharing tongue I felt the bed move as one of them sat on the edge. I heard Veronica say, "I don't think we have any that'll fit."

"Front right pocket," said Keith. Veronica came back with the condom, gave it to Keith and said, "Lay back, I wanna see if I can get that monster in me."

I looked over and Keith's erection was pointing to the ceiling, and it was definitely a monster. It reminded me of a Coke bottle, narrow at the head then tapered to a much larger shaft. I saw that she couldn't close her hand around it. "Don't worry, it'll fit," laughed Joy. "Honey, just don't try to take it all at once."

"I'll bet you don't take this in your ass," replied my wife.

"Just the first few inches. Scott's would fit nicely though," giggled Joy.

I scooted to the headboard and pulled Joy up with me. She turned to rest between my legs. "Sweetie, you didn't come, did you?" she asked noticing the rubber was empty.

"No, the rubber kinda desensitized me. Don't be concerned I certainly enjoyed giving you pleasure," I replied taking a breast in each hand and gently fondled them. She turned her head and we kissed as Keith had Veronica on her back and was eating her.

"We'll have to do it again then," said Joy into my mouth. I nodded, yet part of me was not sure I wanted more.

"Keith, honey, make sure I'm really wet before you stick that thing in me," softly said Veronica.

He stayed down between her legs, thoroughly licking her from her asshole to her clit. When he held her clit in her mouth she came. "Ohh, God, that felt good. Now let me get on top."

He scooted to the side and turned on his back. Veronica straddled his midsection and with her finger tips guided him to her hole. As his head entered her she slowly lowered herself then stopped, then raised up and lowered herself a few more inches. "You're sure it'll fit?" she asked looking at Joy.

"Honey, you had a baby didn't you?" laughed Joy.

"Yeah, but she was coming out not going in. Ummm, God that's tight." She raised up again and on the next push had about four of his almost eight inches in. "Umm, starting to loosen up now. I feel so full."

"Keith pinch her nipples," suggested Joy.

On the next up and down Veronica was obviously becoming more comfortable with his girth and now had about two inches left outside. She smiled at me as she raised and lowered herself three more times, on the last one she was pushed against his pubic bone. He also shaved as I did. "Ummm, now it feels good,...and so full," as she began to slowly bounce up and down. "Ohh, that's a new feeling, I've never had anyone that big around," she sighed as she began to shudder.

"How long are you Scott?" asked Joy as she tuned and began to stroke my hardening cock.

"A hair under eight inches according to Mary Claire and her ruler," grunted Veronica. "How long is this monster?"

"Same as a Coke bottle, just under eight inches," grinned Joy.

With that Veronica sucked in a deep breath, swirled her hips a few times, then gasped and collapsed onto Keith's chest. Moments after she began kissing him he grunted and from the thrusting of his hips he looked to have come. After they both came down from their orgasms, Veronica dismounted him, and crawled up next to me. I extended an arm and pulled her into me alongside Joy. "Whew, I though I'd never get him in."

"Nearly three years ago Keith brought home a black couple who were acquaintances of ours. You know what they say about black cocks? Well I've been with two since then and seen a dozen or more at socials and clubs, and while it's an over-generalization, it was certainly true for this guy. He was as big around as your wrist and easily over nine inches long. His wife didn't have any trouble taking Keith, but I struggled to get him in me. After plenty of foreplay and lube we succeeded. Unfortunately, he thought size was all that mattered. He wasn't a very good lover so that work was kinda wasted, but then again it reminded me to appreciate the skilled sensitive lover. We haven't seen them since, nor have I fucked any black men, or any man anywhere close to that size since."

"Thanks for the ride Scott, I think we need to get going before the warehouse closes. Up for another time?" she asked with a hopeful look on her face.

"Of course," I said.

Keith and I disposed of our rubbers and after we all dressed, we headed downstairs to an envious grin from Ashley.

After lightly kissing our most recent sex partners goodbye, they gathered their books and folders and left.

After the door closed Veronica turned toward me. We embraced and lovingly kissed. Breaking the kiss Veronica said, "Well that was a rather passionless fuck for me. Yours?"

"Same. I don't care for condoms and as we'd discussed some time ago, I think we both need to have some sort of connection and a certain amount of returned passion. Being called 'Sweetie' bothered me some. It probably reminded me that I didn't really know her. She seemed to use the term too glibly, and I didn't like it. I didn't feel any connection with Joy, possibly because of it. I could be wrong but it seemed she was just looking for a different cock in her box and another score. I don't want to be just another score. All the other women we've had in our bed were passionate, don't you think?" I asked.

"Yeah, Keith was thicker than you, and though I've met him several times, there was no connection for me either. I had a couple of orgasms and enjoyed them. It seemed to be a quick sexual release, sort of masturbating on a stick of flesh. The physical sex was fine, but handsome I agree with you that being with someone who wants merely to get his rocks off is not my thing. Having a connection of some sort with your lover makes it so much better. If I'd been smart I'd of let Mary Claire or Cindy seduce him and take him for a tumble. I wonder what Carol's experience has been?" asked Veronica.

"Carol's experience of what?" asked Carol as she was passing by.

"We're talking about our less than satisfying experience with Joy and Keith," Veronica explained.

"Passionless. Detached. Large cock, nice tits and nipples. Sex for the sake of sex." We both nodded. "Though we've known each other for several years I sometimes think they're both just going through the motions of intercourse," mused Carol. "I really used to enjoy it with them but things have changed over the last fourteen or so months." Carol sighed, "Ah well, let that be a lesson of some sort. Lately I'm getting the impression they don't exactly enjoy each other that much any more."

"Oh, you think their marriage is in trouble?" asked Veronica.

"Possibly, but not necessarily. I believe they love each other, but they seemed to have lost the importance of being a couple first," she answered. "Maybe they need to take a hiatus from having sex with others and take time to recapture what stirred their love for each other in the first place. They were so madly in love with each other, but lately they seem to be more like two people living together with privileges. I'm no expert, but maybe they need to learn what I've come to appreciate with us and our friends, that sex is a way to express love and support for each other, to affirm and provide pleasure while experiencing the same in return. Sex without that type of dynamic is just sex, fun in a way but well short of its power and beauty. Repeated and frequent meaningless and no strings sex without holding firm to your core relationship can erode that primary relationship," responded Carol.

"Thanks Carol, I'm glad it wasn't us. Other than one girl in college who was an after party one night fuck, I've never felt that way about any other sex partner I've had. God knows there hadn't been many until I met my soul mate," I said as I pulled Veronica into my embrace and held her tightly saying, "I love you. I love you," into her ear.

"I feel the same way handsome. I hope Jeanine and the Davenports have a bit more passion."

I replied, "The Davenports are artists. And like our resident artist I think they'd be predisposed to passion. Jeanine hasn't been fucked for some time. Not only do I not think our assignation will be passionless, but I fear that there could be too much and she could confuse intense passion and her love for her husband."

"If that's a concern, then I think we need to think through strategies beforehand. I may need to be with you more often than I first thought," my love noted.

"I was wondering the same."

"And the Jacobsons tonight sure as hell won't be without passion," laughed Veronica.

"Mary Claire, do you need some help with lunch," I asked.

"No it's almost ready. Carol and I worked on it while you were upstairs being unsatisfied. Sorry. Do you want me to satisfy both of you?" grinned Mary Claire raising her skirt and playfully running her finger tips over her bald bare pussy.

"Tonight, sweetheart, tonight. I'll expect it," I said grinning.


After lunch Veronica was leaning against the counter smirking about Mary Claire's description of teasing Keith when the cell on the table rang. Veronica answered it. "No this is Veronica ... this is his number, I just answered it. ... Yes, I enjoyed meeting you as well ... thank you, you are too. ... Yes, it's fine with me, do you want to talk to him? ... Sure, hold on."

She walked the phone into the den, handed it to me saying, "It's George."

"Hi, ... didn't think I'd hear from you this quickly. ... Yes it was a pleasant lunch yesterday. ... Of course, ... whenever she wants to call me, that's fine. I understand. ... I hope she understands that Veronica is going to be involved too. ... So she's not been with a woman, but she's expecting this. Why's that? ... I see. She's an insightful woman then. ... We're looking forward to our time with Jeanine as well. ... Thanks for your confidence and of course you have our discretion. ... Good, I look forward to her call. Have a nice rest of the day as well." After ending the call and setting the phone on the coffee table Veronica snuggled against me smiling.

"Still screening my calls, eh," I grinned.

"Yeah and your potential fuckees," she chuckled. "Before I gave the phone to you he asked if I was okay with the surrogate penis thing and I assured him that I was."

"Though she's never kissed or touched another woman and has no interest in women, your involvement in some way is not unexpected by her. She told George she'd want to be involved if the request was made of her about her husband."

"So I may get an opportunity to be her first," Veronica grinned. "So what happens next?"

"Well, I guess she'll call when she's ready. It could be awhile, I guess," I sighed.

"Oh come on handsome. Don't sound so forlorn, you've got more than enough pussy in this house now, plus maybe Joy's sister Gloria as well."

"Yeah, I'll need to tell Mary Claire to put in a good word for me with her," I laughed as Veronica elbowed me in my side.

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