tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersAny Change Room Will Do

Any Change Room Will Do


Winter is just ending over here. Today was the first sunny day for many months. It was just hot enough to tempt me to visit the gay beach in the next suburb.

Over winter the local council has tried to ruin our fun by turning the sand dunes into a well fenced revegetation area. They have installed solar powered lights and remote cctv cameras to stop us breaking down the fences.

This place was well used by the local men. It is a small beach backed by sand dunes just tall enough to camouflage sexual activity. The dunes turn into a small area of bushland that had plenty of paths and little nooks that were ideal for casual encounters. At the back of the bush is a parking lot so there is plenty of scope for cruising parked cars.

I parked there this morning. There were about twenty cars, mostly empty. I followed the new path to the beach. I soon realised that it was too windy for anyone to be bathing. There were plenty of guys wandering around. Everyone was trying to get used to the changed conditions now that all the best spots for a quick suck/fuck were gone.

I cruised for about half an hour but realised it was a lost cause; the Council had wrecked the place.

As I was heading back to my Chrysler I noticed a guy in his sixties and his slightly younger looking wife. They were sitting in a car with the windows wound down.

I recognised the car. I had given the guy a hand job some weeks ago. As I passed he said something to the woman and they both watched me walk to my car.

As I got in I heard their motor start. I drove off. They drove out behind me. After a few blocks they flashed their lights at me. I drove into the next parking lot. This leads to a big family beach so I wondered what chances there were here. I parked and the couple pulled in a few spaces up.

I waited in my car. After some time the guy walked up to my open window. He told me that they were going to the amenity block. He walked off before I could reply. I had never been to this beach before, so I was reluctant to leave the safety of my car. I sat there for a while before deciding to follow them.

I was horny. Really horny. Over the winter I had spent too much time drooling over pictures on the net. I was connected to a really hot gurl who was driving me crazy with pics of her hot holes and tits. I thought about going home, back to the computer but I knew that would mean another day spent with my fist on my cock. Much as I loved pretending that it was her mouth, it was still just my hand. I was desperate for real sex.

I walked into the "Men's" and saw the guy standing alone. He had his cock out but it wasn't hard. I stood beside him and unzipped my penis. He looked down at it and started to fondle his own. My throat was dry. I touched myself. He reached over and handled my growing cock. I reached for his. I thought of my friend from the net. We lightly stroked each other for a few minutes. I was worried about some member of the public wandering in. I also wanted to know where his wife was.

He took his hand off my stiff manhood.

He walked to the far end of the toilet. I followed him through another door. Soon, we were both standing in a shower room. Both our cocks shrank as we looked around. There were cold water showers at one end, some benches along two walls and a cold bare concrete floor. We stood looking at each other for about five minutes. I was about to leave when his wife walked in through the doorway. She dropped some towels and a blanket on one of the benches. She looked at the guy. They nodded to each other.

My penis was still hanging limply from my jeans. She took hold of the door to this room. To my surprise, she slowly started to shut the door and gestured that she was going to lock it.

The guy had his hand back on his cock. He looked at me and asked if I minded them locking the door. I thought for a few minutes, worried that this might be a robbery. Or worse. I let my cock do the thinking. I nodded and she quietly fastened the bolt. I undid my belt and my jeans fell to floor. I was hard.

After the door was shut they spread the blanket and the towels on the floor. He got on his knees. His wife walked across to one of the benches. She removed her knickers and sat down. She pulled her skirt up. I stared at her thighs. To my surprise I realised that she had s small penis between her thighs.

She leaned back against the wall and parted her legs. I had a good view of her hole and her dick.

Her husband motioned for me to put my cock in his mouth. I stepped out of my jeans. It was too cold to remove my t-shirt but my cock was hard.

I stood on the towels and I paused with my cock a few inches from the guy's mouth. I was horny. All those months of wanking over Liz's pics on the net had me desperate for a mouth. I ran her pics thru my head as the guy on his knees reached up and started fondling my balls. My cock was huge, my knob was purple with desperation.

Slowly he leaned forward. I could feel his breath. His lips parted. Ever so gently I felt the contact of his soft puffy lips on my cockhead. I looked down as those lips closed around my manhood. He slid his mouth slowly down the length of it, stopping half way. I felt his his warm saliva swirling around my cock. He looked up at me.

I put my hands on the back of his head and pushed. I felt the tip of my cock at the back of his throat. He shaped his tongue around the bottom of my cock. He sucked. I watched his cheecks slowly implode around my manhood. He started to pull back. I watched my hard, wet cock slide from his lips. When it was fully out of his mouth he grabbed it and rubbed his face with it. He kissed the tip of my cock and slid his lips down it again. He did this several times. He had me on the edge.

I couldn't stand it any more. I looked at his wife. She was lightly playing with herself as she watched our show. She returned my stare with a nod of approval. I grabbed the back of his head again and shoved my cock right down his throat. I was full of cum. I rammed into that hot mouth several times, feeling the semen work its way right to the nob. I felt the warmth in the back of my head. Precum started leaking from the slit of my dick. I closed my eyes, picturing Liz looking up at me.

My orgasm started as I locked his face against my groin and humped. I face fucked him until my cum drippled past his lips. His mouth was full of my seed mixing with his saliva. I felt it swirling around my shrinking meat.

I pulled out of that slut mouth. He leaned his head back and gargled the mix of cum and spit. He swallowed the lot, wiping his mouth to catch the spill.

His wife put her hands on her hips. She poked her tongue out at her husband. He was still on his knees.

He reached out and gently pushed one of my hips. I turned around until I was facing the wall. I felt his hands exploring my butt. I bent slightly forward and he parted my arse cheeks. I felt him tongue the back of my balls. I shivered slightly as he worked it's way up to my hole. He pulled my cheeks well apart and that tongue worked into my anus. At first just the tip was inserted. I felt it wiggling around, almost tickling me, with it's light, darting motions. Soon it was deep inside my wetness. His face was squashed into my butt.

I dropped onto all fours, carefull to keep my hands on the towels, avoiding the cold concrete floor of the change room.

His tongue was working away, deep inside my horny manpussy.

One of his wife's feet reached out and dragged part the blanket near her. She leaned forward, arching her back, opening her shiny pink hole. She was offering herself to me.

I crawled over and put my hands on her knees.

Her husband moved behind me. He kept his tongue twisiting inside me. I moved my knees as far apart as possible, opening my hole wider than ever.

I parted her legs and kissed her hard clit. She patted the top of my head. His tongue left my arse. A finger penetrated me. It was joined by two more. He was starting to finger fuck me. I pushed back. I was tight but I wanted him to screw me. I lowered my head into his wife's lap. She smelled great and tasted fantastic. Her hands pushed my head hard into her lap.

I felt my hole being stretched tight by his fist. After a few minutes he moved away. I stayed on all fours, the cold creating goosebumps on my exposed butt.

I heard him unzipp his pants.

His finger was back inside me. His other hand lightly tormented one of my nipples. He licked and bit the back of my neck.

He politely asked me if he could fuck me.

How could I say no? I wanted to be his slut.

She pushed my face away and moved a little up the bench. I couldn't reach her there. She leaned forward with her head in her hands, elbows on her thighs.

I felt her husband get into position behind me. His hands slid under my shirt and he started tweaking both my nipples. I felt the tip if his cock pushing against my open hole. His weight increased on my back as he sarted sliding his rod past my sphincter.

It hurt. I tensed up. He asked my if I was all right with this.

I caught my breath and slowly pushed back. I reached out to the bench to steady myself. I lowered my head and quietly begged him to fill me with his seed.

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