Apartment for Rent

byAlex the Cat©

The taller woman just nodded slowly. "I... I didn't do it on purpose."

"I know," Sam smiled and took another swig of her beer.

Danny approached. "Hey, I'm taking off --- going for a pizza with the redhead at the bar."

Mike took a look past her shoulder. "Don't you know her name?"

"Of course I do. It's... Kim," Danny stated proudly, giving both women her big toothy grin. "So, I'll see ya guys." She wiggled her eyebrows at Samantha and took off.

"So..." Mike's contralto voice drew the word out. "Weasel told you we'd be here. That's why it took her so long to come downstairs," She watched as Sam dropped her eyes and blushed furiously. "What did the two of you talk about?"

"Well... I wanted to make sure you were interested," Sam muttered. "And, I asked if you liked femmes. She said that both you and she find women in skirts and heels a big turn on. I also asked..." the blonde continued to fill Mike in on the details of her conversation with Danny, earlier, as they finished their drinks.


Mike paid the taxi driver and offered her hand to Sam when she stepped out. Inside the main doorway Sam pulled her down for a kiss. Tongues danced in the passionate embrace.

"Do you want to come inside?" Mike asked softly.

"Mmm, I want to do a lot of coming," Sam responded, seductively.

Mike's libido went on high alert and she didn't think her legs would hold her up.

Inside the brunette's apartment, they kissed their way to the bedroom. Mike turned on the small bedside lamp, and blue and green eyes locked onto each other.

Sam took Mike's hands in hers and brought them up to the buttons of her blouse.

Mike took the cue and slowly undid them. She gently and sensuously stroked all of the blonde's skin with her fingertips as each article of clothing fell to the floor. With lust filled eyes, she gazed at the black lace bra and panties and smiled.

Sam brought very nervous fingers up to begin removing the black button down shirt then the white T-shirt followed. When she started on the black jeans, she felt a finger hook under her chin. Looking into radiant sapphire eyes, she felt the soft lips once again on her mouth. A moan escaped her throat when the tip of a tongue ran across her top teeth. Her nervousness subsided and was replaced with a fiery passion she needed to have quenched. With dueling tongues engaged, she managed to take everything off Mike and herself. She pushed the taller woman onto the mattress and proceeded to climb on top of her.

Mike was floored by the vivaciousness of this small woman. The feeling of skin on skin set her body ablaze. Her hips jerked up slightly when Sam straddled her pelvis and she felt the heated wetness touch her.

Sam's hands erotically slid down her own body and onto Mike's. She brushed up and across Mike's small firm breasts causing her to moan.

In the blink of an eye, Mike flipped them over and began to devour her neck as she ground her hips between Sam's legs.

The delicious friction had Samantha trying to pull Mike further in.

Finally, Mike stuck a firm thigh at her sex and Sam mimicked the actions with her thigh between Mike's legs. Mike swallowed a perfectly pink nipple and rolled the other between her forefinger and thumb. They ground into each other until Sam couldn't take it any more.

"Please... I need you... inside," the blonde panted.

Mike immediately complied.

The feel of those two fingers slipping inside her pussy made Sam's hips increase the pace of their rhythm. She slid her own two fingers inside of Mike and was in awe at how beautiful it felt. Mike's groans urged her onward.

Pumping in and out of each other, their climatic cries were swallowed by their passionate kisses.

Mike collapsed on top of Sam, and then rolled to the side. She held the smaller woman against her body and gave her soft languid kisses along her cheek, temple, and forehead.

Sam's body melted into her new love. A tear rolled down her cheek and suddenly the dam of her emotions broke free. She buried her face in the crook of Mike's neck and sobbed.

Mike stiffened slightly, wondering if the woman in her arms felt this was all a mistake. But her thoughts soon changed as Sam's hold on her increased. When the blonde's tears died down, Mike gently wiped her tear-stained face with her thumb and tenderly kissed the trail of drying tears.

"Thank you for letting me cry," Sam whispered. "There was just so much emotion and I couldn't contain it any longer."

"S'okay," Mike murmured.

They fell asleep with legs and arms wrapped tightly around one another.

About an hour later Mike awoke and decided to take a shower to get the smell of bar smoke off her body. As she began to rinse, the shower curtain pulled aside and in stepped Sam.

"May I join you?" the small blonde asked, green eyes raking over Mike's long, muscular body, appreciatively.

"Of course," Mike responded with a smile. Grabbing the soap, she took the opportunity to wash every inch of the smaller woman's fit, compact body.

Sam relished in the feel of large, slippery, soapy hands traveling along her wet skin. Both bodies were set on fire once again, so they rushed to the bed to satisfy their desires.

Mike kissed her way down Sam's body, lingering at her breasts giving each one the attention they deserved ---- biting lightly, pulling, twisting and suckling ---- bringing Sam higher on the plane of ecstasy. She then kissed along the blonde's flat stomach until she reached the soft reddish gold triangle of her swollen sex.

Sam spread her legs and draped them over Mike's shoulders at her request. She gripped the sheets when Mike's long, talented tongue licked at her folds until it reached in to tease her sensitive bundle of nerves. Two fingers slid inside and set a pace along with the tongue above. Sam couldn't help but press herself against Mike's face, and as she did so, she cried out her love's name.

As Sam's orgasm took control of her body's jerking movements, Mike held on to lap at the sweet ambrosia that seeped from the blonde's core. When she felt Sam start to come down from off her high, she crawled up and passionately kissed her.

Sam tasted herself on Mike's lips and tongue and wondered if the taller woman would taste just as wonderful. She pushed Mike to lie on her back then worked her way down the hard muscled body. She was compelled to twist and pinch the dark rose-colored nipples causing Mike to scream then replaced the somewhat harsh treatment with a soft wet tongue. When she moved downward, the scent of Mike's arousal reached her nose and made her head spin with feral passion. Small fingers played with the outer folds covered in the short, coal black, downy hair.

Mike's hips jerked off the bed at the exploratory touch.

Green and blue eyes connected as Sam slowly dove in to tease the pearl of Mike's sex. She sucked heartily at the erect nub and moaned at the exquisite taste of her lover. She inserted two fingers and pumped in and out matching the rhythm of Mike's hips.

Mike quickly reached the pinnacle of her release, but instead of having the opportunity to come back down, the passionate blonde drove her into another orgasmic wave, making her scream for mercy.

Sam watched the brunette's juices flow, and then licked them away. She crawled up and just gazed at this beautiful woman that she found herself falling in love with. "Is it always this wonderful?"

Mike turned and smiled at her new lover, "It can be."

The small blonde returned the smile and whispered, "I want more."

Mike looked a bit puzzled, wondering if she meant she wanted more in the relationship or more sex or...

"You have toys, right?" Sam asked, mischievously.

"Uh... yeah," Mike blinked, slightly stunned by the blonde's eagerness to play.

"You don't like talking about sexual things, do you?" Sam remarked, her nose wrinkling, slightly.

"Well, I've just... never come across someone who wanted to talk freely about it. So, I'm a little surprised," the brunette answered, with a sexy grin. "But don't let that keep you from doing so. I have all kinds of toys. Just depends what you're interested in."

Emerald green eyes flickered with renewed passion, "Everything."

Mike smiled not believing that she may very well have met her match in bed, "Okay."

"As long as it doesn't involve pain, bondage, or golden showers," Sam clarified.

Mike chuckled then rolled over to the nightstand. Opening the cabinet door, she pulled out the bin of her toys and laid it on the bed between them. "What do you want to try first?"

Sam peered into the bin; "You sure have a lot of cocks in there. Why so many?"

"Each one is different and has its purpose," Mike wiggled her eyebrows, her sapphire eyes twinkling.

Sam pulled out a small silver egg shaped device with a small thin cord attached to the other end where a small flat device about two inches long turned it on, "What is this?"

"It's called the bullet vibe. You can rest it on your clit or inside or I can put it inside this cock, strap it on and fuck you with it," Mike explained, the look of desire on her face making it clear which option she wanted to exercise.

"So you would feel pleasure too, right?" the blonde asked.

"Yep, and you'll also get a little extra something because you'll feel the vibrations," Mike added.

Sam gave her a wicked grin, "Fuck me with this one first then."

Mike returned the grin and began preparing the cock.

Sam positioned herself on her hands and knees, turned her back to her lover, then looked over her shoulder.

Mike approached the blonde's sexy ass, and wrapped her arms around Sam's slim waist. They kissed as Mike's large, calloused hands stroked her flesh from chest to sex. She fingered the folds of Sam's pussy and upon feeling the evident wetness, she gently nudged Sam to bend over onto her hands. She slowly slid in from behind and turned on the device to the first setting from the small control pad hanging over the nylon strap at her waist.

Sam faintly felt the gentle vibrations. It was a good start. She began to move her hips to and fro setting the pace and moaning softly.

As they moved to a quicker rhythm, Mike turned the bullet vibe up a couple of notches.

"Gods... yes. You feel... so fucking... good," Sam cried out. She leant over onto her forearms, with her face resting on the pillow while her free hand worked its way to her clit. She rubbed the wet, swollen nub in circular motions driving herself further into a frenzy, "Oh... Mikey... I'm gonna come. Ahhh... come with me."

Mike turned the vibe up higher and within seconds fell over the precipice with her lover. She pulled out and removed everything, then lay curled up in the smaller woman's embrace.

Silently they listened to each other's heartbeat, and just basked in the glow of their lovemaking.


Green eyes opened, and a smile came to Sam's lips as she recalled last night.

"Everything okay?" Mike asked, gently.

"I didn't know you were awake," Sam looked up into the Grecian features of her lover's chiseled face. "How did you know I was?"

"I felt your smile on my chest and figured you were," Mike answered, softly.

"I was just thinking..." Suddenly the smaller woman's stomach rumbled, interrupting her.

A dark eyebrow rose under Mike's bangs, "Do you have a little monster in there?"

"I better go. I have an appointment with the bank today," Sam began to collect her clothing.

"You can wear my robe upstairs," Mike offered, climbing off the bed to grab the item in question.

"Thanks. That'll make things easier," Sam brushed soft lips against her lover's. "I'll see ya later."


Sam's heels clicked on the black and white marble flooring of the main entrance to the bank. She walked up to the familiar third desk and announced her arrival to see Mr. Layton. While she waited in one of the plush slate colored chairs, she tried to breathe evenly and calmly. Having to meet with this disgrace of a human being always turned her stomach, and yet she was somehow cursed to only meet with him regarding the building.

"Miss Deneb," the secretary called out, "Mr. Layton is ready to meet with you."

Sam let out a sigh, thanked the woman, and walked into his office. The scent of his cheap sweet cologne immediately assaulted her nose.

"Good afternoon Samantha," Mr. Layton hissed in a leery sort of way. He smoothed down his greasy brown hair and gave the blonde an unappealing toothy grin, showing off his yellowed smoker's teeth. "It is so good to see you again." He pulled out a bottle of scotch and two glasses.

"Hello Mr. Layton. No, thank you, I'm not drinking," Sam, declared, firmly. "You know I'm here because you sent me another letter about my delinquency. I've already made a payment of $3,000 so I don't see how I'm delinquent."

"Ah, yes, that, " Layton took a swig of the brown liquid and sat himself on the edge of his desk as close as possible to Sam. "You forget that there are late penalties, and you were extremely late. So, there is the matter of an additional $1,500."

"What? I have 14 days grace, and I was only late by three days," Samantha hated dealing with this conniving piece of filth and yet she was trapped with him because there wasn't another bank in town who would consider re-financing her loan.

"Now Samantha dear, we have a relationship. There have been times when you couldn't pay, and I let you go on for a month or more. I think it's time I collect on those IOU's. Unless you have a better offer for me." The slimy little man stared right at her full breasts then moved down to her waist as he licked his bottom lip.

"You little shit. I will get you for this --- some way, some how. You will have your money, and afterwards, I don't want to hear from you for at least six months," the small blonde felt dirty as she stood and stomped out. She knew he was staring at her ass as she left. When she returned home, she knocked on Mike's door. There was no answer so she left a quick note and stuck it in the door jam. Entering her apartment, she undressed and took a shower in hopes of washing away the feeling of Mr. Layton eyeing her like a piece of meat.


Mike made another batch of the pomegranate sauce for the roasted quails, and checked on the marinated lamb chops on the grill. By the end of the night, she felt exhausted and was ready to go home. Climbing the steps to her apartment, she saw Sam's note on her door.


If you're not too tired and you're interested, I'd love to have you come up. The door will be open.


Mike smiled at the invitation then made her way into the shower to let the hot water soothe her aching shoulders. Dressed in a fresh pair of gray sweat pants and a red T-shirt, she made her way up the stairs.

Sam sat on the couch watching nothing in particular on television when the front door opened. Her breath caught in her chest at Mike's stunningly handsome features, "Hi," she breathed.

Mike sat down close to the smaller woman and kissed her tenderly, "Hi."

Sam buried her face into Mike's chest as she held her tight.

"Hey there Sparky. What's going on?" Mike asked, gently.

"I just had a bad meeting with the bank. I hate dealing with that slime ball Layton," Samantha shivered.

"You want to tell me about it?" the brunette prodded, gently.

Mike listened attentively as Sam poured out her story about having to take out a second mortgage on the building when her mom died so she could fix up the place and get it rented. And how Edward Layton has been letting her slide with late payments but now he wanted it all paid back, his real motivation being to get her into bed, adding the fact that she gagged every time she had to meet with him, but couldn't go to another bank and so on and so forth.

"How much is there left to pay?" Mike inquired.

"About $6,000, and I can't wait to be rid of him, but he's added on another $1,500," Sam sighed, heavily.

Mike thought about the best way to handle the situation. "Well, I've got a solution."

"What?" the small blonde asked, green eyes wide with anticipation.

"How about I call my cousin who's an excellent attorney and she'll represent you," the brunette suggested. "All of your negotiations would be handled through her and there wouldn't be anymore so called penalties. Plus she might be able to get this Layton on harassment charges."

"But what's going to happen if I'm late again or I'm short on the payments?" Sam's voice grew thick with emotion. "Things haven't been easy, since my mom blew all of our savings on her gambling addiction."

"I could pay the remainder," Mike offered.

"What? NO!" Sam exclaimed. "You can't. I mean, this is my responsibility. I will not have you pay my way. I'm not a leech!"

"Calm down Sparky," Mike interjected. "It was just an offer. I won't push it, but please think about it. Okay?"

"Alright, I'll think about it." Sam took the larger hand in hers and held it to her chest. "Would you stay with me tonight?"

"Sure," the brunette smiled warmly, clearly pleased by the invitation.


As the morning sun came over the horizon, Mike rolled over to spoon behind Sam. Something very soft swooshed across her face but she ignored it thinking it was Sam's hair, until it happened again. Ocean blue eyes opened to see Max's rump mere centimeters from her. His tail swung by again. She reached up to pet him and he rolled over with a purr. He stayed there between their heads enjoying the warmth and companionship.

Sam turned around when Max began to softly tap the side of her head, "Max cut it out!" she grumbled.

"Meow," He responded.

"No, you can wait for your food," Sam mumbled.

"M-e-o-w!" Max protested.

Sam opened one green eye, and glared at him, "You are such a pain."

Mike lifted her head, and croaked, "Morning."

"Hi," the small blonde smiled, affectionately at her lover. "Would you like to go out for breakfast?"

"Well, actually I have a flight to catch," Mike muttered. "I'm uh... going to San Francisco for three days to look at a house my real estate agent found."

Sam remembered that Mike told her that first day she moved in that she had no reason to stay in Chicago. "Okay," She looked down at Max so that her eyes wouldn't convey her disappointment.

"I'll see ya when I get back," Mike lifted the small chin with an index and kissed Sam's pink lips, softly.


The salty water lapped at tan feet standing there at the shore watching the surf. The sun was just over the horizon and it gave the once blue water a glossy black glow.

The tall figure looked up and down the shoreline and thought of how wonderful it would be to have a dog to play with on this beach. Even though the beauty surrounding her was breathless, it all felt rather lonely and empty. What would be the point in having an awesome house with your own private beach when there was no one to share it with? Mike found her thoughts turning to how long she'd been alone and didn't like the feelings that came with it.

The brunette turned to look back at the house with the large patio overlooking the ocean, and thought of the terrific barbecues and parties that could take place there. Then she thought of a certain short blonde sharing the house with her and what kind of life they would live. "Would she want to come out here with me?" Mike asked, her question floating out to sea on the breeze.

A woman with long brown hair and a dark gray skirt with matching jacket waved from the patio.

Mike waved back and started walking towards the house.

In the kitchen, she took a seat at the wooden table.

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