tagErotic CouplingsApartment- Short Erotic Stories

Apartment- Short Erotic Stories

byErotic Reverie©


A downtown lake front apartment building built in the 1950's- modern architecture and a sleek interior 'noir art deco' design. Doris lived in apartment 102. It was seven o'clock and the day was done. She entered her apartment and went right to the bedroom to change out of her business suit. It had been a long day for the 40-year-old mover and shaker, a long week in fact, and she was dying to relax.

She emerged, made her way to the refrigerator, poured herself a cold glass of water, added a fresh lemon wedge, and sat on the couch. Her cream silk robe edged up to her hips as she sat and the lace fringe at the bottom barely covered her upper thighs. "Who cares," she thought, "no one is here, no one can see- it's just me, myself and I- the three of us"- she chucked thinking how nice that was for a change.

What to do, TV, music, books, sleep??? She thought.... it had been a long stressful day... emergencies, meetings, inhaled lunch, work, work, work... She put on some music but now what? Read? No, did enough of that today. She closed her eyes, leaned back and sunk into the couch and rested. A few minutes went by and she knew what she needed...

Who to fantasize about? How the act would be performed? Story line? Position? Setting? Details, details, details, always complicating the joy of it all. She could never just spontaneously do it and let it play itself out to the end- in the end the details always took care of her but they could be so frustrating- always trying for the perfect fantasy and the perfect ending. She thought and her mind floated off....

She bent her leg, the one leaning against the back of the couch, exposing her. She ran her finger through her short and curlies and thought... Taken by a stranger on a one night stand? Seduced by authority? A public act? Domination or submission? Old fashion loving? Maybe like the curious but intimidated middle aged woman in that movie she saw the other night- consensually taken by four or five men in a public stairwell, all under the risk of being caught- that might be nice....

She envisioned herself sitting in a semi-reclined chair at the office, her lover kneeling before her looking at her privates. What next? A parting of the lips and a revelation? Maybe her lover would kiss and lick her moist sex and gently fondle her with a finger? After a short while she could push back and indicate she wanted a moment to herself, then with one hand part herself fully and with the other run the tip of her index finger from the top of her clit down one side of her lips to the bottom and then back up again, ever so gently running it along the moist edges... a precocious look down at her lover with pouty pursed wet deep red lips and eyes that said "you can go back there now" for more gentle licking and fingering... Two fingers and then a suckling on her clit. She could push her lover back again and run the tip of her index finger from the top of her clit down one side of her lips to the bottom and then back up again- ever so gently running it along the edges, two times then a third, gentle gasps and deep breaths- its was coming on, slowly... more licking and sucking and slowly inserted fingers by her lover and a thumb to massage her engorged clit....

How to finish? More of the same? A phallus? Oral satisfaction? Digital manipulation? Damn options! It was like a buzz kill! And the momentum was lost... She drifted off to sleep and dreamed these erotic dreams of her neighbors:


The two stood up... "Well it was a wonderful night- thank you for having me over," she said. Lauren replied, "It was my pleasure, I mean I have been talking about doing this for a while and the opportunity was just right for once- our schedules fell into place." "Well it was terrific," Anna replied, "The night air was perfectly cool and crisp- sitting on the porch just talking and having a wonderful conversation was great," Anna said as she handed Lauren the almost finished glass of wine. They walked to the door of Lauren's apartment.

Anna reached for the door knob and turned it, pulled open the door and turned to Lauren, "lets do this again- really soon."

"How about next Friday?" Lauren asked.

"I think I am open. I will check and let you know," Anna said as she stepped out and the door quietly closed behind her.

Then, a gentle knock at the door before Lauren could get a step away.

"I forgot my purse," Anna sheepishly said as she stepped back in. She bent down and reached to the floor just inside the door where she had placed it when she first arrived. When she stood up her back was to the wall. Lauren stepped forward, "well, um, I guess this is good night," and there was a moment of lingering silence between them.

Lauren leaned forward and kissed Anna on the left cheek and drew back. Lauren looked Anna right in the eyes to gage her reaction knowing she was forward. Really awkward silence. Lauren then stepped closer, their bodies brushing lightly, and she softly kissed Anna's beautiful full lips. Anna did not react. Then she looked down at the floor and said "I must go..." as she reached aside, turned the doorknob and slipped out....


"Mike," Leigh said, "I have given a lot of thought about what we discussed and how difficult it would be for me to do what you want me to do. I want to satisfy you, and, well, as a first step, I want to meet you half way." He thought- 'what was she willing to do?'

"It must be on my terms... I need to feel comfortable. I know that we are not a progressive couple, trying new and different things but the thought of sharing you with another woman in the same bed just does not sit well with me- it may never feel right- but I want to take the first step..." The words resonated- "first step"- and he silently rejoiced..........

"Here is the deal. Take off your clothes and sit on the edge of the bed- sit down here." He heard her pat the edge of the bed to orient him. Then she covered his eyes with a blindfold. "I'm going to sit in the corner over here. I have a guest for you. It is someone you do not know and will never know- that is non-negotiable. You must keep the blindfold on at all times. Don't worry, I know her and you do not- you never will. She is new to this too- we were talking one day and she expressed her desire and I did some thinking"- that's my girl he thought- "and invited her over. You must never know her so I never feel threatened. I also want to have you wonder for the rest of your life who she was and what she looks like so you can forever fantasize about who she might have been but also so that you can never pursue her. You might meet her one day by coincidence, she will know and you never will. She is sworn to never acknowledge the existence of today and you can never disclose it to ANYONE. Do not do a thing with out being told to do it. No talking to her, no questions and you can only talk when spoken to, otherwise, it ends immediately, understand?"

"Of course," he said, what else would he say?

Mike sat in silence. The woman entered and he could hear her walking across the carpet. "Very nice" she quietly said in a raspy voice as she observed his physique, "stand up, turn around and face the bed."

He heard her climb onto the bed and kneel before him. She took his sex in her hand and began to stroke him, "Very nice," she said as she smirked and looked at Leigh, boosting Mike's ego with the comment. A few moments later as she caressed him he heard her shift positions and took him in her mouth.

His mind raced. He had not touched her yet and all he knew was voice, her hand and now her mouth. Leigh was right, his mind did race... What did she look like? Her smell? She bobbed his head in her mouth, up and down in a teasing manner and then she caressed his balls, gently at first, then harder with the palm of her hand. Then she stopped and applied ice and his sex went limp.

"Sit down on the edge of the bed and slide back until the backs of your knees touch the bed," she instructed.

He could not place her voice- it was not even familiar. She straddled him, her knees along the outside of his legs... "Open your mouth" and she inserted her nipple, "go ahead, taste it."

He wanted to ask if he could caress her whole body, to assess her, know her but he dare not and kept the palms of his hands flat on the bed so nobody could find an excuse to end the moment.

"Here, now this one" and she gave him the other one, "like it?"

He muttered an 'uh huh' with complete occupation. They were small and pert and from the angles at which he was craning his neck, she herself was short and petite. How old?

"That is enough of that my dear," she coyly said.

She stood up on the bed and looked down on him, grabbed the back of his head and pushed his face into her sex, "go ahead, don't be shy, you can have it.... oh, you need balance, give me those hands," and she placed them on her buttocks- they were small and tight, that of a younger woman. Her sex was trimmed, a 'crew cut' at the top and freshly shaven smooth and bare at the underside, and it smelled so nice- freshly perfumed. She obviously planned for this event- her 'coming out party'. Her sex was already wet by the time she gave it to him. He wondered if she had been playing with herself while playing with him. Maybe Leigh had been playing with her? No, that was not her way.....

He ate her and she began to breath harder. "Hold me tight, grab my ass and part it," she directed as she arched her back. She held the back of his head for balance by a fist full of hair and her thought the pain was gong to cause him to wince. She ground her sex into his mouth as if she could not get enough of him.

He decided to tempt fate. He slid a finger close to her ass and began to toy with it, edge it in- it could be explained away as an accident if need be.

"Yes, deeper" she moaned. Then he tempted fate again and with the other finger he slipped it underneath and into her sex- she sighed.

"Oh I want you so bad you naughty man" and she pushed back his head, squat down over him, reached for his cock and glided it between her lips and began to ride him.

He was ready to fuck and just could not wait to take her. She was very tight and he was a bit large for her- but not so overbearing that she would feel like she was being split open. The combination always makes for great sex he thought. She rode him slowly and then sped up as she got closer.

She began to beg, "please fuck me, take me now, roll me on my back and take me".

With that he obliged and began to take her like a stud bull in heat- her legs up in the air and wrapped around him as best she could reach, her hands plastered to his ass holding on for dear life.

"Oh yes" she screamed, "fuck me, take me now, pump me full of your heat, please now, please, please, fuck me," and he did, arching his back, pushing down on her hips and pinning her like his prey and pumping all he had into her, as she shuttered and came.....

Moments later he came to his senses. It was quiet. He rolled off of her. "That was great. Thank you Mike" she said.

She stood up, leaned over the bed, took his sex in her mouth, cleaned him and then she walked off.

He heard her say, "Leigh, thank you for letting me do this with your husband. It really turned me on- well I guess I did not need to tell you that- you saw it all.... By the way, could I ask you for one more favor?....please, taste me... see what it is like to taste your husband and another woman, to touch a woman...I myself do not know- we can both have a first tonight if you would like... go ahead, just a small taste, please, for me...." Mike listened, Leigh thought about it......


Addie knelt, ass up in the air, on the floor in the middle of her empty living room in front of the fireplace, waiting. It was dark out and the silence seemed to last so long- it was getting intolerable. Then she heard the dead bolt turn. Mistress was the only person in the world who had the key. She put her head down and waited like a good submissive. Silence- Mistress must be undressing. She heard Mistress' high heels as she crossed the hardwood floor. She always yearned to look at Mistress from the corner of her eye as she approached.

Addie had come to Mistress seeking liberation from her inhibitions, sexual ones which tortured her soul. Mistress never physically disciplined her, it was always a mind game. Addie preferred it that way. Mistress was helping her through depravation and reward. As their relationship evolved, Addie was being shown a world she never expected to know and a person she never believe she would want... "Addison," Mistress acknowledged. She always initially acknowledged her by her formal name- it was a ritual. She could see Mistress' shoes- black patent leather high heels with a little toe cleavage, little silver chains draped across the heel of the foot, silver spike heels and those seductive black stockings... what Addie would do to have her.... she dreamed of this moment everyday. Obsessive and addicted she was. She just wanted Mistress to sit down before her, part her legs and let her kiss Mistress' feet, knees, inner thighs and more....

Mistress said, "Poor Addie- when will it end? You are so tortured. And I, I only inflict more pain on you the more I deny you. Your lust burns hotter the more I distance myself from you. You do understand- it is what I mandate. You must accept it if we are to continue."

"Addie, tell me, why do you continue calling me?"

Addie replied, "I crave that which I cannot have Mistress."

"And what its it that you cannot have?" she asked Addie.

"You - to know you," Addie retorted.

Mistress said, "and if you could have me, what would you do with me?" Addie was silent. Before Addie could express herself Mistress interrupted, "Well that may never be Addie."

"Mistress, I have never touched you, tasted you, known you. I need to know you," she begged speaking out of turn without permission.

Addie was getting bold with Mistress. Mistress knew she needed to reign Addie in but also reward her for her patience, lest she loose her.

"Addie, I have something for you," Mistress said as she stepped behind the kneeling Addie. Mistress indicted Addie should kneel upright. A gold herringbone chain was placed around her waist and clasped shut. It was thin and delicate and snaked across the curves of her body.

"Lean back and expose your sex to me," Mistress instructed.

Addie complied, spreading her lips. Mistress then took out another chain, which was clasped on the chain around her waist at one end and to the other end was tethered a quarter sized pearl. Mistress inserted the pearl between Addie's sex lips. Just the touch of Mistress's finger grazing across Addie's sex sent strong erotic waves through Addie.

Mistress continued, "You are to wear this forever. When you make love, when you walk down the street, when you go to work, whatever you do, wear it. It shall be a constant reminder of me. I will always be there to enjoy your pleasures with you- my dear it is just tight enough to gently tug at you when you move. Hold it dearly between your precious lips. Wear it well. Now for a surprise. Kneel again."

Mistress stepped behind Addie and placed a collar around her neck and fastened a leash to it at the front. She told Addie to stand up led her to the marble fireplace mantle. There was a big mirror over the mantle. Mistress told Addie to kneel down. Mistress walked to the other end of the room, dimmed the sconces, which book ended the mirror, and turned off the chandelier. She wanted the room darker, to inhibit vision. Mistress picked up the leash and ran it beneath her legs. She faced the mantle and placed her hands on it, her back to Addie. She tugged on the leash.

"Tonight you get some satisfaction, but with conditions- you will owe me a favor," she said and she proceeded to tell Addie what she wanted in return.

"Will you do it?" Mistress asked.

"Yes," Addie replied.

Mistress stood, her legs parted, drew the leash shorter and commanded, "Move closed and look up. Do not use your hands. Kiss the inside of my thighs Addie- go ahead. Smell my sex if you would like, you can even kiss it, but don't part its lips."

Addie's face was a wisp of air from Mistress' sex. She did what Mistress commanded, kissing her inner thighs, gentle kisses of worship around the tops of Mistress' stockings and along the garters, she smelled Mistress' sex, kissed Mistress' sex, gently nuzzled it with her chin and nose, kissed it in the middle then around the fringes of Mistress' pubic hair.

"Addie stop," Mistress commanded. Mistress arched her back more, stuck out her ass, braced herself with one hand against the mantle place, reached underneath and parted her lips with two fingers, "Addie do you see my sex? Tonight, it is for you. Make love to it Addie..."

APARTMENT 402- Revisited

Mistress would be returning soon. She promised Addie that it would be good for her. She always made that promise and always held her end of the bargain.

Addie adorned herself as directed. She drew the black stockings up her legs, attached them to the garter belt, put on the requisite stiletto heels and perfumed her sex and breasts. Five minutes until she arrived. Addie pulled back her blond hair and put it up. She painted her lips the requisite fire engine red. Addie placed the ottoman in the middle of the room before the fireplace. Lights dimmed and the room fell silent. She leaned forward, draping her torso across the furniture piece. Her sex exposed, spread and vulnerable.

Minutes passed and suddenly a key was inserted into the lock and the door opened. She heard people walking across the wood floor. Led by Mistress they streamed in and lined up along the wall behind her. Exactly how many she did not know- eight she thought. All she knew is what few facts Mistress had told her- that they were couples of men and women seeking pleasure. She was forbidden from speaking and touching them. They would never know her identity. Tonight, Addie was their object. She was about to give herself over to them, just Mistress as asked.

Mistress walked over to her and knelt at her side. She gazed at Addie and smiled approvingly. On cue, the men lined up before Mistress. Mistress undid the first one's his pants, drew down his underpants, placed his sex between her deep red lips and performed fellatio, pleasuring his sex until he was stiff. She then guided him to Addie and inserted his sex in hers. He then took her without remorse until he spilled his seed in satisfaction and withdrew. While he took her, Mistress began pleasuring the next in line. Each man was different in the way he took her- some were slow and methodical extending the moment as long as they could, others were quick and pillaged her sex. Regardless, each time a new cock was inserted and she was take, Addie felt the dangling pearl and though of Mistress and it swayed and tapped her thigh.

The women quietly watched as each man was pleasured by Mistress and then had his way with Addie, one after the other, after the other.

She wondered when, how and if the women would get their turn. Why were they there? Was it to heighten their arousal for their companion? To instill jealousy or insecurity that their companion might prefer a younger woman after taking Addie? Maybe to teach them what their lover preferred? Maybe it was a game or a dare?

"Come on Slut, let me hear you," one said to her.

Mistress looked up at him and growled, "I am warning you- no talking, that is the rule. And, treat her with respect."

He continued taking Addie and then raised his hand and slapped her ass, like she was some cheap Tart. She instantly jumped and winced with pain. He was an unruly rogue.

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