Aphrodisia Ch. 02


"Jamie I thought we were going?" Sonya said looking disapprovingly at his beer. She'd stepped up beside Jamie and scared him shitless. The boy was already a little freaked out to say the least.

"Yeah we are." He said after collecting himself. Picking up the half pint that the bar-maid had given him and paying for it with the exact change he had finished the drink in less than a minute. "Needed that. Thanks for the chat." He breathed out with a sigh and turned back to look at Sonya. "Lets go."

On his way out Jamie scanned the minds of all of the other patrons but found no trace of the image of Allison that was burned into his own mind so deeply.

"You just didn't overlook a woman like that" He thought to himself.

They left the village and drove toward York. It didn't take long for Jamie to find a good hotel using his phone's internet and book them a room. Sonya protested when he insisted that he pay for it but he argued that since they were here because of him then he'd pick up the tab. It was about six o'clock when the pair entered the lobby of the hotel hand in hand.

"Jamie there's a bar over there look." Sonya said, pointing through a doorway where Jamie heard glasses chiming and people chattering. "Will you wait for me in there? I have to go do something real quick."

Jamie didn't particularly want to wait around for her. What he wanted to do to her was tear off her pants, spread her legs and screw her brains out right on the lobby desk. It had already taken him a great deal of willpower not to ask her to pull over and ream her in the back seat of her car. Still from the way she was looking at him it didn't seem like she'd be very long at all. With a nod he took her bag for her and she gave a little giddy hop before leaning in to plant a soft peck on his lips. The teasing reminder of how she tasted didn't help matters but he watched that firm bottom of hers through the seat of her pants as she practically skipped out through the main doors.

After getting their room key and the receipt Jamie picked up her heavy carry-all and lumbered through the door into the bar. It was very quiet for that time of day and he guessed that it was one of those places that made more money on afternoon lunches than night time drinkers.

In the short distance between walking from the lobby to sitting down in a seat at the bar the strap on Sonya's carry-all had almost dislocated his shoulder. He set it down with a sigh of relief and plopped his own backpack down next to it.

"What the bloody hell has she got in there? Bricks!?" He mumbled to himself before opening her carry-all to sate his curiosity. Reaching inside he pulled out, well there was no other way to describe it, a brick. Turning it over in disbelief he saw that it had an engraving on its side.

"That's the mark of a roman legion." Said a familiar husky voice only inches away from his ear.

"Shit!" Jamie shouted, barely managing to hold onto the brick as he jumped off his seat and landed back on it with a bump. A few of the other patrons turned to look at him, he gave a sheepish smile and then waved to indicate he was alright.

Allison was sat curiously looking at the brick, she'd come out of nowhere and was now peeking over his shoulder at it. He immediately noticed that delirious scent she usually extruded and couldn't help but feel more comfortable in her presence.

"I was wondering when you'd turn up again." Jamie said.

"So was I actually. I decided that you were worth a visit sooner rather than later." Jamie felt her hand on his shoulder, it squeezed the muscle affectionately.

"I'm surprised these guys aren't wolf whistling at you by now." He said nodding to the sparse number of people that populated the bar, most of them men.

"They can't really see me. They know you're talking to someone but they won't really notice I'm here unless I want them to...and I don't really want them to. So anyway how are you doing kiddo?" Allison asked, slipping into a seat next to him.

"Great thanks!" Jamie said, actually grinning. "I can't thank you enough for Sonya. She's pretty amazing isn't she?"

"Yep, now aren't you glad I sent you to her room?" She said in her best 'I told you so' voice.

"Yeah I guess I am." He replied honestly.

"You wouldn't have preferred it if I was there?" She asked, a teasing smirk on her full red lips.

The question caught Jamie off guard, it was one he hadn't expected or really considered since he and Sonya had gotten together.

"I don't think I could leave Sonya now." He said after a moment's consideration. "I'm pretty sure I'm in love with her. I know that sounds crazy since we've only really known each other for a day. Come to think of it we haven't really talked much at all. I just know I love her and would do pretty much anything for her."

"Hey! Remember who you're talking to here. I know you love her. That was kind of the point of getting you two little rabbits together to do what rabbits do best. Don't worry about going too fast either, trust me you two are great for each other." Allison gave him a conspiratorial wink.

"Then you also know I love you too." He admitted a little awkwardly. Trying to lighten the mood a little he continued. "I don't suppose I could have you both?" A rather sheepish smile followed.

"My darling boy," Allison breathed her tone lowering making her voice all the more sultry. "Of course you can have us both. You can have any amount of women you want sweetheart."

"See you keep saying that but I really love Sonya. I don't want to cheat on her or betray her. Besides it's not like she isn't taking care of little Jamie down here." He said lowering his hand to straighten out his penis as it hardened with desire once again in her presence. When he'd finished it bulged up against his jeans rather lewdly, pointing down along his thigh.

"Sweetheart you are just adorable!" Allison leaned forward. Jamie gulped as more of those large sun kissed breasts of hers spilled out of the plunging neckline of her top. Her fingers flitted along his inner thigh and over his hardening length. Her lips gave his cheek a loving kiss as he felt her hand gently stroking him. "I told you that Sonya won't mind if you sleep with other women. The women you sleep with will know sex like no other person has ever experienced it. You have my essence in you Jamie, my mark. You already know you can see into the minds of others. What their hopes and dreams are, their loves and losses. Take these two for example..." The goddess pointed a perfectly manicured finger toward a private booth across from them where two teenagers were sat opposite them. They were both girls, no older than seventeen he guessed. Both of them looked incredibly glum as they sat staring into an orange juice and a coke respectively. "...see what's bothering them." Allison ordered.

Jamie looked at her for a moment before resigning himself to turn his gaze toward the pair of girls. They were both troubled alright. The worry and the fear between them was enough to give Jamie a mild headache. Surface thoughts of the two teenagers were all it took to discern what was wrong with them. It was the same as before with Sonya and the Professor as the two thought patterns alternated with each other in his head.

"...how are we ever going to make this work? All our money's gone..." "...she doesn't think we can make it. God this was a horrible idea..." "...maybe we could ask at the hotel for a job?..." "...can't even get a real drink. I want to go home and raid my dad's whiskey cabinet..." "...would she work for minimum wage for me? There wouldn't be a lot of other incentives..." "...saw that creepy bartender look at us. Yes we're together. Congratu-fucking..." "...-lations Ceilia you've run away from home with your girlfriend and now you're going to freeze with her on the street..." "...go back home? We could work it out. I'm sure my parents would calm down eventually..." "...need to do something. Is what we have worth all of this?..." "...never go back. Not after what he said to me..."

"See? Here we have young love in bloom and a whole lot of poop that doesn't really matter in the way of it." Allison spoke up after she thought Jamie had heard enough. "So what are you going to do about it?"

"Me? What can I do? I can read minds and have a super-cock." Jamie thought about that for a moment. "I won't sleep with them. I wouldn't even if they weren't lesbians." He stated

"Why's that? You can turn gay women straight and straight men gay if you want to. Are they not good enough for you?" Allison asked him, a glimmer of irritation in those vibrant blue eyes of hers.

"It's who they are. I'm not going to change that. Plus those two genuinely love each other. I can feel the...the heat of that feeling even through all that's bothering them right now. It wouldn't be right to take that away. That's not even mentioning that they're bloody jailbait." He said, scratching his chin and thinking about what to do. "Can I do more besides read minds?" Turning his head to look at her inquisitively he found her expression had softened.

"Sorry of course, I thought you meant that you didn't like them." Allison admitted. Then she reached out with the hand that wasn't stroking his member and tapped his brow with her index finger. "You can do plenty more besides read minds sweetie. You'll have to learn what you can do on your own though."

"So you can't read my mind then?" Jamie asked, curious.

"Nope, I'm afraid not. Despite my interest in all those delightfully dirty things I can see you're considering doing to me behind those thoughtful eyes of yours. After frazzling you when you let me out of my vial I put a lot of my spirit into you. I guess I put enough of it into you to let your mind keep gods and goddesses out of its business."

"Oh. I see." Said Jamie, not really seeing at all but thinking it best to nod along and get on with the task at hand.

He closed his eyes and concentrated very hard, scouring the city with his new psychic ability. As thousands of thoughts poured into his head at once from the surrounding populous he let out a yelp of discomfort and pushed them back immediately. Ok apparently that wasn't the way to go about this. Trying a new approach he flitted through the girls minds again before hopping through one or two people at a time. Seeing the city through the eyes of others was a strange experience to be sure but the girls weren't far from home. It took him about ten minutes to find their parents, tracing them by following the girls routes to the hotel.

"...can't believe she's gone! Oh lord this isn't right..." "...shouldn't have said that to her. What will the family think of me..." "...came as such as a surprise, didn't know how to deal with it..." "...can't phone her, not after what I said..." "...such a disgrace on our family to find that she..."

Jamie immediately saw what the parent's problem was. They had been raised in a largely fundamentalist Christian family where homosexuality was definitely not tolerated in any form. Of course they still loved their daughters. Jamie could see it even if they couldn't. So he tried to will the ideas in their head of reconciliation to the front of their thought patterns and dumb down the idiotic beliefs that had split up their families. Much to his surprise it worked like a charm. It seemed their minds, or at least their subconscious, wanted their children to come home very much indeed.

Jamie opened his eyes to find Allison was kissing him. He'd been so entrenched in what he was doing he hadn't noticed that delicious soft mouth touching his lips. Still Allison was not a woman who you could ignore for long. When he felt her tongue lick slowly along his lips he closed his eyes and lost himself in her presence. Dropping his hands from where they were rubbing his temples he found she'd crawled onto his lap to kiss him. His hands touched her shoulders and slowly explored the gentle curve of her smooth hourglass figure. Thumbs daring to touch the softness of her breasts as his hands slid down along her sides. Yet before he could get those hands under her skirt she broke the kiss and reached around to catch his wrists. Her breathing was heavy and she closed her eyes for a long moment to regain her composure. It seemed no one in the bar had noticed the lusty display between them. Finally she looked down at him and gave a warm smile, her eyes twinkling and her lips swollen from the intensity of their kiss.

"Sorry sweetheart. It's just that you're a man after my own heart." She said, leaning to one side so he could see over her shoulder.

Both girls were talking on their cellphones. Clearly they hadn't gotten so desperate as to sell those just yet. It was a happy chance that they hadn't thought of selling them though since there was now a great deal of tearful reconciliation going on between the girls and their families. Jamie overheard them tell their parents where they were for them to come pick them up. They both hugged each other when they were finished and hurried to wait outside for them to arrive.

"See? All it takes is a good knack for showing people what's important to them. Nothing's really more important than love you see. Most people know that in their hearts but their heads seem to need to make up rules for why it's important not to feel or admit love." Allison explained to him. "Now for your next assignment cast your eyes over to the bar." She instructed. Jamie however had let his gaze fall to look down into her cleavage and was having problems tearing his eyes away. "Hey! There'll be plenty of time for checking those out later. I promise. Pay attention, there's boobs over there too."

At the promise of boobs he turned his head to follow her gaze to the bar. Sitting there in a grey suit was a woman who was clearly trying very hard not to cry. Seeming of English and Hispanic descent with her dark auburn hair and alluring countenance. Despite the rather mournful expression she was wearing it was easy to see that she was quite beautiful. Emerald green eyes glistened with tears behind stylish spectacles and her delicately curved mouth quivered in a way that made a man want to hold her until everything was alright again.

The dark suit covered much of her body from his eyes but he could see she had a good figure. Her skirt covered her legs down to her knees at which point dark stockings took over the job. Black high heeled shoes had been discarded by the base of her bar stool that he thought were a little too sexy for working in. Of course with the rest of the business attire they seemed just fine. Jamie noticed to his disappointment that boobs were definitely not on display.

Feeling a sudden weight lifted from his thighs he turned back to see that Allison had vanished. Once again left to think about cold showers and large spiders until his member allowed him to stand up without pain or embarrassment Jamie considered the woman. Much like the teenagers her thoughts were deeply troubled and her worry and angst gave him a slight headache. Finding that it was much easier to listen to a single train of thought rather than try to eavesdrop on two at once he tried to discover what had the attractive woman so upset.

"...today of all days to tell me. 'Hey there Gwen! Sorry about this but I've been fucking a Thai woman from my massage parlour for the past six months. If you'll just sign these divorce papers I'll be out of your hair. Good luck with the job interview by the way!' I mean who the hell does that to a person? I thought he loved me enough to...well I have been working a lot lately and...no! I don't care what the fuck I've been doing at work you don't fuck your masseuse after five years of marriage. This new job would have been so good too! Couldn't stop blubbering through the entire interview. Complete mess. Should just go hang myself. Nothing left now, maybe I'll get my old job back? No they filled my position already. Dammit and then there's all those..."

Jamie didn't wait to see what else was bothering the poor woman. He stood up and walked over to the bar after she'd ordered her drink. Fishing a ten pound note out from his pocket he slid it across to the bartender.

"This one's on me...and can I have a pint of whatever lager you've got on tap please?" Jamie said before the woman could start fumbling around with her purse. She was looking at him with suspicion now. Recent events in her life had led her to believe that people were not nice enough to buy drinks for strangers with no reason behind it.

"What do you want? I'm not in here looking for guys to buy me drinks." She said. He paid for hers regardless.

"I know. Look I'm not a lounge lizard or anything. I just noticed you seemed upset. Are you meeting anyone?" He asked already knowing she wasn't.

"N-no I'm not." Her voice wavered.

"Great idea Jamie, remind her just how lonely she is." He mentally made a note to kick himself when he got the chance. "Well now you have," Offering her a friendly smile he noticed Sonya step under the archway from the hotel and into the bar. "me and my girlfriend as a matter of fact." Waving the slim blonde over he noted she was carrying a few shopping bags with her.

"Hey!" Sonya said as she spotted where Jamie had put his rucksack and her carry-all and dumped her shopping bags down next to them. Turning she scampered across to the bar and leaned in to give Jamie a brief kiss on the lips. "What's going on?" She asked looking between Jamie and the woman.

"I noticed um..." Jamie started but then realised that he'd only picked her name out of the woman's head and she hadn't said it aloud yet. That would have sure taken some explaining.

"Gwendolyn, Gwendolyn Chambers." The woman filled in her name. She spoke it like it meant about as much to her as raw sewage.

"Right. I noticed Gwen here looked a little down and just came to see what was up." Jamie explained.

"Oh, I see. Um..." She trailed off and bit her lower lip anxiously. Jamie thought that trouble was on the horizon and that Sonya didn't like him talking to this new woman. Fearing the worst he searched her surface thoughts just as he was taking a drink of his beer and nearly drowned himself. The reason for this was that as the beer was just about to hit the back of his throat Jamie couldn't help but take in a shocked breath. Sonya's mind was filled with almost nothing but thoughts of the lewdest and most scandalous variety. The term 'making love' didn't quite fit the description of the things that were running through the woman's head right then. Hard, relentless, brutal, visceral, mindless and depraved were just some of the adjectives he thought up on the spot to describe the kind of fucking his girlfriend wanted out of him when they got to their room. The reason she seemed so anxious and awkward was merely that her panties were practically soaked and she really wanted to get him inside of her one way or another. Despite her carnal cravings however her conscience was making her as worried about Gwen as he was.

"Are you alright?" Gwen asked as Jamie cleared his throat.

"Yeah, fine...it just went down the wrong hole." Jamie replied.

"...better stuff me in the wrong hole tonight buster..." Sonya thought to herself. Then she wondered why her man was blushing so furiously. Deciding it was probably because of the coughing fit she turned back to look at Gwen. "So what's up with ya then?" She asked. Her tone was friendly and her eyes concerned.

"Pretty much everything." Gwen replied. Soon after that she took a big gulp of the vodka she'd ordered. "Husband left me for a...well basically a hooker. Left my old job because I was so sure this new one was in the bag then blew the interview. So I'm jobless, alone, I don't have any friends really. I...I just..." A couple of tears fell down her cheeks and Sonya opened her arms to hug the woman.

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