tagBDSMAphrodite's Curse Ch. 065

Aphrodite's Curse Ch. 065


Walking briskly down the hall towards the kitchen, the squirming hissing kitten in her hand, Hera was a Goddess on a mission. She was going to enjoy this moment of triumph and take her time meting out her revenge. Zeus and his insatiable pussy fever had brought the world to the brink of war over and over and now that he actually WAS a pussy, in the most literal sense, she was going to take care of business once and for all. As her face twisted in malevolent glee, suddenly she yelled out as kitten Zeus bit her hand causing her to drop him to the floor.

"Come back here you naughty kitten!" Hera screamed as she chased the frightened animal down the hall towards the Ruby Room. It was no use, as Zeus was far too quick, and he squeezed quickly through a small vent into an adjoining room. Shrieking, Hera called out as he faded from her view. "Run little Zeus, RUN. You saved your balls for today!"

Returning now to the Ruby room, the sounds of Amphrite's laughter echoed off of the red marble floors as discussions of the upcoming party at the Palace of the Graces was being drunkenly and loudly discussed. Hera reentered, obviously irritated at having been just confronted with yet another example of her husband's infidelities she looked quite angry and depressed. When she sat down Dionysus immediately handed her a brimming goblet, which caused her to crack a slight smile. The wine had flowed strong all afternoon, and everyone was having a great time, so Hera decided that she might as well catch up. Zeus had escaped her grasp again, but she swore that one day she would have her revenge.

Suddenly everyone turned and looked towards a small golden door at the far end of the room as it slowly opened. Emerging shyly, looking quite disheveled, was Zeus, now transformed back to his normal two-legged form. His hair a mess, face all scratched, he was shockingly pale as he had not had time to focus on the subtle niceties when he metamorphosed back from his kitten state, having accidentally run into this closet. Normally resplendent in Divine Glory, now he had the look of a man who had just dodged some horrific fate, which of course he had. Hera, seeing him emerge, began chuckling. "Well Husband, don't you look like something the cat dragged in!"

Waving his hand over his body, he now mutated back into more of his normal Godlike clothing and appearance, cleaning up his hair and face at the same time. Grinning as he approached the party, everyone began to stand out of respect. "Please, don't get up!" he commanded, as he winked knowingly at Dionysus. "I don't want to interrupt your lunch here, but I might have a swig of this" he stated as he snatched a goblet from Dionysus's hand and downed it in one long gulp. "Thanks Di-DI, I definitely needed that!"

Pethio, seeing Zeus for the first time in weeks, spoke up. "Lord Zeus, I know you are quite busy with all of your defense plans, but do you think that you could recall Mercury back from his mission before the weekend. He so looks forward to the Grace's Barbecue; I would hate for him to miss it. Since he has been gone for over two months I figured he probably has earned a break." With a sad pleading in her eyes, she added" Plus you majesty, I really do miss him."


Zeus gulped as he suddenly remembered poor Mercury left suffering under the daily training of Danae. He had been so distracted by his war plans, he had completely forgotten about his old friend and his stomach dropped thinking of him being perpetually teased for so long. Putting the goblet down quickly, he immediately marched out the door into the garden and took flight to Seriphos. As he flew into the clouds, Pethio, immediately suspicious by his sudden actions excused herself from the table and flew after him, maintaining her distance so as not to be discovered by the King of the Gods as she followed towards his destination.

At the same time, off the coast of Western Greece, Demetrius was coming to the end of his Journey back from Olissio. Entering the Gulf of Corinth, he could clearly see the trees on the shore as his boat rushed through the narrow channel, the increasing colors of reds and yellows tinting the leaves showing that Summer was rapidly ending. Anchoring his boat offshore, he decided to consult his Scroll of all Knowledge before heading out onto land the next morning. The next item on his quest was a wineskin from the temple to Dionysus, and all he knew about it was that it was located near Thebes hidden deep in the forests.

Opening his palms towards the ceiling of his cabin, Dionysus began to pray. "Oh glorious Zeus, father of the Gods, bringer of divine justice, Hear my prayer. Guide me on my quest to retrieve the wineskin of Dionysus and protect me from any dangers I might face on this journey." Closing his hands and opening his eyes, he unrolled the scroll. There, as before, written before his eyes were detailed instructions about the wineskin.

The map of the lands around Thebes formed in the parchment, with the Temple location clearly marked in the center of the forest. Demetrius grinned when he saw the marking on the map, as he realized he would never have ever found it without this divine guidance. Located deep in the woods, no man had ever seen it and lived. The worshippers of Dionysus, called Maenads after their initiation into the cult of Dionysus, were strictly female and all incredibly beautiful. Despite their allure, when under the influence of the God of wine, they were greatly feared by the men of the area as the passions of their ritual led them to become swept away in ecstatic delight, with deadly results to any unfortunate male that comes into their contact.

Those horny and curious young men who did not fear these sexy women would soon regret it, as at least several times a year the bones of some foolish boy were discovered in the forest, the erotic pull of the Maenads overcoming his fear and ultimately leading to his death. Families of Thebes also made sure to keep their daughters locked up during the festival as well, since once a girl joined the cult there was no return.

Four times a year, at the changing of the seasons, the sacred Bacchanalia was performed and it was only during this ritual that the wineskin could be retrieved. The Maenads and the new initiates would gather in a large vineyard outside the city gates of Thebes at dawn and begin their slow procession towards the temple, finally arriving near midnight. Loud drums were banged and trumpets blared, as much drinking commenced before the parade would begin. The pandemonium served both to inspire the ecstatic frenzy required for worship, but also to alert all who heard to keep their distance. Once the worshippers reached the temple, the ritual would commence, and once it was complete Demetrius would have his chance.

The scroll was frustratingly vague on the ritual itself, but the dangers were clearly spelled out. The wineskin he needed for his quest came from the God Dionysus himself, and contained the wine reserved only for the Gods. Humans were forbidden from drinking this vintage, as a single sip consumed straight would instantly vaporize anyone who tasted it. The wine was used in the ritual, as one tiny drop was mixed into a large fifty-gallon Amphora of regular wine and given to the revelers. The power of the grape was enough to permamently tranform their minds into both permanent ecstasy and madness, forever now bound to Dionysus as his sacred Priestess.

He was to find the temple in the sacred grove and hide in the surrounding forest before the Maenads arrived. They were to be avoided at all costs, since if he were discovered, they would most certainly cause him great harm, death were he not immortal. Once the ritual was complete he would wait until they passed out before retrieving the wineskin, using his ring of invisibility to cloak his presence. According to the scroll, the Autumnal Bacchanalia would take place the next night, so his timing again was perfect. Closing his eyes, Demetrius once again offered up a prayer of thanksgiving to the Gods for their continued guidance, before turning in for the night. The next day would be long and he definitely would need his strength for the arduous journey.

As dawn broke over Thebes, Demetrius arose from his bed, leaving his ship he waded into the cold water. Anchored in a small deserted cove, he had chosen the spot both for its isolation, but also for its proximity to the forest. Being perpetually naked, he always had to avoid normal human contact and this location was perfect. Emerging shivering from the surf, the early morning fog cloaked the beach as he headed inland, the immense forest looming in the distance.

Back in the city of Thebes, the great gates of the city had been left open over night in order to allow the new initiates of Dionysus to exit in the morning without having to encounter anyone. Through the empty streets now walked ten of the most gorgeous young girls of the city, all nineteen years old and in the full bloom of their youthful beauty. Walking unescorted under the archway and out into the fields surrounding the walls, they all grinned and laughed, anxious to join the cult of Dionysus, their minds racing in joy and anticipation of the ritual. Barefoot and dressed only in sheer white diaphanous gowns, they nervously giggled amongst themselves as they walked towards the vineyard, feeling quite exposed in public. The gowns barely covered their bodies, as their erect nipples and full breasts were quite revealed under the wafer thin silky fabric.

The entire city was deserted as men feared encountering the Maenads, and parents guarded their daughters for fear of losing them to the erotic pull of Dionysus. They were alone as the exited, or so they thought. Hiding in the brush outside the city was yet another hapless young man, hormones raging, who could not control his urges and had to watch the festival. When Orpheo spotted the girls leaving the city, their gorgeous bodies so deliciously displayed under their gowns, his cock instantly began to grow. For months he had spent every night fantasizing about this moment, milking his own cock in his bed before sleep, imaging this instant, and now it was finally here.

Following them from a distance in the bush, Orpheo could barely restrain dropping to the ground and jacking off as he watched this spectacular sight. He recognized several of the girls in the group and the sight of their glorious full asses rocking up and down under their silky coverings as they walked caused his balls to painfully throb. He had planned this out for months, and knew exactly the best hiding spot. Finally reaching the vineyard, he almost shot his wad when he saw the open field already filled with forty of the most beautiful women he had ever seen in his young life. To his absolute erotic delight, they were all naked except for cut grape vines decorating their hair, and necklaces of flowers hanging from their necks.

Horns blowing and drums banging, the Maenads began swirling their nude bodies in a dance of pure ecstasy and religious bliss. The new initiates, now brought forward, were quickly stripped of their gowns and bedecked with their own floral necklaces and headpieces of grape vines. Overcome by the hypnotic rhythms piercing the early morning air, they all began to sway and spin, joining the Maenads in their erotic frenzy.

Orpheo, could stand no more, finally pulling his painfully erect cock out from under his tunic and slowly stroking himself as he watched. Ravenous to visually devour the women, his eyes grew wide in desperation to drink in every second of this sexually charged display into his gaping pupils. Hiding in a large oak tree on the edge of the vineyard, he had the perfect vantage point for watching the Maenads, and despite the incredible danger, he felt safe. Luckily for him the leaves had not fallen yet, and were just now changing to a deep red, covering his hiding spot perfectly. When the new initiates began to be doused with wine by the Maenads, the thick red liquid coating their breasts and running down their soft lickable stomachs towards their open and gyrating pussies, Orpheo bit his hand as he stifled a groan.

Suddenly the distinct sound of horses and creaking wooden wheels was heard over the music, and every eye turned in the direction of the increasingly loud sound. Coming over a small hill came a quite a sight. Pulled by four Snow White horses and containing both an enormous wine barrel in the front of the cart and an enormous stone phallus in the back, came a huge chariot, covered in grapevines hanging full with fruit and piloted by five naked and stunning Maenads. The women, heads similarly enthroned with grape leaves and necks bejeweled with flowers, gyrated and worshipped the great stone cock on the cart, continually coating the surface, and themselves, with sweet red wine from the barrel as the chariot was guided into the vineyard. As the wagon entered the clearing, the women and girls all began shouting and cheering, laughter and singing raising to ear splitting levels as their frenzy only seemed to increase.

Once the wagon came to a halt, the five women on board took a long leather hose and placed it into the bung hole on the side of the barrel. Instantly a shower of sweet red wine began rushing out of the hose, coating all of the women in the crowd. Lapping the air desperately to drink in the liquid, the women shook and undulated as they all were completely saturated in the sweet dark purple wine shower. Looking closely at the women, Orpheo noticed that all of them, now including the ten new initiates, had undergone some sort of metamorphoses. Their eyes now were bright purple, the same color as the wine, and they all glowed. Swaying and singing, the first of the initiates was led onto the cart.

Orpheo felt every vein on his cock bulge as the first girl was now tied to the stone phallus. Not resisting in anyway, she seductively rubbed her ass up and down the rocky shaft, as two of the Maenads spread her legs wide. The smell of sex and ripe harvested grapes perfumed the entire vineyard, and Orpheo felt dizzy in the intoxicating scents. He had imagined this day for years, but this was beyond anything he could possibly have dreamt up in his horny adolescent mind. His only regret now was that he knew he could never describe this to his friends so that they would believe him.

The young blonde initiate now was firmly tied and completely spread open against the penis idol, her whole body completely open and fully accessible as her ankles were stretched back behind the enormous rocky balls. Her breasts were large and firm, nipples painfully erect, her pussy throbbed in insatiable desire as she dry humped the air. One of the Maenads on the cart now turned the hose towards her, completely saturated her body and coating every inch of her in the wine, finally holding the gushing nozzle over her mouth. Greedily drinking down the sweet nectar, the girls eyes now glowed even brighter in their alluring purple color.

The girl was obviously being aroused to the point of total insanity as the five Maenads on the wagon, all beautiful in the extreme, now began to lick, kiss and nibble every inch of her delectable body. One lightly licked her nipples while another tickled and kissed her toes. One nibbled on her neck while another knelt before her, lightly and slowly running long lingering licks up her quivering snatch. This ritual was meant to excite, not release, and went on for at least an hour. Orpheo, sitting in the tree almost released his own seed at least four times as he breathlessly watched, his breathing actually stopping as he stared at the scene with an intensity he had never experienced before. Moving out farther on the branch, hoping to see the next girl as she was brought up onto the cart, the sound of snapping wood shattered the air.

Dazed from his fall, Orpheo panicked as he opened his eyes and saw the beautiful nude form of Ino glowering down into his face, her bare foot firmly planted over his lips. "Well, well, Dionysus will be most pleased!! We have a male initiate for this seasons festival!" Orpheo was spellbound as Ino was gorgeous, her full breasts dangling like ripe fruit right above him. Lifting a goblet of wine to her thigh, she poured the sweet contents onto her leg and watched as the liquid ran in a rivulet down her calves and over her foot, pouring now directly into Orpheo's open mouth.

The taste was beyond description, and he closed his eyes in utter bliss as the sweet dark vintage ran over her toes, smiling he eagerly lapped up the stream from her toes. Rushing down his throat, the sensations surging through his body were strange as he felt his balls swell to twice their normal size under his tunic, as if his own seed production ramped up exponentially, filling his testicles rapidly like an overstretched wineskin under the tap of a brimming barrel of burgundy. Feeling dizzy and suddenly very intoxicated, he felt no fear but only insane desire as his mind slowly sank into drunken aroused madness. His eyes now glowing purple like the others, she lifted her foot from his mouth, and giggled as he desperately rose up to continue to suckle her wine drenched toes.

Orpheo put up no struggle as the other Maenads now rushed him, shredding his clothing to pieces and stripping him completely naked. Now a lone nude man in a sea of over-aroused women, he was manhandled and spread wide, carried to the cart over their heads and tied to the other side of the stone phallus alongside the writhing and horny neophyte beauty already bound there. Once tied tightly to the marble penis, Orpheo thrust his hips forward, desperate to release his seed. Five new Maenads now jumped onto the wagon and began showering him with bites and kisses, licking and nibbling every inch of his body, their velvety tongues intertwining over his throbbing cock as he begged and moaned for sweet release.

Ino now jumped onto the Wagon with them and turned outwards and addressed the writhing desperate naked women. "Maenads and Neophytes, the time for our departure has come. Let us journey now to the sacred grove of Dionysus, our passion our sacrifice, our desire our gift, our arousal our benefaction, our bodies our tribute!!!" After she finished speaking, the horns blew and the drums resumed, as the cart now rumbled as it began the trek to the temple of the Wine God. On the cart, still chained to the phallus, his body continuously teased and tormented by the Maenads was the throbbing and desperate Orpheo, balls as large as peaches and just as juicy and ripe. Every stroke or lick of his body causing his arousal to exponentially grow, his mind descending into horny madness with every second of passage of time, his mouth stood open in a perpetual moan. Waltzing beside the cart, dancing, singing and spinning, were the Neophyte Initiates and the rest of the Maenads. Rushing often to the side of the cart to be refreshed with sweet wine, they continued their dance, only occasionally dropping to the ground and frigging themselves desperately to the edge, before jumping up and continuing the passage with the wagon to the temple.

At dusk, Demetrius finally walked through a clearing in the forest and saw the temple in a small ravine. Simple in its bucolic setting, the temple was merely a small semi-circle of green marble columns, all covered with wild grape vines, hanging full with over-ripe purple fruit. In the center was a large golden statue to Dionysus, stark naked and fully erect, grapes in one hand, goblet in the other, a playful smirk fixed on his face. In front of the statue was a small stone table and also was covered in wild grape vines. Hiding himself in a screen of thick shrubs overlooking the grove, Demetrius lay down and went to sleep, feeling his ring on his finger that would allow him to steal the wineskin as he drifted off.

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