tagNonHumanArchdemon Ch. 01

Archdemon Ch. 01


The first installment in what I hope to make into a string of stories of various sexual exploits.

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"He's just finishing a meeting," Ozdamar's guard said. "Head right in." I narrowed my eyes at the brute of a demon, not fully trusting him. But I was expected, and shouldn't keep the Archdemon of Las Vegas waiting.

Ebony doors opened at a touch, allowing me access to Ozdamar's office, and sight of the red-head woman tied to his coffee table. Maybe I should have waited.

"Mierelle. How nice to see you." Oz sat in a high-backed chair, wearing only a silk robe. Golden eyes caught me before I could retreat. "Come in, sit down."

Sweat rose as I closed the doors behind me. Alone with Ozdamar. The Archdemon had risen from the ranks of mere incubus, proving himself a clever leader, taking a tight hold of the demonic doings of Sin City.

The scent of sexual energy reminded me he was still an incubus.

Standing in the middle of the floor, I tried to avoid Oz and the naked woman. But the wall behind his desk was screen after screen of his sex club. The other walls had erotic paintings on it, leaving nowhere safe to look.

"Are you uncomfortable?" he asked, voice velvety soft and low. The young woman moaned, and I blushed.

"If you're busy, I could come back later," I mumbled, finally looking at the floor. It was a deep maroon, made of something plush. Would probably feel good on naked skin.

I needed to stop letting Oz affect me. Rumors were that his sexual powers had allowed him to climb the ranks so swiftly. As a half-demon, I was lucky to get any rumors at all.

He fiddled with something as he rose, and the woman's moans increased. "Please," she whimpered, but Ozdamar ignored her.

It was hard not to look at him. His presence was impressive, like a black flame, and it pressed against all my defenses. As he padded closer, I could smell him, sharp like ozone, and I resisted the allure. I was to work as his assistant, not be his whore.

"Has my little Mierelle grown shy?" Bare feet entered my line of sight. The arrogant prick kept even his toenails painted. "You didn't seem too shy last week."

My gaze jerked up, past the barely closed robe and tattoos on his chest, all the way up to his gold eyes. Pure gold, no pupil or whites, the only outward sign of demon blood. "Is that why I'm here?" I tried to be angry, to not give in to his sensual mouth.

Difficult when I already knew what that mouth tasted like.

"Mostly." He shifted, the robe slipping off one shoulder. It was already loose, and showing too much of his flesh. I didn't check to see what was exposed now. "But also because you're supposed to be the best organizational mind of demon descent."

The woman kept moaning, begging Ozdamar to come back, to finish her off. Combined with his aroma, my arousal was growing. The need for release threatened to overwhelm me, banishing rational thought. "Only because I'm half human," I said, licking my lips. My gaze began traveling down his face to his long neck and prominent collar bones. He'd gotten a silver hoop placed around the left one.

"That's the half that makes you as passionate as you are, yes?" He stood absolutely still, barely breathing. I'd expected him to touch me by now. Maybe even wanted him to.

The bound woman wouldn't stop making noise. She begged Ozdamar to get her off, to cum all over his cock. Had I been as wanton when we'd been together last week?

Gritting my teeth, I turned my back on her, stepping away from the Archdemon. "Can you do something about her? Put her away maybe?"

Ozdamar walked away. "Put her away? You don't sound very human there."

The familiar sting rose. Always looked down on because of my mixed blood. Not at home on Earth, not welcome in Hell. Just enough of my incubus father's powers to be alluring to humans, but not demon enough to be immune to the same powers. I didn't belong in either would, and was unable to find peace. "Just make her be quiet."

The doors opened, letting in fresh air and the guard demon. "Take my former assistant to the main stage. Have some of the performers give her a good work out." The woman cried, begging Oz to stop, but there was no mercy.

"Former assistant?" I asked archly after the door closed. Rounding on him, I crossed my arms beneath my breasts. "Is that a veiled threat?"

Ozdamar stood where the table and woman had been. Holding my gaze, he undid his robe. I blushed, unable to look away while the silk puddled at his feet. Being lost in his golden eyes kept me from looking directly at his growing erection.

"No threat. I trust you more than her." He began stroking his shaft, and the sexual need in the room tripled. Both of us were hard-wired for sex, and once aroused needed completion.

"How so?" My voice was strangled, and my gaze began drifting down his torso. Broad shoulders, tight muscles, pink nipples with rings in them. A long tribal dragon wound around his left arm, across his pecs, and plunged down his left thigh. Under demon control, the dragon could move.

"I've lain with you," he said, tipping his head so chestnut hair caressed his shoulders. "You can't betray your own kind."

My eyes kept trailing down. One hand was braced on his left hip, the other toying with his cock. An emerald winked from the tip; I hadn't realized it was green last week. Black nails contrasted with his pale flesh, raising welts as he scratched at sensitive flesh. "Which kind?" I whispered.

"Either." Ozdamar lifted his prick, showing me the line of barbels lining the bottom. He trailed his little finger along them, reminding me how they popped as they slid in and out of me.

I blushed, unconsciously taking a step forward. My nippled tightened, and I grew unpleasantly warm. Aching loins begged me to throw myself at him, to fuck him silly, yet rationality remained. "Why me?"

"Because you're a half breed." He stopped playing with his cock, reaching with both hands to his nipple rings. "Human enough to respond to my powers, to be absolutely wanton. Demon enough to affect me, and withstand true demon sex." He licked his lips. "Now get undressed."

I laughed, giving in to his desire, empowered by his appreciation of my mixed blood. Now was not the time to hold back.

Yet, I needed to tease him, to make his blood boil. Grabbing the hem of my shirt, I lifted it to just below my breasts. "How do I know you won't put me in the show like Whatshername?" I caressed my breasts, shifting my hips just a little.

"She stole from me, and had no release for two days." Meaning he hadn't either. I stared at his engorged manhood, wondering at how controlled he was. "Unless you wrong me, I'm just going to share immense pleasure." He strode toward me, eyes narrowed.

I could go for that.

Ozdamar claimed me for a kiss as I yanked my shirt off. His tongue wasn't forked, but was pierced multiple times. The hoop in the very tip was hard against my tongue, the stud in the middle clicking against my teeth. His prick was trapped between us, and I ground my hips against it. He groaned, unhooking my bra, exposing my breasts.

He scratched at my back, hands working to my hips as he kissed me harder. Ozdamar was two days pent up, and I was going to relieve him. Biting his lower lip, I opened my body to his passions, wanting to share them.

The incubus broke the kiss, pushing me back as his hands slid into the waistband of my jeans. "You're so gorgeous," he growled, voice sending thrills up my spine.

"So are you." I pulled away stepping out of my shoes. Oz allowed me to escape, watching me undress. Brunette hair fell past my waist, brushing my ass as I pulled my jeans off.

"Leave the underwear," he told me. I stopped, standing still in only a black thong. Nipples tingled, hard like pebbles, and my head spun with all the energy in the room. "Go sit on my desk. Legs spread."

My tongue felt swollen, and I shivered with every motion. Our liaison last week had been very brief, under the influence, and completely casual. This was different: the building of a relationship; the deeding of demonic need; the joining of two sensual creatures.

The marble of his desk was cold, and I shivered as I slid onto it. My skin crawled, loins quaking at the sudden change in temperatures. I waited for Ozdamar, trailing my hands up and down my thighs. His eyes burned as he approached, cock throbbing.

"I haven't stopped thinking about you," he said, touching my thigh. "About your moans, or your luscious body, or your tight pussy." Oz knelt, holding my gaze as he licked his lower lip. "I missed the taste of you cumming." He pressed my thighs farther apart, leaning in to kiss my womanhood.

Leaning back, I braced myself and lifted my hips. Oz nibbled at my labia, teasing me through my underwear. I moaned, wanting his tongue to slide into my heat. He teased and nibbled, holding back his raging desire, stoking my fires.

I gasped as he tugged on my panties, pulling them between my pussy lips, cutting at my clit. His tongue found swollen flesh, though he continued to dodge my molten core. Teeth and lips worked my smooth shaven skin, eliciting moans and whimpers.

"Tell me you want this." He stimulated my clit, pressing hard, making me bite my lip. "Tell me how much you need it."

There was nothing but want and need once a demon of our bloodline was aroused. There would be nothing but pleasure with a lover of Ozdamar's ability. "Yes, I want it. I need you in me. I need you to take pleasure from me."

My reward was a tearing of cloth. Ozdamar's mouth found my now exposed flesh, the hoop in his tongue pressing hand on my clit. I cried out, grabbing the back of his head, laying flat on the desk. He licked and lapped, quickly bringing me to climax. He moaned as juices flooded forth.

"That's the only one you get," he whispered, kissing the inside of my thigh. "No more until I choose to cum."

"Really?" I whimpered, opening my eyes. As an incubus, he could control my pleasure. Not just with his skills, but with his powers. I would be begging for release if he wanted.

He smiled, breath warm on my pussy. "Really really. You will know whom you serve by the end." Oz bent forward, sucking my clit between his teeth. I groaned, pleasure racing through my entire body.

Then he bit down, and it hurt as much as it felt good. Shuddering, I clawed at his scalp, barely hearing his tiny chuckle. "So ready to withstand demon sex." I growled in response, grinding my hips against his face.

His tongue plunged into me, metal seeking tender flesh and nerve clusters. In and out it went, and I clawed at my breasts. Oz grabbed my thighs, pressing my knees up, exposing more of my womanhood. He paused in the tongue thrusting to lick at every curve and fold. I trembled, overly sensitive, ready to climax once more.

"Not yet," he whispered. His power worked through me, holding me at the same point. I cried out, shaking as I continuously built to orgasm. "Much more to be done to you first."

"Here, or your bedroom?" I was certain he had a boudoir in the club.

"No beds for you yet. Here, in the office." Oz licked my nether hole, the hoop tantalizing. "Get you used to being my assistant."

I sighed, sitting up as he reached for my hand. "This will be a regular occurrence."

He smiled, pulling me off the desk, turning me to face the monitors. "Decidedly." Oz stroked my hips and butt as I looked at his club. Any type of fetish was here; baby, bondage, multi partners, feet. Lots of humans feeding the incubus, spreading sin.

"Wait here," he said, slapping my ass, "and lean forward so I can see you."

I smiled, bracing myself on the desk. Making a show of it, I spread my legs and lifted my hips. Ozdamar'd had me from behind last week, hard and fast, and I looked forward to it again. Watching one of the bondage screens, I hoped to have it longer.

Oz approached slowly, then pressed himself against my slit, the head of his cock resting against my ass. He leaned forward to whisper in my ear. "You get one choice. Do you want me to fuck your cunt or your ass?"

I moaned, rocking back against him. His words worked quickly, and my pussy tightened, soaking the underside of his dick. "Cunt," I demanded. "All cunt this time."

He chuckled, pumping into my hips. "Not all," he promised. Grabbing my hair, the incubus jerked me back, his other hand reaching for my breasts. Oz flicked one nipple, sensations racing straight to my clit. Fingertips dug into my right breast, nails cutting into my skin. I groaned, writing, needing to have him fill me. Demonic power stirred again, holding me at the moment of wanting. I bit my lip, relishing the sensation as he pressed something cold against my nipple. A heavy clip bit down, shooting deliriously painful waves to my clit.

Oz released my hair, slipping a finger into my mouth. I sucked furiously, wishing it was his cock, wishing he were already slamming into me. He groaned, biting my shoulder, shifting so his cock rested between my thighs.

"Ready for the next one?" He tugged on the nipple clamp, sending more nerves racing. I nodded, sliding my tongue around his finger. I was ready for the clip this time, moaning delightedly at the pain.

Once he had them in place, Oz grabbed my hip. He said nothing, just guided me into rocking against his dick. The gemmed stud in the very tip ground into my clit, and I bit his finger. He growled, and drove himself into my heat.

I groaned, losing control of myself. Oz filled me completely. Over filled me. There was pain, and pleasure, satisfaction at having him, the studs on the bottom pulling and tugging as they passed my opening.

Then he left, pulling cock and finger out, leaving me empty and wanting. "No," I cried, slumping against the desk.

Ozdamar chuckled. "My greedy, greedy little Mierelle. Do you already miss me?" He ran nails along my ass cheeks, sending shivers up my spine.

"Yes," I whimpered. Lifting my hips, I hoped to entice him by writhing, embracing my wantoness. I did miss his touch; even one liaison had awakened longing in me. Oz had been the first demon to respect me, to be an actual lover, not just using my body because it was there.

"Well, when you put it like that." Grabbing my hips, he pulled me back onto his manhood, impaling me on his throbbing flesh. I groaned, opening for him, pulsing with pleasure. Oz belonged here, belonged in me, and I didn't want this to end.

But I was building to orgasm just from his lazy stroked. His nails dug into my hips, and my nails scratched across the marble desk.

"No cumming yet," Oz said, grabbing my hair, pulling me into an arch. "Only when I say." Demon power slid under my skin, like every nerve was being licked. Leaning over me, the demon whispered in my ear, wringing a gasp from me. "This could take hours."

It was too much, and I reached climax. Nipples tightened under his clamps, and my skin crawled, tremors weakening my knees. Oz groaned, deep and rattling, clutching tight to me as orgasm wracked him as well. He held me up, and I was grateful for his support.

We throbbed and writhed, lost in the other's pleasure. Ozdamar kept a tight hold of my hair, biting my shoulder. I reached back, clawing at his scalp, pulling him closer. I wanted all of him, and I was getting it.

Hours he'd spent sexually torturing his last assistant, no release for either of them. The surge of pleasure through him was palpable in the way he clung to me, nails sharp on my skin. The demon's cock jumped inside me, my pussy clenching around him.

Pleasure rose until I nearly blacked out. When my senses returned, I was leaning heavily on the desk, Ozdamar kissing my back, still rock hard. I was breathless, barely able to think, and tingled from head to toes.

The Archdemon kissed the side of my neck, breathing heavily. "Who knew a half demon could override my powers? I'm very glad I hired you."

I laughed. Seems I was going to enjoy being his assistant.

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