tagGay MaleAre You Game? Ch. 03

Are You Game? Ch. 03


Conference Championships


I called Ben during the week and told him to get a hold of Joe and Erik – "I have some ideas for Sunday's game," I informed him.

"What are they?"

"I'll tell you on Sunday," I replied. "I'll bring the beer."

"Okay. Anything else we'll need?"

"You think you can pick up a can of whipped cream to have on hand?"

"I like where this is going," Ben said enthusiastically. "You got it."

On Sunday, I arrived at Ben's with a case of cold beer. While he was transferring the bottles to the fridge, he told me that he had talked to Erik during the week and that, apparently, Joe had given Erik grief about what had happened last Sunday after the cab had dropped them off.

"What did Joe say?" I asked.

"He said it wasn't cool that he was messing around with us, you know, making out and playing with your dick and all," Ben said. "He said it wasn't fair to his wife."


"Yeah, but get this," Ben continued. "He told Joe to calm down and that when he told his wife about it, which he had planned to do anyway since he already told her about the other nights, she would think it was funny and probably get off on it."

"So, he told her about all the stuff we did?"

"Yep," Ben replied. "And guess what? She loved it. Erik said she got really hot hearing about it and that they had a really good fuck that night because of it."

"Seriously?" I asked. Ben nodded. "Alright, Janelle. I knew she was pretty cool."

"Yeah," he agreed. "But the best part of it all is that it shut Joe up for once." He chuckled, putting away the last bottle. "I got a couple of cans of whipped cream," he said, indicating the five cans he had stored in the door tray of the fridge. "Wasn't sure how much we would need and I would hate for us to run out." He stood up and closed the fridge. "You gonna tell me what this is all about?"

"When the guys get here," I smiled.

"You tease," he said, grabbing my ass.

When Erik and Joe arrived, Ben announced that I was responsible for the afternoon's festivities. "So don't blame me – I had nothing to do with it."

"I'm sure," Joe replied.

I handed them each a beer. "You guys ever hear of a drinking game called 'Cocksucker'?"

Joe made an exaggerated groan. "No, but I'm sure we're about to find out first hand."

"I've never played it before, but it goes something like this: one person gives and the other person gets. For our purposes, whenever your team scores, you get to pick someone to 'suck your cock'. You hold the bottle between your legs and the person you pick, without using their hands, has to take a drink from the bottle. If anyone laughs, including any of the spectators, they have to chug the bottle."

"Simple enough," said Erik.

"Now it requires some finesse...." I began.

"As all good blowjobs do," Ben interjected.

"You have to drink from the bottle without spilling any or you have to chug it."

"And we can't use or hands, only our mouths?" Joe queried.

"Yep," I replied.

Joe looked at Erik and shrugged. "Well, if it's only bottles of beer that we're doing this with," Joe said, "then I'm gonna be the biggest cocksucker out of all of you."

We all laughed and sat down with our beers.

"Wait," Ben turned to me. "What are the cans of whipped cream for?"

Joe and Erik looked at us with eyebrows raised.

"They're for the next game," I replied.

The first game was between the Broncos and the Patriots. With each score, we appointed our "cocksuckers". It became an unspoken rule that each of us had to be the cocksucker at least once for everyone else. The first time Joe went, he spilled the bottle and had to chug it. Ben laughed when I drank from the bottle between his legs, so he had to chug the remainder. Erik got between Ben's legs and started laughing so he had to chug one as well and then had to do another one when he laughed again as Ben drank from his bottle. At one point, Ben picked himself to be his own cocksucker and comically tried to drink from the bottle between his legs, which made us all laugh, so Joe, Erik and I had to chug our beers. The final score of the game was 21 – 18, Broncos.

"So, what do we have in store next?" Ben asked eagerly.

"Body shots with whipped cream," I said.

"Hot damn!" Ben exclaimed as he jumped up from his seat. "I'm gonna hit the shower and freshen up then. Anyone care to wash my back?"

Before the second game between the Packers and the Buccaneers got underway, Ben, clad only in shorts and hair still damp from the shower, grabbed two cans of whipped cream and set them on the coffee table. He turned to me and nodded.

"So, as before," I said, "when your team scores, you pick someone to lick the whipped cream from the body part of your choice."

Joe shook his head with a smile. "You guys are really repressed, you know that? Don't you get out and do any of this with girls?"

"Well, of course," Ben replied. "But my libido operates 24/7, man. I take every opportunity I can to get off, with or without girls."

"Amen," I said.

Ben was sticking by his Buccaneers, which made him the odd man out. The Packers scored first, so Joe, Erik and I got to make our selections.

Joe appointed Ben to eat cream from his hand. Ben did, licking Joe's palm, which caused Joe to squirm. "Never knew the palm of my hand was an erogenous zone," Joe said contemplatively.

"Then you've been beating off wrong," Ben replied, licking his lips.

I chose Erik to lick from my finger, who then chose Joe to lick from his chest. He removed his shirt, sprayed cream over his sternum and Joe unceremoniously lapped it up.

The first quarter concluded without any more scoring. Erik got up to use the bathroom, while Joe got on his cell phone and headed for Ben's bedroom. When we were alone in the living room, Ben reached out to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. "I'm looking forward to this game getting really underway," he said with a wink and sat back, draping his thick, round arms over the back of the couch. As his workout partner, I'd always thought that Ben had a good body and now, looking at him, I allowed myself to really take in the sight of it. Ben's good at balancing his workouts, so his legs are as developed as his arms and torso. He naturally has a great upper body – a flat stomach and smooth, dome-shaped pecs with nipples the size of half dollars. He caught me staring and flashed me a grin, rubbing his chest with his left hand. I watched as his fingers trailed across his right nipple. A buzz started developing in my dick, so I blushed and turned away.

In the second quarter, the Buccaneers scored a 3-point field goal and Ben motioned to me. He took a can and coated his nipples. "Wouldn't it be nice if I had little cherries to put on them, too?" He watched me intently as I leaned in and sucked the cream off of each. The buzzing in my dick returned.

Before halftime, the Packers made a touchdown. I picked Erik and shot a load of whipped cream into my mouth. He approached me, took me by the shoulders and stuck his tongue in my mouth, fishing out as much cream as he could. His lips pressed against mine as our tongues pushed the cream back and forth between us. He closed his mouth against mine and swallowed, then licked my lips. He grabbed the can from me and said, "Alright, it's your turn." He sat down, lifted his shirt and squirted cream onto his navel. I squatted between his open thighs and bent my head down. As I scooped the cream from his stomach with my mouth, I felt the heat from his crotch emanating through his pants against my throat. "You didn't get it all," he said, pointing to his navel. I bent over again, sticking my tongue in his navel, lapping up the remaining cream and brushing my chin against to top of his erect dick.

"Erik," Joe said after I sat back down. "You have the immense pleasure of sucking the cream from my big toe."

"Well, thank you," Erik replied unenthusiastically.

Joe took off his shoe and sock and sprayed the whipped cream on his toe. He lifted it as Erik approached and waved it in his face. "Smelling it isn't part of the agreement," Erik asserted. He grabbed Joe's foot, opened his mouth and then closed it around Joe's toe. He sucked for a second, swallowing the cream and then slowly slid Joe's toe out of his mouth.

"Whoa, that felt good," Joe said. "I definitely got a boner now."

When the Buccaneers scored another field goal, Ben appointed me to lick the cream from his armpits.

"Why do you keep picking me to do this stuff?"

"Hey, this whole game was your idea," Ben replied. He passed the can to me and leaned back, putting his hands behind his head. I shook the can, held it up to his armpit and pressed the nozzle. Ben shivered. "That's cold," he laughed. I sprayed cream in his other armpit and set the can aside. I leaned in and took as much cream as I could into my mouth, then licked the rest off. Ben exhaled audibly. I then did the same to his other armpit, evoking a similar response from him.

With a touchdown by the Packers, Joe picked Erik to lick whipped cream from his chin. Erik crossed over to him, put his knees on either side of Joe's waist and suggestively sat on his lap, eliciting whoops and hollers from Ben and me. Joe leaned his head back and Erik squirted a dollop of cream on Joe's chin and sucked it off. Joe then grabbed Erik by the hips and started bucking up against him. "Maybe your wife can whip out her strap-on and stretch your ass out for me." We all laughed. Erik punched him on the chest and got up.

"Okay, now you can lick it from my neck," Erik said to Joe and took his seat with the can of whipped cream, squirming a little when Joe sucked his neck. "I don't know what it is," Erik sighed afterwards, "but that's one of the most sensitive parts of my body."

"Yeah, for me, too," Ben agreed. "Well, that, and pretty much everywhere else. Now you go, Todd."

"I'll need you for this," I nodded to him. He jumped up.

"Where do you want it?" he asked, shaking the can.

"Uh ... here, I guess," I said, pointing to my navel.

Ben raised my shirt and generously coated me with cream. He placed his hands on my thighs and went to work lapping it up, tickling me with his tongue. After he was done, he sat back on his heels, smiled, then grabbed my hard dick. "I thought so," he stated with a smirk, giving my dick a squeeze.

The Packers scored again and we all glanced at each other, waiting for the first volunteer.

"I'll go," Joe said, looking right at me. He stood up and, after a calculated pause, unbuttoned his pants.

"And we're off!" Ben shouted.

I looked away and muttered "Oh, no."

Joe pushed his pants to his knees and sat back down, still in his boxers. "Here, hand me a can." He took it from Ben and sprayed a small amount on his inner thigh. I got up and walked over to him. "Let's go, cream boy." I bent over and gulped the cream quickly. Ben made a few hooting noises.

"Now we're getting somewhere," Ben said, clapping me on the back as I passed by. "Now, Todd, do you have something to top that?"

I paused, gathering up my courage so that I could speak aloud without stammering. "Ben," I said to him. "It looks like you get to suck my dick after all."

Everyone's eyes went wide. Joe made a sound as if he were trying to say something but couldn't. Erik started laughing and Ben was frozen, staring at me. Even if he didn't go through with it, it had been worth saying just for joy of catching him off-guard. He looked away and started to turn red as we all disintegrated into laughter. Ben sighed, face still flushed and stood up. He crossed over to me as the laughter became muffled by anticipation. He looked at me for a moment, took a breath and dropped to his knees. "Just remember," he said, fixing me with a look, "I'll get you back when the Buccaneers score." He handed me the can. I set it down on the floor next to my chair and then unzipped my pants. Ben watched me as I lifted my hips, pushing my pants and underwear down past my balls. My dick was already hard. Ben looked at it and smiled. I picked up the can and sprayed the length of my shaft with it. The room was dead silent as Ben slowly leaned forward. He opened his mouth, stuck out his tongue and slowly licked up my shaft, gathering the cream in his mouth, looking up at me the entire time. Then, with his mouth full of cream, he leaned down and engulfed my cock. My whole body tensed. He wrapped his lips around the lower part of my shaft, the coolness of the whipped cream enveloping the head of my cock deep in his mouth. Slowly, he dragged his lips along the length of my shaft, then pulled off and swallowed. I exhaled deeply.

"Well, there isn't any question about it now," Joe said, the surprise conveyed in his voice slightly tinged with something akin to arousal. "You've actually sucked a dick."

"Well, someone had to do it," Ben replied. "You are all too chicken shit."

"Well, then," Erik began pointedly. "Since you're the bravest of the group, you can suck my cock, as well."

Ben shrugged. "If you insist."

Erik pulled his dick out and coated the head. Ben casually walked over to him, leaned in and closed his mouth around the head of his dick, sucking the cream off. A stifled moan escaped from Erik.

Ben stood up. "I think there may have been a little pre-cum mixed with that one."

In the fourth, the Buccaneers managed another field goal.

"Too little, too late, guys," Ben said frowning at the TV, but then immediately brightened up. "Although that gives me one more selection." He turned to me, holding back a grin.

"Oh, no," I said, noticing the glint in his eye.

"Todd, buddy ... since you started all this, I think it's only appropriate that you end it."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Come on, out with it."

The grin escaped and spread across his face. "You get to lick my ass."

My mouth literally dropped open. Erik threw his head back and started laughing. "Oh, my god!" he yelled.

Joe covered his face with his hands. "Oh, god, I can't watch this."

I shook my head, dumbfounded. Ben handed me a can of whipped cream.

I sighed and we both stood up. Ben unbuttoned his shorts and waited for a sign from me before dropping them to the floor, exposing his fully erect cock. It occurred to me that I was actually sorry he hadn't asked me to suck his dick instead.

Ben turned around and bent over the couch, propping himself up by placing his hands on the back of it and then slightly spread his legs. He turned to look back at me from over his shoulder. I stared at his ass for a moment, trying to figure out the logistics of how I was going to do this. "I cleaned myself very well for you," Ben informed me. "So you wouldn't have too rough of a time."

"Well, thank you," I replied. "At least you did me that courtesy."

Joe jumped out of his seat, throwing his hands up. "Okay, do it, get it over with, but I'm not looking." He went to the bathroom and shut the door.

"He is such a pussy," Ben chuckled. He arched his back, exposing his puckered hole and glanced back at me again. "I'm ready when you are, buddy."

I laughed nervously, realizing that this was the first asshole I had ever seen up close and in person. I looked over to Erik, who grinned and gave me a nod. I turned back to Ben and, suddenly, wasn't all that bothered about it any more. In fact, there was something almost intimate about seeing, well, "this side" of him. I had already licked his nipples and armpits, seen him naked and hard, had my dick in his mouth... this seemed like just another physical exploration of our friendship and trust in each other. Besides, I was a little curious....

I took the can and aimed the nozzle right at his hole. Ben made a moan and clenched his ass when the whipped cream made contact with his anal ring. I grabbed his cheeks in my hands and spread him open a little more. In one stroke, I dragged my tongue over his hole, licking up the cream. Ben shuddered as my tongue passed over his anus and took in a sharp intake of air. "Oh, fuck!" he cried out.

Ben stood up and turned to me, reeling from the pleasure he had just experienced from the brief act. He looked at me, lightly panting, and I gave him a wink. "Holy shit, buddy," he stammered. "I never had that done before. That felt so goddamn good!"

I patted his shoulder. "Well," I said, "the pleasure was all mine."

Ben laughed. "I'll have to argue with you on that one!"

Joe opened the door from the bathroom and peeked out. "Is it all over?" Immediately, Ben got his bearings back and realized he was standing there with shorts around his ankles, sporting a major boner. He quickly pulled his shorts back up. "Whew!" he exclaimed. "I'm not sure what to do with myself right now."

"I just don't know about you guys," Joe said, shaking his head. He then gestured to the game, which we had all momentarily forgotten. "Well, it looks like it's done." The Packers had won, 27 –9.

Joe and Erik put on their coats to leave. "Sorry we won't be able to make it for the Superbowl, but family obligations and all," Joe said, then fixed us with a look. "Now, don't be doing anything next week that I wouldn't do."

"What are you talking about?" Ben asked. "We haven't yet done anything here that you wouldn't do yourself."

"Yeah, right."

Erik gave Ben and I a hug before he left. "See you guys soon."

After the door closed, Ben sighed. "Well, I can't speak for you," he said, adjusting his package, "but my balls are fucking blue. I've been hard this entire last game."

"Yeah," I agreed. "We're gonna have to take care of that." I had initially meant "by ourselves" and almost amended myself, when I decided to leave it open to being taken another way and see what might happen.

Ben looked at me contemplatively. "Well, I'm sure tired of jerking off by myself."

"You want me to stay?" I asked, feeling a flutter in my stomach.

"Yeah, I do," he said. "We'll jerk a load out together. It'll be fun."

"Alright," I said as nonchalantly as I could manage. The prospect of jerking off with Ben was exciting me more than I ever would have thought.

"You don't mind if I get naked, do ya?" Ben asked. I shook my head. "Why don't you get naked, too?"

Ben dropped his shorts as I undressed. Once in the buff, we sat next to each other on the couch. Ben looked over to me and started rubbing his dick. Somewhat self-consciously, I did the same. Neither of us looked away. Because of the silence, the air seemed heavy and thick. We pulled at our dicks for a short while before Ben said quietly, "What do you say about jerking each other off?"

I stopped jacking my dick and smiled my reply. He tentatively reached over and took my dick in his hand. My heart began to pound even harder at the feel of his smooth palm and fingers encircling my cock. I took his in mine. It was smooth, warm and thick and the act of holding it felt completely natural. I enjoyed the notion of having a dick in my hand that wasn't my own. Slowly, we began to jack each other simultaneously.

After a few strokes, I released his dick for a brief second to spit in my hand and then used my saliva to lather his cock. Ben grunted with pleasure, then followed suit. Soon, our rhythm started to pick up and our breathing became labored.

"Aw, fuck, that feels good, buddy," Ben said in a low growl.

A feeling of complete contentment flooded over me. There was nothing comparable to having Ben jerking my dick with his hot, sweaty hand...the feel of his slick, warm dick in mine...the expression of pleasure on his face.... I couldn't help but break into a wide grin.

We looked straight into each other's eyes, watching the other's expression as we climbed closer to release, pounding each other's cocks with an almost frenetic energy and alternately crying out, orgasms mounting.

"Oh, I'm gonna cum," I said to him, feeling the familiar buildup in my balls. Ben's hips began to buck against my hand.

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