Are You Gay Ch. 03


I was awoken with kisses. Lisa was gently kissing my lips till I opened my eyes. "It's time to get up sweetie. James will be here in three hours to take us to the airport," Lisa told me once she saw I was awake.

I barely sat up when Lisa placed a large tray in front of me before climbing onto the bed to sit next to me. On the tray was breakfast and even though I had to go to the bathroom I held it so we could eat breakfast in bed together.

Once breakfasted was over I went to the bathroom and just as I was about to step into the shower Lisa joined me. We showered together as we played with each other. Lisa went down on her knees and sucked my cock for a few minutes. She then stood and offered me her pussy from behind like the day before. This time I lasted longer and I was able to bring Lisa to three orgasms before I filled her pussy with hot sperm. We dried each other off and powdered each other before I left for my bedroom to get dressed.

Once in my bedroom I went into my bathroom to give myself a rectal cleansing before getting dressed. With Lisa's blessing I wore a blue knee length dress and open toed blue three-inch pumps. Under it I wore a baby blue panty and bra set with a matching garter belt to hold up my sheer tan stockings. I did my makeup and brushed out my hair. For accessories I wore a thin gold chain around my neck a gold tennis bracelet two rings on my right hand and a pinky ring on my left. I also changed my earrings for small hoops.

After getting dressed I checked my makeup case to make sure I had everything I would need. I also put in my enema kit and supply of soap. In my shoulder bag I put in the appointment book the cell phone my credit cards and the one that Mike gave me. I made sure I had my passport and any cash I had on hand. I didn't have much, though I could always get some later.

Once I was sure I had everything I took my makeup case and went back to Lisa's bedroom. She was still there putting on her makeup. Seeing we would go straight to the airport then to the hotel once we arrived in Italy after a six-hour flight Lisa chose to dress comfortably. She chose a suede skirt and a light sweater. Of cause she wore stocking and three-inch heels. Her hair she left down pulled into a long ponytail.

When Lisa saw me she smiled and asked, "All ready for your first trip. Have you taken everything you need?"

"I think so," I told her.

Lisa went over everything she thought I should have and when she saw I had everything she could think of she said? "Well I guess you have everything. Come on lets go wait downstairs. James should be here anytime now."

We placed our make up cases by the front door and went into Lisa's study to get her brief case. She checked the contents of the briefcase once more before closing and locking it. We sat for a few minutes and chatted till James knocked on the front door.

When Lisa answered the door James merely tipped his hat before bending over and picked up the two makeup cases by the door. I grabbed Lisa's brief case and followed Lisa out to the limo. Lisa didn't tell James where we were going and James didn't ask.

When Mike told Lisa that the plane would be on the tarmac and we could board when we liked I should have know we weren't taking a commercial flight. But it wasn't until the limo pulled up to a small private jet that I realized what was going on.

The plane we boarded was a two-engine Lear jet. It wasn't very spacious, as there was only room for ten people at the maximum. For the two of us plus the three-person flight crew it was sufficient.

As soon as we stepped aboard the flight attendant said, "Good afternoon Ms. Brant we will be ready to leave as soon as you and your assistant are buckled in."

"Thank you Anna we'll be ready shortly," Lisa told the young flight attendant. At the same moment we heard the twin engines whine to life.

Lisa and I sat next to each other as the flight attendant briefed me on the emergency procedures. Once that was done she called the cockpit to inform the pilot that we were ready to leave. We still had to wait behind the other commercial jets to take off but in less than twenty minutes we were air born.

Once the plane had leveled off I turned to Lisa and asked, "Is this your plane?"

Lisa laughed and said, "No, this is the boards idea of safety. With all the hijacking and terrorism in today's world the board asked that I take a private jet instead of a commercial one. They wanted me to buy my own jet but I decided that to charter one in the long run was cheaper. In the long run this is much easier, as we don't have to contend with airport security and we don't have to worry about delays and cancellations."

The flight was pretty boring as the first part was over water and there was nothing much to see. When we reached Europe it was dark out and there was even less to see with the exception of lights from the cities we past over. We landed in Milan six hours after take off, but with the six-hour time difference it was it was near midnight.

Another difference with taking a charter jet was the fact we didn't have to go through customs. More to the fact was they came to us. Once the plane landed customs came on board before we were allowed to deplane. They went over the plane with dogs and inspectors while men with submachine guns waited out side the plane. After everything was checked and our passports were stamped we were allowed to leave.

Once we were in the car Lisa handed me her passport telling me I would need it when I checked us in at the hotel. At the same time Lisa told the driver in clear Italian to take us to a restaurant. I had no idea Lisa spoke Italian and it then dawned on me that my resume said I took Italian and French in college. This was true but I haven't spoken a word of it since leaving school.

I explained this to Lisa, who said, "I figured as much that's why you're going to check us in. Most hotels have English speaking staffs but I want you to practice your French and Italian. You'll also find that Spanish will come easily as all three languages are similar." I knew that was the case but I worried I would screw up. Lisa saw my fears and said, "Don't worry I keep an ear open. If it looks like your doing something wrong I correct you."

I understood why I would need to speak all three languages but I also worried about Chinese and Japanese. She couldn't expect me to learn those as well could she. I asked her about these languages Lisa giggled and said, "Of cause not honey. In Hong Kong I use an interpreter but mostly everyone there speaks English. After all it was a British possession until recently. In Japan as most ever other oriental countries I use interpreters. But here as well as France I like to speak the language and so should you. After all you did spend quite a bit of money learning it in college."

From that moment on Lisa talked in Italian each time the told me to do something or to asked me a question. If I became confused or if I didn't know what she was saying she would repeat what she wanted in English but I quickly learned she would be pleased if I worked it out before she repeated herself. By the end of the week I was doing pretty well. Not near as good as Lisa but I was doing far better than I would have thought. I could also see that Lisa was pleased with my progress.

Even though it was late we still had a wonderful meal at the restaurant before going to the hotel. At the hotel it took me some time to get our room keys and get us checked in. Lisa told me it wasn't my fault so much as the staff had problems. Once we were signed in I was handed a very thick envelope and the two room keys. The envelope had Lisa's name on it. She took the envelope with out even looking at it as we followed the bellhop to our rooms. Once inside the rooms Lisa open the envelope took out a large bundle of Euro dollars, from the bundle she peeled off a few bills and tipped the bellhop.

Once the bellhop was gone Lisa pointed to the envelope and said, "That's for tips and anything we have to pay for in cash. Mostly we'll use our credit cards but you can't tip with plastic. Get to know the exchange rate and tip accordingly. Keep a few hundred in your purse for mad money."

I could tell Lisa was tired so I went into her bedroom and found the three steamer trunks. I open one but it was empty so I moved to the second one. The second trunk was Lisa's. I took her nightgowns and her lingerie out and put into one of her dresser draws. I hung up her suits and dresses and put her shoes in the bottom of her closet. Her makeup case I put into her bathroom.

When I turned to my trunk I couldn't get it to my room so I started taking the hanging stuff to my room when Lisa said, "Where are you going with that?" I told her but she stopped me by saying, "You're going to spend most nights in here with me so you might as well leave your clothes here. It will make getting dressed a lot easier wouldn't it?"

After I emptied my trunk Lisa and I went into the bathroom and took a shower together. After putting on nightgowns we climbed into her bed and went to sleep. Due to the late hour and the long travel we were too exhausted to make love so we went right to sleep.

When we awoke Saturday it was late in the afternoon and thankfully we had nothing planed with the exception of a cocktail party later that evening with several of the whole sellers. Lisa wore a black knit dress that clung to her every curve. It was short stopping just inches below the tops of her silk stockings. Under her dress she wore a form fitting corset and black lace panties. The cups of her corset cradled her breast. Even though her breasts were supported they still appeared to be unfretted.

I wore a very short cocktail dress made of red satin. The hem stopped only three inches below my stocking tops. I had to wear a red satin corset to squeeze into the dress, as it was very tight and the added restriction of the corset gave me curves I didn't have. I wore a red satin thong that was tight enough to keep my cock and balls between my legs. The six garter straps that were attached to the bottom of the corset held up my sheer nylon stockings. On my feet I wore three-inch stiletto heeled red leather sandals.

Even thought it was a party and both Lisa and I dressed to the nines I still had to carry her appointment book and the phone. Mostly it was so I could keep Lisa from making an appointment at a time she had another appointment scheduled. This proved quite a juggling acted as each whole seller wanted to be first and all had other things to do later in the week. But I learned quickly to stick to the schedule and ignore everyone's pleadings.

By the end of the night everyone knew all about me from my shoe size to my dress size. The only thing no one knew was the fact I had a penis between my legs. At least I didn't think anyone did. I danced with just about every one there as each tried to cajole me into changing they're appointments. Once it was learned I held the appointment book and Lisa would ask me about changing one time for another I was the center of everyone's attention.

By the end of that evening my feet were sore from the constant dancing and my Italian had become a lot better. I still didn't speak as well as Lisa did but I carried my own thought most of the night. I also had to fend off repeated suggestions of going to their rooms for a drink. I knew what this meant and Lisa had warned me to refuse all offers until we were in to the negotiation phase.

To tell the truth some of those offers were very hard to refuse. Some of the men were very handsome and I could feel myself becoming aroused by their presents. Others were not as handsome. They were older had receding hairlines but they treated me with respect and desire that I couldn't ignore. Even that was arousing and I found myself draw to them.

A few, I found myself quite drawn to and if it weren't for Lisa I would have left the party with them. When she saw I was becoming too attracted to one she would hold my hand and whisper in my ear to calm down. This was usually enough for me to remember what we were doing.

At the end of the night Lisa and I left the party together even though several of the men followed close behind. Once we were back in our room Lisa kissed me deeply and said, "You were wonderful you had them eating out of you hand. I think this is going to be a very profitable trip for you."

Lisa unzipped my dress and pushed me onto the bed. Once she pulled off her dress she straddled my legs with hers and started kissing me. We made love while still wearing our corsets stocking and heels. The only things we managed to remove were our panties. Lisa rode my cock till I came inside her she then sat on my face so I could clean her pussy and I brought her another orgasm. She then mounted me again and this time I lasted a long time before filling her once more. Our lovemaking lasted the rest of the night and as the sun started to light up the sky we fell into a deep sleep.

On Sunday Lisa and I woke to a knock on out hotel door. It was just after one and the sun was shining thought our French doors that led out to the balcony. The balcony gave us a view of the foothills of the Alps.

When Lisa open the door to the hall outside our suite she stepped aside as four different bellhops came thought the door loaded down with packages. As I watched from the bedroom door each hop placed his burden on the floor near the sofa. They then turned to Lisa and offered her an envelope before tipping their hat and leaving the room.

Once the hops were gone I came out of the bedroom wrapped in a bathrobe and asked, "What is all this about?"

Lisa smiled handed me a stack of envelopes and said, "Presents from our whole sellers. Or should I call them bribes."

As I looked over the envelopes I saw they came from the men I met the night before. When I looked at the packages I saw that each package was a box that prominently displayed the manufacture the whole sellers represented.

I was in a quandary. I wanted to see what they sent but I knew it was a bribe like Lisa told me. I knew keeping them would me we were indebted to the whole seller. So I said, "I guess we should send them back." I'm sure it sounded more like a question than a statement.

Lisa laughed and said, "Why on earth would you want to do that?" When Lisa saw my confused look she said. "This is how they do business around here. First they wine and dine you like last night. Then they offer gifts to entice you. This all leads up to the negotiations of the price. Believe me the first time I came here to buy clothes I sent back the gifts they sent me. After that I was treated rudely and I couldn't negotiate a price to save my life. Only when I played the game their way did I make out better and now I can deal with the best of them. If you feel you can't accept their tokens then give them away to charity."

"I'm sorry I didn't know. So it's okay if I look at what they sent," I asked almost itching to look in the packages. Lisa saw the look in my eyes and told me it was quite acceptable.

I felt like a kid at Christmas as I open each package. From one whole seller I received two leather jackets one in red and one in black. From another I received three dresses, one silk, and two satin. I also received over twelve pairs of shoes from three different manufactures. Most were heels though there were a few pairs of sandals. And each heel was over four inches in height. All my heels were three inches or less and these four inch ones looked almost too high.

Lisa made out pretty well too as she had received as much as I did and a few more things besides. She wasn't impressed with the generosity of the whole sellers as she was in the quality of the product. I watched as she checked out the sewing of the seam and the hems. She also paid particular attention to the quality of the fabric.

Lisa told me that this was the best the manufacture had to offer and if she could find a flaw that would mean the quality was not to her standard. She showed me what to look for and what would be acceptable. She even put on a few pairs of the shoes to see how they felt. I did the same and at first they were to high but I got use to them quickly. In the end Lisa told me the quality was first rate and she could see buying quite a bit from each manufacture.

When she was finished inspecting the merchandise Lisa called room service for a light meal, as we would be going to dinner in a few hours. We then went into the bathroom and showered together. Once our meal arrived, Lisa and I discussed what would happen that evening.

"Tonight we will have dinner with Giovanni Borelli at his villa. He is a manufacture of fine leathers and textiles. He makes some of the best suits I have ever seen. We will see his clothing line wore by guests at his party. He won't leave you out of the conversation, though mostly he will be talking to me, as I will be the one that makes the decision on what I'm buying. Some time during the party he will probably take us off by ourselves to talk over prices. Jolene and I were quite competitive in our dealings with Giovanni but I'm not sure how he will respond to you. So lets play it by ear though don't be disappointed if I don't bring you into the negotiations."

By seven that night Lisa and I was dressed for dinner. Lisa wore an off the shoulder dark blue dress. It was knee length and loose so that it puffed out as she walked. I wore a satin pastel tube dress that left my shoulders bare and clung to me like a second skin. I had to wear a corset to give me a figure that would look good in the dress.

The villa was expansive and from what I could gather was very old. The front steps were made of white marble and were worn as if they had been there for centuries. The front door also bespoke of the age of the villa, as they were heavy oak doors with worn ornate figures embossed on the surface of the door.

As soon as we walked into the villa Giovanni greeted us. He kissed Lisa's hand warmly as he welcomed her to his home. He then turned his attention to me and said, "You must be Lisa's new assistant. I am Giovanni Borelli and this is my humble home." He told me as she kissed my hand.

Though older he was quite handsome. His hair was very dark almost black though he did have a few gray hairs mixed in. He stood six foot three and looked thin. He had brown eyes that seemed to hold your gaze and his lips where full.

I barely told him my name when he turned to Lisa and took her hand in his though he never let mine go. He held our hands as he walked us into the reception room. Once there he started introducing us to his guests.

I could see right off that his guest were really models there to show off his clothing line. For the most part they weren't you normal tall weed-like models like you see on runways. Though some were, most looked like average women that you could see on any street corner. I learned this was the way Lisa like to see clothes modeled, so she knew what looked good on certain body types.

After all the guests were introduced Giovanni left Lisa and I alone as we looked over what was offered. As she checked out each outfit Lisa, had me right down her thoughts of the outfit. She also asked my opinion on each outfit. When Lisa was done with her selection as if on cue we were called into dinner.

Lisa sat to the right of Giovanni while I sat to his left. Lisa and he discussed each outfit though price was never discussed. Lisa told him how many she wanted and in what sizes. As far as I could see he never wrote anything down nor did Lisa. Their discussion lasted though the entire meal though it sounded like they were talking about the weather.

It wasn't until we were eating the main coarse that I noticed a hand on my thigh. I knew it had to belong to Giovanni, as he was the only one close enough to get his hand on my thigh. At first I was going to move away, but after a second thought I stayed still thinking that this was part of the game. I was never sure if I was right though Giovanni did smile at me when I looked his way. That mischievous grin made me swallow hard as I could see lust in his eyes.

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