Are You Gay Ch. 03


Lisa kissed me again before saying, "I like having sex with you too as you can give me everything I need, but there is nothing like having sex with a real man, especially one that knows how to make love to a woman."

I know her statement should have hurt me, but I really wasn't. I wasn't a real man any longer if I ever was for that matter. I had breasts like a woman and I dressed like one. I smell like one and my mannerisms are that of a woman. How could she or anyone for that matter see me as a man? I was much happier this way and I didn't want to change back in to the man I once was. Why Lisa saw me this way was unknown to me but I was glad she did. I was finally happy with myself.

The rest of our stay in Milan was almost as exciting as the night we spent with Gee. Word spread quickly through the whole sellers I wasn't a real girl and they bargained with Lisa for my favors. Even sellers that never cared for Lisa and Jolene sexually were soon offering discounts in exchange of a night with me. Most of the men were bisexual and the others were gay through and through.

By the time we left Milan I had earned enough commission to pay Lisa off for the surgery, which was quite substantial and I still had enough to put several thousand dollars into the bank.

The orient wasn't profitable at all for me as the wholesalers only cared about money. Sexual favors were not a consideration. I did pick up quite a bit of jewelry and some very sexy clothing though they weren't of the quality we found in Milan.

It has been three years since I went to work for Lisa and we are quite happy with each other. She tells me I'm the best assistant she ever had and that includes Jolene. The main reason is I love to travel with her and I look forward to every trip. The sex between us is pretty much constant though if there is a man around we never let him go to waste.

Peter and Paul are my apostles too. They're bisexual, though neither knew the other was until I came into the picture. Now Lisa and I look forward to the days they come to pick up our steamer trunks and I make sure they don't come on days when Nana is there to clean.

I had my name legally change to Teddie Stein so I could get a driver's license, though it still says I am a male. But I don't care, as I never get stopped and most people think it's a mistake.

My life is better by far than it was before I met Lisa and I don't want it to ever change. I've even found a few things I can wear to minimizes the bulge between my legs so now I can wear shorts that are kind of tight and even a bikini if it has a small skirt. A few men, though I would never leave Lisa, have even proposed me to but my life is too perfect to even think about anything else.

In answer to the question from the beginning of this story no I am not gay but I am bisexual and proud of it.

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by Anonymous10/24/17

Same story recipe as all the others by this writer

Same formula as all the rest of this writer's stories, which would be forgivable if not for the spelling, grammar, and other errors sprinkled so liberally over every page. Some decent editing alongmore...

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by robin4807/23/17


"Not only did I like his cock in my mouth, for some reason I felt like this was something I was meant to do. I felt like I was truly doing something that felt natural like I was suppose to do this. Itmore...

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