tagMind ControlAre You Gullible?

Are You Gullible?


(NB: The following story contains scenes of a graphic, naughty and nasty nature including cannibalism, vore, castration, scatology, sex with frogs and bayonet rape. It therefore should not be viewed by readers of a nervous disposition.)

(NNB: If you believed the above warning you may well be next on Danny's hit-list.)


"Did you know gullible isn't in the dictionary?"

"Really?" reacted Megan shocked at this staggering revelation.

Danny emitted an audible sigh. "Oh believe me Megan, you really are the most gullible girl in the world. I mean you will literally believe anything I tell you."

"Stop it," protested the young brunette playfully, punching Danny on the shoulder. "You always say these sorts of things to me; I don't why I keep falling for it so often these days."

"It's because you are gullible. You just accept what I tell you as fact without question."

"I know, but it's just so easy to believe you that's all."

"Well I am a saint you know," revealed Danny matter of factly.

"What do you mean you're a saint?"

"Do you remember last year I went to that Catholic Church on Broad Street because I was doing that Sociology project on the local religious communities?"


"Well Father Peter told me that I displayed all the 29 traits required to become a saint, apparently it is unheard of for even the most holy of people to display every saintly quality, especially at such a young age too. He wanted to call the Pope then and there to have me Canonized as soon as possible but I refused."

"Why the hell did you refuse that?" asked Megan stunned.

"Because it never happened you doofus." Laughed Danny. "I know I keep saying it but believe me when I say that you really do take gullible to the next level. You believe every word I tell you as if it were canon. You just cannot seem to disbelieve me."

"That's not true!" protested Megan.

"The age of consent in Belgium is 42 years of age."

"What! But how the hell do they keep the population up?"

"Because it was a lie. I just wanted to prove my point that you are so gullible that you will believe even the most ridiculous and impossible things if I tell you they are true."

"I guess you are right then. Wow I didn't realize I was so gullible like that. I'll have to watch what I believe in future I suppose."

"Yeah, especially with that new cult going around recruiting all the town's virgins to attend to the sexual needs of their divine deity: Krang the Frog God."

"God I'd never heard about them. Man that is scar..." The voice stopped in its tracks as she saw Danny giggling to himself once again."

"Gotcha again lil' Miss Gullible."

"You really are a right bar steward you know that don't you?" She said with mock indignation.

"Believe me I know," came the reply from a voice that oozed cockiness. "I promise not to do it again tonight."

"Good. Now I think we've wasted enough time for one evening, it's time to study."

"You're the boss," conceded Danny and the pair took to the books.

Danny and Megan had known each other for years and they could regularly be found studying together at one or the other's home until the early hours. Despite Megan's classic 'girl next door' good looks and Danny's own brand of rugged handsomeness, their relationship had never been more than platonic (Even if much of the neighbourhood believed otherwise). The constant flirting and bickering gave the impression that love could so easily be in the air but obviously at least one of the parties thought otherwise.

Danny though, had decided things were due a change. On a research holiday to London six months earlier, Danny had discovered a power source that was to change his life forever. This super mystical force went by the ancient name of Derrin Brown a British television entertainer able to manipulate single people or even whole thousand strong audiences to seemingly do his bidding using a mix of showmanship and suggestion.

Danny was mesmerized by what this man could do and decided he too wanted to master this power of suggestion. Danny was confident that even though Derrin himself was an honest straight up entertainer who never abused the abilities that he had, the techniques he used were perfect for finally being able to make Megan his.

Danny's progress in the field of suggestive seduction led him through a plethora of sources and techniques. Luckily for Danny, when he set his mind on something, his brain was able to kick into an extra gear and techniques that would have taken most years to learn, he was able to master in months. In fact four months after first seeing that fateful TV show, Danny was ready to put his plan into action.

It had started with simple suggestions and unnoticeable hints. Danny started to use the words 'Believe me' whenever he could before stating any opinions to Megan. He constantly called her gullible and played music such as "Would I lie to you" by Charles and Eddy and "Trust in Me" from the Jungle Book soundtrack. This combined with many more subtle hints and suggestions planted all around his home and hers had gradually caused Megan to accept anything Danny said as gospel. The string of outrageous statements he had made earlier just confirmed Danny's belief that Megan was now ready to take to the next level. He had waited a long time for this.

It was almost 3am by the time Megan had got tired of studying and wanted to head home. This was always the best part of the day for Danny as he got to walk Megan to her home about 15 minutes' walk away under the glow of the beautiful starry sky. And tonight he could think of no better backdrop to begin to push the limits of Megan's gullibility. He waited until they were a few hundreds yards out of the house before starting up his spiel.

"So how come you haven't been on a date with anyone recently? You've not given up on guys already have you?"

"No!" reacted Megan, taking herself a bit aback at the force of her denial. "I just haven't really clicked with anyone recently that's all."

"I'm sorry to here that, you deserve to find somebody out there who can treat you right... although I do kind of see why you are having problems."

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?!" snapped Megan, slightly infuriated by her friend's comment.

"Please... don't misunderstand me," pleaded Danny in the way he had practiced earlier. "It's just these days 98% of all men are only attracted to blondes. It's a scientific fact that blonde hair, even if it is dyed or bleached emits a pheromone that attracts the opposite sex. If you died your hair, your men troubles would evaporate instantly."

"Really?" replied Megan amazed at this new information.

"Absolutely, it was in all of the major medical journals a few months ago, I'm surprised you never heard about it. Believe me you should dye your hair tomorrow and see how things change."

"You really think so?"

"One hundred percent. You would be a whole new woman with blonde hair, believe me the men would be fighting over you." stated Danny sincerely.

"Oh well I suppose if you say so then, I may as well give it a try." accepted Megan.

"Believe me you will love it."

As the couple approached Megan's home, the conversation returned to more inane topics. Danny had all the time in the world to carry out his transformation. There was no point to risk blowing it on the first night of the final phase. After a few more comments about the wonders of blonde hair, Danny and Megan said their goodbyes and Danny made his own way back for home. Tomorrow was going to be a good day.

* * * * * * * * * * *

The next day being a Saturday meant that Danny had no reason to leave the house so he just contented himself with idling around at home waiting to see if the first operational stage of 'Project Megan' had been a success.

At 7:15 in the evening he got his answering as a bubbly bouncy blonde bombshell rang his front doorbell. Slotting back into his act, Danny wore a sullen face as he greeted Megan at the door.

"Hey Meg," he said, his face the epitome of melancholy.

"Danny!" squealed Megan, "I've had such an amazing day. I can't believe I...what's wrong? Why do you look so down?"

"Haven't you heard? The French have declared war on the America. They just launched a full scale air-strike on New York City; The Statue of Liberty lost its little finger."

"Oh my God that's terrible!" cried Megan, a look of horror coming over her face. "What's going to happen now? Did anybody get hurt?"

"I here a Chihuahua now has a slight limp because of the attacks and somebody dropped their hotdog but luckily there were no fatalities." Revealed Danny while keeping up the pretense of looking devastated by these turns of events. "The President is planning to launch a simultaneous nuclear strike on 12 French cities and Quebec later this evening. It's been all over the news I'm amazed you haven't heard."

"I'm still in shock," stumbled Megan, "Can we check the news Danny? I want to see it for myself."

"There's no point."


"Because I made it all up." He smiled. "Believe me Megan you get more gullible by the day. There is nothing I can say that you would not believe."

"You bastard!" blurted Megan indignantly, "You know how gullible I am, why do you always trick me like this?"

"Come on Meg, lighten up. You love a good joke even more than I do."

"Well I suppose it was a good one. The French, how did even I fall for that one?"

"Because you will believe anything. Believe me, even I was surprised you fell for that one. Love the hair by the way."

"Aw thanks," beamed Megan. "You were right I do love it. I can't believe I didn't do this years ago, I've never been happier with my hair."

"And what do the men think?"

"To be honest, I don't think it made any difference. I still love it though."

"Well I suppose you could always... well I don't know if I should say."

"Say what?"

"Well, and please don't shoot me for saying this but your clothes are all wrong for a single girl."

"What do you mean my clothes are all wrong, I dress fine thank you."

"Yes of course you do, but you are never going to attract a guy, dressing like that."

"And why not?" demanded Megan starting to fell herself becoming wound up.

"You dress like a person with a boyfriend, that's why." Replied Danny, "Guys look at you and they see a girl who is saying 'Yes I know I'm sexy but I'm taken, you will have to look elsewhere."

"So what do you suggest I wear Mr. Know-it-all?" asked Megan, half outraged at Danny's assumptions but at the same time starting to think he was on to something.

"Recent sociological studies show that a girl wearing a mini-skirt is 70% more likely to find a date than a girl in jeans. A girl in a micro-skirt is a further 60% more advantaged still."

"They've really studied this?" asked Megan amazed how Danny always knows so much about these things compared to her.

"Yes, there was a study done last month with 30,000 girls around the world taking part. 98% of the girls wearing micro-skirts were asked out within two days compared to 63% of mini-skirt wearers and just 36% of jeans wearers. Believe me it's basically a scientific fact that in today's society if you want to find a boyfriend you need to dress only in micro-skirts and low-cut tops."

"But I'm not sure if I would feel comfortable parading myself like that," responded Megan unsurely.

"You shouldn't worry about that." reassured Danny. "The same studies showed that girls who wear micro-skirts have up to 200 times the self esteem and confidence of girls who don't. Believe me when I say that's these girls know what they are talking about and if you started wearing these sorts of clothing everyday you would feel so much better about yourself. You would be able to laugh and flirt openly with people and feel nothing but a satisfying glow inside."

Danny's words came as a revelation to Megan, she was amazed she had wasted 22 years of her life not knowing how much better she could have felt about herself. She was almost a little angry at Danny for not telling her sooner how to feel better about herself.

"I can't believe you never told me this before," her voice giving away that her annoyance was only a façade. "I would never have believed the clothes you wear could have such an effect on you."

"It's an amazing study I know," agreed Danny. "Believe me Megan, once you start wearing those clothes you will never want to wear anything else again. In the future nothing will bring you more pleasure than showing off as much leg and cleavage as you can get away with, you can trust me on that."

"Well I guess I have an excuse to spend my Sunday shopping then." Chirped Megan happily. "But anyway, enough chit-chat, this is meant to be a study session.

"Of course," agreed Danny, "So, let's hit the books then shall we?"

The pair quickly got into the studying groove and as they sat silently together at Danny's living room table, he pondered exactly how far things could be taken today without any possible rejection. It's not that he was impatient but sooner is always better than later with these things.

This was the first time Danny had had any doubts about whether this plan could succeed in its entirety. He was confident that the gullible angle was working a dream but the gulf between getting Megan to believe what he told and getting Megan to do what he told her suddenly seemed massive to him.

He had taken steps to include a few nudges on Megan's psyche to aid his cause but had not gone to anything like the lengths he had with regards to her gullibility. Danny had basically banked on her believing him wholeheartedly would be enough to get where he wanted and he still had confidence in his plan. This was just a slight waver caused predominantly by the fact everything was going so well. He looked around at all the Nike merchandise and posters he had purchased in the last few weeks and sincerely hoped they will have some effect in persuading Megan to 'Just Do It' in the very near future. He also hoped that his diet of undressed chicken breasts and legs was not all for nothing.

As the hours went by Danny concluded that today was not the day to make his move. He decided to see how Megan reacted to her proposed new dress code and take it from there. The one last thing he had to do tonight was make sure Megan stayed single as there was no doubt in his mind that a large breasted blonde girl in a low cut top and micro-skirt was going to get hit on.

3am came and Megan decided it was time to go home. Danny as always accompanied her on her late night walk across town.

"I'm actually kind of excited about changing my style tomorrow." revealed Megan.

"So you should be, believe me you should pick out the sexiest most scandalous stuff you can find. It will definitely make you feel a million times better about yourself."

"I'm feeling better just thinking about it."

"That's great," Danny paused momentarily thinking on how to phrase his next sentence. "Just be careful, okay?"

"What do you mean be careful?"

"Even though you should not worry at all about how you dress, you should be wary of men asking you out."

"I don't understand. I want men to ask me out,"

"Yes but you don't want the wrong man to ask you do you?"

"Well no, but..."

"So you need to be careful. Any man who asks you out the first time they meet you is only after a one night stand and believe me, you don't want those sort of men."

"So then how do I meet the right kind of guy?" asked the confused Megan.

"It is a fact that decent guy is willing to wait if he thinks he has found the right girl for him. If you think a guy likes you then you should flirt with him, maybe even use your body to get him a bit worked up, there's nothing wrong with being a bit naughty. Then at the end of the day give him your number, but tell him to wait seven days before calling you."

"Why seven days?"

"Well," began Danny, "If a guy calls you in under seven days then he just wants sex so this is not the guy for you. Waiting the whole week shows he is willing to wait and so may be worth your time. Believe me this is the best way for you to find a guy. You should not do it any other way."

"I suppose your right," conceded Megan. "Anyway, I'm home now, I should go inside, it's late. I'll see you tomorrow again for studying?

"Sure thing," agreed Danny, I'll see you tomorrow.

The two friends then went their separate ways; Megan thinking about her shopping day out tomorrow and Danny also thinking about Megan's shopping day out tomorrow.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Sunday was probably the longest day of Danny's life. Spending about 90% of his time looking at the clock waiting for seven o clock to come around only served in giving the God of Time more ammo with which to torture him. In fact at one point Danny actually started to believe that he had discovered how to make time stand still; it was only the sidetracked thoughts of how he would spend his Nobel Prize money that kicked relativity back into gear and thus prove his theory wrong.

Nonetheless, despite the incessant waiting, the long anticipated ring of the door bell did come and Danny eagerly rushed to answer it. The sight that greeted him made the tortuous wait for this moment more than worth it.

Megan had taken Danny's advice on board and then some. The black skirt that she was wearing was nothing more than an oversized belt, it did manage to cover her ass but Danny refused to believe it was possible for Megan to bend even a fraction of a degree without exposing whatever delightful undergarments she may be wearing. Yet Megan didn't even seem the slightest bit shy about the potential show her choice of dress could give any lucky passer-by. In fact she was positively bubbling to the point of exploding out of her top and oh what a top it was. Danny knew he had told her low cut but he was expecting this. There was probably at least five inches of exposed fat-free midriff on view at the bottom, and the top of sheer white fabric only just made it over each of her divine nipples. The upper cup of a pink bra was also clearly visible.

Megan looked like she was about to explode out of her clothes and Danny was worried he may be on the verge of exploding into his. Hoping his biological approval of her new look had gone unnoticed; Danny suddenly realized that Megan was still waiting to be let into his home.

"H...hey Megan," he stumbled, "You look great with the new look, please... come in."

"I'm glad you approve," she replied, briefly glancing at his crotch before smiling mischievously. "But I was starting to worry I may have to stand outside for the whole evening."

"Sorry, I just... well I... It's just that..."

"Don't worry about it." Reassured Megan, coming to his aid. "I've been getting that reaction all day. You're only male after all; it's not your fault. I take it as a compliment."

"Wow," reacted Danny amazed, "I mean you still look like Megan, but who is this girl that's using your voice?"

"I know, isn't it great? The old me could never have felt this way, but wearing this clothes has just made me feel so much better about myself. Everything you said was true, I feel like a million dollars, hell I look like a million dollars too."

"You can say that again," agreed Danny who was doing his best to contain his amazement at just how much Megan's personality had changed since yesterday. "I bet the men were all over you today."

"I did have one or two enquirers," admitted Megan with an air of faux-coyness in her reply. "But I took your advice and told them to wait a week before they call me. We'll see then how the future looks."

"Let's hope it all works for the best then. I mean believe me Megan you deserve to find a man as soon as possible. You're too good to be single."

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