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Arizona Vacation


Recently, my wife, Brenda (not her real name, obviously), and I went on an out of state vacation, without the kids. We planned for a week in Arizona, see the red rocks, the Grand Canyon, that kind of thing. We were both looking forward to some serious "quality time", but mine was more sexual in nature. We were celebrating my turning 50 and I had plans... BTW, this story is almost entirely true, with only a few embellishments.

I am very sexual in nature, but Brenda is not. However, she is beautiful and well-proportioned, about 36D-30-36, 5'5" and 135 lbs, still in good shape despite being only two years younger than me (I know nobody really cares about me in this story, but I am 6'1" and about 240 lbs, with a stocky linebackers build). Brenda has absolutely wonderful tits and I love to see them all the time, especially in public. She doesn't like public exposure and we are well known in our community, but I packed the suitcases and only allowed one bra – for the plane trip there (and that one only because she demanded it...). I planned for her to wear clothing with lots of cleavage and I also wanted to get her exposed as much as possible since we would be so far from home.

Day 1:

The flight out was tedious and we got into town after dark. We are from the east coast, so we had lost 3 hours, making our landing in Phoenix feel like midnight to us. We rented a car and headed north to Sedona. I was tired and needed her to keep me awake, but she was tired too and was not very conversational. I stopped at a convenience store and changed into shorts and flipflops and we made a bathroom run. I also made sure we had our toys available in the car. When we hit the road again, I finally convinced her to start stripping and playing with herself and with me to keep me awake. Now, we do this sometimes at home, but our cars have darkly tinted windows, so you can't really see inside. I don't think she realized that the windows in this rental car were not tinted and that anyone would be able to see in. I knew this, but didn't tell her. This would be to my advantage for the entire trip.

Brenda finally stripped off her shirt and bra and let those magnificent tits free. We were on the interstate headed north and there were a lot of streetlights still in Phoenix. She was apparently unaware that every truck that we passed could see down into the car and see her tits. We were going faster than the trucks, so we passed a lot. We were also going thru a lot of hills, but we couldn't see any scenery because of it being dark. We were driving up and down and around a lot of curves and all the truckers were being passed on her side of the car.

I played with her tits and had her lay her seat back to make it easier to play and not so hard on my shoulder. This put her in direct sight of the truckers. As I continued to play with her tits she was becoming more aroused. This works every time... Shortly, I had my shorts and shoes off and was driving with only my t-shirt on. She was riding topless and I suggested that she should take off her pants and get comfortable. She stripped naked in short order. Now she was riding down the road in all of her glory, fully visible to all who would look. While the traffic wasn't heavy, there were still always one or more vehicles around us to see her.

About 30 minutes into this play, she finally decided that she needed to go ahead and find her vibrator and cum. My cock was hard as a rock and sticking up, as she had been idly playing with it while I played with her tits in the light from the other headlights, the streetlights and the dashboard. When Brenda asked where the vibrator was, I told her that it was in a bag in the back seat. She took off her seatbelt, sat up, then got onto her knees and leaned between the two bucket seats to find the vibrator. At that time there was a pickup truck right behind us shining his lights into our little rental car. She never realized that she was giving him an unprecedented display of her big hanging tits as she rummaged for that vibrator. In the meantime, I was also passing a trucker who would have gotten to see her kneeling in the seat butt naked with her naked ass pointing right at him. This was exactly the kind of display I had wanted.

When she sat back down I continued to play with her tits. She placed the vibrator on her clit and started working it. I told her that it would be easier if she put her feet on the dash and spread her legs. I wanted the truckers to have a better view of her. Periodically, we would pass interstate exits that would be well-lit. There were also vehicles that would pass us on the left since I would always drive the speed limit or slightly less when she gets exposed in the car. She was well-lit up from all of this light and she did not realize how well she could be seen. I remember while she was using her vibrator, fully naked, legs on the dash and me playing with her tits, we were passing a truck to our right and a pickup was VERY slowly passing on our left. Both vehicles were along side of us and she was laid back in her seat with her eyes closed working on her orgasm.

Eventually, both vehicles were away from us and she had her orgasm. Of course, I didn't want it to stop there, since she usually gets 3 orgasms at any time. When she opened her eyes, we were alone again. She rested for a minute and then started again. Again, we passed some more vehicles with her eyes closed, then she came again. By this time, she was well into this adventure, even though we were both tired. We also still had about 45 minutes to go, so I asked her to suck on me for a while.

There is no really comfortable way to suck on the driver's cock in a small car with bucket seats. In the long run, after several unsuccessful attempts, I finally convinced her that she just needed to get on her knees and lean over the console to suck on me. She understood that this would have her ass sticking up at the passenger side window, but I convinced her that since it was dark no one would be able to see her. Of course, that wasn't entirely true, but what use is a public display if no one can see it, right?

While Brenda was sticking her ass up to the window and leaning over to suck on me I continued to drive. Now, with her head down, she really couldn't tell how much light was in the car from passing vehicles and streetlights. She also had no idea how visible her ass and bobbing strawberry blonde head actually were. The whole top half of her head was easily visible through my window and it was obvious that I was getting blown. I was also playing with her white ass (my hands are darker tan from all the sun exposure), so my dark hand against her white ass made a good impression on truckers we passed. Her bobbing head also made a good impression on trucks and cars passing us. The occasional streetlight made her nakedness glow. I was in heaven.

Brenda is not a very good cocksucker, unfortunately, so she didn't last long enough to make me come. Her jaw started aching, so she sat back in her seat and started jerking me off. By this time we were nearing the exit to Sedona. I asked her to kneel back over me and use both hands – one to play with my balls and the other to work the vibrator under my ass, while I jacked off. She did this while I took the exit. There was no other traffic at the exit, but it was well-lit. She looked gorgeous under those lights... I took the road to Sedona, then travelled under the speed limit to make this last.

Once we reached the lower part of town, Oak Creek, there were more streetlights available, but still little traffic. By this time I was ready to cum, so I told her to get the towel. She crawled between the seats again and displayed her ass out the front and from the sides, while showing her tits through the back. When she came back to the front I went through a roundabout and crept up the road under the speed limit while continuing to jack off. She was a little nervous, not really understanding that I can drive and jack at the same time, even cumming, without any loss of control or attention to the road. She playing with my balls, jammed the vibrator under my ass and held the towel over my cock as I came. Then she cleaned me up, wiped everything off, and went back to her seat.

By this time we were very close to the hotel, so I allowed her to get dressed, but told her to leave the bra off and her shirt open. I pulled into the hotel parking lot, then slipped on my shorts (without underwear) and flipflops, then opened the door to go check in. She was still sitting with her shirt open and her tits hanging out, but closed her shirt with one hand after I opened the door and the dome light came on. I checked in, got the room key and came back out so we could unload and go to the room. We got the first floor (this was a true hotel, with interior corridors and exterior patios and balconies). She had buttoned her shirt up some, but was still braless and the top 3 buttons were left open, allowing me some eye candy and deep cleavage and swaying breasts...I love that view. We carried everything in and set up the hotel room. She made two trips from the car to the room carrying luggage with her shirt like that, but by this late there were no people in the hallway or at our hallway entrance.

Day 2:

When we got in I checked out the room and noticed that there were two sets of sliding glass doors to an open semi-courtyard patio, one set next to the bed and bathroom and the other set beside the other end of the room where the closet, couch and entrance door were. These were divided by a fireplace. The next morning came way too early, with sunrise coming about 5 AM. As Brenda got up to start the coffeepot and go to the bathroom, I went to the curtains covering the glass doors at the other end of the room and opened them about halfway. Brenda came back out of the bathroom and noticed the curtains opened and objected, but I convinced her to leave them partially opened for the thrill and because someone would have to come into our courtyard patio to actually see her from that angle. It turned out that our room faced the parking lot, but the first floor was about 5 feet lower than the parking lot and there was a 30 inch wall between the lot and the slope down to our patio. In addition, there was a wall between rooms, so someone would have to look over the parking lot wall or around the divider wall to look into the room. She relented and let me keep them partially opened. Brenda had bought a new nightgown for our trip, a tiny pull-over black lace see-through spaghetti strap model that kept her fully exposed. In the morning light she was beautiful. I snapped some pics from the bed and from the glass doors, then we got ready to go.

I was dressed in shorts and shirt (as I did every day we were there), while Brenda pulled on a one-piece pullover pink flowery dress with a strapless top to it. I like this dress because we can drop the top easily for easy flashing or tit feels. Also, if she isn't paying close attention, the top starts to slide down some, revealing more and more cleavage. She also has a lot of movement, so her tits sway under it a lot. Occasionally, I can get her to pull it down far enough to show most of the tops of her tits, but not usually when others are around. We went to a local golf course with magnificent views and I had her pose on rocks and water features while I took pics of her and the scenery.

Later, we came back to the room and I asked her to let me take some pics of her on the patio. She pulled to top down to just above her nipples, letting the aureola peek out of the top and I took pics from the room, from the patio and from the parking lot wall. She was stunning in the afternoon light and anyone coming to their car would have been able to see her glorious display. We wrapped up, then went back out for site-seeing and dinner.

As we drove around on scenic drives in Sedona, I had her drop her top occasionally for a nice flashing pic. On one occasion, she was standing next to the car and she dropped her top while I got the pic, then quickly got it back up just as a car came around the curve. No telling if they saw anything, but I would have known what was going on, if I had been driving that car and had seen it. Later we went to Tlaquepaque and wandered around the art shops, with me snapping pics of her and scenery. I kept trying to encourage her to keep her top pulled down a little lower to show more cleavage. Most of the men we saw were definitely interested in her, since she is beautiful and was keeping that nice display of cleavage.

We had lunch in a little Mexican restaurant that had been recommended to us. While sitting there I had her pull the top down a little more, still just showing cleavage. I wanted her to flash me there, but she wouldn't. Even though she was uncomfortable with public exposure, she was still turned on. One of the nice things about this dress is that it is just fabric, no padding, so her large nipples show through well, especially when they get stiff. During the whole meal I enjoyed the cleavage from the top and the pokey nipples from the front. After the meal we both went to the restroom. I got done first (of course) and sat on the bench outside to wait for her. The restrooms were at the end of one dining room and there was a wall between the ladies room and the dining room, though not between my bench and the dining room. When she came out I asked her to flash me, and she did, but before I could get a pic someone started to come and she closed back up.

We spent the rest of the evening on more scenic drives and visiting scenic spots. We saw the sunset from the airport area, climbed the hill where the airport road "vortex" was supposed to be, and took our last pics after sunset. I wanted a nice tit flash shot on the "vortex", but there were too many people there. However, I did notice a nice-looking hippie girl there with her dog, and she was in a thin, white, loose spaghetti strap top. Her tits were easily visible through her top and from the sides. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a good pic, especially with Brenda watching.

Brenda had made a point of wanting to see the stars in the clear desert sky, so on the way back to the hotel, we stopped at a scenic point parking area for Bell Rock. I had remembered from an earlier visit that there were picnic tables there, so I figured this would be a good spot away from city lights to view the stars. I also figured it would be a good place to make love under the stars. It turns out that I was almost right on both counts. When we got there it was dark, but there was still a lot of glow in the western sky from the sunset. There were no other people, so we parked, sat at a picnic table and waited. And waited. Then we waited some more. About an hour after sunset, there was still that glow and we could only see a few starts.

During that time I started caressing her, kissing her neck, giving her light massages, etc. In some ways, I was just enjoying touching her, in others, I was working to turn her on. I had gotten her top dropped and was playing with her tits, so I knew that I was getting her worked up. At about that time she suggested that we go back to the hotel. I told her that I didn't want to go back to a boring hotel room, that I want to make love to her under the Arizona sky. We had all of the toys in the car, along with a towel, but no blanket since I had not really planned this, so I suggested that we could use the towel to cover the picnic table and could make love there. I told her that I wanted us both to strip naked and make love. She was concerning about being in the open and asked what we would do if someone came. I suggested moving the car over next to the picnic table, then keeping our eye on the entrance for lights, that we would have enough time to jump in the car if someone did turn in to this parking area. She agreed.

I moved the car over, then got out. The dome light was still on, as well as the headlights. We stripped beside the car and threw our clothes in the back seat. She was reluctant, but finally did it. We kept our sandals on. I got the vibrator and towel out and took it to the table. When I looked over at her she was naked outside under the stars, illuminated by the dome light and headlights from the car, completely visible from the highway, if anyone cared to look. She looked like a goddess. I was completely enchanted... Brenda came over to the table. About that time the car lights finally went off and we were back in the dark. I straddled the bench seat and Brenda leaned back against me so that I could wrap both hands around her to play with her tits and pussy. We had both trimmed our pubic hair short before the trip and I was enjoying playing with her exposed pussy lips without all of the hair in the way.

Shortly after, Brenda got the vibrator and used it on her clit while I continued to play with her tits and nipples. While she worked the vibrator, I worked her nipples. Sometimes, when she is really aroused, Brenda likes me to get rough with her nipples. This was one of those times. I was pinching them hard and really tugging on them. I pulled her nipples so far out that it stretched out her 36D tits another 2-3 inches. I pulled until most of the weight of her tits was being supported by her nipples, then I started jiggling them back and forth, and up and down, all the time squeezing even harder. This did the trick and she started cumming. Brenda does not cum quietly, she sighs and moans loudly, making non-verbal explosive exclamations when it is really strong. This one was really strong. She was very loud and anyone within ¼ mile could have heard her and known that sound. Of course, this made my cock even harder than it already was.

We were still alone, so she paused and started playing with my cock. After a while she wanted to start sucking on it, but didn't want to kneel on the ground. I convinced her to lay on the table top on her back, with her head off the edge, and I would feed her my cock. Normally, Brenda would reject a suggestion like this, but tonight she was really horny. She laid on the table, laid her head off the edge and I fed her my cock. Unfortunately, Brenda doesn't deep throat (God, I wish she did...), so I could only give her about 4 inches to keep her from gagging. This lasted for several minutes and I was getting really close, when she decided that she was too uncomfortable and stopped. She got up and said that she wanted me in her now, but how would we do it? I suggested that she just bend over and we would try doggy style, since the table top was fairly high. She wasn't sure it would work, since her internal anatomy makes doggy style painful, but was willing to try.

Brenda leaned over the end of the table and laid on the towel. I eased my cock into her cunt from behind and started to slowly fuck her. Then I put my hands under her chest and started playing with her tits. We worked to find a comfortable arrangement, but she quickly said that this was too painful and would not work. At that point I had her lay on her back with her ass at the edge and I would fuck her that way. Again, she did and we started fucking again, with me standing at the end of the table. She got the vibrator and started working her clit again, with me in her, then asked me to stop while she made herself cum again. I stopped moving in her, just held myself still inside of her and held her legs in the air while she came on my cock using the vibrator. After she came I started fucking her again, but we had the same problems as we did when I was behind here and she said it was too painful, but this time it was the hard table under her lower back.

I still needed to come, she still had another orgasm in her, and we were finding it difficult to continue because of her internal anatomy and the hard surface of the table. Finally, I suggested that she lay across the table, use the vibrator for another orgasm, and I would stand on the bench seat, straddle her head and fuck her tits. This seemed like a workable solution, so that's what we did. Brenda laid the towel across the table, then laid on it with her head off the side of the table and her feet on the opposite bench. I stood on the bench under her head, then started fucking her tits while she used the vibrator to cum again. This arrangement was working for her and she came again. But, since I couldn't hold her tits together around my cock, and she had her hands occupied with the vibrator, I wasn't getting the stimulation I needed to cum. After she came, I decided to use my hand and jack off onto her tits (and maybe her face, if I could get away with it).

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